The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) wishes to announce the commencement of the selection interview for the 2022/2023 Overseas Scholarship Scheme (OSS) MSc and Ph.D. programme. The interview that will lead to the award of the scholarship is scheduled to hold from Monday 23rd May to Friday 10th June 2022.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email with the time and venue for the interview.

The selection process is a continuation of the scholarship process which began on December 20, 2021, with a public announcement inviting interested candidates from across the country to apply for the PTDF Overseas Scholarship in Universities in the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, France, and Malaysia (GFM) under its Strategic Partnership Initiative.

Please note that only those who meet the requirements as advertised for application are shortlisted and invited for the oral interview.

Selection for the award will be based strictly on performance in the interview.

For further details please visit our scholarship portal



S/No PIN Firstname Middlename Surname State LGA Scholarship Type Country
1 MOSS2022000000057016 Chukwuemeka Eneogwe Abia Isiala Ngwa South MSc Malaysia
2 MOSS2022000000052107 Ugochukwu Jonas Chukwu Abia Umu Nneochi MSc Germany
3 MOSS2022000000074485 Light Ihenna Nwobia Abia Osisioma MSc Germany
4 MOSS2022000000052489 Chukwunyere Chidiobioma Ndubueze Abia Bende MSc Malaysia
5 MOSS2022000000052987 Victor Sorochi Uko Abia Isiala Ngwa North MSc France
6 MOSS2022000000060770 DANIEL JOSEPH Abia Bende MSc Germany
7 MOSS2022000000071020 Ebuka Samuel Nwankwo Abia Umu Nneochi MSc Germany
8 MOSS2022000000058593 Chibuzor Godfrey Ekwenye Abia Isiala Ngwa South MSc France
9 MOSS2022000000063508 Ugochukwu Larry Ogunna Abia Isiala Ngwa South MSc Germany
10 MOSS2022000000063932 Oluomachi Blessing Alago Abia Umu Nneochi MSc France
11 MOSS2022000000061901 Chukwudi Martins Eke Abia Ohafia MSc Malaysia
12 MOSS2022000000075002 Chetachi Michael Nwaogwugwu Abia Obi Ngwa MSc Germany
13 MOSS2022000000061283 PRECIOUS CHUKWUDI OKORIE Abia Bende MSc Malaysia
14 MOSS2022000000054311 FERDINAND CHIDERAH UKAUWA Abia Umuahia South MSc France
15 MOSS2022000000068934 ONYEDIKACHI ELVIS EKE Abia Isuikwuato MSc Germany
16 MOSS2022000000063808 UGONNA Chiamaka CHINEDUM Abia Umuahia North MSc France
17 MOSS2022000000059980 Iheoma Amarachukwu Okenwa Abia Bende MSc France
18 MOSS2022000000060891 Chinedu Kenneth Egeonu Abia Isuikwuato MSc France
19 MOSS2022000000059531 KELECHI SAMUEL ONWUNMELU Abia Isiala Ngwa South MSc Germany
20 MOSS2022000000055698 Elizabeth Oyiridiya Kalu Abia Bende MSc Germany
21 MOSS2022000000070551 ESTHER OBUMNEKE OBINNA Abia Isiala Ngwa North MSc France
22 MOSS2022000000071492 Salvation Onyinyechi Peter Abia Arochukwu MSc France
23 MOSS2022000000057267 Chidinma Victoria Egwuatu Abia Isiala Ngwa South MSc France
24 MOSS2022000000061234 Chukwuemeka Udeh Obasi Abia Ohafia MSc Germany
25 MOSS2022000000061150 Henry Frank Nwankwo Abia Ikwuano MSc Malaysia
26 MOSS2022000000050130 Charles Onyekachi Onunekwu Abia Isuikwuato MSc Germany
27 MOSS2022000000062143 Obinna Francis Oti Abia Arochukwu MSc France
28 MOSS2022000000065493 Blessing Ihechiluru Nwaubani Abia Umuahia South MSc France
29 MOSS2022000000069351 Emmanuel Okey Awa Abia Arochukwu MSc Germany
30 MOSS2022000000051907 Ikechukwu Bright Odoemelam Abia Isiala Ngwa North MSc France
31 MOSS2022000000060377 Michael Ozoudimma Anaba Abia Isiala Ngwa South MSc France
32 MOSS2022000000065490 Kingsley Chinedu Chukwuemeka Abia Ikwuano MSc Germany
33 MOSS2022000000049232 HUMPHREY CHINONYE OHUABUNWA Abia Arochukwu MSc Germany
34 MOSS2022000000062100 CHIGOZIE RAYMOND NWACHUKWU Abia Isuikwuato MSc Malaysia
35 MOSS2022000000071755 Roselyn Nkechi Okorie Abia Bende MSc France
36 MOSS2022000000072175 Obinna David Kalu Abia Arochukwu MSc France
37 MOSS2022000000073455 MCENROE UDE MBIBI Abia Bende MSc France
38 MOSS2022000000068144 ADAUGO LINDA WILLIAMS Abia Bende MSc France
39 MOSS2022000000071911 Precious Chinenye Iroegbu Abia Umuahia North MSc Germany
40 MOSS2022000000068392 Kelechi Udeagha Alichi Abia Ohafia MSc Germany
41 MOSS2022000000052770 Chiemela Ekeledirichukwu Nwaiwu Abia Umuahia North MSc France
42 MOSS2022000000055165 Ikechukwu Onyemaechi Ndukwe Abia Isuikwuato MSc France
43 MOSS2022000000054803 EMMANUEL CHIDIEBERE NKPOKU Abia Ikwuano MSc Germany
44 MOSS2022000000053325 Francis Uwaoma Onwubuarir Abia Umuahia North MSc France
45 MOSS2022000000064419 Emmanuel Chikezie Nwokocha Abia Umuahia South MSc Malaysia
46 MOSS2022000000050340 Chibuike Oke Abia Bende MSc France
47 MOSS2022000000055722 Chikanma Chigozie Kanu Abia Ukwa West MSc Germany
48 MOSS2022000000056052 Victor Chikaodi Onwuchekwa Abia Arochukwu MSc Germany
49 MOSS2022000000057183 Ikechukwu Odeghe Abia Ohafia MSc Malaysia
50 MOSS2022000000061322 CAROLINE UCHECHI DAVID Abia Ikwuano MSc France
51 MOSS2022000000054497 IHUOMA PRECIOUS OTUH Abia Ikwuano MSc Germany
52 MOSS2022000000071589 Jedidiah Solomon Onwubiko Abia Bende MSc Germany
53 MOSS2022000000064551 Chigozie Enyinnaya Igbokwe Abia Isuikwuato MSc France
54 MOSS2022000000052527 Wisdom Chinedu Ikpechukwu Abia Isuikwuato MSc Germany
55 MOSS2022000000054372 CHUKWUEMEKA STEVEN OKORAFOR Abia Arochukwu MSc France
56 MOSS2022000000062283 MARYSHARON AMARACHI EKE Abia Isuikwuato MSc Germany
57 MOSS2022000000073609 GODSWILL UDENSI OKOJI Abia Bende MSc Germany
58 MOSS2022000000071200 Anna Enyidiya Oko Abia Arochukwu MSc Germany
59 MOSS2022000000072622 Chinaatu Mgbeodichinma Iroegbu Abia Isuikwuato MSc France
60 MOSS2022000000070295 Isaac Ugwumsinachi Iruke Abia Umuahia South MSc France
61 MOSS2022000000065865 Chinonyerem Juliet Onokala Abia Umuahia North MSc France
62 MOSS2022000000050195 AARON PRINCE OKOJI Abia Bende MSc Malaysia
63 MOSS2022000000066579 Ahamefula Precious Totty Abia Arochukwu MSc Germany
64 MOSS2022000000063023 Chinedum Samuel Ogbonnaya Abia Ikwuano MSc France
65 MOSS2022000000065557 MIKE OKORO UDUMA Abia Bende MSc France
66 MOSS2022000000062528 CHINAZA SILVEROSE JOHN Abia Isuikwuato MSc Germany
67 MOSS2022000000066111 Victor Uchechukwu Azunna Abia Isuikwuato MSc Germany
68 MOSS2022000000069840 Amarachi Wisdom Kalu Abia Arochukwu MSc France
69 MOSS2022000000074311 Bashir Abubakar Adamawa Grie MSc Germany
70 MOSS2022000000060542 Abulfatahi Mohammed Adamawa Yola North MSc France
71 MOSS2022000000051180 UMAR SANGANARE AHMAD Adamawa Mubi South MSc France
72 MOSS2022000000056580 Hassan Galadima Isa Adamawa Mayo Belwa MSc Malaysia
73 MOSS2022000000063795 Marwan Mustapha Mai Adamawa Yola South MSc Germany
74 MOSS2022000000075281 Abubakar Bello Ibrahim Adamawa Yola South MSc France
75 MOSS2022000000075174 Bello Musa Adamawa Yola South MSc Malaysia
76 MOSS2022000000067556 Bello Bello Aliyu Adamawa Mayo Belwa MSc France
77 MOSS2022000000061405 ERIC MASUMA LIMOH Adamawa Demsa MSc Germany
78 MOSS2022000000064886 Ibrahim Bakari Adamawa Yola North MSc Germany
79 MOSS2022000000065652 ENOCK SAMUEL Adamawa Mubi North MSc Germany
80 MOSS2022000000072696 Ibrahim David Tarfa Adamawa Gombi MSc France
81 MOSS2022000000059934 Ibrahim Yusufu Zoaka Adamawa Gombi MSc France
82 MOSS2022000000068704 ABDULLAHI MOHAMMED Adamawa Fufure MSc France
83 MOSS2022000000061397 Sa’id Usman Ardo Adamawa Jada MSc Malaysia
84 MOSS2022000000073155 samuel bala kadazi Adamawa Michika MSc France
85 MOSS2022000000063269 Alex yeri Emmanuel Adamawa Michika MSc Germany
86 MOSS2022000000070794 SULEIMAN WALI AMINU Adamawa Yola South MSc Malaysia
87 MOSS2022000000057796 UMAR UMAR ABUBAKAR Adamawa Jada MSc Malaysia
88 MOSS2022000000051751 Mohd Hafizz Aliyu Adamawa Grie MSc Germany
89 MOSS2022000000067947 ABDULKADIR SANDA MUHAMMAD Adamawa Gombi MSc Germany
90 MOSS2022000000053763 Aminu Babajika Mustapha Adamawa Grie MSc Germany
91 MOSS2022000000074730 Yusuf Dahiru Adamawa Jada MSc Malaysia
92 MOSS2022000000059411 Bashir Umar Abdulhamid Adamawa Yola South MSc Germany
93 MOSS2022000000061843 FAHAD ABUBAKAR MICHIKA SALEH Adamawa Michika MSc France
94 MOSS2022000000067584 Dangana Lawrence Adamawa Michika MSc France
95 MOSS2022000000073817 hassan Alhaji Ardo Adamawa Fufure MSc Malaysia
96 MOSS2022000000064058 Dauda Tumba Adamawa Michika MSc Malaysia
97 MOSS2022000000057824 Abdulmalik Hamman Adamawa Michika MSc Germany
98 MOSS2022000000072234 Aliyu Abubakar Ibrahim Adamawa Yola North MSc France
99 MOSS2022000000053858 ABAZARRI ABDULLAHI Adamawa Ganye MSc Malaysia
100 MOSS2022000000052695 Ameenu Adamu Hassan Adamawa Jada MSc France
101 MOSS2022000000050366 BUHARI GIDADO HALILU Adamawa Yola South MSc Malaysia
102 MOSS2022000000055788 ABDULBAKI HAMMAN ABBA Adamawa Grie MSc Malaysia
103 MOSS2022000000049864 Sunday Reuben Adamawa Lamurde MSc France
104 MOSS2022000000063281 Aishat Saleh Abubakar Adamawa Michika MSc France
105 MOSS2022000000069459 Yusuf Usman Muhammad Adamawa Ganye MSc France
106 MOSS2022000000069421 Ephraim Kahura Mohammed Adamawa Gombi MSc France
107 MOSS2022000000059726 Abdullahi Bamanga Aminu Adamawa Yola South MSc Malaysia
108 MOSS2022000000072062 Blessing Bassey Akpan Akwa Ibom Eket MSc France
109 MOSS2022000000058154 Samuel Samuel Okon Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium MSc Germany
110 MOSS2022000000057421 DENNIS ANIETIMFON WILLIAM Akwa Ibom Okobo MSc France
111 MOSS2022000000058530 Comfort Benson Akwa Ibom Ini MSc Germany
112 MOSS2022000000049065 Udeme Christopher Ukpong Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin MSc France
113 MOSS2022000000061171 ENOBONG MICHAEL EZEKIEL Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc Germany
114 MOSS2022000000066987 Abasiodiong Iwatt Edoh Akwa Ibom Uyo MSc Germany
115 MOSS2022000000059845 Nnamso Williams Ikpeida Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc France
116 MOSS2022000000051024 GIFT UDOFOT JOSHUA Akwa Ibom Onna MSc Germany
117 MOSS2022000000058112 RUTH SUNDAY ASANGA Akwa Ibom Ikot Abasi MSc France
118 MOSS2022000000049336 DAVID UDO ROBINSON Akwa Ibom Onna MSc Malaysia
119 MOSS2022000000074241 Horace Akpan Saturday Akwa Ibom Etinan MSc France
120 MOSS2022000000064893 Gift Eno Udoh Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin MSc Germany
121 MOSS2022000000068116 Ataime Benson Okodi Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene MSc Germany
122 MOSS2022000000073552 Kufre Emmanuel Udousoro Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc France
123 MOSS2022000000050914 Enwono-Abasi Okon Usanga Akwa Ibom Itu MSc France
124 MOSS2022000000073656 OTOBONG ANIEFIOK BASSEY Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc Malaysia
125 MOSS2022000000066073 Unyime John Asuquo Akwa Ibom Uyo MSc Germany
126 MOSS2022000000062403 Clement John Isemin Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin MSc Germany
127 MOSS2022000000067967 SUNDAY EMMANUEL JAMES Akwa Ibom Eket MSc Malaysia
128 MOSS2022000000064566 ANDIFON BLESSING OROK Akwa Ibom Essien Udim MSc France
129 MOSS2022000000062762 Edikan Bassey Iwah Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc France
130 MOSS2022000000068663 Salley Uchechukwu Ekeng Akwa Ibom Uruan MSc Germany
131 MOSS2022000000048882 Isaac John Akpan Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin MSc France
132 MOSS2022000000056223 Evelyn Sylvester Essien Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin MSc France
133 MOSS2022000000066189 Victor Francis Etukufot Akwa Ibom Ikot Abasi MSc France
134 MOSS2022000000064287 Uwem Joy Samuel Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam MSc Germany
135 MOSS2022000000075025 EMMANUELLA FRIDAY ARCHIBONG Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc Germany
136 MOSS2022000000067527 Peter Okon Ukpong Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene MSc Germany
137 MOSS2022000000062057 INIMFON IBEREDEM EKPENYONG Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene MSc France
138 MOSS2022000000066440 Ekemini James Ekpe Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc France
139 MOSS2022000000064082 Gabriel Cletus Udoh Akwa Ibom Obot Akara MSc Germany
140 MOSS2022000000066573 IBOROAKAM MARSHALL UDOIDIOK Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene MSc France
141 MOSS2022000000075368 Nsikak Solomon Udo Akwa Ibom Ibiono-Ibom MSc Germany
142 MOSS2022000000071866 EMENERE-UBONG FRIDAY EKPETY Akwa Ibom Obot Akara MSc Germany
143 MOSS2022000000066235 AniediAbasi Joseph Udoh Akwa Ibom Uyo MSc Germany
144 MOSS2022000000051608 Kingsley Joseph Edet Akwa Ibom Okobo MSc Malaysia
145 MOSS2022000000074840 MFONISO UDUAK ABASIUMOH Akwa Ibom Etim Ekpo MSc Malaysia
146 MOSS2022000000056866 Itoro Gabriel Akpan Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene MSc Malaysia
147 MOSS2022000000064389 IMAOBONG EFFIONG UMANAH Akwa Ibom Etim Ekpo MSc France
148 MOSS2022000000075200 Aniekeme Aniekan Uwa Akwa Ibom Ukanafun MSc Germany
149 MOSS2022000000071054 Emmanuel Sunday Etim Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam MSc France
150 MOSS2022000000057062 IFIOK NSEOBONG ETIM Akwa Ibom Abak MSc Germany
151 MOSS2022000000057476 Justina Patrick Mbang Akwa Ibom Abak MSc France
152 MOSS2022000000053004 UDEME VICTOR AKPAN Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam MSc Germany
153 MOSS2022000000072100 Imaobong Thompson Thompson Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium MSc Germany
154 MOSS2022000000068841 EKEMINI MOSES JIMMY Akwa Ibom Abak MSc Germany
155 MOSS2022000000066607 JOSEPH ALOYSIUS UKPONG Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko MSc France
156 MOSS2022000000067898 Alice Ini Benson Akwa Ibom Etinan MSc Malaysia
157 MOSS2022000000074700 Bartholomew Bassey Akwa Ibom Mbo MSc Germany
158 MOSS2022000000055713 Aniedi Aniema Ekpenyong Akwa Ibom Ikono MSc France
159 MOSS2022000000065066 RICHARD BONIFACE SAM Akwa Ibom Itu MSc Germany
160 MOSS2022000000073739 Kufre Godwin Udobong Akwa Ibom Uyo MSc Germany
161 MOSS2022000000053988 Unyimeobong Ntah Akwa Ibom Etinan MSc Germany
162 MOSS2022000000069922 Chinedu Stanley Udensi Anambra Ekwusigo MSc Malaysia
163 MOSS2022000000067700 EBUBECHUKWU DELIGHT ONUEGBU Anambra Awka North MSc Germany
164 MOSS2022000000070246 Onyekachukwu Love Ume Anambra Orumba South MSc Germany
165 MOSS2022000000068137 emmanuel arinze ezeuko Anambra Orumba North MSc France
166 MOSS2022000000067774 CHIKA CYNTHIA OKOYE Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
167 MOSS2022000000069516 Ifedirichukwu Samuel Okeke Anambra Aguata MSc France
168 MOSS2022000000061326 Christian Ifeanyi Ogwulumba Anambra Aguata MSc France
169 MOSS2022000000065860 Anthony Chinedu Ifediora Anambra Aguata MSc France
170 MOSS2022000000056841 Adrian Ikembuchi Ike Anambra Nnewi South MSc France
171 MOSS2022000000063458 INNOCENT EJIKE UDEGBUNAM Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
172 MOSS2022000000074085 Elochukwu Alphonsus Okafor Anambra Idemili North MSc Germany
173 MOSS2022000000062909 IFEANYI VALERIAN NWANKWO Anambra Dunukofia MSc Germany
174 MOSS2022000000074740 Sixtus Kenneth Uzochukwu Anambra Nnewi South MSc Malaysia
175 MOSS2022000000070876 Timothy Ekenechukwu Okonkwo Anambra Awka South MSc France
176 MOSS2022000000065754 BONAVENTURE chidera DIM Anambra Aguata MSc France
177 MOSS2022000000057458 Ifeanyi Victor Emmmanuel Anambra Nnewi South MSc France
178 MOSS2022000000059956 Anthony Ikechukwu Oguadinma Anambra Nnewi North MSc Malaysia
179 MOSS2022000000053455 Fountain Chiemelie Asuzu Anambra Ekwusigo MSc Germany
180 MOSS2022000000072586 George Ebuka Nwalutu Anambra Njikoka MSc France
181 MOSS2022000000067294 JENNIFER CHIDINMA ALAEDU Anambra Anaocha MSc France
182 MOSS2022000000050067 VICTOR NNAEMEZIEM EKWOMADU Anambra Ihiala MSc France
183 MOSS2022000000074356 Joshua Nzubechukwu Anyaeji Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
184 MOSS2022000000070583 Grace Chidiogo Ezennaka Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
185 MOSS2022000000056723 FRANK EMEKA UMEADI Anambra Awka North MSc France
186 MOSS2022000000049343 patrick okwudiri peters Anambra Nnewi South MSc France
187 MOSS2022000000051919 Victor Chukwuemeka Umejiaku Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
188 MOSS2022000000074080 GRACE CHIDIOGO MKPUGHE Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
189 MOSS2022000000050483 Uzochukwu Ogadinma Udengwu Anambra Aguata MSc Malaysia
190 MOSS2022000000070005 Onyekachukwu Chukwuemeka Aralu Anambra Nnewi North MSc Germany
191 MOSS2022000000074688 Odirachukwu Cornelius Onyejefu Anambra Orumba North MSc France
192 MOSS2022000000068923 Chijioke Izuchukwu Oraeki Anambra Anaocha MSc France
193 MOSS2022000000057425 EBUBECHUKWU CHUKWUEZUGO UGHAMADU Anambra Awka South MSc France
194 MOSS2022000000065885 Ifesinachi Ugochukwu Onuorah Anambra Anaocha MSc Germany
195 MOSS2022000000068723 ugochukwu vincent nnadi Anambra Anaocha MSc Germany
196 MOSS2022000000062587 Caleb Emeka Okpala Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
197 MOSS2022000000055606 Uche Felicitas Iwuchukwu Anambra Idemili North MSc France
198 MOSS2022000000052099 Ifeanyi Valentine Akamigbo Anambra Ekwusigo MSc Germany
199 MOSS2022000000071078 Chukwunonso Emmanuel Okeke Anambra Nnewi South MSc Malaysia
200 MOSS2022000000064334 INNOCENT UCHENNA OKAFOR Anambra Anambra East MSc France
201 MOSS2022000000073675 Francis Chukwudi Nwuche Anambra Njikoka MSc Germany
202 MOSS2022000000057604 Onyeka Augustine Umeliwu Anambra Aguata MSc Malaysia
203 MOSS2022000000071525 TOCHUKWU Edwin EMELONE Anambra Idemili South MSc Germany
204 MOSS2022000000060943 Kingsley Chizoba Omambala Anambra Anaocha MSc Malaysia
205 MOSS2022000000053486 OBINNA CHUKWUEMEKA IKEDIONWU Anambra Idemili North MSc France
206 MOSS2022000000063928 EMMANUEL CHIDIEBELE OGOLO Anambra Anambra West MSc Germany
207 MOSS2022000000070848 Jaachike Ifeanyi Igwenagu Anambra Idemili North MSc Malaysia
208 MOSS2022000000052966 Ndidiamaka Catherine Bernard Anambra Aguata MSc France
209 MOSS2022000000064806 VERONICA CHIDIMMA OKAFOR Anambra Njikoka MSc France
210 MOSS2022000000068880 Judith Ifeoma Umerie Anambra Awka South MSc France
211 MOSS2022000000068922 EMMANUEL IFEANYI UMERIE Anambra Awka South MSc Germany
212 MOSS2022000000062235 Mirabel Adaeze Chigbo Anambra Idemili North MSc Germany
213 MOSS2022000000070942 Chukwubuikem Ugwumba Onyekwelu Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
214 MOSS2022000000056749 Uchechukwu Henry Nnonyelu Anambra Awka South MSc Germany
215 MOSS2022000000073306 KENECHUKWU VALENTINE OKOYE Anambra Njikoka MSc Germany
216 MOSS2022000000050256 Nchekwube Dieudonne Nweke Anambra Njikoka MSc Germany
217 MOSS2022000000062622 CHINENYE Joyce EJIKEME Anambra Aguata MSc France
218 MOSS2022000000054517 Uchenna Maduabuchi Onyenagorom Anambra Nnewi South MSc France
219 MOSS2022000000072362 Ebuka Obiora Esione Anambra Ekwusigo MSc Germany
220 MOSS2022000000075542 Anthony Chukwuebuka Umeocha Anambra Aguata MSc France
221 MOSS2022000000058451 AUGUSTINE OBIORA OKPARA Anambra Orumba South MSc France
222 MOSS2022000000072368 Gloria Chikodili Madusolumuo Anambra Ekwusigo MSc Germany
223 MOSS2022000000075652 MIRIAM ADAEZE OKAFOR Anambra Anambra East MSc France
224 MOSS2022000000065901 PAUL NZUBE UDEZEH Anambra Ihiala MSc France
225 MOSS2022000000071273 Clara Ifeoma Chukwudi Anambra Oyi MSc France
226 MOSS2022000000052113 Francis Obinna Umeakubuike Anambra Aguata MSc Germany
227 MOSS2022000000055454 Chimaeze Chukwunyere Okeke Anambra Nnewi North MSc France
228 MOSS2022000000060044 Conel Ejike Udenze Anambra Oyi MSc Germany
229 MOSS2022000000074778 FAITH OLUEBUBE OBI Anambra Orumba South MSc France
230 MOSS2022000000056256 Adimora Henry Onono Anambra Onitsha North MSc France
231 MOSS2022000000063878 Kingsley Chinonso Ifediora Anambra Idemili North MSc Germany
232 MOSS2022000000065023 francis olisaemeka umeh Anambra Aguata MSc France
233 MOSS2022000000072780 Ginika Chinonso Okaro Anambra Idemili North MSc Germany
234 MOSS2022000000059704 Chioma Maureen Uzor Anambra Orumba South MSc Malaysia
235 MOSS2022000000071349 FAITH KOSSY OROBI Anambra Onitsha North MSc France
236 MOSS2022000000066133 Muhammad Bello Muhammad Bauchi Katagum MSc Malaysia
237 MOSS2022000000051650 Hamza Bappah Bauchi Damban MSc Malaysia
238 MOSS2022000000049058 Salihu Abdulkadir Tataru Bauchi Misau MSc Malaysia
239 MOSS2022000000064217 VICTOR MARKUS Bauchi Tafawa Balewa MSc France
240 MOSS2022000000055196 Sulaiman Yahaya Bauchi Ganjuwa MSc Germany
241 MOSS2022000000052389 Haruna Yahaya Bauchi Bauchi MSc Malaysia
242 MOSS2022000000068247 Auwal Adamu Bauchi Jama’are MSc Malaysia
243 MOSS2022000000059692 *** *** *** Bauchi Bogoro MSc France
244 MOSS2022000000049459 Adamu Garba Bauchi Katagum MSc Malaysia
245 MOSS2022000000071248 Abubakar Saleh Toro Bauchi Toro MSc Germany
246 MOSS2022000000067002 ABUBAKAR AUWAL ISAH Bauchi Itas/Gadau MSc France
247 MOSS2022000000067918 Sadiq Umar Bauchi Giade MSc Germany
248 MOSS2022000000064800 Nazif Sulaiman Bauchi Ganjuwa MSc Malaysia
249 MOSS2022000000073968 MARYAM ADAMU HASSAN Bauchi Katagum MSc Malaysia
250 MOSS2022000000057144 SHAMSUDDEEN YAHAYA AMINU Bauchi Bauchi MSc Malaysia
251 MOSS2022000000061166 ABDULQADIR HAMZA Bauchi Giade MSc Germany
252 MOSS2022000000063319 ABDULSABUR HARUNA MUSA Bauchi Tafawa Balewa MSc France
253 MOSS2022000000069448 Rabilu Abdulhadi Bauchi Zaki MSc Germany
254 MOSS2022000000075380 Bashir Dalhatu Sa’idu Bauchi Bauchi MSc Malaysia
255 MOSS2022000000049671 Aliyu Abdullahi Sulaiman Bauchi Shira MSc Malaysia
256 MOSS2022000000065369 Maryam Usman Muazu Bauchi Misau MSc France
257 MOSS2022000000063303 ABDULRAUF HARUNA MUSA Bauchi Tafawa Balewa MSc France
258 MOSS2022000000075207 ABDULMALIK HUSSAINI Bauchi Katagum MSc France
259 MOSS2022000000057017 Ibrahim Garba Nasaye Bauchi Misau MSc Malaysia
260 MOSS2022000000056192 Mahmood Muhammad Maibeti Bauchi Misau MSc France
261 MOSS2022000000057726 Abba Idris Bauchi Zaki MSc Malaysia
262 MOSS2022000000049691 MUAZU ADAMU Bauchi Toro MSc Malaysia
263 MOSS2022000000060391 Nurudeen Dauda Bauchi Bauchi MSc Malaysia
264 MOSS2022000000053952 MARYAM DAHIRU USMAN Bauchi Gamawa MSc Germany
265 MOSS2022000000074117 Abdurrahman Ishaq Muhammad Bauchi Bauchi MSc Malaysia
266 MOSS2022000000052638 Hamza Waziri Muhammad Bauchi Bauchi MSc France
267 MOSS2022000000056811 IBRAHIM ADAMU Bauchi Toro MSc Germany
268 MOSS2022000000069056 Sharon Yelmi Bitrus Bauchi Bogoro MSc France
269 MOSS2022000000070050 ISA Aliyu IBRAHIM Bauchi Tafawa Balewa MSc Malaysia
270 MOSS2022000000071405 Adamu Abdulkadir Bauchi Darazo MSc Malaysia
271 MOSS2022000000055038 AUWAL GABI ISHIYAKA Bauchi Itas/Gadau MSc France
272 MOSS2022000000071611 Muhammad Aminu Ahmad Bauchi Bauchi MSc Germany
273 MOSS2022000000052794 Sunday Gabriel Moses Bauchi Tafawa Balewa MSc Malaysia
274 MOSS2022000000054161 Apolmidah John Bauchi Bogoro MSc Germany
275 MOSS2022000000051070 USMAN MUHAMMAD AUWAL Bauchi Katagum MSc Malaysia
276 MOSS2022000000064535 ABUBAKAR AUWAL DANKYARANA Bauchi Bauchi MSc Germany
277 MOSS2022000000073864 Umar Ari Bauchi Misau MSc Malaysia
278 MOSS2022000000060688 Muhammad Sani Umar Bauchi Toro MSc France
279 MOSS2022000000058846 Mansur Aliyu Gamawa Bauchi Gamawa MSc Malaysia
280 MOSS2022000000057610 Hafizu Samaila Bauchi Katagum MSc Malaysia
281 MOSS2022000000053010 Ruwaifa Aliyu Bauchi Tafawa Balewa MSc Malaysia
282 MOSS2022000000051318 Maryam Ibrahim Jibo Bauchi Katagum MSc France
283 MOSS2022000000050919 MUHAMMAD AUWAL SANI Bauchi Misau MSc Germany
284 MOSS2022000000056997 Aliyu Usman Muhammad Bauchi Bauchi MSc Malaysia
285 MOSS2022000000066814 Jude Zailani Danladi Bauchi Bauchi MSc France
286 MOSS2022000000065176 SAFIYANU DANJUMA Bauchi Alkaleri MSc Malaysia
287 MOSS2022000000052791 Theophilus Babas Markus Bauchi Bogoro MSc Malaysia
288 MOSS2022000000055429 Muhammad Garba Bauchi Giade MSc Malaysia
289 MOSS2022000000050590 MUHAMMAD UMAR Bauchi Toro MSc France
290 MOSS2022000000049198 Dedah John Bauchi Tafawa Balewa MSc Germany
291 MOSS2022000000062546 Aminu Inuwa Bauchi Misau MSc Malaysia
292 MOSS2022000000051490 Yusuf Idris Bauchi Shira MSc Malaysia
293 MOSS2022000000060651 Usman Liyo Isah Bauchi Katagum MSc Malaysia
294 MOSS2022000000050606 MOSES CHRISTOPHER AYUBA Bauchi Bauchi MSc Germany
295 MOSS2022000000049025 Kamal Ramat Ladan Bauchi Bauchi MSc France
296 MOSS2022000000074702 Jamila Aminu Wanka Bauchi Kirfi MSc France
297 MOSS2022000000051869 Abubakar Rumba Usman Bauchi Warji MSc Malaysia
298 MOSS2022000000065070 NAZIF DANYARO MUSA Bauchi Ningi MSc Malaysia
299 MOSS2022000000055112 Mubarak Dauda Bauchi Dass MSc Malaysia
300 MOSS2022000000058213 Dindah Dare Ishaya Bauchi Bogoro MSc France
301 MOSS2022000000060520 Adams Thomas Bauchi Bogoro MSc France
302 MOSS2022000000052327 Bello Bakoji Bauchi Katagum MSc Malaysia
303 MOSS2022000000054508 ABUBAKAR ADAMU Bauchi Shira MSc France
304 MOSS2022000000050865 ABDULWAHAB SALIHU Bauchi Bauchi MSc France
305 MOSS2022000000073767 Ibrahim Yakura Mohammed Bauchi Misau MSc France
306 MOSS2022000000070303 ALMUSTAPHA ALAMEEN BELLO Bauchi Ganjuwa MSc France
307 MOSS2022000000051236 TARIEMI SARAH EBIMOGHAN Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc Germany
308 MOSS2022000000060930 Alaowei Wealth Makpah Bayelsa Southern Ijaw MSc Malaysia
309 MOSS2022000000059762 Koto Andrew Omiloli Bayelsa Ogbia MSc France
310 MOSS2022000000056227 JAMES IMAWAIGHA AMGBA Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma MSc France
311 MOSS2022000000049424 Imuonane Awuduma Adike Bayelsa Ogbia MSc Germany
312 MOSS2022000000072951 DEGIRAM ISAIAH OGHE Bayelsa Ogbia MSc Germany
313 MOSS2022000000055682 GODSDAY DAVIS OWEIOMA Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc Malaysia
314 MOSS2022000000053384 Omega Shine Bayelsa Yenagoa MSc France
315 MOSS2022000000050788 OVONIYAKELIJAH MICHAEL OZI Bayelsa Yenagoa MSc France
316 MOSS2022000000064718 Ayebanengiyefa Florence Adigio Bayelsa Brass MSc Malaysia
317 MOSS2022000000053233 EBIERIMUNU ABULE Bayelsa Southern Ijaw MSc Germany
318 MOSS2022000000054908 Desmond Jacob Micah Bayelsa Ogbia MSc France
319 MOSS2022000000074298 WOYINBARAKUMO SMITH ISIRI Bayelsa Southern Ijaw MSc France
320 MOSS2022000000055183 Tari Joseph Tekenah Bayelsa Brass MSc France
321 MOSS2022000000058065 TARIBI MACLEAN ABOH Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc Germany
322 MOSS2022000000063164 Emomotimi James Ndiomu Bayelsa Sagbama MSc France
323 MOSS2022000000062874 FAMEME OVIETEMEWO KIKILE Bayelsa Yenagoa MSc France
324 MOSS2022000000054805 Ifiyemi Leigha Bayelsa Southern Ijaw MSc France
325 MOSS2022000000056514 Owei Longlife Youpele Bayelsa Nembe MSc Malaysia
326 MOSS2022000000071803 ingodinyo inainfe Bayelsa Nembe MSc France
327 MOSS2022000000055048 JOHNSON OKARIYO WORIPRE Bayelsa Nembe MSc Malaysia
328 MOSS2022000000074770 JOHNFREDRICK EBIKEMEFA OWOTORUFA Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc France
329 MOSS2022000000056594 ENIENIYA JAMES DIKE Bayelsa Yenagoa MSc Germany
330 MOSS2022000000059978 Bright Nabai Bayelsa Ogbia MSc France
331 MOSS2022000000056873 EMMANUEL DOEBI JITUBOH Bayelsa Sagbama MSc Germany
332 MOSS2022000000053043 Ebimobowei Newton Dino Bayelsa Southern Ijaw MSc Germany
333 MOSS2022000000073931 NIMIWORIOBOFA AMADANYO Bayelsa Nembe MSc Malaysia
334 MOSS2022000000049770 Tonipre Thompson Avery Bayelsa Yenagoa MSc Malaysia
335 MOSS2022000000058610 EBITIMI TOM Bayelsa Sagbama MSc Germany
336 MOSS2022000000054486 Perelayefa Lucky Monday Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc Germany
337 MOSS2022000000072822 Joseph Inemi Orubite Bayelsa Brass MSc France
338 MOSS2022000000048759 Preye Moses Puloutabagha Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc Germany
339 MOSS2022000000059767 JOHN EBIYE IKIOFIE Bayelsa Brass MSc France
340 MOSS2022000000057698 Lucky Kpakpanda Kayode Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc Germany
341 MOSS2022000000056471 Charles Nabai Osia Bayelsa Ogbia MSc Germany
342 MOSS2022000000073316 DEINYEFA KAKIRI Bayelsa Yenagoa MSc France
343 MOSS2022000000061346 Samson Sumoku Tontoye Bayelsa Sagbama MSc Germany
344 MOSS2022000000059644 Evelyn Rufus Bayelsa Southern Ijaw MSc Germany
345 MOSS2022000000060338 AZIBAKAYAM MORRIS ISU Bayelsa Ogbia MSc Germany
346 MOSS2022000000050835 Oyinuah Emmanuel Simeni Bayelsa Sagbama MSc France
347 MOSS2022000000074606 Oyindoubra Arthur Egbure Bayelsa Ekeremor MSc Germany
348 MOSS2022000000071677 Glory Ojimah Adujah Benue Apa MSc Germany
349 MOSS2022000000051802 Augustine Dominic Terna Benue Ushongo MSc France
350 MOSS2022000000057858 sunday Ochi Benue Oju MSc Malaysia
351 MOSS2022000000067173 Sunday Ogaba Benue Ado MSc Germany
352 MOSS2022000000065262 MOSES ERUKAA Benue Katsina-Ala MSc Germany
353 MOSS2022000000052386 Gregory Ver Abaver Benue Katsina-Ala MSc France
354 MOSS2022000000069545 OKPOTO JONAH OGBU Benue Oju MSc Germany
355 MOSS2022000000070543 Kizito Augustine Obati Benue Obi MSc France
356 MOSS2022000000063237 Ode Paul Ogori Benue Ado MSc France
357 MOSS2022000000062674 Innocent Ujah Benue Oturkpo MSc Malaysia
358 MOSS2022000000072209 Iyorrumun Nomishan Benue Gboko MSc Germany
359 MOSS2022000000063410 IGNATIUS ASUWE Benue Gwer West MSc France
360 MOSS2022000000059423 King Kator Kukwa Benue Ukum MSc France
361 MOSS2022000000053342 David Oloche Oklobia Benue Oturkpo MSc France
362 MOSS2022000000065296 CHARLES EDACHE ISAMA Benue Ohimini MSc Germany
363 MOSS2022000000060252 oranderen matthew mzough Benue Kwande MSc Malaysia
364 MOSS2022000000056901 Alfred Iyagba Mark Benue Oturkpo MSc Malaysia
365 MOSS2022000000057781 Michael John Eyimonye Benue Oturkpo MSc France
366 MOSS2022000000049311 Gilbert Tsembe-seta Tsejime Benue Konshisha MSc France
367 MOSS2022000000060015 SEKAV BARNABAS ITYOHON Benue Kwande MSc Malaysia
368 MOSS2022000000051284 BEMSHIMA BENJAMIN AMILE Benue Kwande MSc France
369 MOSS2022000000062234 Matthew Paul Achanya Benue Ogbadibo MSc Malaysia
370 MOSS2022000000053523 SAMUEL SUNDAY ODE Benue Oju MSc France
371 MOSS2022000000068388 JAMES VERSHIMA NORHILE Benue Ushongo MSc Malaysia
372 MOSS2022000000054313 Mkav Tarnande Benue Ushongo MSc France
373 MOSS2022000000068814 David Ogaba Ochoga Benue Ado MSc Germany
374 MOSS2022000000066893 TERHEMBA BRIGHT IKYAAGBA Benue Buruku MSc Germany
375 MOSS2022000000061392 Moses Zanzan Ajekwe Benue Vandeikya MSc Germany
376 MOSS2022000000055442 Tarza Paul Tyosaa Benue Konshisha MSc Germany
377 MOSS2022000000060279 JOSEPH ADAH IDOKO Benue Okpokwu MSc France
378 MOSS2022000000059806 EMMANUEL FRAN CIS UTAH Benue Kwande MSc Germany
379 MOSS2022000000050442 OCHE PERFECT IKWULONO Benue Oturkpo MSc Malaysia
380 MOSS2022000000068737 OHI MARY EKWU Benue Oturkpo MSc France
381 MOSS2022000000074389 VINA DOOSHIMA KIISHI Benue Katsina-Ala MSc France
382 MOSS2022000000065659 Samuel Otuwoche Agom Benue Okpokwu MSc France
383 MOSS2022000000059162 Comfort Nguemo Orban Benue Konshisha MSc France
384 MOSS2022000000065313 Karkaa Joel Shirgba Benue Ushongo MSc Malaysia
385 MOSS2022000000057307 IEREN BARNABAS IORBUR Benue Kwande MSc Malaysia
386 MOSS2022000000068633 Mamman Bashir Borno Maiduguri MSc Germany
387 MOSS2022000000054968 Ahmad Alhaji Aji Borno Magumeri MSc Malaysia
388 MOSS2022000000051674 Tarhyel Ezekiel Ndahi Borno Kwaya Kusar MSc France
389 MOSS2022000000067247 Hauwa Abbagana Abdullahi Borno Maiduguri MSc Germany
390 MOSS2022000000056852 ABDULLAHI ALIYU MAINA Borno Maiduguri MSc Malaysia
391 MOSS2022000000053118 Iliya Atamu Musa Borno Chibok MSc Germany
392 MOSS2022000000071922 JOHN TOCHUKWU AUGUSTINE Borno Maiduguri MSc Germany
393 MOSS2022000000062402 Thlama Mperiju Mainta Borno Askira/Uba MSc Germany
394 MOSS2022000000070194 Halima Mustapha Gajibo Borno Dikwa MSc France
395 MOSS2022000000054433 Abubakar Kuburi Shettima Borno Guzamala MSc Germany
396 MOSS2022000000066709 Sadiq Bulama Alkali Borno Maiduguri MSc Germany
397 MOSS2022000000075452 Mustapha Mallam Garba Borno Damboa MSc France
398 MOSS2022000000051917 Ali Wulgo Musa Borno Ngala MSc Malaysia
399 MOSS2022000000058504 Bukar Sadiq Ibrahim Borno Biu MSc France
400 MOSS2022000000059245 USMAN DAUDA Borno Maiduguri MSc France
401 MOSS2022000000059020 Hauwa Mariam Ali Borno Damboa MSc France
402 MOSS2022000000059988 Yusuf Tijjani Borno Chibok MSc Germany
403 MOSS2022000000051101 Halima Satomi Borno Jere MSc Malaysia
404 MOSS2022000000057720 Abubakar Abdu Usman Borno Biu MSc Germany
405 MOSS2022000000052841 ABUBAKAR Abbagana Terab Borno Bama MSc Germany
406 MOSS2022000000068191 Abubakar Mohammed Bukar Borno Kwaya Kusar MSc France
407 MOSS2022000000048737 Yusuf Auta Mamman Borno Shani MSc Malaysia
408 MOSS2022000000049054 Abba Salisu Danfaga Borno Maiduguri MSc Germany
409 MOSS2022000000069194 Baldwin Nggada Hazael Borno Hawul MSc Malaysia
410 MOSS2022000000060941 Ibrahim Jafaru Borno Gwoza MSc Germany
411 MOSS2022000000062514 Florence Hamidu Anjili Borno Biu MSc Malaysia
412 MOSS2022000000060414 Abdullahi Mohammed Sheikh Borno Kala/Balge MSc Malaysia
413 MOSS2022000000051090 Mohammed Abbas Alkali Borno Bama MSc Malaysia
414 MOSS2022000000060874 Abubakar Babangida Haruna Borno Askira/Uba MSc Germany
415 MOSS2022000000051946 ABDULLAHI MUHAMMAD MUSTAPHA Borno Magumeri MSc Malaysia
416 MOSS2022000000071029 yagana fatima babakolo Borno Monguno MSc Malaysia
417 MOSS2022000000074515 Usman Yusuf Borno Hawul MSc Malaysia
418 MOSS2022000000070586 Ahmed Abdu Msheliza Borno Hawul MSc Malaysia
419 MOSS2022000000052935 Yusuf Ahmed Borno Gwoza MSc Germany
420 MOSS2022000000067940 Musa Lawan Christopher Borno Hawul MSc Malaysia
421 MOSS2022000000058988 MUSA HARUNA BALAMI Borno Hawul MSc Malaysia
422 MOSS2022000000069442 ibrahim karumi Borno Maiduguri MSc Malaysia
423 MOSS2022000000066344 EFFA-OBAZI AMISSINE OGBAN Cross River Biase MSc Malaysia
424 MOSS2022000000061618 SIMON OFANA OTIWA Cross River Yala MSc Germany
425 MOSS2022000000073300 Peters Adamade Adamade Cross River Obudu MSc Germany
426 MOSS2022000000067357 Robert Ita Giwa Cross River Bakassi MSc France
427 MOSS2022000000070768 Michael Ori Nandi Cross River Boki MSc France
428 MOSS2022000000075136 Matilda Edet Asim Cross River Calabar Municipal MSc Germany
429 MOSS2022000000052510 Oru Ogar Njor Cross River Etung MSc France
430 MOSS2022000000061847 HOPE AGBOR OFUKA Cross River Ikom MSc France
431 MOSS2022000000066230 Gabriel Arikpo Ibiang Cross River Yakuur MSc France
432 MOSS2022000000058550 Ernest Ntikona Monjol Cross River Ogoja MSc Malaysia
433 MOSS2022000000063353 FELIX JOHNSON ENEJI Cross River Bekwarra MSc France
434 MOSS2022000000063098 LINUS INAH EBRI Cross River Yakuur MSc France
435 MOSS2022000000068333 Linus Ugbong Udie Cross River Obudu MSc France
436 MOSS2022000000055830 Joseph Odey Inah Cross River Bekwarra MSc Malaysia
437 MOSS2022000000049202 PATRICK AGBEBIA AKONGWALE Cross River Obanliku MSc France
438 MOSS2022000000065255 FRANCIS NKERE OFRE Cross River Boki MSc France
439 MOSS2022000000050680 OKOI MICHAEL OBETEN Cross River Yakuur MSc Germany
440 MOSS2022000000055958 Esther Maurice George Cross River Calabar Municipal MSc Germany
441 MOSS2022000000061219 VICTOR NTUN ODUM Cross River Ikom MSc France
442 MOSS2022000000053510 BLESSING ONGHAJI UKATU Cross River Yala MSc France
443 MOSS2022000000062560 Sampson Ofot Obi Cross River Ikom MSc France
444 MOSS2022000000075047 WILFRED ALEX OFEM Cross River Yakuur MSc France
445 MOSS2022000000050456 Eniang Nsa Eniang Cross River Odukpani MSc France
446 MOSS2022000000066113 Benita Eney Nyiam Cross River Ogoja MSc France
447 MOSS2022000000057527 FRIDAY JOSEPH OKO Cross River Yala MSc France
448 MOSS2022000000060301 Godwin Eliom Oli Cross River Obudu MSc Germany
449 MOSS2022000000055660 John Izabi Undie Cross River Obudu MSc Malaysia
450 MOSS2022000000052990 Charles Ikpi Ibiang Cross River Yakuur MSc Germany
451 MOSS2022000000055203 ARIKPO ODEN EBRI Cross River Yakuur MSc France
452 MOSS2022000000067875 Kevin Uchenna Obianwu Cross River Biase MSc Germany
453 MOSS2022000000075348 ISAAC ELENG BASSEY Cross River Abi MSc Germany
454 MOSS2022000000054762 OGRI ANDREW WONAH Cross River Yala MSc France
455 MOSS2022000000054918 Moses Mokoshe Jege Cross River Ogoja MSc Malaysia
456 MOSS2022000000059000 SAMUEL EWHEA AJORONOR Cross River Obudu MSc Germany
457 MOSS2022000000052666 Godswill Chrisidisi Delta Isoko North MSc France
458 MOSS2022000000057695 Emmanuel Oritse-Jolomi Shegbone Delta Warri North MSc France
459 MOSS2022000000057167 Emesiri Orufonomo Asakitikpi Delta Uvwie MSc Germany
460 MOSS2022000000066243 Frank Olisa Esekea Delta Oshimili North MSc Malaysia
461 MOSS2022000000072312 Ifechukwu Prince Nwani Delta Aniocha South MSc France
462 MOSS2022000000054481 DAVID OLUWATOMI OJADA Delta Isoko North MSc France
463 MOSS2022000000055061 Eugene Joseph Delta Ndokwa West MSc Malaysia
464 MOSS2022000000069224 Ebikenyen Theresa Uti Delta Burutu MSc France
465 MOSS2022000000063536 OGHENETANURE FRANCIS TONUKARI Delta Ethiope East MSc France
466 MOSS2022000000055072 Victory Arun Esele Delta Ika South MSc France
467 MOSS2022000000064919 Stephen Akpevwe Gbana Delta Ughelli South MSc France
468 MOSS2022000000050429 Mark Emeka Mowete Delta Oshimili North MSc Germany
469 MOSS2022000000070548 Oghenetega Mercy John Delta Sapele MSc Germany
470 MOSS2022000000067994 GIFT EWERE ELURO Delta Ika South MSc Germany
471 MOSS2022000000055973 STEPHANIE ESEOGHENE ERIGHA Delta Ethiope East MSc France
472 MOSS2022000000057219 Bright Edede Delta Isoko North MSc Malaysia
473 MOSS2022000000060262 Thank-God Avwerosuoghene Odukudu Delta Ughelli North MSc France
474 MOSS2022000000064912 OMENA OGHENEMAERO OKPA Delta Isoko North MSc Germany
475 MOSS2022000000073322 Chidube Enye Osa-Afiana Delta Aniocha North MSc France
476 MOSS2022000000054087 Uyoyou Uzezi Udubrae Delta Isoko North MSc Germany
477 MOSS2022000000072344 Jolomi Shadrack Ebietsuwa Delta Warri North MSc Germany
478 MOSS2022000000067945 Ebikaboere Kristine Afoegba-Gregory Delta Burutu MSc France
479 MOSS2022000000063249 Oghenerukevwe Austine Oboba Delta Ughelli North MSc Germany
480 MOSS2022000000072911 Omena Oseikwemen Chris-Iwuru Delta Ughelli North MSc Germany
481 MOSS2022000000071693 OGHENETEGA JOHN YOUNG-EYAYO Delta Ethiope East MSc Malaysia
482 MOSS2022000000050226 PETER NYERONVWO KOMITI Delta Ughelli South MSc France
483 MOSS2022000000070305 Moses Ejiroghene Ifori Delta Ughelli South MSc France
484 MOSS2022000000061044 EJIROGHENE UTI Delta Ethiope East MSc Germany
485 MOSS2022000000049458 GODSTIME OKIEMUTE ESENOGHO Delta Ughelli North MSc Germany
486 MOSS2022000000070104 Naomi Ndudi Enuekwe Delta Ndokwa West MSc France
487 MOSS2022000000057536 Andy Animam Patrick Delta Ndokwa West MSc Germany
488 MOSS2022000000072121 Pabra Eweye Delta Warri South West MSc France
489 MOSS2022000000062428 Precious Ukala Delta Ndokwa West MSc France
490 MOSS2022000000060811 Peace Alika Ogbemudia Delta Ika South MSc Germany
491 MOSS2022000000051953 Ifeanyi Egwuanumku Delta Ndokwa West MSc France
492 MOSS2022000000049068 Chukwuka Precious Dibie Delta Aniocha South MSc France
493 MOSS2022000000055584 Daniel Ogbevire Emese Delta Ethiope East MSc Germany
494 MOSS2022000000051380 Chukwudi Felix Okolo Delta Aniocha South MSc Germany
495 MOSS2022000000054080 hope nneka` agbaye Delta Ndokwa East MSc Germany
496 MOSS2022000000065003 robert ojevwe onojedje Delta Ughelli North MSc France
497 MOSS2022000000067292 Efemena Evans Edah Delta Ethiope West MSc Germany
498 MOSS2022000000071480 Alex Oke Evawere Delta Isoko North MSc Germany
499 MOSS2022000000074270 Berlyn Oghenerukeme Najomoh Delta Uvwie MSc Germany
500 MOSS2022000000048896 SUNDAY BROWN EGBE Delta Ughelli North MSc Malaysia
501 MOSS2022000000069646 Uyoyou Ebebeinwe Delta Isoko South MSc Malaysia
502 MOSS2022000000074668 OBINNA HYGINIUS MORDI Delta Ika North East MSc Germany
503 MOSS2022000000057670 NKECHI GABRIELLA EDORDU Delta Aniocha South MSc Germany
504 MOSS2022000000056713 Ejairu Ufuoma Delta Ethiope West MSc Germany
505 MOSS2022000000058952 UWAYA CHARLES EKPEGA Delta Ika North East MSc Germany
506 MOSS2022000000064222 WISDOM STEPHEN OMORO Delta Ndokwa East MSc Germany
507 MOSS2022000000053655 Godwin Diji Delta Ndokwa West MSc France
508 MOSS2022000000058547 KELVIN OGHENEBRORHIE OFUOKU Delta Ethiope East MSc France
509 MOSS2022000000062075 CLEMENT ABULU Delta Warri North MSc Malaysia
510 MOSS2022000000067044 Anita Ovomaroyeni Omenogor Delta Ethiope West MSc France
511 MOSS2022000000064460 Joel Ewere Okoh Delta Ika North East MSc Malaysia
512 MOSS2022000000066524 GOODLUCK OSEZIRE OGODO Delta Ughelli North MSc France
513 MOSS2022000000067110 Goodluck Okiemute Okposo Delta Isoko North MSc France
514 MOSS2022000000070058 Oghenerukevwe Great Atikpe Delta Ughelli South MSc France
515 MOSS2022000000063477 Oghenefejiro Omonigho Ederhi Delta Ethiope East MSc France
516 MOSS2022000000056980 Chukwuwike Odalonu Delta Ndokwa West MSc Germany
517 MOSS2022000000063807 GIFT NONSO OKWUENU Delta Aniocha North MSc Germany
518 MOSS2022000000052882 Efe Innocent America Delta Ethiope East MSc Germany
519 MOSS2022000000059140 Famous Onoduaye-Biokoro Delta Sapele MSc France
520 MOSS2022000000068401 JUSTICE AZUKA AKPATI Delta Ukwuani MSc Germany
521 MOSS2022000000066858 Ruth Uzochukwu Nwawuzoh Delta Ika North East MSc France
522 MOSS2022000000060197 OGHENEKEVWE HELEN UKALEYONVWE Delta Ughelli South MSc Germany
523 MOSS2022000000072778 Eseoghene Roland Esetewe Delta Isoko North MSc France
524 MOSS2022000000054140 Isaac Olisa Odili Delta Ndokwa East MSc Germany
525 MOSS2022000000065138 Ebube Echezonachukwu Eborah Delta Aniocha North MSc France
526 MOSS2022000000069109 Francis Kevwe Ekpu Delta Ughelli North MSc Germany
527 MOSS2022000000068758 Queensly Chinyere Agidi Delta Ika South MSc Germany
528 MOSS2022000000074231 LEWIS CHIEJINE OZEGBE Delta Ndokwa West MSc France
529 MOSS2022000000060581 OBINNA HIGGINS-ELIAS ODIWE Delta Ndokwa East MSc Germany
530 MOSS2022000000068271 Moses Kelvin Jeje Delta Okpe MSc Germany
531 MOSS2022000000071762 Cosmos Otunuya Nwadei Delta Ukwuani MSc Germany
532 MOSS2022000000074190 Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ujegwali Delta Ndokwa West MSc France
533 MOSS2022000000073204 CHRISTOPHER EBUKA NGANJI Delta Aniocha South MSc France
534 MOSS2022000000075331 ESTHER ISIOMA NWAIGBA Delta Aniocha South MSc Germany
535 MOSS2022000000066478 Ebuke Victor Osia Delta Aniocha North MSc France
536 MOSS2022000000064046 Jonathan Chukwuma OTEH Delta Ukwuani MSc Germany
537 MOSS2022000000051500 Kelvin Ogaga Delta Ughelli South MSc Germany
538 MOSS2022000000053467 Mathias Clifford Omattah Delta Warri South West MSc France
539 MOSS2022000000059911 Ralph Sonny Ojougboh Delta Ika South MSc Germany
540 MOSS2022000000069730 FRANCIS IKECHUKWU CHIEKWENE Delta Aniocha South MSc Malaysia
541 MOSS2022000000058268 HARRISON EWERE NKEMACHOR Delta Ika South MSc Germany
542 MOSS2022000000063558 IGHO VICTOR ANTHONY Delta Ughelli South MSc Germany
543 MOSS2022000000074335 Nathaniel Oghenekome Okoro Delta Isoko South MSc Malaysia
544 MOSS2022000000054686 BLESSING OLUWAMAYOWA EKURE Delta Ukwuani MSc France
545 MOSS2022000000052839 JOSHUA OSIGHO Delta Isoko North MSc France
546 MOSS2022000000071243 CHUKWUNNYE IWEANYI Delta Oshimili North MSc Malaysia
547 MOSS2022000000051676 Loveth Ohwoavworhua Delta Ethiope East MSc France
548 MOSS2022000000057022 Emmanuel Chinedu Ojei Delta Oshimili North MSc France
549 MOSS2022000000052766 Oghenetejiri Dandy Ikpesu Delta Udu MSc Malaysia
550 MOSS2022000000058284 Oshephihor Victory Goru Delta Udu MSc Germany
551 MOSS2022000000055730 EFETOBOR FELIX IRUVWE Delta Isoko North MSc Germany
552 MOSS2022000000070319 OMAVOWAN ANDREW ATIRI Delta Uvwie MSc Germany
553 MOSS2022000000070071 UDUMA UDUMA IDIKA Ebonyi Afikpo South MSc France
554 MOSS2022000000057915 IKECHUKWU VICTOR NWACHI Ebonyi Izzi MSc Germany
555 MOSS2022000000068286 Justice Ibiam Aluu Ebonyi Afikpo North MSc France
556 MOSS2022000000059789 David Mmaduabuchi Okpaga Ebonyi Ohaukwu MSc France
557 MOSS2022000000057743 OBINNA LAWRENCE UNAH Ebonyi Ezza North MSc France
558 MOSS2022000000063323 Teresa Ugochinyere Ibiam Ebonyi Afikpo North MSc France
559 MOSS2022000000054252 Nwanneka David Ogbonnaya Ebonyi Ohaozara MSc Germany
560 MOSS2022000000074328 Peter Okechukwu Ede Ebonyi Izzi MSc France
561 MOSS2022000000068205 EMMANUEL CHUKWUDI ALOH Ebonyi Ezza South MSc Germany
562 MOSS2022000000059660 Kenechi Duke Ogbonna Ebonyi Onicha MSc Malaysia
563 MOSS2022000000051927 ANAYO MBAM OYIBE Ebonyi Izzi MSc Malaysia
564 MOSS2022000000050119 CHIBUEZE OMOKE Ebonyi Ohaozara MSc France
565 MOSS2022000000056746 Ifeanyi Orunna Okoro Ebonyi Ezza North MSc France
566 MOSS2022000000058201 Shedrack Okwudili Nwachukwu Ebonyi Ikwo MSc France
567 MOSS2022000000061472 IFEYINWA HILDA EWA Ebonyi Afikpo North MSc Germany
568 MOSS2022000000064636 NNANNA NWACHUKWU ABAA Ebonyi Onicha MSc Germany
569 MOSS2022000000064411 kingsley Asadu Elem Ebonyi Ishielu MSc Germany
570 MOSS2022000000068893 EBUKA ELUZAI UDUMA Ebonyi Afikpo North MSc France
571 MOSS2022000000072139 Chidi Daniel Chukwu Ebonyi Ezza South MSc France
572 MOSS2022000000061299 JOHN OGONNA OKORIE Ebonyi Ivo MSc France
573 MOSS2022000000068606 UGOCHI Christabel ONYIA-AKAA Ebonyi Afikpo North MSc Germany
574 MOSS2022000000072949 MABEL CHIDIMMA IJERE Ebonyi Izzi MSc Germany
575 MOSS2022000000063674 Peter Amarachukwu Ifeanyi Ebonyi Ohaozara MSc Germany
576 MOSS2022000000053979 Magnus Maduabuchi Uneke Ebonyi Ohaozara MSc France
577 MOSS2022000000063947 CHIJIUKA FORTUNE AKUMA Ebonyi Ikwo MSc Germany
578 MOSS2022000000070606 Justina Amaka Emem Ebonyi Ohaukwu MSc France
579 MOSS2022000000074461 EKOH FRANK OLUGHU Ebonyi Afikpo North MSc Malaysia
580 MOSS2022000000075743 OGBONNAYA OKEREKE Ebonyi Ohaozara MSc France
581 MOSS2022000000060660 CHINASA OLUGHU OKORO Ebonyi Afikpo South MSc Malaysia
582 MOSS2022000000068730 LUCKY OLUGBENGA BAGUDU Edo Akoko-Edo MSc France
583 MOSS2022000000066773 Bernard Omodiagbon Eromosele Edo Esan Central MSc Malaysia
584 MOSS2022000000062081 ENIMHIEN AKHABUE Edo Esan South-East MSc Germany
585 MOSS2022000000058701 Paul Ohikpeme Afen-Akpaida Edo Akoko-Edo MSc France
586 MOSS2022000000075553 GEORGE AKEWE Edo Esan South-East MSc France
587 MOSS2022000000067941 Precious Eromosele Ehihamen Edo Igueben MSc France
588 MOSS2022000000056126 Emmanuel Osereme Eguakhide Edo Esan West MSc France
589 MOSS2022000000068267 Joshua Egbowio Enahoro Edo Esan North-East MSc Germany
590 MOSS2022000000062743 Hilary Oseriemen Okoh Edo Esan North-East MSc France
591 MOSS2022000000053244 Israel Osagbe Momoh Edo Etsako Central MSc France
592 MOSS2022000000069012 DAVID JOSEPH OMONTUEMHEN Edo Esan North-East MSc Germany
593 MOSS2022000000054278 Osemudiamhen Destiny Amienghemhen Edo Esan South-East MSc France
594 MOSS2022000000056646 Bright Edosa Osasere Edo Orhionmwon MSc Malaysia
595 MOSS2022000000069024 ESTHER FAVOUR AYEWOH Edo Esan North-East MSc Germany
596 MOSS2022000000066520 SOPHIA OLOHIREME OMUETI Edo Owan West MSc France
597 MOSS2022000000071206 GLADYS onyinye OSAMWONYI Edo Orhionmwon MSc Germany
598 MOSS2022000000052061 Gabriel Imobhio Ibadin Edo Esan North-East MSc France
599 MOSS2022000000068649 Raphael Okosun Edo Etsako West MSc France
600 MOSS2022000000067993 Blessing Omokafe Greg Edo Akoko-Edo MSc Germany
601 MOSS2022000000053597 Daniel Ehiwe Inegbedion Edo Igueben MSc Malaysia
602 MOSS2022000000064804 OSADIAYE LARRY ONI Edo Oredo MSc France
603 MOSS2022000000070455 FRANCIS ASEKHAME OSHIANOR Edo Etsako East MSc Germany
604 MOSS2022000000062541 Daniel Olanrewaju Akpomon Edo Esan Central MSc Germany
605 MOSS2022000000074466 Ferdinard Okhaifoh Edo Esan Central MSc France
606 MOSS2022000000052436 Cynthia Ehialeta Edo Igueben MSc France
607 MOSS2022000000063386 Abraham Osezua Airiohuodion Edo Esan West MSc Germany
608 MOSS2022000000072413 Faith Iriowen Ojika Edo Orhionmwon MSc Germany
609 MOSS2022000000073269 Osariemen Ivy Ighile Edo Egor MSc France
610 MOSS2022000000073704 Powei Jeffrey Erewejoh Edo Ovia South-West MSc Germany
611 MOSS2022000000051860 EDWIN IGHODARO AIGBOGUN Edo Orhionmwon MSc France
612 MOSS2022000000073114 Augusta Ebinonlen Imomon Edo Esan Central MSc France
613 MOSS2022000000058310 ETE QUINCY AGHO Edo Oredo MSc Malaysia
614 MOSS2022000000053000 Gibbs Aluya Ikekpolor Edo Esan South-East MSc Germany
615 MOSS2022000000071079 Omokhose Mary Akilo Edo Owan East MSc France
616 MOSS2022000000052242 Ehime Irene Itamah Edo Esan West MSc Malaysia
617 MOSS2022000000061063 Fadilat Saliu Aliu Edo Etsako West MSc France
618 MOSS2022000000072404 Eunice Ailuiorio Odegua Edo Esan North-East MSc France
619 MOSS2022000000067954 Gideon Tunde Ehabahe Edo Akoko-Edo MSc Malaysia
620 MOSS2022000000052739 EMMANUEL ESHEMOKHAI ETSU Edo Etsako East MSc Malaysia
621 MOSS2022000000063845 Osaivbie Williams Aibuedefe Edo Orhionmwon MSc Germany
622 MOSS2022000000053682 Edeki Paul Olorunjoba Edo Owan East MSc France
623 MOSS2022000000057318 Godfrey Osemudiamhen Eseigbe Edo Esan Central MSc France
624 MOSS2022000000054229 LIVINGSTONE OGBEIDE OGBEBOR Edo Esan South-East MSc France
625 MOSS2022000000050714 Michael Merry Okungbowa Edo Ikpoba Okha MSc Germany
626 MOSS2022000000053487 Onosamudiana Albert Asuelimhen Edo Igueben MSc France
627 MOSS2022000000071266 NANA EMMANUEL OKORO Edo Orhionmwon MSc Germany
628 MOSS2022000000060119 Peter Osayanwobor Omorowa Edo Orhionmwon MSc Germany
629 MOSS2022000000065214 Etinosa Aston Alohan Edo Oredo MSc France
630 MOSS2022000000064686 MARXWELL OSAZE EDOKPIAWE Edo Esan West MSc Germany
631 MOSS2022000000060228 Collins Izedonmwen Edo Ikpoba Okha MSc France
632 MOSS2022000000053307 Elshalom Chioma Omokpariola Edo Akoko-Edo MSc France
633 MOSS2022000000051606 LUCKY SYLVESTER IYOHA Edo Esan Central MSc Germany
634 MOSS2022000000067654 Terry Muhammed Omosun Edo Esan Central MSc Germany
635 MOSS2022000000072987 Anthony Osayuwamen Imadojemu Edo Igueben MSc Germany
636 MOSS2022000000051760 Osilama Paul Aigbepue Edo Etsako Central MSc Germany
637 MOSS2022000000069861 Omole Jude Ejere Edo Owan West MSc France
638 MOSS2022000000052922 Aliyu Salisu Edo Etsako East MSc France
639 MOSS2022000000059880 Osazee Sunday Aghariaha Edo Oredo MSc Malaysia
640 MOSS2022000000052080 John Junior Omondiale Edo Esan North-East MSc Germany
641 MOSS2022000000051791 Stella Eseohe Idiakhoa Edo Esan West MSc Germany
642 MOSS2022000000061700 LUCKY ARENOKWORIA OBOH Edo Esan Central MSc Germany
643 MOSS2022000000055144 MICHAEL ATAGAMEN Edo Esan North-East MSc Germany
644 MOSS2022000000063311 Osarume Emmanuel Osagie Edo Esan Central MSc Germany
645 MOSS2022000000073277 Peter Ozuake Amodu Edo Etsako Central MSc Malaysia
646 MOSS2022000000048758 Freeborn Egharevba Edo Ikpoba Okha MSc Germany
647 MOSS2022000000055292 ODIANONSE OJIEMOHIN Edo Esan South-East MSc Germany
648 MOSS2022000000056549 Darlington Osarumwense Imade Edo Uhunmwonde MSc Germany
649 MOSS2022000000051063 EFE OMORODION Edo Egor MSc Germany
650 MOSS2022000000050081 TAIWO ADETOMIWA ADEWA Ekiti Ido Osi MSc Malaysia
651 MOSS2022000000071728 Miracle Oloruntoba Ajayi Ekiti Ido Osi MSc France
652 MOSS2022000000061165 Oluwatodimu Adekunle Asiwaju Ekiti Ido Osi MSc Germany
653 MOSS2022000000052874 Oluwatobi Samuel Adegoke Ekiti Oye MSc France
654 MOSS2022000000053717 Gbolahan Owoeye Ekiti Ido Osi MSc Malaysia
655 MOSS2022000000049042 Oluwaseun Paul Odofin Ekiti Ikere MSc Germany
656 MOSS2022000000057134 Ayomikun Paul Borode Ekiti Ido Osi MSc Germany
657 MOSS2022000000064907 CHRISTIANAH MODUPE ABIODUN-OJO Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun MSc Malaysia
658 MOSS2022000000067964 Ifeoluwa Simon Oladele Ekiti Oye MSc Germany
659 MOSS2022000000061615 Joy Oluwaferanmi Asebiomo Ekiti Ikere MSc Germany
660 MOSS2022000000070327 Ayodeji Mathew Adedara Ekiti Ikere MSc Germany
661 MOSS2022000000069703 Jide Vincent Babatunde Ekiti Ijero MSc Germany
662 MOSS2022000000069088 Kehinde Dimeji Aregbesola Ekiti Ido Osi MSc France
663 MOSS2022000000064517 OLUWAKEMI CELINE BODUNDE Ekiti Ikole MSc Germany
664 MOSS2022000000060901 Oluwadamilare Samuel Adewumi Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun MSc Malaysia
665 MOSS2022000000067843 Ebenezer Sanmi Jayeoba Ekiti Ekiti West MSc France
666 MOSS2022000000058833 LAWRENCE KAYODE Ekiti Ikole MSc France
667 MOSS2022000000070356 OLUWATOSIN GRACE OKE Ekiti Ido Osi MSc Germany
668 MOSS2022000000066515 OLUSEYI DAMILOLA OJO Ekiti Ilejemeje MSc France
669 MOSS2022000000056365 TEMITOPE OLAYINKA OGUNDIPE Ekiti Oye MSc Malaysia
670 MOSS2022000000055601 Adeniyi Tunji Arounsoro Ekiti Oye MSc France
671 MOSS2022000000068433 Chukwuemeka John Alimba Enugu Aninri MSc Germany
672 MOSS2022000000073093 FELICITAS CHINECHEREM ENE Enugu Udi MSc Germany
673 MOSS2022000000055740 Hyginus Emeka Okafor Enugu Udenu MSc France
674 MOSS2022000000074506 Precious Adaora Chukwu Enugu Awgu MSc France
675 MOSS2022000000062071 Chibuike Francis Okoh Enugu Awgu MSc Malaysia
676 MOSS2022000000059752 Chinedu Gerald Didigwu Enugu Igbo Etiti MSc France
677 MOSS2022000000055685 Chidubem Nwadimkpa Asogwa Enugu Udenu MSc Germany
678 MOSS2022000000059729 Ugochukwu Wisdom Benedict Enugu Oji River MSc Germany
679 MOSS2022000000052554 Michael Onyinyechukwu Okolo Enugu Awgu MSc Germany
680 MOSS2022000000059929 Leonard Onyedikachi Oluka Enugu Igbo Etiti MSc France
681 MOSS2022000000067886 Chibueze Bartholomew Edeh Enugu Nkanu West MSc Germany
682 MOSS2022000000054618 Daniel Onyekachi Omatta Enugu Nkanu West MSc France
683 MOSS2022000000067114 Henry Kenechukwu Eze Enugu Udi MSc France
684 MOSS2022000000053614 Valentine Tochukwu Orji Enugu Aninri MSc Malaysia
685 MOSS2022000000066260 Emmanuel Emeka Nwatu Enugu Nkanu West MSc Germany
686 MOSS2022000000060422 Chukwuemeka Christian Omeh Enugu Igbo Eze North MSc Germany
687 MOSS2022000000068756 HENRY Ikenna Attamah Enugu Nsukka MSc Germany
688 MOSS2022000000059318 HENRY CHIMAOBI URAMA Enugu Igbo Eze South MSc France
689 MOSS2022000000063740 Chukwunonso Michael Offor Enugu Udi MSc France
690 MOSS2022000000059174 Edward Chibueze ogbe Enugu Enugu East MSc France
691 MOSS2022000000068432 Chinemerem Jerry Ozoude Enugu Ezeagu MSc Germany
692 MOSS2022000000060203 UCHENNA RAPHAEL NJOM Enugu Nkanu East MSc Germany
693 MOSS2022000000071323 Tochukwu Michael Odoh Enugu Igbo Etiti MSc France
694 MOSS2022000000068615 Chizoba Simeon Ekwo Enugu Ezeagu MSc France
695 MOSS2022000000073496 Chidubem Martin Eneota Enugu Udi MSc Germany
696 MOSS2022000000066387 Ikenna Michael Aniekwe Enugu Ezeagu MSc Malaysia
697 MOSS2022000000058889 CHRISTIAN ADINDE Enugu Ezeagu MSc France
698 MOSS2022000000062537 Chimezie Friday Chime Enugu Udi MSc France
699 MOSS2022000000064906 Ugochukwu Francis Obi Enugu Nkanu West MSc Germany
700 MOSS2022000000075137 KENECHUKWU KINGSLEY ODOH Enugu Nkanu West MSc France
701 MOSS2022000000075551 LILIAN CHINENYE NNAMANI Enugu Nkanu East MSc Germany
702 MOSS2022000000055949 Ndubuisi Michael Chime Enugu Udi MSc France
703 MOSS2022000000059085 HILARY UCHENNA DIKE Enugu Awgu MSc France
704 MOSS2022000000056481 HENRY IFEANYICHUKWU OKONKWO Enugu Awgu MSc Germany
705 MOSS2022000000068543 Godspower Ikenna Mamah Enugu Udenu MSc Germany
706 MOSS2022000000059224 Stanley Chukwudi Micheal Enugu Nkanu East MSc Germany
707 MOSS2022000000074860 Lawrence Nnamdi Eze Enugu Udi MSc Germany
708 MOSS2022000000058118 Benjamin Nnamdi Chukwu Enugu Aninri MSc Germany
709 MOSS2022000000069790 EKENE VINCENT NNAJI Enugu Nkanu West MSc Germany
710 MOSS2022000000051228 Ekene Emmanuel Ebene Enugu Udi MSc France
711 MOSS2022000000073553 Obinna Chikwelu Unachukwu Enugu Enugu East MSc Germany
712 MOSS2022000000049507 Emmanuel Ugochukwu Edeh Enugu Isi Uzo MSc France
713 MOSS2022000000068039 Kenechukwu Dennis Mbah Enugu Aninri MSc Germany
714 MOSS2022000000057325 KEVIN CHUKWUDI AMAKA Enugu Oji River MSc Germany
715 MOSS2022000000073349 Emmanuel Onyedikachi Onuigbo Enugu Udi MSc France
716 MOSS2022000000057153 Maryann Nkechi Nebechi Enugu Ezeagu MSc Germany
717 MOSS2022000000059815 CAJETAN UDEMEZUE OKO Enugu Enugu East MSc Germany
718 MOSS2022000000068033 Chukwuemeka Peter Nnaji Enugu Nkanu West MSc Germany
719 MOSS2022000000072487 Emmanuel Obinna Ozougwu Enugu Ezeagu MSc Germany
720 MOSS2022000000072819 EBERECHUKWU NWANNEKA CHUKWUEMEKA Enugu Udi MSc Malaysia
721 MOSS2022000000071838 CHUKWUEMEKA JOSEPH MAMMAH Enugu Udenu MSc Malaysia
722 MOSS2022000000053340 Chinonso Innocent Agu Enugu Udi MSc France
723 MOSS2022000000060113 Ndubuisi Obumnaeme Umezulike Enugu Oji River MSc Germany
724 MOSS2022000000066089 NNAEMEKA EMMANUEL OKECHUKWU Enugu Udenu MSc Germany
725 MOSS2022000000054275 Ezechukwu Emmanuel Obasi Enugu Awgu MSc France
726 MOSS2022000000051061 Abdulrahman Mahmoud FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
727 MOSS2022000000058495 Babajide Oluwafemi Onayemi FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc France
728 MOSS2022000000070755 ZAINAB OIZA SULEIMAN FCT Abuja Abaji MSc France
729 MOSS2022000000073179 Ruth Chinaza Udeh FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
730 MOSS2022000000057087 Ayuba Job Danladi FCT Abuja Bwari MSc France
731 MOSS2022000000066069 GEORGE Okeroghene AGBAGHARE FCT Abuja Bwari MSc France
732 MOSS2022000000054053 NASIR MUHAMMAD FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
733 MOSS2022000000049077 Solomon Stephen Bawa FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
734 MOSS2022000000056395 Abdulrahman Isah Anka FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
735 MOSS2022000000068551 George Toryila Kule FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
736 MOSS2022000000051104 Abdulazeez Muhammad Salihu FCT Abuja Abaji MSc Malaysia
737 MOSS2022000000058975 MUHAMMAD YAZEED USMAN FCT Abuja Bwari MSc Malaysia
738 MOSS2022000000073213 Mohammed Aseku Abubakar FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Malaysia
739 MOSS2022000000072375 LUKMAN MUDI FCT Abuja Kuje MSc Germany
740 MOSS2022000000074318 ABBA ADAMU FCT Abuja Kwali MSc Germany
741 MOSS2022000000062843 VICTORY OSEYEMEN ESOIMEME FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
742 MOSS2022000000060299 Ibrahim Ismaila FCT Abuja Bwari MSc Germany
743 MOSS2022000000058512 Maijidda Hauwa Husseini FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
744 MOSS2022000000062304 JOSHUA CHUKWUEMERIE JAMES FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
745 MOSS2022000000059150 John Ogenyi FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
746 MOSS2022000000058138 FAROUQ ABDULHAMID FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council MSc Germany
747 MOSS2022000000056423 Abdussamad Umar Adam Gombe Akko MSc Germany
748 MOSS2022000000056892 MOHAMMED BABANGIDA MOHAMMED Gombe Kwami MSc France
749 MOSS2022000000067426 Aliyu Usman Gombe Akko MSc Germany
750 MOSS2022000000048860 Samuel Mika Ibrahim Gombe Billiri MSc France
751 MOSS2022000000055039 Abdulsalam Shettima Inuwa Gombe Gombe MSc Malaysia
752 MOSS2022000000064318 Muhammad Tukur Bello Gombe Gombe MSc France
753 MOSS2022000000050376 MUHAMMAD KASHERE MUSA Gombe Akko MSc Germany
754 MOSS2022000000057714 Abdullahi Hamza Galadima Gombe Dukku MSc Germany
755 MOSS2022000000057637 Rayyanu Zubairu Gombe Kaltungo MSc Malaysia
756 MOSS2022000000061498 Abubakar Sadiq Muhammad Gombe Gombe MSc Malaysia
757 MOSS2022000000051872 Adamu Mohammed Musa Gombe Akko MSc France
758 MOSS2022000000064315 HARUNA KAWUWA Gombe Funakaye MSc France
759 MOSS2022000000057788 BELLO DAUDA ABUBAKAR Gombe Kwami MSc Germany
760 MOSS2022000000072806 Muhammad Aminu Usman Gombe Dukku MSc Malaysia
761 MOSS2022000000055209 Umar Faruk Yunus Gombe Gombe MSc Malaysia
762 MOSS2022000000052103 PIDAU BENJAMIN AMUGA Gombe Billiri MSc France
763 MOSS2022000000048736 Muhaisin Ahmad Ibrahim Gombe Gombe MSc France
764 MOSS2022000000068740 Alhassan Yunusa Gombe Akko MSc France
765 MOSS2022000000072924 Magaji Al-amin Muhammad Gombe Akko MSc France
766 MOSS2022000000049082 Mahlon Kida Marvin Gombe Balanga MSc Germany
767 MOSS2022000000052449 Idris Yahaya Aliyu Gombe Gombe MSc Malaysia
768 MOSS2022000000075274 Paul Bulus Manzo Gombe Kaltungo MSc France
769 MOSS2022000000057155 Muhammad Aminu Gombe Dukku MSc Germany
770 MOSS2022000000065147 Musa Stone Amos Gombe Akko MSc France
771 MOSS2022000000059584 Ibrahim Muhammad Gombe Yamaltu/Deba MSc Germany
772 MOSS2022000000075257 USMAN ABDULLAHI LAWAN Gombe Gombe MSc Germany
773 MOSS2022000000055617 Suleiman Aliyu Gombe Yamaltu/Deba MSc Malaysia
774 MOSS2022000000074350 SUNDAY JOHN Gombe Akko MSc Germany
775 MOSS2022000000066119 Jesse Kallamu Gombe Balanga MSc Malaysia
776 MOSS2022000000066210 ABUBAKAR YAHAYA POLOMA Gombe Balanga MSc Malaysia
777 MOSS2022000000061563 Ahmad Waziri Audi Gombe Gombe MSc Germany
778 MOSS2022000000065720 Jireh Yaro Joseph Gombe Kaltungo MSc Germany
779 MOSS2022000000075333 Samuel Galadima Simon Gombe Shongom MSc Malaysia
780 MOSS2022000000067065 Abubakar Shatima Abubakar Gombe Yamaltu/Deba MSc Germany
781 MOSS2022000000064792 ABDULLAHI MUHAMMAD YAHAYA Gombe Kwami MSc France
782 MOSS2022000000068360 Abdullahi Abdullahi Ibrahim Gombe Gombe MSc Malaysia
783 MOSS2022000000054259 MUHAMMAD SANI ABDULKADIR Gombe Nafada MSc France
784 MOSS2022000000065642 KHALID Omar HASSAN Gombe Yamaltu/Deba MSc Malaysia
785 MOSS2022000000062579 SULEIMAN BIRMA BUBA Gombe Akko MSc Malaysia
786 MOSS2022000000070950 John Maibugu Titus Gombe Billiri MSc Germany
787 MOSS2022000000059523 Muslim Baba Muhammad Gombe Balanga MSc Germany
788 MOSS2022000000062344 John Umaru Gombe Kaltungo MSc Malaysia
789 MOSS2022000000048747 Aminu Yuguda Ahmed Gombe Gombe MSc Malaysia
790 MOSS2022000000058710 BADIKKO MUHAMMED SEYOJI Gombe Akko MSc Germany
791 MOSS2022000000067907 ABDULAZEEZ SHUAIBU Gombe Akko MSc Malaysia
792 MOSS2022000000058872 Raymond Umeadi Ezenwosu Imo Ideato North MSc France
793 MOSS2022000000067717 Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel Ikwuagwu Imo Owerri West MSc Germany
794 MOSS2022000000069593 Chijioke Osuji Innocent Osuji Imo Owerri West MSc France
795 MOSS2022000000069268 FAVOUR IHECHIM JACOB Imo Ezinihitte MSc Germany
796 MOSS2022000000070457 Chiedozie Kelechi Ohiri Imo Owerri North MSc Germany
797 MOSS2022000000055683 Rosemary ODINAKACHI Nnamdi Imo Obowo MSc France
798 MOSS2022000000048767 Promise Chibunna Emejuru Imo Orlu MSc France
799 MOSS2022000000050015 Arthur Egwu Mgboji Imo Ezinihitte MSc Germany
800 MOSS2022000000053758 IKENNA MATTHEW ANOZIE Imo Ezinihitte MSc Germany
801 MOSS2022000000057050 NNAEMEKA IFEANYI ANAELE Imo Ezinihitte MSc Malaysia
802 MOSS2022000000049865 Charles Nkwogu Imo Mbaitoli MSc Malaysia
803 MOSS2022000000051410 Timothy Ginikachi Okpara Imo Ideato South MSc France
804 MOSS2022000000056857 CHINEMEREM Raphael CHUKWUDI Imo Ehime Mbano MSc France
805 MOSS2022000000048955 Chinedu Charles Mbagwu Imo Ikeduru MSc Germany
806 MOSS2022000000069164 Joseph Chibuzor Ihedoro Imo Nwangele MSc France
807 MOSS2022000000058786 Stanley Peter Agbarakwe Imo Ehime Mbano MSc France
808 MOSS2022000000050966 Ifeanyi Francis Merenini Imo Owerri West MSc Germany
809 MOSS2022000000050805 Michael Chima Soronnadi Imo Ikeduru MSc Germany
810 MOSS2022000000063756 Destiny Onyekachi Ekeh Imo Ngor Okpala MSc France
811 MOSS2022000000069704 JOHN CHIGOZIE OPARA Imo Aboh Mbaise MSc France
812 MOSS2022000000049374 CHIEBUKA MARTINS OKORO Imo Isiala Mbano MSc France
813 MOSS2022000000063757 CHUKWUMA SYLVANUS UDEOGU Imo Orlu MSc France
814 MOSS2022000000056184 Kelechi Obiala Imo Ideato South MSc Germany
815 MOSS2022000000074212 Chimaobi Stanley Amaechi Imo Orlu MSc France
816 MOSS2022000000055595 CHIGOZIE CHRISTIAN AMAECHI Imo Ezinihitte MSc Germany
817 MOSS2022000000056865 EMEKA EUZEBIUS AKUAKONAM Imo Orsu MSc Germany
818 MOSS2022000000075347 Ezechi Emmanuel Ekeoba Imo Ehime Mbano MSc Germany
819 MOSS2022000000055992 GINIKACHUKWU JOSEPH NNADIEZE Imo Oru West MSc Malaysia
820 MOSS2022000000059211 PETER CHIDIEBERE ODIONYEMMA Imo Owerri North MSc France
821 MOSS2022000000066854 Princewill Ogedi Ogu Imo Ehime Mbano MSc Germany
822 MOSS2022000000066555 CHIBUEZE CHIAGOZIEM IWUOHA Imo Mbaitoli MSc Germany
823 MOSS2022000000074875 JESSICA OBIANUJU OJADI Imo Oguta MSc Germany
824 MOSS2022000000060329 Chidiebere Chidubem Njoku Imo Isiala Mbano MSc France
825 MOSS2022000000049354 Chukwubuikem Peter-Damian Okoro Imo Orlu MSc Germany
826 MOSS2022000000064248 Oluchi Faith Njoku Imo Isiala Mbano MSc France
827 MOSS2022000000065513 Chinegbomkpa Blessing Njoku Imo Isiala Mbano MSc France
828 MOSS2022000000070812 Tochi Vivian Amaole Imo Orsu MSc Germany
829 MOSS2022000000059179 Stephen Amarachi Okoroafor Imo Ihitte/Uboma MSc France
830 MOSS2022000000072890 IFEANYI ANTHONY NWAOBASI Imo Ngor Okpala MSc France
831 MOSS2022000000073410 CHUKWUEMEKA PROMISE UCHEBUAKOR Imo Oguta MSc Germany
832 MOSS2022000000066563 Jude Udochukwu Ohuakanwa Imo Aboh Mbaise MSc France
833 MOSS2022000000066009 CHIDI CALEB EZEUKWU Imo Orsu MSc France
834 MOSS2022000000061348 OGECHUKWU EPHRAIM SILAS Imo Nkwerre MSc France
835 MOSS2022000000062780 Promise Uchenna Nwadike Imo Isiala Mbano MSc Germany
836 MOSS2022000000066493 Lemuel Chibuike James Imo Mbaitoli MSc Germany
837 MOSS2022000000062688 Obinna Kingsley Adighoha Imo Ezinihitte MSc Germany
838 MOSS2022000000073669 BENNETH CHUKWUDI ANASUDU Imo Oguta MSc Germany
839 MOSS2022000000066516 Kyrian Ikechukwu Ogbeihe Imo Orsu MSc Germany
840 MOSS2022000000060628 CHIMUANYA PROGRESS NKEMAKOLAM Imo Mbaitoli MSc Germany
841 MOSS2022000000072566 Kelechi Magnus Okoroji Imo Orlu MSc France
842 MOSS2022000000058227 Cyril Amarachi Azubuine Imo Ezinihitte MSc Germany
843 MOSS2022000000073474 Chimuoma Gloria Onyenanu Imo Ikeduru MSc France
844 MOSS2022000000066617 Friend Nnadozie Osuorji Imo Ideato South MSc France
845 MOSS2022000000055092 Damian Chidiebere Ike Imo Njaba MSc Germany
846 MOSS2022000000054940 Obinna Joseph Uba Imo Ikeduru MSc Germany
847 MOSS2022000000057744 Godbless Peter Nkwocha Imo Ngor Okpala MSc Germany
848 MOSS2022000000065473 PAUL CHIBUIKE NWOSU Imo Nkwerre MSc Germany
849 MOSS2022000000070167 EMEKA Gabriel IBE Imo Ikeduru MSc France
850 MOSS2022000000074899 Philip Chinonso Amaonye Imo Aboh Mbaise MSc Germany
851 MOSS2022000000070186 Izuchukwu Kenneth Onyenwe Imo Owerri North MSc Germany
852 MOSS2022000000073284 Okechukwu Stanley Ohabuike Imo Orsu MSc Malaysia
853 MOSS2022000000056351 CHUKWUEMEKA DANIEL NWAKA Imo Oru West MSc France
854 MOSS2022000000050258 DARLINGTON CHIDIEBERE ONYEMJORO Imo Ahiazu Mbaise MSc Germany
855 MOSS2022000000058914 RICHARD NWAKAIBEYA AGBARAKWE Imo Orlu MSc Germany
856 MOSS2022000000065496 CHIMOBI PRECIOUS ONYENEKE Imo Owerri North MSc Germany
857 MOSS2022000000067897 franklin Uchenna Ogburie Imo Nkwerre MSc France
858 MOSS2022000000064462 SOMKELECHI EMMANUEL UBALATU Imo Oru West MSc France
859 MOSS2022000000054293 Amarachi Elizabeth Nnodim Imo Ngor Okpala MSc Germany
860 MOSS2022000000068183 Charity Chizoma Daniel Imo Ohaji/Egbema MSc Germany
861 MOSS2022000000057436 Kingsley Ibegbulem Abara Imo Aboh Mbaise MSc France
862 MOSS2022000000063985 NNADOZIE ADEWUMI OPARA Imo Ngor Okpala MSc France
863 MOSS2022000000053053 FRANCIS GODWIN OMERE Imo Njaba MSc Malaysia
864 MOSS2022000000066513 NNAGOZIE FIDELIS IBUAKU Imo Ihitte/Uboma MSc France
865 MOSS2022000000074456 EZEBUCHI STANLEY AMADI Imo Ngor Okpala MSc Germany
866 MOSS2022000000064688 Barnabas chibuike OFOEGBU Imo Ikeduru MSc Malaysia
867 MOSS2022000000055570 IFEANYI IWUCHUKWU Imo Isiala Mbano MSc Germany
868 MOSS2022000000055389 Christian Nathsn George Imo Obowo MSc Germany
869 MOSS2022000000067741 ERNEST NDUDIRI ANYANWU Imo Ehime Mbano MSc France
870 MOSS2022000000069937 EMMANUEL IFEANYI CHUKWU Imo Ehime Mbano MSc France
871 MOSS2022000000071550 IKECHUKWU ROBERT EMERONYE Imo Ahiazu Mbaise MSc Germany
872 MOSS2022000000065131 Precious Chibueze Dominic Imo Mbaitoli MSc Germany
873 MOSS2022000000058927 Vera Chinenye Francis Imo Ideato North MSc France
874 MOSS2022000000054921 FRANKLYN ONYEDIKACHI UBA Imo Ehime Mbano MSc Germany
875 MOSS2022000000057011 CHINONYEREM NKWACHUKWU NJOKU Imo Ahiazu Mbaise MSc France
876 MOSS2022000000065050 Nneka Livina Nzeribe Imo Oguta MSc Germany
877 MOSS2022000000067609 Franklin Ugochukwu Iroh Imo Ihitte/Uboma MSc France
878 MOSS2022000000074441 BUHARI ALIYU Jigawa Jahun MSc France
879 MOSS2022000000063512 Zaid Habibu Jigawa Jahun MSc Malaysia
880 MOSS2022000000064436 ADAMU MUHAMMAD Jigawa Ringim MSc Malaysia
881 MOSS2022000000073848 ADAMU MUSA ABDULLAHI Jigawa Kazaure MSc France
882 MOSS2022000000058711 Abubakar Bashir Usman Jigawa Kazaure MSc Malaysia
883 MOSS2022000000065089 ALHASSAN ISMAIL IDRIS Jigawa Hadejia MSc France
884 MOSS2022000000074904 MUHAMMAD SANI AMINU Jigawa Ringim MSc France
885 MOSS2022000000056766 UMAR MOHAMMED YAKUBU Jigawa Hadejia MSc Germany
886 MOSS2022000000052529 Abbas Nasidi Jigawa Gagarawa MSc Malaysia
887 MOSS2022000000070432 Sabiu Usman Suleiman Jigawa Kiyawa MSc France
888 MOSS2022000000074791 Usman Khalifa Mustapha Jigawa Buji MSc Germany
889 MOSS2022000000051537 Usman Salisu Jigawa Roni MSc France
890 MOSS2022000000063495 Abdulrashid Muhammad Jigawa Kafin Hausa MSc Malaysia
891 MOSS2022000000061589 Muhammad Hassan Jigawa Kazaure MSc France
892 MOSS2022000000066963 Hafiz Isah Jigawa Taura MSc France
893 MOSS2022000000049145 Muhammad Baffa Mahmud Jigawa Hadejia MSc Malaysia
894 MOSS2022000000050036 Abdullahi Zaharadeen Isyaka Jigawa Jahun MSc France
895 MOSS2022000000060710 UMAR UMAR ABDULLAHI Jigawa Hadejia MSc Germany
896 MOSS2022000000069303 SAFIYYA IBRAHIM BAIWA Jigawa Ringim MSc Malaysia
897 MOSS2022000000056399 Ibrahim Abdulkarim Jigawa Gumel MSc Germany
898 MOSS2022000000059248 Ahmad Muhammad Isa Jigawa Dutse MSc France
899 MOSS2022000000051159 ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD Jigawa Hadejia MSc Malaysia
900 MOSS2022000000056264 Jaafar Ubale Jigawa Taura MSc France
901 MOSS2022000000064485 Aminu Ahmad Na’Allah Jigawa Jahun MSc Malaysia
902 MOSS2022000000053234 Muhammad Shehu Jigawa Ringim MSc Germany
903 MOSS2022000000061462 IBRAHIM ABDULKADIR Jigawa Dutse MSc France
904 MOSS2022000000073339 GARBA MAGAJI Jigawa Birnin Kudu MSc Malaysia
905 MOSS2022000000066490 MUHAMMAD AMINU MUHAMMAD Jigawa Hadejia MSc Germany
906 MOSS2022000000062194 Tahir Muhammad Jigawa Malam Madori MSc France
907 MOSS2022000000072491 Dauda Suleiman Jigawa Guri MSc Malaysia
908 MOSS2022000000057665 MUSTAPHA IBRAHIM Jigawa Kiyawa MSc France
909 MOSS2022000000053993 Umar Tafida Muhammad Jigawa Miga MSc Germany
910 MOSS2022000000056349 Mansur Shuaibu Jigawa Jahun MSc France
911 MOSS2022000000049164 Mustapha Saleh Jigawa Gumel MSc France
912 MOSS2022000000070304 MUSTAPHA SANI ZANGO Jigawa Hadejia MSc Germany
913 MOSS2022000000052795 SAIDU ABDULKARIM IGGI Jigawa Birnin Kudu MSc Malaysia
914 MOSS2022000000053230 MUHAMMAD MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Jigawa Auyo MSc Malaysia
915 MOSS2022000000073928 MUAZZAM IBRAHIM HABU Jigawa Sule Tankarkar MSc Malaysia
916 MOSS2022000000073570 Jafar Shehu Jigawa Kazaure MSc Malaysia
917 MOSS2022000000050090 MUHAMMAD ABDULHADI Jigawa Dutse MSc Malaysia
918 MOSS2022000000051787 adamu muhammed idris Jigawa Taura MSc Malaysia
919 MOSS2022000000068145 Muhammad Saleh Jigawa Gumel MSc France
920 MOSS2022000000061602 Nazifi Hamza Jigawa Kazaure MSc Germany
921 MOSS2022000000071080 Habibu Safiyanu Jigawa Taura MSc Malaysia
922 MOSS2022000000053323 IBRAHIM IDRIS MUHAMMAD Jigawa Gumel MSc Malaysia
923 MOSS2022000000075838 Huzaifa Sabo Jigawa Birnin Kudu MSc France
924 MOSS2022000000068123 Yusuf Ahmad Maidala Jigawa Malam Madori MSc France
925 MOSS2022000000059273 Usman Hassan Jigawa Gwaram MSc Germany
926 MOSS2022000000060832 HARUNA IBRAHIM Jigawa Birnin Kudu MSc Germany
927 MOSS2022000000049645 Usman Kaila Umar Jigawa Hadejia MSc Malaysia
928 MOSS2022000000061943 ABDULLAHI RABIU Jigawa Kazaure MSc Malaysia
929 MOSS2022000000069918 SADIK IBRAHIM GARBA Jigawa Birnin Kudu MSc Malaysia
930 MOSS2022000000070373 IDRIS HAMZA Jigawa Kazaure MSc France
931 MOSS2022000000074066 Auwal Usman Ibrahim Jigawa Maigatari MSc Malaysia
932 MOSS2022000000068212 ABDULSALAM ABUBAKAR Jigawa Malam Madori MSc France
933 MOSS2022000000074772 Faith Zaphaniah Kaduna Jaba MSc Malaysia
934 MOSS2022000000053909 MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Kaduna Zaria MSc Germany
935 MOSS2022000000063216 BUHARI AMINU Kaduna Zaria MSc France
936 MOSS2022000000053173 ABDULKADIR BABAJO SALISU Kaduna Zaria MSc Germany
937 MOSS2022000000068881 Abdulrahman Nurudeen Kaduna Zaria MSc France
938 MOSS2022000000055786 Abdulbasit Hassan Kaduna Zaria MSc France
939 MOSS2022000000061833 Precious Bavoshia Timothy Kaduna Zangon Kataf MSc Germany
940 MOSS2022000000050217 Aminu Faki Sani Kaduna Ikara MSc France
941 MOSS2022000000049536 Alhussain Abdullahi Kaduna Jema’a MSc Germany
942 MOSS2022000000067123 Mujahid Bello Kaduna Birnin Gwari MSc France
943 MOSS2022000000062850 Abdulkarim Rufai Kaduna Zaria MSc France
944 MOSS2022000000054160 ADAMU SULEIMAN HARUNA Kaduna Soba MSc Germany
945 MOSS2022000000070917 Ahmad Ismaila Ibrahim Kaduna Giwa MSc Germany
946 MOSS2022000000070741 Abdulsamad Muhammad Abbas Kaduna Zaria MSc Germany
947 MOSS2022000000073112 Aaron Kuzayet Emmanuel Kaduna Zangon Kataf MSc Malaysia
948 MOSS2022000000063731 FAWAZ SULEIMAN Kaduna Sabon Gari MSc France
949 MOSS2022000000061025 Yusuf Abdulsalam Suleiman Kaduna Kaduna South MSc Germany
950 MOSS2022000000053742 ABDURRAHMAN BAKO IDRIS Kaduna Lere MSc Malaysia
951 MOSS2022000000072255 ABDULRAHMAN ABDULKAREEM Kaduna Kaduna North MSc France
952 MOSS2022000000064876 Amal Ahmed Tafida Kaduna Kaduna North MSc Malaysia
953 MOSS2022000000057166 RIDWAN MUHAMMAD Kaduna Kaduna South MSc France
954 MOSS2022000000068294 ABDULMUMIN IDRIS Kaduna Sabon Gari MSc Malaysia
955 MOSS2022000000074622 Abdulsamad Kabir Sani Kaduna Sabon Gari MSc Germany
956 MOSS2022000000070148 SIMEON OJONUGWA EKPA Kaduna Chikun MSc France
957 MOSS2022000000051126 Aminu Mado Mukhtar Kaduna Kaduna North MSc Germany
958 MOSS2022000000056898 SALISU MUSA Kaduna Kaduna South MSc Germany
959 MOSS2022000000072934 Joy Ali Kachalla Kaduna Jaba MSc France
960 MOSS2022000000058902 Nafisa Danjuma Aliyu Kaduna Sabon Gari MSc Malaysia
961 MOSS2022000000063871 Ja’afar Iya Pate Kaduna Zaria MSc France
962 MOSS2022000000063471 DANJUMA DAUDA Kaduna Kagarko MSc Malaysia
963 MOSS2022000000053761 Abubakar Bello Lamido Kaduna Igabi MSc Germany
964 MOSS2022000000072316 Yashim Yashim Kaduna Kaduna South MSc Germany
965 MOSS2022000000062168 Ahmad Ahmad Sadiq Kaduna Kaduna South MSc Germany
966 MOSS2022000000054039 Safiya Shuaibu Umar Kaduna Sabon Gari MSc France
967 MOSS2022000000054944 SUWAIDU SHEHU DANRAKA Kaduna Zaria MSc Malaysia
968 MOSS2022000000054398 Abdurrahman Muhammad Kaduna Kaduna South MSc Malaysia
969 MOSS2022000000060498 Samuel Malachy Kaduna Kachia MSc Germany
970 MOSS2022000000064461 FREEMAN TIMOTHY Kaduna Kachia MSc France
971 MOSS2022000000066750 MICHEAL AHMAD ANTEYI Kaduna Kaduna South MSc Germany
972 MOSS2022000000066472 Jane Jonah Gandu Kaduna Kaduna North MSc Germany
973 MOSS2022000000067551 Joan Jonah Gandu Kaduna Kaduna North MSc Germany
974 MOSS2022000000049371 Isiyaku Hassan Kaduna Ikara MSc France
975 MOSS2022000000056381 KABIRU MUSA Kaduna Makarfi MSc Malaysia
976 MOSS2022000000068163 Deborah Joel Kwagiri Kaduna Kajuru MSc France
977 MOSS2022000000074998 Abubakar Adam Ibraheem Kaduna Zaria MSc Malaysia
978 MOSS2022000000073635 Yahaya Joseph Kaduna Lere MSc Germany
979 MOSS2022000000052823 Ayok Bobai Kurah Kaduna Zangon Kataf MSc Germany
980 MOSS2022000000060180 Jacob Joseph Yahaya Kaduna Zangon Kataf MSc Malaysia
981 MOSS2022000000060548 Hauwa Maijidda Hamza Kaduna Zaria MSc Malaysia
982 MOSS2022000000050624 Muhammad Adam Kaduna Kaduna North MSc Germany
983 MOSS2022000000063545 MUHAMMAD SANI UMAR Kaduna Zaria MSc Malaysia
984 MOSS2022000000061532 Abdulwahid Musa Kaduna Kaduna North MSc Germany
985 MOSS2022000000056532 Abdulshakur Isah Lawal Kaduna Birnin Gwari MSc France
986 MOSS2022000000063251 Shuaibu Yusuf Kaduna Kaduna North MSc Malaysia
987 MOSS2022000000049593 SADIQ USMAN Kaduna Giwa MSc Germany
988 MOSS2022000000051218 Abdullahi Sani Buhari Kaduna Igabi MSc France
989 MOSS2022000000059976 MUSA DANGARBA YUNUSA Kaduna Kubau MSc Malaysia
990 MOSS2022000000071379 Saifullahi Adamu Kaduna Giwa MSc Malaysia
991 MOSS2022000000049195 Ibrahim Umar Kaduna Zaria MSc France
992 MOSS2022000000058265 Larry Henry-Awan Kaduna Zangon Kataf MSc Malaysia
993 MOSS2022000000067344 JACOB ISAAC Kaduna Jema’a MSc Malaysia
994 MOSS2022000000073055 Umar Umar Saidu Kaduna Birnin Gwari MSc Germany
995 MOSS2022000000066562 Abdullahi Ibrahim Kaduna Birnin Gwari MSc Malaysia
996 MOSS2022000000049578 Bilal Haruna Idris Kaduna Zaria MSc Germany
997 MOSS2022000000048869 Suleiman Sha’aban Kaduna Sabon Gari MSc Malaysia
998 MOSS2022000000063914 Ibrahim Halliru Mukadas Kaduna Igabi MSc France
999 MOSS2022000000074133 FAROOQ SALEES MUHAMMAD Kaduna Kauru MSc France
1000 MOSS2022000000058420 KHADIJA MOHAMMED Kano Kano Municipal MSc France
1001 MOSS2022000000061458 ABDULLAHI SALISU HARUNA Kano Dala MSc Malaysia
1002 MOSS2022000000052824 MARYAM UMAR SANI Kano Kano Municipal MSc France
1003 MOSS2022000000060977 NAZIRU ABDULLAHI KHALIL Kano Kiru MSc France
1004 MOSS2022000000067656 BUSHIRA UMAR AHMAD Kano Dala MSc Malaysia
1005 MOSS2022000000049032 Yusuf Abba Kano Kumbotso MSc France
1006 MOSS2022000000050774 IBRAHIM AUWAL SAYYADI Kano Gwale MSc Malaysia
1007 MOSS2022000000071408 SANI SALEH AHMAD Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1008 MOSS2022000000054204 SHAMSUDDEEN MUHAMMAD SAGIR Kano Bunkure MSc France
1009 MOSS2022000000072292 Ikrama Dayyabu Hayatu Kano Rogo MSc France
1010 MOSS2022000000050345 AMINU MOHAMMAD HASSAN Kano Karaye MSc Germany
1011 MOSS2022000000072575 Abdulrahman Mohammed Saad Kano Kano Municipal MSc Germany
1012 MOSS2022000000059645 Shamsuddeen Yusuf Kano Doguwa MSc Malaysia
1013 MOSS2022000000054779 Zainab Abdullahi Abdussalam Kano Tarauni MSc France
1014 MOSS2022000000075341 Ahmad Dikko Umar Kano Gezawa MSc France
1015 MOSS2022000000053040 Abdulsalam Ahmed Kano Gwale MSc Germany
1016 MOSS2022000000062109 Abdurrahman Yushau Yusuf Kano Gezawa MSc Germany
1017 MOSS2022000000061035 Sani Dahir Salis Kano Minjibir MSc Malaysia
1018 MOSS2022000000057544 Abdulshakur Musa Idris Kano Gwale MSc Germany
1019 MOSS2022000000051422 Najeeb Garba Nasir Kano Tarauni MSc Malaysia
1020 MOSS2022000000055779 Sani Suleiman Kano Kano Municipal MSc France
1021 MOSS2022000000068029 Najib Sanusi Gaya Kano Gaya MSc Germany
1022 MOSS2022000000070609 Shamsiyya Buhari Kano Kumbotso MSc Malaysia
1023 MOSS2022000000061877 Muhammad Kabir Abubakar Kano Tarauni MSc Germany
1024 MOSS2022000000069798 AMINU ZAKARI TIJJANI Kano Nasarawa MSc France
1025 MOSS2022000000060705 Muftahu Abdulrahman Kano Bebeji MSc Germany
1026 MOSS2022000000066403 Zaid Kabir Rabiu Kano Dala MSc France
1027 MOSS2022000000048949 Yasir Saleh Saleh Kano Dala MSc Germany
1028 MOSS2022000000073417 Auwal Sani Abubakar Kano Tarauni MSc France
1029 MOSS2022000000061761 AMIR UMAR HAFIZ Kano Kumbotso MSc France
1030 MOSS2022000000071781 Akilatu Ibrahim Bebeji Kano Bebeji MSc France
1031 MOSS2022000000065999 Abdulaziz Muazu Muhammad Kano Gwale MSc France
1032 MOSS2022000000073880 nasir mararraba Abdulhamid Kano Dala MSc Malaysia
1033 MOSS2022000000068030 Amir Bako Ibrahim Kano Rano MSc Germany
1034 MOSS2022000000072771 Abdullahi Aliyu Iliya Kano Doguwa MSc France
1035 MOSS2022000000065666 FATIMA DANTIYE HAMZA Kano Kumbotso MSc Malaysia
1036 MOSS2022000000075164 SHAMSUDDEEN FAGGE MUKHTAR Kano Fagge MSc France
1037 MOSS2022000000064283 Mustapha Dara Mohammed Kano Garko MSc France
1038 MOSS2022000000074236 Nura Baba Garba Kano Dala MSc France
1039 MOSS2022000000049217 Ibrahim Yusuf Salisu Kano Dambatta MSc Germany
1040 MOSS2022000000066327 Habibu Sani Namadi Kano Kura MSc France
1041 MOSS2022000000056246 Abdurrahman Said Yunus Kano Tarauni MSc Malaysia
1042 MOSS2022000000062872 MAHMUD MAHMUD LAWAN Kano Tarauni MSc France
1043 MOSS2022000000070512 MUSAB ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD Kano Kumbotso MSc Malaysia
1044 MOSS2022000000074399 Usman Abdu Abubakar Kano Gwale MSc Germany
1045 MOSS2022000000049849 Umar Murtala Kabir Kano Gwale MSc Germany
1046 MOSS2022000000053406 YASMIN MUHAMMAD ABBAS Kano Kano Municipal MSc France
1047 MOSS2022000000051419 Ibrahim Ali Mukhtar Kano Kano Municipal MSc Germany
1048 MOSS2022000000070497 Saad Muhammad Sabo Kano Tarauni MSc Malaysia
1049 MOSS2022000000070948 Aminu Isyaku Kano Minjibir MSc France
1050 MOSS2022000000059906 Mujaheed Falgore Mahmoud Kano Rogo MSc France
1051 MOSS2022000000050763 Sani Musa Takalafia Kano Kabo MSc France
1052 MOSS2022000000055410 khalid mubarak nazifi Kano Kibiya MSc Germany
1053 MOSS2022000000052241 ABBA SANI MUSA Kano Tarauni MSc Germany
1054 MOSS2022000000062875 IBRAHIM YAHAYA IBRAHIM Kano Dawakin Tofa MSc France
1055 MOSS2022000000069180 Salim Habib Mahmud Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1056 MOSS2022000000056870 Abubakar Abdullahi Umar Kano Tofa MSc Malaysia
1057 MOSS2022000000055678 KABIR ISAH UMAR Kano Bichi MSc Germany
1058 MOSS2022000000050250 Sulaiman Adamu Dada Kano Tarauni MSc France
1059 MOSS2022000000063224 MUDASSIR WADA Kano Ungogo MSc Germany
1060 MOSS2022000000064722 MOHAMMED NURADEEN Kano Gwale MSc France
1061 MOSS2022000000075540 MUSTAPHA MUHAMMAD GARBA Kano Dala MSc Germany
1062 MOSS2022000000057469 Umar Indabawa Ibrahim Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1063 MOSS2022000000064134 Abubakar Shuaibu Kano Gwale MSc France
1064 MOSS2022000000051845 AMINU INUWA AUWALU Kano Fagge MSc France
1065 MOSS2022000000054019 RAIYANU NABAGE INUWA Kano Garko MSc France
1066 MOSS2022000000057919 abbas ayuba musa Kano Nasarawa MSc Germany
1067 MOSS2022000000063298 UMMUKHURSUM ABUBAKAR SANI Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1068 MOSS2022000000055741 MUHAMMAD ALI MANSUR Kano Fagge MSc Germany
1069 MOSS2022000000068716 AMINA NOURAH BAMALLI Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1070 MOSS2022000000063635 Kamal Wada Muhammad Kano Kumbotso MSc Malaysia
1071 MOSS2022000000055704 Ayuba Ibrahim Kano Kano Municipal MSc Germany
1072 MOSS2022000000059710 Habib Ada’u Kutama Kano Gwarzo MSc Malaysia
1073 MOSS2022000000070477 Abubakar Ado Ibrahim Kano Dawakin Kudu MSc Germany
1074 MOSS2022000000058129 Abubakar Shehu Kano Nasarawa MSc Germany
1075 MOSS2022000000073941 Abdulmalik Ahmad Kaile Kano Kura MSc France
1076 MOSS2022000000057442 Farouk Sani Abdulrasheed Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1077 MOSS2022000000058461 Yahuza Ahmad Abubakar Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1078 MOSS2022000000059459 Nazifi Ahmed Said Kano Kumbotso MSc Malaysia
1079 MOSS2022000000070762 HATIM MIFTAH GARBA Kano Dala MSc Germany
1080 MOSS2022000000072525 NURA TUKUR MUHD Kano Kabo MSc France
1081 MOSS2022000000073862 Abubakar Danladi Haruna Kano Tarauni MSc Germany
1082 MOSS2022000000051403 Abubakar Said Ado Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1083 MOSS2022000000055900 DABO BELLO MUHAMMAD Kano Dawakin Tofa MSc Malaysia
1084 MOSS2022000000071741 USMAN AUWAL AHMAD Kano Dala MSc France
1085 MOSS2022000000065223 SALIHU Abba SURAJ Kano Dawakin Tofa MSc Germany
1086 MOSS2022000000064921 ADAMU BAHAGO AHMAD Kano Kano Municipal MSc Malaysia
1087 MOSS2022000000067013 Yusuf Suleiman Kano Tsanyawa MSc Germany
1088 MOSS2022000000073744 Abduljabbar Muhd Maitama Kano Nasarawa MSc Germany
1089 MOSS2022000000074425 MUKHTAR DAUDA HASSAN Kano Fagge MSc France
1090 MOSS2022000000051635 Suleiman Muhammad Kano Nasarawa MSc France
1091 MOSS2022000000060957 Ahmad Aminu Kano Kano Municipal MSc France
1092 MOSS2022000000049509 Abdullahi Ismail Kano Gwale MSc Malaysia
1093 MOSS2022000000060348 ISMAIL UMAR YOLA Kano Kano Municipal MSc France
1094 MOSS2022000000054305 Abdullahi Bala Abubakar Kano Kabo MSc Germany
1095 MOSS2022000000057583 Aliyu Lawan Musa Kano Kumbotso MSc Germany
1096 MOSS2022000000063968 Auwal Sabo Sulaiman Kano Albasu MSc Malaysia
1097 MOSS2022000000075081 Shamsuddeen Muhammad Abdulkadir Kano Gwale MSc Germany
1098 MOSS2022000000067323 Abubakar Kabara Muhammad Kano Kano Municipal MSc Germany
1099 MOSS2022000000073187 Shuaibu Umar Kano Kabo MSc Malaysia
1100 MOSS2022000000051539 KHALIFA KURA ASHIR Kano Kura MSc Malaysia
1101 MOSS2022000000052284 Abdullahi yau Kabir Kano Bichi MSc Germany
1102 MOSS2022000000068935 Umar Sani Yahaya Kano Kiru MSc France
1103 MOSS2022000000052944 Abubakar Bashir Kankia Katsina Kankia MSc France
1104 MOSS2022000000060698 Abdurrahid Lawal Ango Katsina Katsina MSc France
1105 MOSS2022000000071738 Abdulmumin Aliyu Katsina Batsari MSc France
1106 MOSS2022000000074030 ZAYYAD Sada Abubakar Katsina Batagarawa MSc Malaysia
1107 MOSS2022000000072309 Abdurrahman Pharmacy Yusuf Katsina Kankia MSc Malaysia
1108 MOSS2022000000053841 FATIMA GACHI AHMED Katsina Kankia MSc Germany
1109 MOSS2022000000061899 Abdulfatah Abubakar Yunus Katsina Funtua MSc France
1110 MOSS2022000000073364 Abdullahi Abdullahi Katsina Malumfashi MSc Malaysia
1111 MOSS2022000000073461 MUFTAHU SULEIMAN Katsina Katsina MSc Malaysia
1112 MOSS2022000000070517 AHMAD AHMAD AHMAD Katsina Mashi MSc Germany
1113 MOSS2022000000054548 UMAR KOFAR BAI BASHIR Katsina Katsina MSc Malaysia
1114 MOSS2022000000072634 AISHA MUHAMMAD JIBRIL Katsina Jibia MSc Malaysia
1115 MOSS2022000000064214 Bashir Yakubu Maikaka Katsina Katsina MSc Germany
1116 MOSS2022000000057742 Ahmad Musa Katsina Danja MSc Germany
1117 MOSS2022000000059687 HAYATUDEEN MUHAMMED TASIU Katsina Zango MSc Malaysia
1118 MOSS2022000000051343 TAJUDDEEN OTHMAN Katsina Faskari MSc Malaysia
1119 MOSS2022000000056799 SALIM AMIRU Katsina Daura MSc France
1120 MOSS2022000000068439 Mustapha Aminu Katsina Katsina MSc France
1121 MOSS2022000000066046 Abubakar Yusuf Katsina Bakori MSc Malaysia
1122 MOSS2022000000062703 Maryam Mustapha Bala Katsina Batsari MSc Malaysia
1123 MOSS2022000000074227 SHAMSU IBRAHIM Katsina Ingawa MSc France
1124 MOSS2022000000049063 Hassan Tahir Nagogo Katsina Katsina MSc Malaysia
1125 MOSS2022000000065300 ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI Katsina Funtua MSc France
1126 MOSS2022000000059007 BILKISU ISMAIL Katsina Katsina MSc Malaysia
1127 MOSS2022000000075598 Zaharaddin Ibrahim R Katsina Safana MSc Malaysia
1128 MOSS2022000000050515 SADDAM MUHAMMAD SANI Katsina Jibia MSc Germany
1129 MOSS2022000000053664 Abubakar Shuaibu Katsina Danja MSc Malaysia
1130 MOSS2022000000054524 Muhammad Shamsuddeen Ibrahim Katsina Kankia MSc Malaysia
1131 MOSS2022000000058047 IMRAN MATAZU HUSSAINI Katsina Matazu MSc France
1132 MOSS2022000000064331 SHAMSUDEEN RABIU Katsina Danja MSc Malaysia
1133 MOSS2022000000071177 ABUBAKAR GIDE Katsina Malumfashi MSc Germany
1134 MOSS2022000000063130 Tasiu Abdullahi Katsina Malumfashi MSc Malaysia
1135 MOSS2022000000063272 ALIYU SANUSI Katsina Kankara MSc Malaysia
1136 MOSS2022000000074638 Abdulkadir Sani Malumfashi Katsina Malumfashi MSc France
1137 MOSS2022000000053740 Muhammad Sa’id Kabir Katsina Daura MSc France
1138 MOSS2022000000057160 Sahabi Usman Katsina Dutsin Ma MSc Malaysia
1139 MOSS2022000000060147 Imran Mustapha Zango Katsina Zango MSc France
1140 MOSS2022000000075157 USMAN ABUBAKAR Katsina Malumfashi MSc France
1141 MOSS2022000000073672 Abdulrahman Danlami Isa Katsina Danja MSc France
1142 MOSS2022000000062920 SADISU MATI Katsina Sandamu MSc Germany
1143 MOSS2022000000056977 Surajo Aliyu Umar Katsina Funtua MSc Malaysia
1144 MOSS2022000000061569 Ameenu Yakubu Katsina Funtua MSc France
1145 MOSS2022000000067564 ALIYU SAADU Katsina Dandume MSc Germany
1146 MOSS2022000000056760 Mukhtar Adam Katsina Funtua MSc Malaysia
1147 MOSS2022000000059373 ABDULMAJID BASHIR Katsina Batagarawa MSc Germany
1148 MOSS2022000000063430 UMAR SALIHU Katsina Funtua MSc Germany
1149 MOSS2022000000064226 Mukhtar Shehu Katsina Daura MSc Malaysia
1150 MOSS2022000000071009 Suleiman Hamisu Katsina Malumfashi MSc Malaysia
1151 MOSS2022000000073892 MUSBAHU AHMAD SHITU Katsina Daura MSc Malaysia
1152 MOSS2022000000066011 zainab Rumah Tukur Katsina Batsari MSc France
1153 MOSS2022000000067399 Saifullahi Tanimu Katsina Dutsi MSc Malaysia
1154 MOSS2022000000066923 Zaharaddeen Aliyu Katsina Faskari MSc Malaysia
1155 MOSS2022000000056715 ABUBAKAR IDRIS Katsina Kafur MSc Malaysia
1156 MOSS2022000000055480 Yusuf Tukur Muhammad Katsina Katsina MSc Malaysia
1157 MOSS2022000000065292 ISMAIL ABDULKADIR Katsina Malumfashi MSc Germany
1158 MOSS2022000000054454 NURADDEEN ISAH MUSA Katsina Batsari MSc Malaysia
1159 MOSS2022000000053852 Mustapha Umar Abdullahi Katsina Dutsi MSc Malaysia
1160 MOSS2022000000049884 Jamilu Ahmad Danbiye Katsina Danja MSc Malaysia
1161 MOSS2022000000063900 Mustapha Sani Lawal Katsina Matazu MSc Germany
1162 MOSS2022000000063182 Zailani Ruwansanyi Yakubu Katsina Malumfashi MSc Malaysia
1163 MOSS2022000000064165 USMAN KANKARA TUKUR Katsina Kankara MSc Malaysia
1164 MOSS2022000000064504 Aliyu Umar Garba Katsina Malumfashi MSc Germany
1165 MOSS2022000000066044 Abdulmajeed Muhammad Sabiu Katsina Zango MSc Germany
1166 MOSS2022000000052220 Mustapha Babangida Katsina Dutsi MSc France
1167 MOSS2022000000069644 Gazali Labaran Tanko Katsina Katsina MSc France
1168 MOSS2022000000063151 ILIYASU ABDULAZIZ Katsina Katsina MSc Malaysia
1169 MOSS2022000000074299 Muhammad M Adam Katsina Daura MSc Germany
1170 MOSS2022000000073935 Rabe Alasan Sani Katsina Daura MSc Malaysia
1171 MOSS2022000000061920 Abdulmalik Sale Katsina Safana MSc Malaysia
1172 MOSS2022000000066268 ALIYU MUHAMMAD GHALI Katsina Funtua MSc Malaysia
1173 MOSS2022000000073674 Abdulazeez Yusuf Katsina Funtua MSc Malaysia
1174 MOSS2022000000065602 Ibrahim Lawal Katsina Dutsin Ma MSc Malaysia
1175 MOSS2022000000049702 Salim Saidu Madawaki Kebbi Argungu MSc Malaysia
1176 MOSS2022000000049167 Aminu Alameen Abdullahi Kebbi Aleiro MSc Malaysia
1177 MOSS2022000000064743 SUMAIYAT SADAUKI ABUBAKAR Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Germany
1178 MOSS2022000000056558 Ahmed Bello Usman Kebbi Suru MSc Germany
1179 MOSS2022000000050346 TUKUR IBRAHIM MUHAMMAD Kebbi Argungu MSc Germany
1180 MOSS2022000000048888 Aliyu Chalawa Umar Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Germany
1181 MOSS2022000000063342 Salman Ahmad Umar Kebbi Fakai MSc Malaysia
1182 MOSS2022000000053974 Hafeez Yari Almustapha Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Germany
1183 MOSS2022000000068969 HALIRU JUNAIDU Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Germany
1184 MOSS2022000000058651 MUHAMMAD MUHAMMAD YAKUBU Kebbi Argungu MSc France
1185 MOSS2022000000071969 Aliyu Hassan Bello Kebbi Argungu MSc Germany
1186 MOSS2022000000061307 ABDULHAMID MANIR Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Germany
1187 MOSS2022000000050775 MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM UTHMAN Kebbi Argungu MSc Germany
1188 MOSS2022000000049923 MOHAMMED JIKA MOHAMMED Kebbi Jega MSc France
1189 MOSS2022000000053535 Basheer Suleiman Yahaya Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Malaysia
1190 MOSS2022000000059665 UWAISU BUNZA USMAN Kebbi Bunza MSc Malaysia
1191 MOSS2022000000074477 Aminu Mohammed Diggi Kebbi Kalgo MSc Germany
1192 MOSS2022000000059742 Yushau Babangida Muhammad Kebbi Sakaba MSc Malaysia
1193 MOSS2022000000049843 Lawal Rukuna Abdullahi Kebbi Zuru MSc France
1194 MOSS2022000000065124 Abdulrahman Haruna Kangiwa Kebbi Arewa Dandi MSc Malaysia
1195 MOSS2022000000069555 Nuhu Bandado Kebbi Bunza MSc Malaysia
1196 MOSS2022000000069977 Saad Abubakar Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc France
1197 MOSS2022000000070921 ALHASSAN ABDURRAHMAN Kebbi Dandi MSc France
1198 MOSS2022000000070682 Anas Bawa Umar Kebbi Suru MSc Malaysia
1199 MOSS2022000000051479 MIKAILU MUHAMMAD BAKO Kebbi Wasagu/Danko MSc Malaysia
1200 MOSS2022000000051335 Nafiu Habibu Kebbi Arewa Dandi MSc France
1201 MOSS2022000000064242 Bashar Shehu Tukur Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Malaysia
1202 MOSS2022000000050327 Nazir Muhammad Ilyasu Kebbi Bagudo MSc Germany
1203 MOSS2022000000072134 Aminu Abubakar Musa Kebbi Ngaski MSc Malaysia
1204 MOSS2022000000056199 MUHAMMAD SAIFULLAHI ABBA Kebbi Zuru MSc France
1205 MOSS2022000000063911 fadil musa Kebbi Zuru MSc Malaysia
1206 MOSS2022000000049902 Salahuddeen Bala Bello Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Malaysia
1207 MOSS2022000000052573 Bashar Dagwaya Musa Kebbi Argungu MSc Germany
1208 MOSS2022000000074680 SANNI MUHAMMED BILIAMINU Kebbi Jega MSc France
1209 MOSS2022000000070699 USMAN MUHAMMAD Kebbi Sakaba MSc Germany
1210 MOSS2022000000072084 Rubayyia Sardauna Garba Kebbi Jega MSc France
1211 MOSS2022000000050819 Faruku Alhaji Muhammad Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Germany
1212 MOSS2022000000049347 ABDULKADIR KALGO SANI Kebbi Kalgo MSc Germany
1213 MOSS2022000000061551 Abdullahi Muhammad Zaidu Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Malaysia
1214 MOSS2022000000054480 ZAKARIYA ABDULLAHI Kebbi Dandi MSc France
1215 MOSS2022000000065917 Saireen Abubakar Mahe Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Malaysia
1216 MOSS2022000000050138 Hafiz Hassan Kebbi Argungu MSc Germany
1217 MOSS2022000000072870 ABUBAKAR ALHASSAN Kebbi Yauri MSc France
1218 MOSS2022000000074182 FARUK IRI MOHAMMED Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc Germany
1219 MOSS2022000000074407 MAMUDA MALLAM ILIYASU Kebbi Yauri MSc Malaysia
1220 MOSS2022000000051058 Sulaiman Arzika Kebbi Gwandu MSc France
1221 MOSS2022000000053948 Abdulrahman Nasiru Kebbi Kalgo MSc Malaysia
1222 MOSS2022000000053762 Nafisa Yeldu Muhammad Kebbi Arewa Dandi MSc France
1223 MOSS2022000000053164 ABDULAZEEZ Buma MUHAMMAD Kebbi Birnin Kebbi MSc France
1224 MOSS2022000000049719 Yahaya Bako Aliyu Kebbi Zuru MSc France
1225 MOSS2022000000067624 UMMUL-KHAIR IBRAHIM OTARU Kogi Okehi MSc France
1226 MOSS2022000000059080 Jane Ele-Ojo Sule Kogi Ankpa MSc France
1227 MOSS2022000000062725 James Omeiza Bayode Kogi Okehi MSc France
1228 MOSS2022000000050246 Joshua Ojuoluwa Osasona Kogi Yagba East MSc France
1229 MOSS2022000000069616 Emmanuel Arome Uloko Kogi Olamaboro MSc France
1230 MOSS2022000000073319 Victor Eneji Peter Kogi Adavi MSc France
1231 MOSS2022000000064035 Fauwzziyyah Ozohu Umar Kogi Okene MSc France
1232 MOSS2022000000070427 MAYOWA JAMES JOHNSON Kogi Mopa Muro MSc France
1233 MOSS2022000000072871 Victor Ayodeji Musa Kogi Yagba East MSc Malaysia
1234 MOSS2022000000061308 Khadijat Ohunene Sani Kogi Adavi MSc Germany
1235 MOSS2022000000065472 Jeremiah Zaphnathpaaneah Adaji Kogi Omala MSc France
1236 MOSS2022000000062705 AUGUSTINE EYIKWUOJO ONAKPA Kogi Ofu MSc France
1237 MOSS2022000000070964 ABEL EKELE Kogi Olamaboro MSc Germany
1238 MOSS2022000000051046 Muhammed Ogirima Muazu Kogi Okene MSc Germany
1239 MOSS2022000000060675 Mustapha Shaibu Kogi Ankpa MSc France
1240 MOSS2022000000052511 Victor Ojima Adejoh Kogi Dekina MSc Germany
1241 MOSS2022000000055278 STEPHEN MAYOWA OLUWOLE Kogi Kabba/Bunu MSc France
1242 MOSS2022000000057142 SAMSON OJONUGWA ALFA Kogi Dekina MSc France
1243 MOSS2022000000067498 Abraham Balogun Kogi Kabba/Bunu MSc France
1244 MOSS2022000000059511 EMMANUEL OLUMUYIWA MESEKE Kogi Mopa Muro MSc France
1245 MOSS2022000000049551 Musa Ibrahim Adejoh Kogi Igalamela Odolu MSc Germany
1246 MOSS2022000000067464 Farouk Otaru Abdulmalik Kogi Okehi MSc Germany
1247 MOSS2022000000050572 EMMANUEL TAYO IDOWU Kogi Kabba/Bunu MSc Germany
1248 MOSS2022000000072118 Beloved Onipe Ajinomoh Kogi Okene MSc Malaysia
1249 MOSS2022000000059448 Yusuf Jimoh Kogi Okene MSc France
1250 MOSS2022000000049114 MICHAEL ACHIMI Kogi Ankpa MSc France
1251 MOSS2022000000057985 Henry Odiba Akoji Kogi Olamaboro MSc Germany
1252 MOSS2022000000072141 ABDULJABBAR IBRAHIM ALIYU Kogi Idah MSc France
1253 MOSS2022000000062113 Henry Anda Yakubu Kogi Okene MSc Malaysia
1254 MOSS2022000000060433 CHRISTIAN UGBEDE ADEJOH Kogi Olamaboro MSc Malaysia
1255 MOSS2022000000056259 ABDURRAHMAN ABDULKAREEM ALIYU Kogi Okehi MSc Malaysia
1256 MOSS2022000000053606 Tomi Solomon Obayemi Kogi Ijumu MSc France
1257 MOSS2022000000059970 KUBURAH ONIZE ISMAILA Kogi Adavi MSc Malaysia
1258 MOSS2022000000064427 oiza salau Kogi Adavi MSc Malaysia
1259 MOSS2022000000069458 Jummai Oluwakemi Iyitomi Kogi Ijumu MSc Malaysia
1260 MOSS2022000000054459 Muhammad Nasir Idris Kogi Idah MSc Malaysia
1261 MOSS2022000000071123 MICHAEL OLUWASEYI MEDASHE Kogi Kabba/Bunu MSc France
1262 MOSS2022000000051779 ISMAILA BALA YAKUBU Kogi Dekina MSc Germany
1263 MOSS2022000000060948 Jubril Adabize Ibrahim Kogi Adavi MSc France
1264 MOSS2022000000068082 Afeeze Asipita Ibrahim Kogi Adavi MSc France
1265 MOSS2022000000064128 Samuel Onemachojo Omali Kogi Ankpa MSc Germany
1266 MOSS2022000000062976 Muhammed Adams Kogi Okene MSc Malaysia
1267 MOSS2022000000064066 UFEDO-OJO PAUL ADIKWU Kogi Omala MSc Germany
1268 MOSS2022000000067161 Abdulgafar Omeiza Zubair Kogi Okene MSc France
1269 MOSS2022000000059470 Daniel Aidime Gimba Kogi Bassa MSc France
1270 MOSS2022000000058737 Oguche Junior Daniel Kogi Olamaboro MSc Germany
1271 MOSS2022000000063147 YAKUBU AKWU AMEH Kogi Idah MSc Malaysia
1272 MOSS2022000000048904 Mulikat Ozavize Abdulrahman Kogi Okehi MSc Germany
1273 MOSS2022000000049711 STEPHEN UKWUMONU ADEJOH Kogi Igalamela Odolu MSc Germany
1274 MOSS2022000000063875 Mary Omowunmi Irefin Kogi Ijumu MSc Germany
1275 MOSS2022000000062944 Kingsley Onuche Abba Kogi Olamaboro MSc Germany
1276 MOSS2022000000061347 Adams Ibrahim Kogi Adavi MSc Malaysia
1277 MOSS2022000000072763 John Ojonugwa Ukanu Kogi Olamaboro MSc France
1278 MOSS2022000000070496 Simeon Bright Olayemi Raiyetunbi Kogi Ijumu MSc France
1279 MOSS2022000000063546 IBRAHIM Mona MUHAMMED Kogi Ankpa MSc France
1280 MOSS2022000000061616 ABDULLAHI JIMOH Kogi Adavi MSc France
1281 MOSS2022000000060787 AHMED-TIJANI ALIYU SULEIMAN Kogi Okene MSc France
1282 MOSS2022000000063210 Kayode Olusegun Opegbemi Kogi Yagba East MSc Malaysia
1283 MOSS2022000000068441 Aisha Oiza Shaibu Kogi Adavi MSc France
1284 MOSS2022000000072227 Adinoyi Adama Suleiman Kogi Adavi MSc Malaysia
1285 MOSS2022000000061306 Grace Bunmi Owoeye Kogi Ijumu MSc Malaysia
1286 MOSS2022000000049103 abdullahi Asmau Ohiomah Kogi Idah MSc Malaysia
1287 MOSS2022000000069169 AYOKUNLE STEVEN AGUNBIADE Kogi Yagba West MSc France
1288 MOSS2022000000049355 Joshua Eneojo Idoko Kogi Olamaboro MSc France
1289 MOSS2022000000062598 SALISU OHIZE SULEIMAN Kogi Adavi MSc France
1290 MOSS2022000000057864 Mukhtar Itopa Muhammed Kogi Okene MSc France
1291 MOSS2022000000065793 DAMILOLA OGUNMUYIWA Kogi Ijumu MSc France
1292 MOSS2022000000071643 Fatimah Ohunene Sanni Kogi Okene MSc France
1293 MOSS2022000000070282 Stephen Jacob Hussaini Kogi Dekina MSc France
1294 MOSS2022000000066639 Oluwatosin Godwin Puke Kogi Ajaokuta MSc Germany
1295 MOSS2022000000071785 Sylvester Echi Musa Kogi Idah MSc Germany
1296 MOSS2022000000062245 Moshood Abdulkarim Kogi Kogi MSc France
1297 MOSS2022000000072754 GAIUS OMANYO UGBEDA Kogi Ibaji MSc Malaysia
1298 MOSS2022000000064338 Taariq Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Kogi Ankpa MSc France
1299 MOSS2022000000050579 MUMUNI ABDULAZEEZ Kogi Okehi MSc Malaysia
1300 MOSS2022000000068346 Amina Abdullahi Kogi Okene MSc Malaysia
1301 MOSS2022000000070947 SULEIMAN AMINU Kogi Igalamela Odolu MSc Germany
1302 MOSS2022000000054583 Jesse Daniel Idegwu Kogi Ankpa MSc France
1303 MOSS2022000000072424 SUNDAY ODOMA FRIDAY Kogi Dekina MSc France
1304 MOSS2022000000068569 Solomon Ojoache Negedu Kogi Ankpa MSc Malaysia
1305 MOSS2022000000051776 EKUNDAYO EMMANUEL DADA Kogi Yagba West MSc France
1306 MOSS2022000000061303 Rabiu Shehu Usman Kogi Okene MSc France
1307 MOSS2022000000061886 Yahaya Adamu Kogi Ankpa MSc Malaysia
1308 MOSS2022000000054633 BONIFACE INAH Kogi Igalamela Odolu MSc Malaysia
1309 MOSS2022000000054195 muhammed onimisi idris Kogi Okene MSc France
1310 MOSS2022000000061912 ABDULRAHEEM ADEIZA ALIYU Kogi Adavi MSc Malaysia
1311 MOSS2022000000062893 ZAKARIYAH ADEDAMOLA BAKO Kwara Ilorin West MSc France
1312 MOSS2022000000062664 Steven Oluwasogo Olabisi Kwara Oke Ero MSc Malaysia
1313 MOSS2022000000066459 Zainab Oyinda Adedeji Kwara Offa MSc Malaysia
1314 MOSS2022000000057337 Abdulrasheed Ayinde Abdulraheem Kwara Ilorin West MSc Germany
1315 MOSS2022000000058967 SHEHU MOHAMMED Kwara Edu MSc Malaysia
1316 MOSS2022000000074169 Raimot Busayo Owolabi Kwara Ifelodun MSc France
1317 MOSS2022000000053458 Victor Moboluwarin Olasehinde Kwara Irepodun MSc Germany
1318 MOSS2022000000048805 Ganiyat Saleeman Kwara Ilorin West MSc Malaysia
1319 MOSS2022000000055046 Kabiru Babatunde Ishola Kwara Ilorin West MSc Malaysia
1320 MOSS2022000000064659 Abdulqudus Ishola Olota Kwara Irepodun MSc Malaysia
1321 MOSS2022000000057391 FUHAD ALABI Kwara Ifelodun MSc Germany
1322 MOSS2022000000062989 Abdulhakeem Abdulkareem Kwara Ilorin West MSc Germany
1323 MOSS2022000000074395 LAWAL JIDE AYINDE Kwara Ilorin West MSc Germany
1324 MOSS2022000000049329 TESLEEMAH YETUNDE LATEEF Kwara Offa MSc Germany
1325 MOSS2022000000070733 ABDULHAFEEZ ADEBAYO Kwara Offa MSc France
1326 MOSS2022000000075104 Jelil Kunle Ibrahim Kwara Offa MSc Malaysia
1327 MOSS2022000000059464 Tope Aremu Kwara Ilorin West MSc Malaysia
1328 MOSS2022000000052342 Adam Thawbaan Kwara Ilorin West MSc France
1329 MOSS2022000000066081 Abiodun Stephen Agbana Kwara Ekiti MSc France
1330 MOSS2022000000069660 Ibrahim Bolajoko Ibrahim Kwara Offa MSc Germany
1331 MOSS2022000000050321 Najibat Opeyemi Adebisi Kwara Offa MSc France
1332 MOSS2022000000049036 Nasiru Yunusa Kwara Offa MSc France
1333 MOSS2022000000062558 Farouk Hamza Kwara Offa MSc Malaysia
1334 MOSS2022000000073106 Roshidat Oluwabukola Dere Kwara Offa MSc France
1335 MOSS2022000000057111 AYOBAMI ABDULRAZAQ Bello Kwara Ekiti MSc Germany
1336 MOSS2022000000062295 MUBARAK MUHAMMED RAJI Kwara Offa MSc Germany
1337 MOSS2022000000051687 Mamud Mundi Alkali Kwara Edu MSc France
1338 MOSS2022000000056824 BILQIS ODUNOLA APOLE Kwara Ekiti MSc Germany
1339 MOSS2022000000064961 Abubakry Sodiq Wahab Kwara Asa MSc Germany
1340 MOSS2022000000060611 Kabiru Adejumobi Ahmed Kwara Offa MSc Malaysia
1341 MOSS2022000000061567 Riliwan Olalekan Olanrewaju Kwara Asa MSc Malaysia
1342 MOSS2022000000058032 Khadijat Oluwatoyin Yusuf Kwara Ifelodun MSc Germany
1343 MOSS2022000000067377 MUSIBAU PELUMI AJIBOYE Kwara Irepodun MSc Germany
1344 MOSS2022000000060492 JAMIU OLAIDE OYETUNDE Kwara Offa MSc France
1345 MOSS2022000000062610 STEPHEN OLUDAYO AREO Kwara Oyun MSc Malaysia
1346 MOSS2022000000067646 Peter Taye Olawepo Kwara Irepodun MSc Germany
1347 MOSS2022000000067506 YAKUB TUNDE YAKUB Kwara Ilorin East MSc France
1348 MOSS2022000000052985 FAROUK ABIMBOLA ABDULSALAM Kwara Oyun MSc France
1349 MOSS2022000000056445 Ridwan Suleiman Adejumo Kwara Ifelodun MSc Malaysia
1350 MOSS2022000000050814 Habib Opeyemi Hamzat Kwara Ilorin West MSc France
1351 MOSS2022000000055839 Muhideen Olamilekan Olowonjoyin Kwara Ilorin East MSc Malaysia
1352 MOSS2022000000059808 Yusuf Yusuf Arowosaye Kwara Ilorin West MSc France
1353 MOSS2022000000074911 Qoreebullahi Gaata Adeshina Kwara Ilorin East MSc Malaysia
1354 MOSS2022000000060989 Olawale Joshua OLASEINDE Kwara Irepodun MSc Germany
1355 MOSS2022000000051471 Ahmed Olatunji Ibrahim Kwara Asa MSc Malaysia
1356 MOSS2022000000052310 ABDULRAFIU AYODEJI IMAM Kwara Ilorin West MSc France
1357 MOSS2022000000073955 KEHINDE OLUWATOBI OGUNLOWO Kwara Ifelodun MSc France
1358 MOSS2022000000057443 Adedayo Abidemi Olarewaju Kwara Irepodun MSc Malaysia
1359 MOSS2022000000068054 SEGUN OLAOLUWA AWOLOLA Kwara Isin MSc France
1360 MOSS2022000000056636 Ibrahim Kayode JIMOH Kwara Ilorin East MSc Germany
1361 MOSS2022000000056728 SOLIU OLANREWAJU ISSA Kwara Ilorin West MSc France
1362 MOSS2022000000062952 PETER IDOWU JIYA Kwara Edu MSc Germany
1363 MOSS2022000000055587 Ahmed Ariyo Saka Kwara Ifelodun MSc Malaysia
1364 MOSS2022000000064725 Hajarat Abimbola Mohammed Kwara Ilorin West MSc Germany
1365 MOSS2022000000060257 NAFIU YUSUF SARUMI Kwara Ilorin East MSc Malaysia
1366 MOSS2022000000062041 Ibraheem Khaleel Ibraheem Kwara Ilorin West MSc Malaysia
1367 MOSS2022000000068384 IBRAHIM ADUAGBA HANAFI Kwara Moro MSc Germany
1368 MOSS2022000000051568 Emmanuel Olayide Olubunmi Kwara Oke Ero MSc Germany
1369 MOSS2022000000072726 OLUFUNSHO GABRIEL IBIYEMI Kwara Oyun MSc France
1370 MOSS2022000000049009 Sunday David Musa Kwara Pategi MSc France
1371 MOSS2022000000060821 Mohammed Lile Alhassan Kwara Edu MSc Malaysia
1372 MOSS2022000000063294 ABDULLATEEF OLALEKAN OBA Kwara Ilorin West MSc Malaysia
1373 MOSS2022000000071581 Adeola Victor Banjo Lagos Mushin MSc France
1374 MOSS2022000000051407 Chibuzor Jude Timothy Lagos Ojo MSc Germany
1375 MOSS2022000000050216 Mistura Wuraola Yusuf Lagos Lagos Island MSc Germany
1376 MOSS2022000000066079 Segun Adeolu Aderibigbe Lagos Alimosho MSc Germany
1377 MOSS2022000000056752 Chukwudi Peace Kalu Lagos Alimosho MSc Germany
1378 MOSS2022000000054760 Taofeek Ishola Salau Lagos Agege MSc Malaysia
1379 MOSS2022000000067430 EMMANUEL NWOHINAKACHI OLERU Lagos Eti Osa MSc France
1380 MOSS2022000000057571 VICTOR NSISONG OKORIE Lagos Surulere MSc Malaysia
1381 MOSS2022000000049701 AZEEZ OLAWALE SANNI Lagos Ifako-Ijaiye MSc Germany
1382 MOSS2022000000066633 Christian Davison Dirisu Lagos Eti Osa MSc France
1383 MOSS2022000000059450 MOSES ADEGBORO BAKARE Lagos Ikorodu MSc Germany
1384 MOSS2022000000073773 Adeola Muritala Koseru Lagos Epe MSc France
1385 MOSS2022000000055033 Opeyemi Riliwan Gbadamosi Lagos Alimosho MSc Germany
1386 MOSS2022000000068426 ABDULLAHI TAJUDEEN Lagos Epe MSc Germany
1387 MOSS2022000000058069 Timilehin Deborah Anjorin Lagos Eti Osa MSc France
1388 MOSS2022000000071151 Kehinde Samson Ogunbajo Lagos Epe MSc France
1389 MOSS2022000000064175 Ibrahim Ndao Lagos Lagos Mainland MSc Germany
1390 MOSS2022000000073923 DOTUN ELIZABETH HUNPATIN Lagos Badagry MSc France
1391 MOSS2022000000056835 Oludotun Abolaji COLE Lagos Lagos Island MSc Germany
1392 MOSS2022000000065765 IKECHUKWU PETER OKEREKE Lagos Lagos Island MSc France
1393 MOSS2022000000050129 Damilola Olanrewaju Oguntimehin Lagos Surulere MSc France
1394 MOSS2022000000070209 ABDULRAHEEM TEMITOPE AKEJU Lagos Oshodi-Isolo MSc Germany
1395 MOSS2022000000063957 VICTOR ENENCHE AGADA Lagos Ifako-Ijaiye MSc France
1396 MOSS2022000000051401 Uchenna Christian Onuh Lagos Kosofe MSc Germany
1397 MOSS2022000000064938 BABATUNDE Yusuf Ilori Lagos Lagos Mainland MSc Germany
1398 MOSS2022000000073782 Joshua Okwueze Osolu Lagos Lagos Mainland MSc Malaysia
1399 MOSS2022000000069792 Oluwatobiloba Adeleke Oduwole Lagos Eti Osa MSc Germany
1400 MOSS2022000000052712 Jonathan Ibezim-Okoro Lagos Ojo MSc Germany
1401 MOSS2022000000058821 ABDULMALIK DAMILOLA BELLO Lagos Alimosho MSc Germany
1402 MOSS2022000000053757 MISIMAU FORTUNE MATTHEW Lagos Badagry MSc Germany
1403 MOSS2022000000075233 Ibrahim Job Oloche Nasarawa Nasarawa MSc Malaysia
1404 MOSS2022000000066943 Kamilu Muhammad Sani Nasarawa Awe MSc Germany
1405 MOSS2022000000063148 ABDULLAHI DANLAMI Nasarawa Kokona MSc France
1406 MOSS2022000000054844 NURUDEEN ARIGU MUHAMMAD Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon MSc Germany
1407 MOSS2022000000068168 Pamela James Dangana Nasarawa Doma MSc Germany
1408 MOSS2022000000052884 Adamu Ibrahim Ali Nasarawa Doma MSc Germany
1409 MOSS2022000000061855 Hamza Suleiman Odaudu Nasarawa Toto MSc Malaysia
1410 MOSS2022000000071991 ISMAIL NASIRU MUHAMMAD Nasarawa Awe MSc Malaysia
1411 MOSS2022000000053750 Ahmad Ahmad Hamza Nasarawa Lafia MSc Germany
1412 MOSS2022000000055369 NAJIB ISYAKU AUDI Nasarawa Keffi MSc Malaysia
1413 MOSS2022000000059313 Salisu Abdullahi Ahmad Nasarawa Toto MSc France
1414 MOSS2022000000051043 AHMAD TIJJANI AMINU Nasarawa Lafia MSc Malaysia
1415 MOSS2022000000057126 Patience Arishi Francis Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon MSc Germany
1416 MOSS2022000000059163 UZERU KUN HARUNA Nasarawa Wamba MSc France
1417 MOSS2022000000054071 JOSEPH AGYO Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon MSc Malaysia
1418 MOSS2022000000067059 Abdullahi Yusuf Muhammad Nasarawa Akwanga MSc France
1419 MOSS2022000000071951 Mercy Akayi Katsa Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon MSc Germany
1420 MOSS2022000000072174 Ritou joshua BEN-GABI Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon MSc Malaysia
1421 MOSS2022000000053722 Caleb Shaorga Joseph Nasarawa Keana MSc France
1422 MOSS2022000000052058 Emmanuel Tsaku Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon MSc Malaysia
1423 MOSS2022000000057273 Abdullahi Ayitogo Musa Nasarawa Keana MSc France
1424 MOSS2022000000067640 ADAMU ABDULLAHI AHMAD Nasarawa Toto MSc Malaysia
1425 MOSS2022000000056546 YAKUBU MOHAMMED RABO Nasarawa Nasarawa MSc France
1426 MOSS2022000000055744 AISHA ENE UMAR Nasarawa Nasarawa MSc France
1427 MOSS2022000000048833 Muhammad Sanusi Idris Nasarawa Lafia MSc Germany
1428 MOSS2022000000058206 Victor Anzaku Angbas Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon MSc France
1429 MOSS2022000000071792 BILKISU AGBO AMINU Nasarawa Lafia MSc Malaysia
1430 MOSS2022000000065660 Abdullahi Mayyaki Musa Nasarawa Toto MSc Malaysia
1431 MOSS2022000000051303 Munir Salihu Ogande Nasarawa Doma MSc Germany
1432 MOSS2022000000071831 Mohammed Elayo Ahmed Nasarawa Doma MSc Germany
1433 MOSS2022000000062242 UMAR HUSSEIN ABDULLAHI Nasarawa Doma MSc Malaysia
1434 MOSS2022000000053853 Amodu Ayuba Emmanuel Nasarawa Obi MSc Malaysia
1435 MOSS2022000000072538 Daniel David Lucas Nasarawa Akwanga MSc Germany
1436 MOSS2022000000073551 Maama Jessica Wapmuk Nasarawa Akwanga MSc France
1437 MOSS2022000000055468 Junior Ishaya Ishaya Niger Tafa MSc France
1438 MOSS2022000000049124 MUHAMMED KOLOCHE UMAR Niger Bida MSc France
1439 MOSS2022000000070377 DANIEL SALKA Niger Magama MSc Germany
1440 MOSS2022000000062146 Mahmud Beji Ahmed Niger Bosso MSc France
1441 MOSS2022000000067042 Abubakar Sadiq ADAMU Niger Mokwa MSc France
1442 MOSS2022000000054353 AHMED ABDULLAHI AHMED Niger Bida MSc Malaysia
1443 MOSS2022000000067751 Salihu Aliyu Niger Bida MSc France
1444 MOSS2022000000049139 Umar Baba Umar Niger Lavun MSc France
1445 MOSS2022000000060854 Esther Williams Niger Lavun MSc France
1446 MOSS2022000000056737 Ahmad Tijjani Galadima Niger Agaie MSc Malaysia
1447 MOSS2022000000054265 YAKUBU MOHAMMED Niger Edati MSc Malaysia
1448 MOSS2022000000065784 Aliyu Akilu Niger Bida MSc Malaysia
1449 MOSS2022000000058524 MUAZU BABANGIDA ADAMU Niger Shiroro MSc Germany
1450 MOSS2022000000048804 Yusuf Ndeji Muhammad Niger Gbako MSc France
1451 MOSS2022000000052068 Suleiman Galadima Niger Agaie MSc Malaysia
1452 MOSS2022000000057866 IDRIS DAKOGI ADAMU Niger Mokwa MSc Germany
1453 MOSS2022000000070478 Haruna Mohammed Niger Agaie MSc Malaysia
1454 MOSS2022000000068666 Bilqees Ahmad Niger Bida MSc Germany
1455 MOSS2022000000054291 ABDULQADIR AHMAD Niger Bida MSc Malaysia
1456 MOSS2022000000067168 Mohammed Sayiti Aliyu Niger Lavun MSc Malaysia
1457 MOSS2022000000053977 Ibrahim Muhammad Faruk Niger Bida MSc France
1458 MOSS2022000000049581 Muhammad Ibrahim Niger Agaie MSc Malaysia
1459 MOSS2022000000059627 Muhammad Nmagbazhi Aliyu Niger Bida MSc Malaysia
1460 MOSS2022000000072287 Usman Alfa Niger Lavun MSc Germany
1461 MOSS2022000000057817 UMAR BELLO SULAIMAN Niger Bida MSc France
1462 MOSS2022000000067261 ibrahim kuta abdulhamid Niger Bida MSc France
1463 MOSS2022000000056505 FATIMA ISAH Niger Katcha MSc Germany
1464 MOSS2022000000064521 IBRAHIM ADOBAYERO ALHAJI Niger Bida MSc Malaysia
1465 MOSS2022000000069287 HAUWA MUHAMMAD BABAYO Niger Suleja MSc France
1466 MOSS2022000000065587 ARMAYAU SIKIRU Niger Tafa MSc France
1467 MOSS2022000000055355 HASHIMU ABDULMUMINI Niger Borgu MSc Malaysia
1468 MOSS2022000000055312 Muhammad Nma Abubakar Niger Bida MSc France
1469 MOSS2022000000049990 Yakubu Muhammad Sanusi Niger Rijau MSc France
1470 MOSS2022000000050801 Alfa Mohammed Niger Agaie MSc Germany
1471 MOSS2022000000075417 MUHAMMAD ENAGI IBRAHIM Niger Edati MSc France
1472 MOSS2022000000056190 Amos Tsado Niger Mokwa MSc Germany
1473 MOSS2022000000053635 KABIRU ABDULLAHI Niger Suleja MSc Germany
1474 MOSS2022000000057542 Salma Abidi Muhammad Niger Suleja MSc Malaysia
1475 MOSS2022000000063866 AHMED WABI ABDULLAHI Niger Mokwa MSc France
1476 MOSS2022000000065387 Damilare Israel Oluwajehinsan Ogun Ikenne MSc Malaysia
1477 MOSS2022000000051912 Seun Emmanuel Ayinde Ogun Imeko Afon MSc Germany
1478 MOSS2022000000071936 Enioluwa Adenusi Ogun Ogun Waterside MSc Malaysia
1479 MOSS2022000000074275 Ayokunle Ezekiel Akinyemi Ogun Ikenne MSc France
1480 MOSS2022000000069632 MARYAM MOJIRAYO MUHAMMAD-JAMIU Ogun Ijebu Ode MSc Malaysia
1481 MOSS2022000000049953 ABDULSALAM OLANREWAJU ALAWIYE Ogun Ijebu Ode MSc Malaysia
1482 MOSS2022000000064821 Ayodeji Abdulhafiz Oladeinde Ogun Abeokuta North MSc Germany
1483 MOSS2022000000065199 Olamilekan Qazeem Olaleye Ogun Abeokuta North MSc France
1484 MOSS2022000000069237 Olatunji Oluwaseun Shoyemi Ogun Abeokuta North MSc France
1485 MOSS2022000000059802 Muhammad Olalekan Yahya Ogun Ifo MSc France
1486 MOSS2022000000069120 ADEMOLA QUAM ELEBUTE Ogun Odogbolu MSc Germany
1487 MOSS2022000000051971 Ahmed Gbenga Balogun Ogun Ijebu Ode MSc Germany
1488 MOSS2022000000053674 SAMSON OLUWASEGUN ARUNA Ogun Ijebu Ode MSc France
1489 MOSS2022000000068509 David Adesoji Okunowo Ogun Ijebu East MSc Germany
1490 MOSS2022000000071577 AJIBOLA OLAYINKA ODUNFA Ogun Egbado South MSc Germany
1491 MOSS2022000000067713 IBUKUN BOLUWATIFE NUBI Ogun Ijebu Ode MSc Germany
1492 MOSS2022000000072142 Oluwatosin Oluwole Solaja Ogun Obafemi Owode MSc France
1493 MOSS2022000000062576 AYODELE OYESANYA Ogun Ifo MSc Germany
1494 MOSS2022000000060878 Abdulhameed Olatunji BANKOLE Ogun Ado-Odo/Ota MSc France
1495 MOSS2022000000055869 Abdulhamid Okikiola Afolabi Ogun Egbado South MSc France
1496 MOSS2022000000073805 Victoria Showunmi Ogun Ifo MSc France
1497 MOSS2022000000061900 MAYOWA DANIEL AJAYI Ogun Egbado North MSc Malaysia
1498 MOSS2022000000055690 Shakiru Atanda Soenu Ogun Abeokuta North MSc Malaysia
1499 MOSS2022000000074562 Habeeb Adeyinka Adenle Ogun Egbado North MSc Malaysia
1500 MOSS2022000000057372 Adebowale Festus Abayomi Ogun Odogbolu MSc France
1501 MOSS2022000000074327 OLUSEGUN OLUSANJO AINA Ogun Abeokuta South MSc France
1502 MOSS2022000000068502 OLUYEMI AYOOLA ELEGBEDE Ogun Ado-Odo/Ota MSc Malaysia
1503 MOSS2022000000071626 JAMIU OLALEKAN MAKINDE Ogun Ifo MSc France
1504 MOSS2022000000058802 Olalekan Abiola Ola Ogun Ado-Odo/Ota MSc France
1505 MOSS2022000000051398 Mary Shade Oke Ogun Ipokia MSc Germany
1506 MOSS2022000000054811 OLUWATIMILEYIN VICTOR ADEDIGBA Ondo Ose MSc France
1507 MOSS2022000000061881 Olubunmi Emmanuel Ogunleye Ondo Ose MSc Malaysia
1508 MOSS2022000000053335 Jeremiah Raphael Adejube Ondo Akoko South-East MSc Germany
1509 MOSS2022000000051798 VICTOR OLANIYI OLUWOLE Ondo Akoko North-West MSc Malaysia
1510 MOSS2022000000061181 Damilola Olumuyiwa Olatujoye Ondo Okitipupa MSc Malaysia
1511 MOSS2022000000066802 Samson Imoleayo Kolawole Ondo Owo MSc Germany
1512 MOSS2022000000051138 JEPHTER IDOWU AKINTUBUWA Ondo Ilaje MSc Germany
1513 MOSS2022000000055689 GAFAR OHUNJUGBAGBE Ondo Akoko North-East MSc Germany
1514 MOSS2022000000057091 OLADIPO OLASENI Ondo Akoko North-West MSc Malaysia
1515 MOSS2022000000061024 Samuel Olubunmi Adeyeri Ondo Owo MSc France
1516 MOSS2022000000065159 Ayodeji Olumide Fola-Dara Ondo Akoko South-West MSc France
1517 MOSS2022000000069119 Tosin Omotayo Ayodele Ondo Ondo West MSc France
1518 MOSS2022000000054772 BLESSING INIOLUWA AKINDEHIN Ondo Ondo West MSc France
1519 MOSS2022000000053367 TEMITOPE SERAH ALAO Ondo Akoko North-East MSc France
1520 MOSS2022000000055396 Damilare Ebun Akinboboye Ondo Ondo West MSc Germany
1521 MOSS2022000000067007 Jerome Femi Adesugba Ondo Irele MSc France
1522 MOSS2022000000074347 Doyinsola Folakemi Olumuyiwa Ondo Ondo West MSc France
1523 MOSS2022000000048981 Henry Abiola Thompson Ondo Ondo West MSc Germany
1524 MOSS2022000000059027 philip omolade AKINDOYOGBE Ondo Ese Odo MSc Malaysia
1525 MOSS2022000000072785 Nurudeen BELLO Ondo Akoko North-East MSc Germany
1526 MOSS2022000000057521 Temitope Adeyemi Obafemi Ondo Akure South MSc Germany
1527 MOSS2022000000058968 Ayoditemi Augustus Abayomi Ondo Okitipupa MSc France
1528 MOSS2022000000064133 Olugbenga Akinwumi Ikuerowo Ondo Irele MSc Malaysia
1529 MOSS2022000000049794 Oluwatobi Christopher Koledoye Ondo Ese Odo MSc France
1530 MOSS2022000000058794 SAMUEL OLAFUSI Ondo Ondo West MSc Malaysia
1531 MOSS2022000000072399 AYOMIPOSI JOSEPHINE AKINWANDE Ondo Ondo West MSc Germany
1532 MOSS2022000000058416 Samson Victor Oribaloye Ondo Ilaje MSc Germany
1533 MOSS2022000000069288 Olakunle Solomon Morakinyo Ondo Ondo West MSc France
1534 MOSS2022000000056556 Richard Olayinka Ijirimoye Ondo Ondo East MSc France
1535 MOSS2022000000074305 Ayobola Christianah Ayodele Ondo Akure North MSc France
1536 MOSS2022000000053370 SIMEON OLUWADARE AJULO Ondo Akoko South-West MSc Malaysia
1537 MOSS2022000000070329 Dayo Olayemi Ebun Ondo Ilaje MSc France
1538 MOSS2022000000056929 KOLADE AYORINDE KOMOLAFE Osun Ilesa West MSc France
1539 MOSS2022000000074857 Tosin Bolu Adebayo Osun Irepodun MSc Germany
1540 MOSS2022000000075320 ABDULRAHMAN ABDULLAHI Osun Ejigbo MSc France
1541 MOSS2022000000072549 Olanrewaju Oluwatosin Adegoke Osun Obokun MSc France
1542 MOSS2022000000072123 Olanrewaju Michael Daramola Osun Ilesa East MSc France
1543 MOSS2022000000050368 Augustine Adeyinka Adenipekun Osun Ilesa East MSc France
1544 MOSS2022000000055080 Mubarak Adebunmi Abdulwahab Osun Ede North MSc Malaysia
1545 MOSS2022000000063627 Adebayo Dele Oladapo Osun Boripe MSc Germany
1546 MOSS2022000000053015 Ebenezer Ayobami Fatanmi Osun Ife East MSc Germany
1547 MOSS2022000000064020 MATTHEW ADETOYESE Osun Ilesa East MSc France
1548 MOSS2022000000064111 MURITALA STEPHEN BELLO Osun Ejigbo MSc Germany
1549 MOSS2022000000072492 ADEYEMI OLUWASEMINIRE JONATHAN ADELEKE Osun Boluwaduro MSc Germany
1550 MOSS2022000000074161 OLUWASEYI MICHAEL OJO Osun Irepodun MSc Germany
1551 MOSS2022000000050178 Tope Adebodun Osun Ila MSc France
1552 MOSS2022000000051901 Ebenezer Tobi Idowu Osun Ilesa East MSc Malaysia
1553 MOSS2022000000067910 Abiodun Abdulfatai Fatokun Osun Isokan MSc Germany
1554 MOSS2022000000053140 OMOLAYO AYOMIKUN OYELAKIN Osun Irewole MSc Germany
1555 MOSS2022000000050253 DANIEL SIMILOLUWA FAREMI Osun Aiyedaade MSc France
1556 MOSS2022000000065744 EMMANUEL FAVOUR ADEJOBA Osun Ife Central MSc France
1557 MOSS2022000000070216 TESLEEM OMOTAYO IMRAN Osun Iwo MSc Malaysia
1558 MOSS2022000000061075 ABDULRASAQ ADENIRAN BILAU Osun Iwo MSc Malaysia
1559 MOSS2022000000058918 TOFUNMI TIMOTHY TOWOJU Osun Odo Otin MSc France
1560 MOSS2022000000072832 Moruff Abidemi Quadri Osun Osogbo MSc France
1561 MOSS2022000000056269 Ifeoluwa Oluwabamise Odekunle Osun Oriade MSc Germany
1562 MOSS2022000000064423 Joseph Oluwatobiloba Ojo Osun Ilesa West MSc Germany
1563 MOSS2022000000050987 Ifedapo John Oke Osun Boluwaduro MSc Germany
1564 MOSS2022000000053679 Sheriff Adekola Shittu Osun Olorunda MSc Malaysia
1565 MOSS2022000000065613 Ifeoluwa Comfort Agbolade Osun Ifedayo MSc Malaysia
1566 MOSS2022000000075271 Oluwaseyi Taiwo Kupoluyi Osun Ilesa East MSc France
1567 MOSS2022000000057513 ABDULHAKEEM ABDULRASAK Osun Odo Otin MSc France
1568 MOSS2022000000075570 Lateefat Oyelakin Osun Ola Oluwa MSc Germany
1569 MOSS2022000000061073 OLATUNDE ADENIRAN OMOLE Osun Obokun MSc France
1570 MOSS2022000000070504 Musiliu Adegboyega Usman Osun Irepodun MSc France
1571 MOSS2022000000065100 JUBRIL OLAREWAJU AYINDE Osun Ede North MSc Malaysia
1572 MOSS2022000000050124 Teslim Alabi Lawal Osun Ede North MSc Malaysia
1573 MOSS2022000000062987 Temiloluwa Stephen Oludare Osun Ede North MSc Germany
1574 MOSS2022000000066853 Oladipo Sodiq Opeyemi Osun Osogbo MSc Malaysia
1575 MOSS2022000000049874 Wasiu Ademola Adebayo Osun Orolu MSc France
1576 MOSS2022000000051657 Rebecca Bolaji Fabiyi Osun Ifedayo MSc France
1577 MOSS2022000000052679 Adesanmi Matthew Ogunsakin Osun Obokun MSc France
1578 MOSS2022000000073397 Muniru Olawale SUBAIR Osun Isokan MSc Germany
1579 MOSS2022000000075239 Awe Muideen Olalekan Osun Ife East MSc Germany
1580 MOSS2022000000060938 AMOSA MUTIU IDRIS Osun Ede North MSc France
1581 MOSS2022000000049899 Jonathan Ayooluwa Ayodele Osun Odo Otin MSc France
1582 MOSS2022000000063144 Abbas Akintoye Abdulaziz Osun Olorunda MSc Germany
1583 MOSS2022000000054473 OLAJIDE AYOBAMI ODEJINMI Osun Irewole MSc France
1584 MOSS2022000000070503 Ahmed Shehu Lawal Osun Osogbo MSc France
1585 MOSS2022000000066594 Ibrahim Adekunle Adeniyi Osun Ila MSc Germany
1586 MOSS2022000000050794 Olufunso Ezekiel Oladiran Osun Boluwaduro MSc Germany
1587 MOSS2022000000064529 ABDULQUADIR BABAWALE ADERINTO Osun Ede North MSc Germany
1588 MOSS2022000000075753 Adebayo Emmanuel Ojeleke Osun Iwo MSc France
1589 MOSS2022000000068511 Azeez Abayomi Muraina Osun Olorunda MSc Germany
1590 MOSS2022000000071780 BABAJIDE OLUWATONI BAMIDURO Osun Boluwaduro MSc France
1591 MOSS2022000000052416 Akeem Abiodun Folajin Osun Ejigbo MSc Germany
1592 MOSS2022000000064158 ADEWALE Adebayo AROWOSAYE Osun Odo Otin MSc Malaysia
1593 MOSS2022000000066388 OBAFUNMINIYI ADESEMILORE OGUNKEYE Oyo Ibadan North-West MSc France
1594 MOSS2022000000067078 OLUSEYI TIMOTHY AKINBOADE Oyo Ibadan North-East MSc France
1595 MOSS2022000000073797 Qudus Abiodun Rafiu Oyo Oyo MSc Germany
1596 MOSS2022000000056661 KEHINDE TEMITOPE MICHEAL Oyo Kajola MSc France
1597 MOSS2022000000067585 Teslim Alao Lawal Oyo Ibarapa North MSc France
1598 MOSS2022000000049995 ADEDOYIN OBE Oyo Oyo MSc France
1599 MOSS2022000000072181 IBRAHIM ABIDEMI LAWAL Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc Germany
1600 MOSS2022000000067471 Rohemot Moromoke Abdulkareem Oyo Oyo East MSc Malaysia
1601 MOSS2022000000058013 ABDULLAHI ADEWALE HASSAN Oyo Oyo East MSc Germany
1602 MOSS2022000000066770 Omowonuola Olanrewaju Oyo Ibadan North-West MSc France
1603 MOSS2022000000063456 Femi Stephen Adedokun Oyo Saki East MSc France
1604 MOSS2022000000071108 Sarafadeen Ayinde Azeez Oyo Irepo MSc Malaysia
1605 MOSS2022000000070208 Ademayowa Isaac Adejumobi Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc France
1606 MOSS2022000000063643 Stephen Oluwafisayo Olawumi Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc France
1607 MOSS2022000000065803 AKINOLA OLAWALE AFOLABI Oyo Atiba MSc Germany
1608 MOSS2022000000056783 RIDWAN ABIODUN SALAM Oyo Oyo MSc Germany
1609 MOSS2022000000068825 Ibrahim Babatunde Adeoye Oyo Oyo MSc France
1610 MOSS2022000000060725 Olayemi Karimah Akangbe Oyo Ibadan North MSc France
1611 MOSS2022000000071750 Taiwo Israel Olopade Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc France
1612 MOSS2022000000063016 OLUWASEGUN SOLOMON BABALOLA Oyo Egbeda MSc Germany
1613 MOSS2022000000073779 INIOLUWA DAVID OMIDIRAN Oyo Ibadan North-East MSc France
1614 MOSS2022000000061956 Samson Bamidele Akindoye Oyo Ori Ire MSc France
1615 MOSS2022000000071064 Faith Abraham Oluwalowo Oyo Kajola MSc France
1616 MOSS2022000000055449 Ayomide John Olatunji Oyo Egbeda MSc Germany
1617 MOSS2022000000063035 KEHINDE SULIYAT USMAN Oyo Akinyele MSc France
1618 MOSS2022000000052494 Ibrahim Oyetunji Alabi Oyo Oyo East MSc Germany
1619 MOSS2022000000053238 Riliwan Akinkunmi Ashimolowo Oyo Atiba MSc Malaysia
1620 MOSS2022000000055180 Grace Olunike Afolabi Oyo Ogbomosho North MSc Malaysia
1621 MOSS2022000000064703 Waliyyullahi Ayobami Oladosu Oyo Akinyele MSc France
1622 MOSS2022000000069905 MOJEED ADESINA ADELEKE Oyo Atisbo MSc Malaysia
1623 MOSS2022000000056562 Yusuf Ahmed Oyo Orelope MSc France
1624 MOSS2022000000052788 Habeeb Oluwasegun Alli Oyo Ibadan North-West MSc Germany
1625 MOSS2022000000050928 Damilare Emmanuel Olatunji Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc Malaysia
1626 MOSS2022000000073657 PETER TIMILEYIN AJALA Oyo Akinyele MSc France
1627 MOSS2022000000057559 Oluwafemi Adesina Oyo Ibadan South-West MSc Malaysia
1628 MOSS2022000000068186 Demilade Olujide Babajide Oyo Ido MSc Germany
1629 MOSS2022000000056828 Hamzat Mubarak Oyelakin Oyo Oyo MSc Malaysia
1630 MOSS2022000000057675 Elisha Olaleye Samuel Oyo Ogbomosho North MSc Malaysia
1631 MOSS2022000000054778 Sarafadeen Lanre Wahab Oyo Ido MSc Malaysia
1632 MOSS2022000000067333 DAMILOLA AMOS OLATUNBOSUN Oyo Saki West MSc Malaysia
1633 MOSS2022000000074685 Matthew Oluwatosin Adewuyi Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc Germany
1634 MOSS2022000000050336 Mercy Tinuade Owoade Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc Malaysia
1635 MOSS2022000000067351 MOSES OLUWASANMI ODENIRAN Oyo Oluyole MSc France
1636 MOSS2022000000060672 IDRIS ADEKUNLE OYEDOKUN Oyo Ibadan North MSc France
1637 MOSS2022000000061330 YEMI HAMMED ONIBIYO Oyo Oluyole MSc Malaysia
1638 MOSS2022000000066705 Abiodun Christian Oyelami Oyo Kajola MSc Germany
1639 MOSS2022000000058105 Yusuff Adelabu Ajibade Oyo Saki West MSc Germany
1640 MOSS2022000000055778 Oluwabukola Reuben Oyediran Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc Malaysia
1641 MOSS2022000000062162 OLUREMI YEJIDE MAGBAGBEOLA Oyo Ogbomosho North MSc France
1642 MOSS2022000000051944 Timilehin Abraham Ajibola Oyo Ibadan North-East MSc Germany
1643 MOSS2022000000053186 ABDULKABIR AYO ADEWALE Oyo Atiba MSc France
1644 MOSS2022000000052463 HASSAN KOLADE SALAM Oyo Ibadan North-East MSc Malaysia
1645 MOSS2022000000061662 AYOMIDE EMMANUEL IREWOLEDE Oyo Egbeda MSc Germany
1646 MOSS2022000000066644 Ibrahim Ademuyiwa Gbadeyanka Oyo Ibadan North-East MSc France
1647 MOSS2022000000056218 Idris Olawale Moshood Oyo Ona Ara MSc Germany
1648 MOSS2022000000057902 Musa Abiodun Moshood Oyo Ibadan North MSc France
1649 MOSS2022000000065807 Afeez Ajibola Adesope Oyo Ibarapa Central MSc Germany
1650 MOSS2022000000069767 SUNDAY OLUGBENGA OKEWOLE Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc Germany
1651 MOSS2022000000061538 Olumide Omololu Abiodun Oyo Ona Ara MSc France
1652 MOSS2022000000072612 Oluwatayo Adetunji Ogungbile Oyo Ori Ire MSc France
1653 MOSS2022000000065537 Bolaji Alade Oyo Ogbomosho North MSc France
1654 MOSS2022000000063672 Godwill Azuka Ileboh Oyo Ibadan North MSc Germany
1655 MOSS2022000000058870 Adekunle Matthew Abioye Oyo Oluyole MSc Malaysia
1656 MOSS2022000000050988 OPEYEMI OWOLABI OJO Oyo Ibadan North MSc France
1657 MOSS2022000000070651 Titilayo Blessing Olaleye Oyo Ogbomosho North MSc Malaysia
1658 MOSS2022000000051307 Kamaldeen Adebowale Aliu Oyo Saki West MSc Malaysia
1659 MOSS2022000000068293 MUSA KOLAPO OLADEJO Oyo Ibadan North-East MSc Germany
1660 MOSS2022000000067286 Kehinde Olayemi Iyiola Oyo Ibadan South-East MSc France
1661 MOSS2022000000067839 Ademola Oyegoke Oyo Ogbomosho South MSc France
1662 MOSS2022000000060413 ADEKUNLE RIDWAN SHITTU Oyo Ibadan North-West MSc Malaysia
1663 MOSS2022000000057393 Warisudeen Adedotun Muritala Oyo Orelope MSc Malaysia
1664 MOSS2022000000053495 ADETOMI ADELERU Oyo Ogbomosho North MSc Malaysia
1665 MOSS2022000000061635 Matthew Adeniyi Adegbemiro Oyo Ogbomosho North MSc France
1666 MOSS2022000000055422 Byencit Duncan Plateau Langtang North MSc Germany
1667 MOSS2022000000075244 NANTIM LORD-MALLAM Plateau Langtang North MSc Germany
1668 MOSS2022000000063382 Tirmizhi Abubakar Munkaila Plateau Kanam MSc France
1669 MOSS2022000000072732 JESSE CHUKWU NKWIRI Plateau Bassa MSc France
1670 MOSS2022000000061689 Selbyen Marie-Bernadette Gambo Plateau Langtang North MSc France
1671 MOSS2022000000070710 JOSHUA FELIX JWAKDAK Plateau Mangu MSc France
1672 MOSS2022000000061376 Yusuf Inuwa Ahmad Plateau Mangu MSc France
1673 MOSS2022000000057105 Hopewell Ponzing Dangtim Plateau Langtang South MSc Malaysia
1674 MOSS2022000000074223 Buhari Salam Salihu Plateau Wase MSc France
1675 MOSS2022000000075571 KAMALIDDEEN SALISU ADAMU Plateau Mangu MSc Malaysia
1676 MOSS2022000000059559 BENJAMIN DUNG PETER Plateau Jos North MSc Malaysia
1677 MOSS2022000000048835 Nasiru Idris Plateau Wase MSc Malaysia
1678 MOSS2022000000059505 Joel Adick John Plateau Bassa MSc France
1679 MOSS2022000000074381 TIMNAN NDEN Plateau Langtang North MSc Germany
1680 MOSS2022000000075315 Nenpin Charles Wakkias Plateau Pankshin MSc France
1681 MOSS2022000000057171 Abigail Gideon Vongkat Plateau Langtang North MSc Malaysia
1682 MOSS2022000000067735 SIMI DAVOU YOHANNA Plateau Barkin Ladi MSc France
1683 MOSS2022000000071312 Danliti Aliyu Umaru Plateau Jos North MSc Malaysia
1684 MOSS2022000000051729 Desmond Tai Siaka Plateau Shendam MSc France
1685 MOSS2022000000049771 SHEITEL PUNTEL Plateau Mikang MSc France
1686 MOSS2022000000066569 Chanmak David Nimyel Plateau Langtang North MSc France
1687 MOSS2022000000065282 NANDOM ADONIRAM LWAHAS Plateau Mangu MSc Germany
1688 MOSS2022000000070501 VICTOR BARIDOR GIADOM Rivers Gokana MSc Germany
1689 MOSS2022000000064218 rita london augustine Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1690 MOSS2022000000055467 Precious Okechukwu Iregbu Rivers Emuoha MSc France
1691 MOSS2022000000064335 Isaac Chimenum Akaninwor Rivers Obio/Akpor MSc France
1692 MOSS2022000000059396 KINGSLEY TAMUNOALA ATEMIE-HART Rivers Bonny MSc France
1693 MOSS2022000000063049 ALLWELL CHINEDUM IHEJIRIKA Rivers Etche MSc Germany
1694 MOSS2022000000053698 Sepribo Braide Rivers Degema MSc Germany
1695 MOSS2022000000058025 Riches Azunda Orlu Rivers Obio/Akpor MSc Malaysia
1696 MOSS2022000000049086 Favour Nubeabu Ndi Rivers Khana MSc France
1697 MOSS2022000000048998 IYOBU-IBI KELVIN FRANK Rivers Ogu/Bolo MSc France
1698 MOSS2022000000053521 Kueyere Edidiong-Abasi Kumbe Rivers Tai MSc France
1699 MOSS2022000000051133 Siya Vincent Benebo Rivers Degema MSc France
1700 MOSS2022000000061045 Peace Fred Iwhere Rivers Emuoha MSc Malaysia
1701 MOSS2022000000070023 Shalom Chilaru Iboh Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1702 MOSS2022000000064070 Emmanuel Osaki Horsfall Rivers Asari-Toru MSc France
1703 MOSS2022000000059883 Umorami Howells Okpokpo Rivers Abua/Odual MSc France
1704 MOSS2022000000075399 Joseph Chukwubueze Eleberi Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1705 MOSS2022000000071517 Emmanuel Ledesi Tigbara Rivers Tai MSc France
1706 MOSS2022000000051067 Godswill Godspower Amadi Rivers Ikwerre MSc France
1707 MOSS2022000000053300 BARILEDUM NUDEE KENULE Rivers Khana MSc Germany
1708 MOSS2022000000065767 TORNUBARI RAPHAEL NAAFOH Rivers Gokana MSc France
1709 MOSS2022000000053025 AMADI CHIMENE Rivers Ikwerre MSc France
1710 MOSS2022000000052293 Hubert Ovie Madise Rivers Ahoada West MSc Germany
1711 MOSS2022000000050110 LEWIS JUNIOR ZIGEDE Rivers Ahoada East MSc France
1712 MOSS2022000000073959 Amazing Akelachi Amadi Rivers Obio/Akpor MSc France
1713 MOSS2022000000062730 Collins Emeka Amadi Rivers Ikwerre MSc Germany
1714 MOSS2022000000064369 Okechukwu Agburum Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1715 MOSS2022000000075231 GOGOATE GBIATE Rivers Gokana MSc Germany
1716 MOSS2022000000053714 Christopher Tamunopriye Leo Rivers Opobo/Nkoro MSc France
1717 MOSS2022000000056854 FUTURE IBECHE Rivers Emuoha MSc France
1718 MOSS2022000000061153 King Chiweikpe Aholu Rivers Port Harcourt MSc Malaysia
1719 MOSS2022000000074903 Henry Nnamdi Agbam Rivers Etche MSc Germany
1720 MOSS2022000000073942 Chiebuka Beryl Edward Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc Germany
1721 MOSS2022000000058722 STANLEY ENOS OBENE Rivers Akuku-Toru MSc Malaysia
1722 MOSS2022000000060860 Golden Mene Ikpe-Innocent Rivers Tai MSc Germany
1723 MOSS2022000000051629 Bariyiramue Fortune Ogbonna Rivers Khana MSc France
1724 MOSS2022000000073287 MAYOR EMEKA SAMSON Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1725 MOSS2022000000063222 Richard Yibo Ibituru Hart Rivers Bonny MSc France
1726 MOSS2022000000057292 BARITUKA GEORGE AGAVA Rivers Gokana MSc France
1727 MOSS2022000000051293 Mieabiye David George Rivers Asari-Toru MSc Malaysia
1728 MOSS2022000000050373 Fidelis Nwaudo Nwaerema Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1729 MOSS2022000000048917 Kelvin harrison Diri Rivers Opobo/Nkoro MSc Germany
1730 MOSS2022000000070935 PRECIOUS AMADI Rivers Obio/Akpor MSc France
1731 MOSS2022000000055299 Minafaka Michael Iyaye Rivers Okrika MSc Germany
1732 MOSS2022000000064076 Lucky Cole Isaiah Rivers Etche MSc France
1733 MOSS2022000000073512 Akindolapo Victor Agiobu-Alafun Rivers Degema MSc Germany
1734 MOSS2022000000060289 Sunday Ogbu Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1735 MOSS2022000000070939 Daniel Ifeanyichukwu Ataowu Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1736 MOSS2022000000074155 SAMPSON MEBOM Rivers Etche MSc Malaysia
1737 MOSS2022000000059912 FERDINAND CHIMAROKE NWOSU Rivers Port Harcourt MSc Germany
1738 MOSS2022000000062959 DAMIETE OBENNEY Rivers Akuku-Toru MSc Germany
1739 MOSS2022000000071368 Emmanuel Barielnen Needom Rivers Gokana MSc Germany
1740 MOSS2022000000061809 KEMKANMA EJIE Rivers Emuoha MSc Germany
1741 MOSS2022000000070774 Elechi Amadi Rivers Ikwerre MSc Germany
1742 MOSS2022000000075121 Barikpoa Nwambo Rivers Khana MSc France
1743 MOSS2022000000051841 Prince Chamberlain Jumbo Rivers Bonny MSc Germany
1744 MOSS2022000000055706 Metong Gogo Monday Rivers Andoni MSc France
1745 MOSS2022000000058871 Gentle Micah Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1746 MOSS2022000000060316 Godgift Bennett Rivers Andoni MSc Germany
1747 MOSS2022000000062484 CLAUDE IKECHUKWU OLOWU Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc Malaysia
1748 MOSS2022000000063654 Tonye Paulinus R Idu Rivers Emuoha MSc Malaysia
1749 MOSS2022000000071488 MESSIAH AHOADA THOMAS Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1750 MOSS2022000000069475 Davidson Chioma Akpuh Rivers Emuoha MSc Germany
1751 MOSS2022000000059362 Ogochukwu Lotanna Agina Rivers Port Harcourt MSc Germany
1752 MOSS2022000000061009 MARVIN OBINNA CHARLES Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc France
1753 MOSS2022000000062890 Wisdom Elechi Tegwor Rivers Emuoha MSc Germany
1754 MOSS2022000000073060 BATAM LUCKY Rivers Khana MSc Germany
1755 MOSS2022000000075769 IDIOWA CHURCHILL OBINNAH Rivers Abua/Odual MSc Germany
1756 MOSS2022000000073948 Tamunomiebi Ephraim George Rivers Okrika MSc Germany
1757 MOSS2022000000072334 TEMPLE EZEKIEL ORLU Rivers Emuoha MSc France
1758 MOSS2022000000067476 DAVID CHIMEZIE CHUKU Rivers Obio/Akpor MSc France
1759 MOSS2022000000051086 CHRISTIAN SLICK OKIASI Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc Germany
1760 MOSS2022000000063042 Precious Tamunomiebi Obeleye Rivers Okrika MSc Malaysia
1761 MOSS2022000000061246 Wilson Daniel West Rivers Asari-Toru MSc Germany
1762 MOSS2022000000059676 Barinyima Kpazop Rivers Gokana MSc France
1763 MOSS2022000000069569 Nnadozie Godslove Ihedike Rivers Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni MSc Germany
1764 MOSS2022000000067012 Emmanuel Barikui Koto Rivers Khana MSc Germany
1765 MOSS2022000000049693 CHINWE BUDUBURISI OGBONDA Rivers Obio/Akpor MSc France
1766 MOSS2022000000058540 Aibibia Ebeni Rivers Okrika MSc Germany
1767 MOSS2022000000069526 OHIA CHUKU STAR Rivers Obio/Akpor MSc Germany
1768 MOSS2022000000068853 Hope Gift Nwiedorbu Rivers Khana MSc France
1769 MOSS2022000000056827 Esther Daemi Kala-Otaji Rivers Akuku-Toru MSc Germany
1770 MOSS2022000000056496 Royal Progress Rivers Asari-Toru MSc France
1771 MOSS2022000000066774 NDUBUISI WOGBO Rivers Emuoha MSc France
1772 MOSS2022000000051659 Dayi Dayi Okari Rivers Okrika MSc Germany
1773 MOSS2022000000075197 Acheseinimie Acheseinimie Loveday Rivers Okrika MSc Germany
1774 MOSS2022000000052328 Ibim Alabo Young-Arney Rivers Asari-Toru MSc Germany
1775 MOSS2022000000050556 SOTONYE ZI-EBIFE BENIBO Rivers Akuku-Toru MSc France
1776 MOSS2022000000053382 AMINU YABO SABO Sokoto Yabo MSc France
1777 MOSS2022000000068047 JIBRIL KEBBE MUSA Sokoto Kebbe MSc Malaysia
1778 MOSS2022000000058726 Mu’azu Maiakwai Sokoto Gwadabawa MSc Germany
1779 MOSS2022000000057230 ALIYU BELLO Sokoto Yabo MSc Malaysia
1780 MOSS2022000000066754 Buhari Ahmad Sokoto Sokoto South MSc France
1781 MOSS2022000000068296 MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI Sokoto Bodinga MSc Malaysia
1782 MOSS2022000000073438 Sadiya Waziri Aliyu Sokoto Bodinga MSc Malaysia
1783 MOSS2022000000050363 ALMUSTAPHA TUKUR Sokoto Wamako MSc France
1784 MOSS2022000000051661 Usama Ladan Muhammad Sokoto Sokoto South MSc Germany
1785 MOSS2022000000049033 Jafar Muhammad Aminu Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Malaysia
1786 MOSS2022000000049796 Abubakar Sahabi Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Germany
1787 MOSS2022000000049820 ABDULLAHI LAWAL Sokoto Isa MSc Germany
1788 MOSS2022000000063300 Abdulrahman Gamji Aminu Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Malaysia
1789 MOSS2022000000073132 AUWALU YAKUBU Sokoto Gada MSc Malaysia
1790 MOSS2022000000050730 Bilyaminu Samaila Sokoto Sokoto South MSc Malaysia
1791 MOSS2022000000049649 MUHAMMED LAWAL IBRAHIM Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Malaysia
1792 MOSS2022000000051922 MANSUR ADILI HAYATUDEEN Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Malaysia
1793 MOSS2022000000063043 Mubarak Ahmad Kabir Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Malaysia
1794 MOSS2022000000070394 Muhammad Sokoto Aliyu Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Germany
1795 MOSS2022000000059350 Bashir Ilah Garba Sokoto Gada MSc Malaysia
1796 MOSS2022000000051808 JABIR ABUBAKAR Sokoto Bodinga MSc France
1797 MOSS2022000000053903 Sani Magori Abdulazeez Sokoto Gada MSc Germany
1798 MOSS2022000000074189 Abba Musa Haruna Sokoto Sokoto South MSc France
1799 MOSS2022000000067702 ABDULRASHEED ABDULLAHI Sokoto Isa MSc Germany
1800 MOSS2022000000053857 Abdulsamad Usman Ishaq Sokoto Sokoto North MSc France
1801 MOSS2022000000070913 Abdulrashid Adamu Sokoto Illela MSc Germany
1802 MOSS2022000000050272 YAHAYA SAMBO Sokoto Tambuwal MSc Malaysia
1803 MOSS2022000000053098 NASIRU ABDULKADIR Sokoto Gwadabawa MSc Germany
1804 MOSS2022000000062297 Abubakar Shinaka Zakari Sokoto Goronyo MSc Malaysia
1805 MOSS2022000000055394 HUSSAINI SHEHU Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Germany
1806 MOSS2022000000057359 Kamaru Ahmad Sokoto Tambuwal MSc Malaysia
1807 MOSS2022000000075601 Rayyafi Muhammad Idris Sokoto Sokoto South MSc Malaysia
1808 MOSS2022000000069752 RAMATU ALIYU MAGAJI Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Germany
1809 MOSS2022000000062548 Adamu Abdullahi Sokoto Dange Shuni MSc Malaysia
1810 MOSS2022000000069731 Hajara Sani Mohammad Sokoto Bodinga MSc France
1811 MOSS2022000000059194 RABIU SHUNI IDRIS Sokoto Dange Shuni MSc Malaysia
1812 MOSS2022000000051691 Jamilu Baba Attahiru Sokoto Wamako MSc Germany
1813 MOSS2022000000051782 GAZALI MUHAMMAD ABDULLAHI Sokoto Sokoto North MSc Malaysia
1814 MOSS2022000000072497 Bashir kajiji Muhammad Sokoto Shagari MSc Germany
1815 MOSS2022000000058223 Abubakar Abdulqadir Taraba Lau MSc Malaysia
1816 MOSS2022000000069146 Hope Daniel Bango Taraba Takum MSc Malaysia
1817 MOSS2022000000075433 JOSHUA RIMAMCHIRIKA NYATSE Taraba Takum MSc Germany
1818 MOSS2022000000069455 AMINU MUHAMMAD SULEIMAN Taraba Jalingo MSc Germany
1819 MOSS2022000000069586 Aliyu Adamu Sambo Taraba Karim Lamido MSc Malaysia
1820 MOSS2022000000053846 MOHAMMED NAFIU ADAMU Taraba Ardo Kola MSc France
1821 MOSS2022000000055963 YUSUF MOHAMMED Taraba Wukari MSc Germany
1822 MOSS2022000000074961 Alibaba Danlami Taraba Donga MSc Malaysia
1823 MOSS2022000000070382 WUNUJI MUSA ATOSHI Taraba Wukari MSc Germany
1824 MOSS2022000000052271 Kabiru Danlami Taraba Lau MSc France
1825 MOSS2022000000062686 Aminu Muhammad Abdullahi Taraba Jalingo MSc Germany
1826 MOSS2022000000055381 MUSA SULEIMAN Yobe Bade MSc France
1827 MOSS2022000000066467 Nazifi Alhaji Sani Yobe Nguru MSc France
1828 MOSS2022000000051862 Umar Ahmad Garba Yobe Bade MSc Malaysia
1829 MOSS2022000000049651 Abubakar Jato Sani Yobe Geidam MSc France
1830 MOSS2022000000054764 ABUBAKAR ALHAJI UMAR Yobe Potiskum MSc Germany
1831 MOSS2022000000056806 Ahmad Usman Dakasku Yobe Potiskum MSc Germany
1832 MOSS2022000000049429 Kabiru Abba Nasidi Yobe Geidam MSc Malaysia
1833 MOSS2022000000054286 Mohammad Shettima Yobe Geidam MSc Malaysia
1834 MOSS2022000000069757 Ismail Gimba Sani Yobe Potiskum MSc France
1835 MOSS2022000000052752 Musa Idris Yobe Nguru MSc Germany
1836 MOSS2022000000067968 Haruna Muhammad Yobe Gulani MSc Germany
1837 MOSS2022000000072460 Abubakar Tahir Isa Yobe Nangere MSc Malaysia
1838 MOSS2022000000075061 Abubakar Saleh Usman Yobe Bade MSc Germany
1839 MOSS2022000000060819 Usman Ibrahim Said Yobe Potiskum MSc France
1840 MOSS2022000000070737 Mohammed Isa Lawan Yobe Fune MSc France
1841 MOSS2022000000065683 Kansusi Said Ibrahim Yobe Potiskum MSc Malaysia
1842 MOSS2022000000068805 Umar Ibrahim Yobe Gujba MSc Malaysia
1843 MOSS2022000000055456 Yakubu Abba Yobe Fika MSc France
1844 MOSS2022000000073083 BASHEHU-UMAR AUWALU Yobe Jakusko MSc Malaysia
1845 MOSS2022000000054335 Ibrahim Modu Bulama Yobe Yunusari MSc Malaysia
1846 MOSS2022000000068260 Abubakar Ali Yobe Potiskum MSc Malaysia
1847 MOSS2022000000048831 Muhammad Mallam Butu Yobe Damaturu MSc Germany
1848 MOSS2022000000063359 Abdurrahaman Ibrahim Yobe Nguru MSc Malaysia
1849 MOSS2022000000063001 Musa Brah Mohammed Yobe Gujba MSc France
1850 MOSS2022000000056059 IBRAHIM IBRAHIM ISHAQ Yobe Nguru MSc Germany
1851 MOSS2022000000074202 Abdulaziz Munkaila Abubakar Yobe Nguru MSc France
1852 MOSS2022000000073697 Mohammed Adam Malut Yobe Potiskum MSc Malaysia
1853 MOSS2022000000069006 ABDULRAZAK MUHAMMAD Yobe Nguru MSc Malaysia
1854 MOSS2022000000068558 Abubakar Muhammad Yobe Fune MSc France
1855 MOSS2022000000050581 KASIM ABUBAKAR JAJERE Yobe Fune MSc France
1856 MOSS2022000000058429 Haruna Lawal Elyakub Yobe Potiskum MSc France
1857 MOSS2022000000062820 Muhammad Ibrahim Saidu Yobe Fune MSc Malaysia
1858 MOSS2022000000054234 Ahmad Ahmad Kabir Yobe Damaturu MSc Germany
1859 MOSS2022000000053268 Abdullahi Grema Yobe Geidam MSc Malaysia
1860 MOSS2022000000049125 Hassan Mara Adamu Yobe Fika MSc France
1861 MOSS2022000000069440 ABDULLAHI MOHAMMED LAWAN Yobe Potiskum MSc Germany
1862 MOSS2022000000057150 Ahmad Kabir Muhammad Yobe Bade MSc Malaysia
1863 MOSS2022000000067926 UMAR MUAZU Yobe Nguru MSc France
1864 MOSS2022000000054570 Umar Kalallawa Isa Yobe Damaturu MSc Germany
1865 MOSS2022000000062645 ALHAJI DAUDA MAKKAU Yobe Potiskum MSc Malaysia
1866 MOSS2022000000054022 Musa Ummar Zamfara Bukkuyum MSc France
1867 MOSS2022000000049857 Abdulmalik Sfada Shehu Zamfara Kaura Namoda MSc Malaysia
1868 MOSS2022000000056403 ABDULBASIT ABDULAZEEZ Zamfara Gusau MSc France
1869 MOSS2022000000049745 ABDULAZEEZ ABUBAKAR Zamfara Gusau MSc France
1870 MOSS2022000000055464 ATTAHIRU AHMAD Zamfara Talata Mafara MSc Germany
1871 MOSS2022000000075277 Yusuf Salau Zamfara Shinkafi MSc France
1872 MOSS2022000000050070 JAFARU UMAR Zamfara Gusau MSc Germany
1873 MOSS2022000000058949 Bashir Mohammed Aliyu Zamfara Gusau MSc France
1874 MOSS2022000000061837 HURAIRATU MUSTAPHA Zamfara Talata Mafara MSc Malaysia
1875 MOSS2022000000058724 Jibril Magaji Zamfara Bungudu MSc Germany
1876 MOSS2022000000060589 JAMILU SAMAILA Zamfara Shinkafi MSc France
1877 MOSS2022000000071008 UMAR JANGEBE AMINU Zamfara Talata Mafara MSc Germany
1878 MOSS2022000000057449 HUSSAINI ABDULSALAM LAWAL Zamfara Gusau MSc Germany
1879 MOSS2022000000066006 Muazu Gada Aliyu Zamfara Bungudu MSc France
1880 MOSS2022000000055164 Shafiu Yahaya Bungudu Zamfara Bungudu MSc Germany
1881 MOSS2022000000067788 Abdulmaleek Bala Zamfara Maru MSc France
1882 MOSS2022000000058442 Abdulrazaq Usman Zamfara Gusau MSc France
1883 MOSS2022000000061194 Bilya Bashir Zamfara Gusau MSc France
1884 MOSS2022000000069272 Nura Malan Dahiru Zamfara Maradun MSc Malaysia
1885 MOSS2022000000049573 Ashiru Aliyu Muhammad Zamfara Gusau MSc Malaysia
1886 MOSS2022000000061645 Umar Suleiman Zamfara Gusau MSc Germany
1887 MOSS2022000000058756 Salim Kabir Sani Zamfara Bungudu MSc Germany
1888 MOSS2022000000062533 BASHAR CHIGABA MUHAMMAD Zamfara Maradun MSc Malaysia
1889 MOSS2022000000049486 Kabiru Hamza Zamfara Kaura Namoda MSc Germany
1890 MOSS2022000000065182 IBRAHIM ABDULAZEEZ Zamfara Tsafe MSc Germany
1891 MOSS2022000000070647 YUSHAU SADISU Zamfara Gusau MSc Malaysia
1892 MOSS2022000000051258 abubakar sani adamu Zamfara Shinkafi MSc Germany
1893 MOSS2022000000059739 MANIR USMAN Zamfara Talata Mafara MSc Germany
1894 MOSS2022000000071576 salisu Bashir Zamfara Kaura Namoda MSc Malaysia
1895 MOSS2022000000072238 Lukman Lawali Zamfara Bungudu MSc Malaysia
1896 MOSS2022000000072502 ABDULLAHI NASIRU Zamfara Kaura Namoda MSc Malaysia
1897 MOSS2022000000064826 AHMAD TIJJANI DAHIRU Zamfara Gusau MSc Malaysia
1898 MOSS2022000000058368 Bature Suleiman Zamfara Gusau MSc France
1899 MOSS2022000000058731 Ahmad Zurmi Zahraddeen Zamfara Zurmi MSc Germany
1900 MOSS2022000000051237 Kamalu Aliyu Zamfara Zurmi MSc Malaysia
1901 MOSS2022000000065327 Musa Sani Zamfara Bungudu MSc Germany
1902 MOSS2022000000065972 Faruk Anka Muhammad Zamfara Anka MSc Malaysia
1903 MOSS2022000000061987 Nasiru Shehu Zamfara Kaura Namoda MSc Germany
1904 MOSS2022000000054337 Hassan Mani Shehu Zamfara Gusau MSc Germany
1905 MOSS2022000000056301 Bello Anas Zamfara Bakura MSc France
S/No PIN Firstname Middlename Surname State LGA Scholarship Type Country
1 POSS2022000000052480 Nnaemeka Ugochukwu Achara Abia Umu Nneochi PhD Germany
2 POSS2022000000068840 GOODLUCK UCHE NWOSU Abia Arochukwu PhD Germany
3 POSS2022000000068338 MARK NZUBECHI ONYEKACHI Abia Isiala Ngwa North PhD France
4 POSS2022000000050753 EJIKE KENNETH EZEH Abia Bende PhD Germany
5 POSS2022000000071160 UDE ODIM ORJI Abia Ohafia PhD France
6 POSS2022000000056775 JOSEPH KALU UKOHA Abia Ohafia PhD Malaysia
7 POSS2022000000056808 Ugochukwu Henry Ojembe Abia Arochukwu PhD Germany
8 POSS2022000000067842 Chinemerem Japheth Gideon Abia Isiala Ngwa South PhD France
9 POSS2022000000064235 Gift Adachukwu Promise Abia Aba North PhD Malaysia
10 POSS2022000000070035 Noble Amah Eluwah Abia Umuahia North PhD France
11 POSS2022000000065019 SUNDAY UGOCHUKWU AZUNNA Abia Isuikwuato PhD Malaysia
12 POSS2022000000050548 Promise Nkwachi Uhegwu Abia Ikwuano PhD Germany
13 POSS2022000000051682 MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Adamawa Mubi South PhD Malaysia
14 POSS2022000000049590 Abdulrahman Umaru Adamawa Mubi South PhD Malaysia
15 POSS2022000000050028 Ismaila Bello Adamawa Yola North PhD France
16 POSS2022000000069064 Dlama Yabwa Adamawa Michika PhD Malaysia
17 POSS2022000000063517 ABUBAKAR SADIQ TUKUR Adamawa Fufure PhD France
18 POSS2022000000049972 AMINU WALI BASHIR Adamawa Yola South PhD Germany
19 POSS2022000000065689 Adamu Gidado Adamawa Yola North PhD France
20 POSS2022000000057406 Bello Alhaji Tukura Adamawa Toungo PhD Malaysia
21 POSS2022000000073286 Mahmud Ibrahim Adamawa Yola South PhD Malaysia
22 POSS2022000000071880 Simon Wasinya Pallam Adamawa Madagali PhD Germany
23 POSS2022000000052517 Aliyu Baba Adamawa Jada PhD Malaysia
24 POSS2022000000062418 UMAR NABIL SABO Adamawa Yola North PhD Malaysia
25 POSS2022000000063625 Emmanuel Yohanna Adamawa Mubi North PhD Malaysia
26 POSS2022000000073335 SHEHU ABDULHAMID Adamawa Mubi South PhD Malaysia
27 POSS2022000000062352 HAMMANADAMA ABUBAKAR FARUK Adamawa Yola South PhD Germany
28 POSS2022000000064519 Hassan Santuraki Aliyu Adamawa Hong PhD Malaysia
29 POSS2022000000056121 ABUBAKAR SADIQ BELLO Adamawa Mayo Belwa PhD France
30 POSS2022000000066959 Simon Bulus Adamawa Madagali PhD Malaysia
31 POSS2022000000064290 Muhammad Kabir Hamman Adamawa Grie PhD Germany
32 POSS2022000000071040 Emmanuel Owajiya Franklyn Akwa Ibom Eastern Obolo PhD Germany
33 POSS2022000000069808 FAVOUR UBOHO OTUNG Akwa Ibom Uruan PhD Germany
34 POSS2022000000075314 BENJAMIN ETIM UDOFIA Akwa Ibom Ikono PhD Germany
35 POSS2022000000065909 IMO DANIEL UMOH Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene PhD Germany
36 POSS2022000000067166 ANDIFIOK ALOYSIUS EKPO Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene PhD France
37 POSS2022000000062208 Imeime Innocent Uyo Akwa Ibom Ika PhD Germany
38 POSS2022000000056755 Joe Asuquo Frank Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko PhD France
39 POSS2022000000075227 Unyime Enobong OKURE Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam PhD Malaysia
40 POSS2022000000068304 Selong Unanaonwi Edem Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko PhD Germany
41 POSS2022000000061060 Akaninyene Patrick Essien Akwa Ibom Uyo PhD Germany
42 POSS2022000000058477 Itoroabasi Joseph Okon Akwa Ibom Ikono PhD Germany
43 POSS2022000000061014 Joshua Oyosuhu Okon Akwa Ibom Udung-Uko PhD Germany
44 POSS2022000000053570 Emediong Johnson Awaka-ama Akwa Ibom Abak PhD Germany
45 POSS2022000000048745 Henry Ime Mbom Akwa Ibom Itu PhD Malaysia
46 POSS2022000000064614 ETINI EPHRAIM ETEFIA Akwa Ibom Ikono PhD Malaysia
47 POSS2022000000075297 Sito-obong Micah Umoh Akwa Ibom Ikot Abasi PhD Germany
48 POSS2022000000070900 ERNEST EKANEM Akwa Ibom Ikono PhD Malaysia
49 POSS2022000000059146 Uyoemem Trenchard Ibia Akwa Ibom Nsit-Atai PhD Malaysia
50 POSS2022000000060634 Aniekpeno Bassey Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ibom PhD Germany
51 POSS2022000000054409 NAMNSO CHARLES UDOAKA Akwa Ibom Etim Ekpo PhD Malaysia
52 POSS2022000000057463 KEMFON IME AKPAETOR Akwa Ibom Ukanafun PhD Germany
53 POSS2022000000061078 Iniobong Emmanuel Uyah Akwa Ibom Itu PhD France
54 POSS2022000000061069 Nnyike Abasi Obot Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan PhD France
55 POSS2022000000070940 eno okon nyong Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan PhD Germany
56 POSS2022000000072267 Imedimfon Ime Essien Akwa Ibom Abak PhD Malaysia
57 POSS2022000000058686 Imoh Jeremiah Udoh Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin PhD France
58 POSS2022000000062494 Mbuotidem David Dick Akwa Ibom Onna PhD Malaysia
59 POSS2022000000050052 Charles Chikodili Anukwonke Anambra Ekwusigo PhD Malaysia
60 POSS2022000000071141 JULIUS NNAMDI NDIBE Anambra Anambra East PhD France
61 POSS2022000000068463 Chijioke Elijah Onu Anambra Nnewi South PhD Germany
62 POSS2022000000049829 Chidiebele Ejikeme Joseph Uzoagba Anambra Aguata PhD France
63 POSS2022000000069615 JULIET NNEAMAKA ILECHUKWU Anambra Ihiala PhD France
64 POSS2022000000073818 Odera Richard Umeh Anambra Njikoka PhD France
65 POSS2022000000075569 Kosisochukwu Ufondu Anambra Idemili North PhD France
66 POSS2022000000060533 Uchechukwu Josiah Ezeemo Anambra Aguata PhD Malaysia
67 POSS2022000000064494 KENECHUKWU MARYVERA IFEDIORA Anambra Aguata PhD Germany
68 POSS2022000000056348 Chiamaka Chiagoziem Chukwujama Anambra Idemili South PhD Germany
69 POSS2022000000066253 Benedict Chuks Amobi-madu Anambra Anaocha PhD France
70 POSS2022000000072093 Chiamaka Peace Ndidigwe Anambra Aguata PhD Germany
71 POSS2022000000064831 Nneka Ebokam Anambra Anaocha PhD France
72 POSS2022000000075690 CHINEDU JOSEPH OKOYE Anambra Njikoka PhD Germany
73 POSS2022000000056289 ANITA IKE Anambra Nnewi North PhD France
74 POSS2022000000065040 IKENNA KELVIN EJIELO Anambra Oyi PhD Germany
75 POSS2022000000075724 Chinweike Chukwudebelu Okoli Anambra Nnewi South PhD Germany
76 POSS2022000000064056 Pedro Ikechukwu Ezeanyagu Anambra Aguata PhD Germany
77 POSS2022000000068593 BARTHOLOMEW CHIDI OKONKWO Anambra Aguata PhD Germany
78 POSS2022000000059376 SOLOMON CHIJIOKE MADU Anambra Njikoka PhD Germany
79 POSS2022000000056610 Emmanuel Chibuzo Akaligwo Anambra Aguata PhD France
80 POSS2022000000070403 FORSTER OBIORA ORANYELU Anambra Awka North PhD Germany
81 POSS2022000000060116 Amina Amaka Nwokedi Anambra Awka North PhD France
82 POSS2022000000056168 MUHAMMED KABIRU ABDULKADIR Bauchi Giade PhD Malaysia
83 POSS2022000000063361 Sadiq Abdulkarim Bauchi Ningi PhD France
84 POSS2022000000067862 Muawiya BabaAminu Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
85 POSS2022000000071981 ALIYU UMAR SAMBO Bauchi Toro PhD Malaysia
86 POSS2022000000059730 Isah Yahuza Bauchi Katagum PhD France
87 POSS2022000000050039 Mujaheed Saleh Abdullahi Bauchi Katagum PhD Malaysia
88 POSS2022000000067512 ABUBAKAR ABBA SALIHU Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
89 POSS2022000000069755 Aliyu Ibrahim Usmab Bauchi Katagum PhD Malaysia
90 POSS2022000000067248 Ismail Hassan Bauchi Misau PhD Malaysia
91 POSS2022000000061136 Nasrullah Umar Alka Bauchi Katagum PhD Malaysia
92 POSS2022000000070196 Isah Mahmood Mustapha Bauchi Bauchi PhD France
93 POSS2022000000061007 Mohammed Habib Muhammad Bauchi Gamawa PhD Germany
94 POSS2022000000061467 Christopher Habu Bauchi Bogoro PhD France
95 POSS2022000000051598 Musa Idi Bauchi Ningi PhD Malaysia
96 POSS2022000000055350 Umar Ibrahim Bauchi Katagum PhD Malaysia
97 POSS2022000000071530 Sanusi Abdulmumin Usman Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
98 POSS2022000000071868 Usman Saleh Toro Bauchi Toro PhD Germany
99 POSS2022000000073235 Usman Mohammed Datti Bauchi Ganjuwa PhD Malaysia
100 POSS2022000000070151 SANI MUHAMMAD SADE Bauchi Darazo PhD Germany
101 POSS2022000000049488 Muhammad Kabir Umar Bauchi Tafawa Balewa PhD Malaysia
102 POSS2022000000071683 Bello Muktar Bauchi Ganjuwa PhD Germany
103 POSS2022000000072496 Sani Mohammed Isa Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
104 POSS2022000000069013 Aliyu Haidar Abubakar Bauchi Gamawa PhD Malaysia
105 POSS2022000000069249 ABDULKADIR ABUBAKAR Bauchi Bauchi PhD France
106 POSS2022000000073772 Mahmud Mohammed Bose Bauchi Ganjuwa PhD Malaysia
107 POSS2022000000068317 IBRAHIM MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Bauchi Alkaleri PhD France
108 POSS2022000000062885 Kabiru Ahmed Bauchi Tafawa Balewa PhD Malaysia
109 POSS2022000000067206 ISMAIL HARUNA Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
110 POSS2022000000056944 Katimu Yusuf Bauchi Shira PhD France
111 POSS2022000000066032 SHEHU UMAR SA’ID Bauchi Jama’are PhD Malaysia
112 POSS2022000000055295 Muktar Nono Mohammed Bauchi Ganjuwa PhD France
113 POSS2022000000057361 Auwal Hussaini Bauchi Jama’are PhD France
114 POSS2022000000051713 Yusuf Abdulkarim Bauchi Toro PhD Germany
115 POSS2022000000055390 JAMILU MUSTAPHA AHMED Bauchi Toro PhD Malaysia
116 POSS2022000000049398 Yusuf Abubakar Muhammad Bauchi Alkaleri PhD Malaysia
117 POSS2022000000075436 MOHAMMED KABIR DAUDA Bauchi Ningi PhD Malaysia
118 POSS2022000000070485 UMAR ABUBAKAR Bauchi Damban PhD Malaysia
119 POSS2022000000056212 BELLO USMAN Bauchi Jama’are PhD Malaysia
120 POSS2022000000048793 Muhammad Shafiu Shehu Bauchi Dass PhD Germany
121 POSS2022000000072984 Abdullahi Musa Bauchi Toro PhD Malaysia
122 POSS2022000000075218 USMAN INUWA OBI Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
123 POSS2022000000070278 NUHU MUHAMMAD Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
124 POSS2022000000072086 KABIRU IBRAHIM JAHUN Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
125 POSS2022000000060896 Mustapha Muhammad Dewu Bauchi Kirfi PhD Malaysia
126 POSS2022000000060687 Hadiza Bello Katagum Bauchi Zaki PhD Germany
127 POSS2022000000049986 Ahmad Shehu Bauchi Bauchi PhD Malaysia
128 POSS2022000000060064 Musa Hassan Bauchi Misau PhD Malaysia
129 POSS2022000000060163 DAYYAB ABDULKARIM SHITU Bauchi Misau PhD Malaysia
130 POSS2022000000074520 TASIU UMAR Bauchi Katagum PhD Malaysia
131 POSS2022000000066307 NASIR UMAR ADAMU Bauchi Zaki PhD Malaysia
132 POSS2022000000074028 MOHAMMED AUDU YUNUSA Bauchi Dass PhD France
133 POSS2022000000049002 Solomon Abody Otobo Bayelsa Yenagoa PhD France
134 POSS2022000000069524 EBIKABOWEI EMMANUEL ENEMUGHA Bayelsa Southern Ijaw PhD Germany
135 POSS2022000000069415 Benjamin Amabibi` Jumbo Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma PhD France
136 POSS2022000000067978 Inna Frank Ogbise Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma PhD Malaysia
137 POSS2022000000061313 Tamunupriye Morris Nyondia Bayelsa Yenagoa PhD Malaysia
138 POSS2022000000075558 Emmanuel Abah Jonah Benue Ogbadibo PhD Germany
139 POSS2022000000068448 BLESSING OKWUDO OGBEH Benue Oturkpo PhD Germany
140 POSS2022000000069026 LUCY MNGUESHIMA GUNDU Benue Ushongo PhD France
141 POSS2022000000060332 Philip Abel Benue Ogbadibo PhD Germany
142 POSS2022000000073298 JOHN EJEMBI OCHEME Benue Okpokwu PhD Germany
143 POSS2022000000063241 Bildad Akpensaren Atsegha Benue Kwande PhD Germany
144 POSS2022000000074830 Jerry Tersoo Agee Benue Logo PhD Germany
145 POSS2022000000069436 DAVID TERLUMUN CHIOR Benue Vandeikya PhD Malaysia
146 POSS2022000000064345 Simon Sunday Ameh Benue Ogbadibo PhD France
147 POSS2022000000064269 Kohol Valentine Iornav Benue Vandeikya PhD Germany
148 POSS2022000000074927 Sylvester Ogbe Sule Benue Oturkpo PhD France
149 POSS2022000000056123 Livinus Ogbu Ujoh Benue Ado PhD Malaysia
150 POSS2022000000061588 Sunday Abraham Ogwuche Benue Ogbadibo PhD Germany
151 POSS2022000000073144 Felix Akaanger Orsar Benue Gboko PhD France
152 POSS2022000000051530 SAMUEL TERUNGWA GBANOR Benue Vandeikya PhD France
153 POSS2022000000070106 BENARD ALECHENU Benue Ohimini PhD Germany
154 POSS2022000000072091 Kondu Kizito Abulabul Benue Konshisha PhD Germany
155 POSS2022000000066998 Solomon Orduen Yese Benue Gwer West PhD Germany
156 POSS2022000000052563 MUSA Baba LAWAN Borno Hawul PhD Malaysia
157 POSS2022000000070334 Bitrus Duhu Yunana Borno Askira/Uba PhD Malaysia
158 POSS2022000000050776 MBITSA KITHA Borno Gwoza PhD Malaysia
159 POSS2022000000056920 Sadiq Abdullahi Waziri Borno Konduga PhD Malaysia
160 POSS2022000000068656 BABA UMAR ABBA MUSTAPHA Borno Maiduguri PhD Malaysia
161 POSS2022000000075270 Yahaya Bashir Shettima Borno Marte PhD Malaysia
162 POSS2022000000073275 Abba Abiso Abubakar Borno Jere PhD France
163 POSS2022000000049262 Mohammed Lawan Maina Borno Mafa PhD Malaysia
164 POSS2022000000061746 Aliyu Isa Borno Biu PhD Malaysia
165 POSS2022000000072256 Baba Shehu Kolo Borno Maiduguri PhD Malaysia
166 POSS2022000000050076 KAKA MODU Borno Maiduguri PhD Malaysia
167 POSS2022000000060547 DAHIRU IBRAHIM Borno Biu PhD Malaysia
168 POSS2022000000050726 Ahmed Umar Ali Borno Ngala PhD Malaysia
169 POSS2022000000053423 ALIYU NGULDE BUBA Borno Askira/Uba PhD Malaysia
170 POSS2022000000072482 UMAR MAI BIU Borno Biu PhD Malaysia
171 POSS2022000000054727 Mohammed Mustapha Borno Bama PhD Malaysia
172 POSS2022000000054364 HUSSAINI GARBA Borno Shani PhD Malaysia
173 POSS2022000000067401 Abdullahi Garba Jakwa Borno Biu PhD Malaysia
174 POSS2022000000070558 Mustapha Mohammed Karagama Borno Konduga PhD Malaysia
175 POSS2022000000052999 Baba Sadiq Borno Maiduguri PhD Germany
176 POSS2022000000058901 Usman Ali Borno Gwoza PhD Malaysia
177 POSS2022000000053199 Abubakar Sadiq Aliyu Borno Kwaya Kusar PhD France
178 POSS2022000000053446 Abdullahi Abubakar Borno Biu PhD Malaysia
179 POSS2022000000050528 Jibril Ali Zangina Borno Maiduguri PhD Malaysia
180 POSS2022000000071275 Muhammad Muhammad Borno Gubio PhD Malaysia
181 POSS2022000000063689 SULEMAN MODU Borno Askira/Uba PhD Malaysia
182 POSS2022000000049542 Mohammed Ali Zanna Borno Maiduguri PhD Germany
183 POSS2022000000071378 UMAR MAKINTA Borno Kaga PhD Germany
184 POSS2022000000055785 Habib Mohammed Imam Borno Jere PhD Malaysia
185 POSS2022000000074124 Adamu Shehu Timta Borno Gwoza PhD Germany
186 POSS2022000000075131 Ceasar Emmanuel Eko Cross River Biase PhD France
187 POSS2022000000069461 Providence Betelwhobel Ashishie Cross River Obudu PhD Germany
188 POSS2022000000061086 PAUL BETIANG ANYIN Cross River Obanliku PhD France
189 POSS2022000000069467 Emmanuel Etim Cross River Calabar Municipal PhD Malaysia
190 POSS2022000000072188 PETER NGA ASSI Cross River Ogoja PhD Malaysia
191 POSS2022000000072613 Ambrose Imbuo Agba Cross River Obudu PhD France
192 POSS2022000000050486 GODWIN EKUNKE ODOR Cross River Obudu PhD Germany
193 POSS2022000000073389 Okokon Edet Bassey Cross River Bakassi PhD Germany
194 POSS2022000000063653 CYBALA VINCENT AKPA Cross River Abi PhD France
195 POSS2022000000057951 Ushie Moses Awusha Cross River Bekwarra PhD Malaysia
196 POSS2022000000070158 Godfrey Ofono Abang Cross River Boki PhD Germany
197 POSS2022000000058042 Covenant Ije Egbaji Cross River Bekwarra PhD Malaysia
198 POSS2022000000058538 JOSEPH ODEY Cross River Bekwarra PhD France
199 POSS2022000000067056 SOLOMON OKPOLUA DICK Delta Ethiope West PhD Germany
200 POSS2022000000050677 UBIDO OYEM EMMANUEL Delta Ukwuani PhD France
201 POSS2022000000061641 Josephine Obiageli Okocha Delta Aniocha South PhD Malaysia
202 POSS2022000000056946 Jonathan Odafe Eveso Delta Isoko South PhD France
203 POSS2022000000062243 EMMANUEL CHUKWUJINDU OJUYENUM Delta Ndokwa West PhD Germany
204 POSS2022000000056210 PROMISE OGHENEVWEDE IKPURI Delta Warri South PhD Germany
205 POSS2022000000061414 LEMUEL ONORIODE ADOMI Delta Ughelli South PhD Germany
206 POSS2022000000071263 Destiny Onyebuchi Ochakpor Delta Ndokwa West PhD Malaysia
207 POSS2022000000071510 Godsent Oliseh Olie Delta Ndokwa West PhD France
208 POSS2022000000065730 VICTOR ALI MENTA Delta Ughelli North PhD Malaysia
209 POSS2022000000071561 EMOYOMA OGHENEOVOH UDI Delta Ethiope East PhD Germany
210 POSS2022000000063030 Chukwuemeka Osakpolo Nwaokolo Delta Aniocha South PhD Germany
211 POSS2022000000054609 Okwudili David Obi-Ijeh Delta Aniocha North PhD Germany
212 POSS2022000000068834 Onyenenue Destiny Osuya Delta Ukwuani PhD France
213 POSS2022000000072021 Pius Onoriode Ekere Delta Ughelli South PhD Germany
214 POSS2022000000066261 Jeremiah Ochei Alika Delta Ika North East PhD Germany
215 POSS2022000000054451 Charles Uchechukwu Nwanekah Delta Ndokwa East PhD Germany
216 POSS2022000000062026 Alvin Orisedavweji Forteta Delta Burutu PhD Malaysia
217 POSS2022000000074914 Anthony Ijeoma Nwaobi Delta Aniocha North PhD Germany
218 POSS2022000000061093 CHUKS Augustine OSSAI Delta Ndokwa East PhD Germany
219 POSS2022000000068897 Tongha Mary Ekwu Delta Bomadi PhD Germany
220 POSS2022000000067675 Obruche Kennedy Erienu Delta Isoko South PhD France
221 POSS2022000000066621 Omoefe Siakpere Delta Warri South West PhD France
222 POSS2022000000066406 Charles Owigho Smart Delta Isoko North PhD Malaysia
223 POSS2022000000070481 Vincent Happy Ogwugwa Delta Ndokwa West PhD Malaysia
224 POSS2022000000061192 Nnaemeka Caleb Aluu Ebonyi Afikpo North PhD France
225 POSS2022000000074410 Eziafakaego Mercy Ibo Ebonyi Ivo PhD France
226 POSS2022000000075176 Samuel Ogbonna Akuma Ebonyi Onicha PhD Malaysia
227 POSS2022000000050534 Anayochukwu Chukwudi Njoku Ebonyi Ohaozara PhD France
228 POSS2022000000055015 CHIDIEBERE SAMPSON EZENKWA Ebonyi Izzi PhD Malaysia
229 POSS2022000000070759 ONU EMMANUEL CHUKWU Ebonyi Ohaozara PhD Malaysia
230 POSS2022000000058251 Bernadette Uche Ukah Ebonyi Ivo PhD France
231 POSS2022000000053602 Anthony Maduka Elechi Ebonyi Afikpo North PhD Germany
232 POSS2022000000074655 OSAHON SAMUEL USEN Edo Oredo PhD Germany
233 POSS2022000000056010 Richard Odiase Okosodo Edo Igueben PhD Germany
234 POSS2022000000070051 JOSHUA AHUROME ESEIGBE Edo Owan East PhD Malaysia
235 POSS2022000000057407 Efemenah Endurance Idohen Edo Ovia South-West PhD France
236 POSS2022000000065715 Joseph Jonathan Igbinedion Edo Uhunmwonde PhD Germany
237 POSS2022000000058613 Daniel Iramofu Amune Edo Akoko-Edo PhD Germany
238 POSS2022000000061054 Nathaniel Ovabor Edo Esan South-East PhD Malaysia
239 POSS2022000000054452 Charles Omonkhobhioria Enahoro Edo Esan Central PhD Germany
240 POSS2022000000065894 OSAMUDIAMEN BENJAMIN ENADEGHE Edo Uhunmwonde PhD France
241 POSS2022000000072721 Ojeaga Evans Imanah Edo Owan East PhD Germany
242 POSS2022000000053051 ABDULHAKEEM SULEIMAN Edo Owan East PhD Germany
243 POSS2022000000063482 GODSDAY IDANEGBE USIABULU Edo Esan Central PhD France
244 POSS2022000000073420 Anthony Idemudia Ewah Edo Esan North-East PhD Malaysia
245 POSS2022000000061856 CHARLES ULIUKHIFO OMOHIMORIA Edo Esan Central PhD Malaysia
246 POSS2022000000072054 VICTOR EHIGIMETOR BELLO Edo Esan Central PhD Malaysia
247 POSS2022000000066612 Marvel Osalugwe Ehiosun Edo Esan West PhD France
248 POSS2022000000051986 Prosper Monday-Ohien Ikhazuangbe Edo Owan East PhD Malaysia
249 POSS2022000000052557 Osas Graham ERHABOR Edo Orhionmwon PhD Germany
250 POSS2022000000058594 Peter Osazuwa Obasuyi Edo Egor PhD Germany
251 POSS2022000000068860 OSASUYI COLLINS OGEDEGBE Edo Uhunmwonde PhD Germany
252 POSS2022000000068563 Iyobosa Michael Igbinedion Edo Egor PhD France
253 POSS2022000000074374 TOSE EHIAREKHIAN OZIEGBE Edo Esan West PhD Germany
254 POSS2022000000066064 Sunday David Alegbe Edo Akoko-Edo PhD France
255 POSS2022000000062333 Emmanuel Osiewundo Ojo Edo Akoko-Edo PhD Malaysia
256 POSS2022000000067701 Oladapo Tolulope Ibitoye Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun PhD Germany
257 POSS2022000000062683 Kazim Omotayo Suleman Ekiti Ekiti East PhD Malaysia
258 POSS2022000000049996 Oluwaseun Emmanuel Olaleye Ekiti Oye PhD France
259 POSS2022000000058754 Oluwatoyin Emmanuel Aina Ekiti Moba PhD France
260 POSS2022000000074828 Olumide Adeola Adeosun Ekiti Ido Osi PhD Germany
261 POSS2022000000073694 Edith Osinachi Longe Ekiti Ikole PhD France
262 POSS2022000000069537 SUNDAY MATTHEW ABATAN Ekiti Oye PhD Germany
263 POSS2022000000069658 OLUSOLA OLABODE ADALUMO Ekiti Ikole PhD France
264 POSS2022000000055146 Mary Adefunke Idowu Ekiti Ado Ekiti PhD France
265 POSS2022000000072529 OLUWASEUN SOLOMON FAMILUA Ekiti Ido Osi PhD France
266 POSS2022000000069174 Ademola babatope Adebayo Ekiti Ikole PhD Malaysia
267 POSS2022000000064559 Ayodele Babatomiwa Oluwaropo Ekiti Gbonyin PhD France
268 POSS2022000000059199 AYODEJI ALABI Ekiti Ise/Orun PhD Germany
269 POSS2022000000065285 Adetokunbo Ademola Falade Ekiti Ado Ekiti PhD France
270 POSS2022000000072993 Abidemi Oreoluwa Filani Ekiti Ikole PhD France
271 POSS2022000000070704 Joshua Ebuka Chukwu Enugu Nkanu West PhD France
272 POSS2022000000070431 Chukwuemerie Victor Ayogu Enugu Igbo Eze North PhD Germany
273 POSS2022000000059380 Johnson Monday  Onuorah Nnamani Enugu Isi Uzo PhD France
274 POSS2022000000063407 Emenike Christian Ugwuagbo Enugu Nsukka PhD Germany
275 POSS2022000000052623 CHIMANKPAM KENNETH EZUGWU Enugu Udenu PhD Germany
276 POSS2022000000064031 Kenneth Ugochukwu Agbo Enugu Nsukka PhD Germany
277 POSS2022000000067629 Felix Chimezie Udechukwu Enugu Nkanu West PhD France
278 POSS2022000000057677 Chukwuemeka Paul Isiwu Enugu Nsukka PhD Malaysia
279 POSS2022000000072547 UDOKA Val Hyginus EZE Enugu Igbo Eze South PhD Malaysia
280 POSS2022000000069365 Nkiruka Jacinta Ogbodo Enugu Nkanu West PhD France
281 POSS2022000000074930 Charles Chijike Enyi Enugu Udi PhD France
282 POSS2022000000071777 Desmond Ejikeme Evurani Enugu Nsukka PhD Germany
283 POSS2022000000056097 Vitalis Maduka Omeche Enugu Udi PhD Germany
284 POSS2022000000072099 KINGSLEY AMECHI ANI Enugu Ezeagu PhD France
285 POSS2022000000060063 MICHAEL OKECHUKWU EZEA Enugu Nsukka PhD Germany
286 POSS2022000000064229 UCHECHUKWU CHINWE NEBO Enugu Udi PhD Germany
287 POSS2022000000056569 Reuben Samuel Diarah Enugu Uzo Uwani PhD Malaysia
288 POSS2022000000049782 Chioma Lovette Emehel Enugu Udi PhD Germany
289 POSS2022000000056863 Salsabila Mohammad Wali FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council PhD Germany
290 POSS2022000000057127 Abdulmumuni Ozigi Aliyu FCT Abuja Kuje PhD Germany
291 POSS2022000000058006 ABDULMUMINI YAKUBU MUSAH FCT Abuja Gwagwalada PhD Malaysia
292 POSS2022000000053688 Ahmad Ibrahim FCT Abuja Abaji PhD Malaysia
293 POSS2022000000060514 Ibrahim Khalil Mukhtar FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council PhD Germany
294 POSS2022000000075138 JEPHTHAH J. TUKURA FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council PhD France
295 POSS2022000000063761 Michael Moses Aba FCT Abuja Kwali PhD France
296 POSS2022000000068283 Usman Anuhi Zubair FCT Abuja Kwali PhD Germany
297 POSS2022000000066103 ADEJO SULEIMAN MOHAMMED FCT Abuja Gwagwalada PhD Germany
298 POSS2022000000062246 Christopher Gambo FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council PhD France
299 POSS2022000000049388 Fadila Adamu Gombe Gombe PhD France
300 POSS2022000000072744 Mohammed Bello Suleiman Gombe Gombe PhD Germany
301 POSS2022000000049967 Abubakar Saidu Gombe Yamaltu/Deba PhD Malaysia
302 POSS2022000000066052 Adamu Sani Abubakar Gombe Dukku PhD Malaysia
303 POSS2022000000054545 DALHA AUWALU Gombe Gombe PhD Germany
304 POSS2022000000064185 LUKMAN SHIJI SADIQ Gombe Kaltungo PhD Malaysia
305 POSS2022000000053907 Sani Lamido Inuwa Gombe Gombe PhD Malaysia
306 POSS2022000000067627 Sadiq Tukur Gombe Dukku PhD Malaysia
307 POSS2022000000063153 Muhammad Abdulwaheed Gombe Yamaltu/Deba PhD Germany
308 POSS2022000000056142 Jamaludeen Sambo Gombe Akko PhD Malaysia
309 POSS2022000000071833 Jacob Baro Yohanna Gombe Yamaltu/Deba PhD France
310 POSS2022000000054418 Bala Sabo Gombe Akko PhD Malaysia
311 POSS2022000000074747 Yahaya Umar Usman Gombe Funakaye PhD Malaysia
312 POSS2022000000069362 Nurudeen Yusuf Gombe Kwami PhD France
313 POSS2022000000064540 Abdulazeez Abdulrahman Gombe Akko PhD Malaysia
314 POSS2022000000061052 Abdulaziz Hashidu Shehu Gombe Dukku PhD Malaysia
315 POSS2022000000055466 Jarumi Akila Mangey Gombe Shongom PhD Malaysia
316 POSS2022000000059412 Murtala Mohammed Hassan Gombe Gombe PhD Malaysia
317 POSS2022000000058481 Yohanna Yerima Williams Gombe Shongom PhD Germany
318 POSS2022000000068110 Mukkafa Shehu Gombe Gombe PhD Malaysia
319 POSS2022000000049061 SHUAIBU MUHAMMAD Gombe Akko PhD Malaysia
320 POSS2022000000067831 Yusuf Ardo Gombe Funakaye PhD Malaysia
321 POSS2022000000064690 Kabiru Adamu Gombe Yamaltu/Deba PhD Germany
322 POSS2022000000064813 SANUSI ABUBAKAR Gombe Kwami PhD Malaysia
323 POSS2022000000066232 MU’AZU JIBRIN MUSA Gombe Kwami PhD Malaysia
324 POSS2022000000070955 ALIYU MUHAMMAD JUNGUDO Gombe Funakaye PhD Malaysia
325 POSS2022000000064634 Emmanuel Yila Yusuf Gombe Billiri PhD Malaysia
326 POSS2022000000061399 Tahir Mohammed Gombe Yamaltu/Deba PhD Germany
327 POSS2022000000067231 Abdullahi Yakubu Yerima Gombe Kwami PhD Malaysia
328 POSS2022000000070387 Elhuseini Garba Gombe Gombe PhD Malaysia
329 POSS2022000000075223 Abdulrasheed Adamu Hassan Gombe Yamaltu/Deba PhD Malaysia
330 POSS2022000000060410 Abubakar Muhammad Gombe Gombe PhD Germany
331 POSS2022000000049003 Jibrin Yelwa Muhammad Gombe Gombe PhD Germany
332 POSS2022000000052145 JAMILU WAZIRI USMAN Gombe Kwami PhD Malaysia
333 POSS2022000000074463 Samuel Saleh Gombe Kaltungo PhD Malaysia
334 POSS2022000000073467 ABDULRAHMAN ABDULKAREEM GARBA Gombe Gombe PhD Malaysia
335 POSS2022000000074851 USMAN JAURO ABUBAKAR Gombe Gombe PhD Malaysia
336 POSS2022000000060907 CHINEMEREM EDMOND OBI Imo Njaba PhD France
337 POSS2022000000052716 Chidubem Okwudiri Emedo Imo Unuimo PhD Germany
338 POSS2022000000062040 Emmanuel Chidi Ibekwe Imo Isiala Mbano PhD France
339 POSS2022000000061497 Kingsley Kelechi Ihekoronye Imo Ngor Okpala PhD Malaysia
340 POSS2022000000067806 Ezechukwu Sanctus Anosike Imo Njaba PhD Germany
341 POSS2022000000056519 Mercy Amaechi Imo Ezinihitte PhD Germany
342 POSS2022000000052647 kingsley chiemela nwokocha Imo Mbaitoli PhD Germany
343 POSS2022000000067040 Elizabeth Uchechi Anuforo Imo Aboh Mbaise PhD Germany
344 POSS2022000000066917 Reginald Ekene Ogu Imo Ngor Okpala PhD France
345 POSS2022000000055772 Chukwuemeka Lucky Ihemaguba Imo Mbaitoli PhD Germany
346 POSS2022000000071822 Chinazo Francis Ejeke Imo Oguta PhD France
347 POSS2022000000049688 Nelson Chinaka Ayajuru Imo Ideato South PhD France
348 POSS2022000000075421 Apollos Chinonso Ezeogu Imo Obowo PhD Germany
349 POSS2022000000049314 EBUKA VALENTINE UMEH Imo Ideato North PhD France
350 POSS2022000000069457 UGOCHUKWU STEPHEN UGWUDI Imo Ngor Okpala PhD France
351 POSS2022000000055596 DENNIS EMEKA OHAJI Imo Mbaitoli PhD Malaysia
352 POSS2022000000075195 UCHENNA CHIJIOKE NWOKENKWO Imo Ehime Mbano PhD France
353 POSS2022000000054055 Amarachi Chinonso Ohiaeri Imo Nwangele PhD France
354 POSS2022000000049410 PRINCE CHINONSO NNADOZIE Imo Ehime Mbano PhD Germany
355 POSS2022000000056907 Chinedum EMMANUEL Amaechi Imo Nkwerre PhD France
356 POSS2022000000068014 Ikenna George Iheanacho Imo Isu PhD Germany
357 POSS2022000000073411 Paul Paulinus Duru Imo Ideato South PhD Malaysia
358 POSS2022000000064077 Okechukwu Charles Josephat Imo Oru East PhD Germany
359 POSS2022000000075119 Michael Chukwudi Olelewe Imo Ahiazu Mbaise PhD Germany
360 POSS2022000000074353 Samuel Anthony Chukwu Imo Aboh Mbaise PhD Germany
361 POSS2022000000068534 ACQUINE AKUDO ONWUKWE Imo Ezinihitte PhD Malaysia
362 POSS2022000000069311 CHRISTIAN ONYEWUCHI NJOKU Imo Mbaitoli PhD Germany
363 POSS2022000000063683 Uzoma Samuel Nwigwe Imo Ehime Mbano PhD Malaysia
364 POSS2022000000050760 ABDULMUTALLIB ALHASSAN Jigawa Sule Tankarkar PhD France
365 POSS2022000000061628 Auwalu Aliyu Jigawa Dutse PhD Malaysia
366 POSS2022000000060848 MARYAM HALADU ZANGOMA Jigawa Kafin Hausa PhD Malaysia
367 POSS2022000000050075 Uba Yusuf Magaji Jigawa Roni PhD Malaysia
368 POSS2022000000051162 Yusuf Yahaya Isa Jigawa Dutse PhD France
369 POSS2022000000065668 NAZIRU SALEH Jigawa Birnin Kudu PhD Malaysia
370 POSS2022000000049946 Nura Ibrahim Suleman Jigawa Gwiwa PhD Malaysia
371 POSS2022000000051052 USMAN TIJJANI ABDULLAHI Jigawa Ringim PhD Germany
372 POSS2022000000072282 IDRITH AHMED YUSIF Jigawa Gwaram PhD Malaysia
373 POSS2022000000054721 Ali Garba Danjani Jigawa Hadejia PhD Malaysia
374 POSS2022000000066348 Hamisu Ismail Ahmad Jigawa Jahun PhD Malaysia
375 POSS2022000000064820 HASSAN ADAMU Jigawa Hadejia PhD Malaysia
376 POSS2022000000050647 Ahmad Yahya Zakari Jigawa Kazaure PhD Malaysia
377 POSS2022000000065743 Mustapha Yahaya Jigawa Gwaram PhD Malaysia
378 POSS2022000000052662 JAMILU MADAKI Jigawa Dutse PhD Malaysia
379 POSS2022000000057916 Hamza Mansur Jigawa Dutse PhD Malaysia
380 POSS2022000000069394 Kabiru Garba Ibrahim Jigawa Birnin Kudu PhD Malaysia
381 POSS2022000000067568 ALHAJI AHMAD ZUBAIRU Jigawa Jahun PhD Malaysia
382 POSS2022000000050725 ABDULRASHEED DAUDA BASHIR Jigawa Malam Madori PhD Malaysia
383 POSS2022000000061391 Ahmad Idris Muhammad Jigawa Hadejia PhD Malaysia
384 POSS2022000000057539 Aliyu Galadi Alhassan Jigawa Maigatari PhD Germany
385 POSS2022000000072775 Surajo Umar Muhammad Jigawa Dutse PhD Malaysia
386 POSS2022000000072324 Mubarak Yakubu Kaduna Kaduna North PhD France
387 POSS2022000000074387 Samson Isaac Kaduna Jema’a PhD Malaysia
388 POSS2022000000062761 Kenneth Banenchet John Kaduna Kaduna South PhD Germany
389 POSS2022000000062140 YAHAYA ALIYU Kaduna Zaria PhD Germany
390 POSS2022000000067780 ASMAU NASIR ZAKARI Kaduna Kaduna South PhD Malaysia
391 POSS2022000000056567 Abubakar Musa Ahmad Kaduna Kaduna North PhD Germany
392 POSS2022000000049339 MUHAMMAD MUSA Kaduna Kaduna South PhD Germany
393 POSS2022000000074852 Muhammad Kabir Salihu Kaduna Ikara PhD Malaysia
394 POSS2022000000060985 Yusuf Abubakar Kaduna Zaria PhD Malaysia
395 POSS2022000000065734 Nura Bello Kaduna Zaria PhD Malaysia
396 POSS2022000000066374 Ismail Rabiu Kaduna Zaria PhD Germany
397 POSS2022000000050957 Abubakar Isah Kaduna Birnin Gwari PhD Malaysia
398 POSS2022000000068951 Safiya Yakubu Kaduna Kaduna North PhD Germany
399 POSS2022000000049515 Muhammad Aliyu Kaduna Kubau PhD Malaysia
400 POSS2022000000051294 MUHAMMAD SHEHU BALARABE Kaduna Kudan PhD Malaysia
401 POSS2022000000074179 Aliyu Muhammad Kufena Kaduna Zaria PhD Malaysia
402 POSS2022000000070998 Bilkisu Danjuma Kaduna Kaduna North PhD Malaysia
403 POSS2022000000061140 Ephraim Moses Gagas Kaduna Lere PhD France
404 POSS2022000000071769 Mustapha Jama’a Garba Kaduna Makarfi PhD Malaysia
405 POSS2022000000071239 Gilbert George Kaduna Zaria PhD Germany
406 POSS2022000000074255 Hussaini Ashafa Musa Kaduna Zangon Kataf PhD Malaysia
407 POSS2022000000066432 MARYAM MUSTAPHA Kaduna Kaduna North PhD Germany
408 POSS2022000000067041 Abdulwasiu Abdurrahman Kaduna Zaria PhD Malaysia
409 POSS2022000000061651 Ahmed Abubakar Aliyu Kaduna Zaria PhD France
410 POSS2022000000063021 Auwal Jaji Aliyu Kaduna Igabi PhD Malaysia
411 POSS2022000000072383 Abdullahi Yahaya Kaduna Ikara PhD Malaysia
412 POSS2022000000060661 Mustapha Abdullahi Kaduna Sabon Gari PhD Malaysia
413 POSS2022000000073279 Abdulshakur Mukhtar Mahmud Kaduna Sabon Gari PhD Malaysia
414 POSS2022000000060170 Jamilu Yahaya Kaduna Giwa PhD Germany
415 POSS2022000000070944 Abednego Leo Stephen Kaduna Kagarko PhD Germany
416 POSS2022000000063443 Patience Bello Shamaki Kaduna Jaba PhD France
417 POSS2022000000049105 Ismail Lawal Kaduna Kaduna North PhD France
418 POSS2022000000067140 Aminu Dabo Abdul-Hadi Kaduna Zaria PhD Germany
419 POSS2022000000053811 Aminu Mukhtar Muhammad Kaduna Zaria PhD Malaysia
420 POSS2022000000058060 Zakka Augustine Kaduna Kaduna South PhD Germany
421 POSS2022000000059546 Abdulmalik Adamu Kaduna Kajuru PhD Germany
422 POSS2022000000069196 Abdullahi Sule Tanko Kaduna Zaria PhD Malaysia
423 POSS2022000000050690 Abdulrazaq Suleiman Ibrahim Kaduna Zaria PhD Malaysia
424 POSS2022000000066683 Meshack Bosan Bala Kaduna Zangon Kataf PhD Malaysia
425 POSS2022000000050981 Emmanuel Didam Abba Kaduna Kaura PhD Malaysia
426 POSS2022000000071207 Mansur Suleiman Kaduna Kubau PhD Germany
427 POSS2022000000071703 Julius Nyabvou Patrick Kaduna Zangon Kataf PhD Germany
428 POSS2022000000071359 Paul Ibrahim Kaduna Zangon Kataf PhD Germany
429 POSS2022000000063192 Bashir Mato Umar Kano Bichi PhD Germany
430 POSS2022000000058959 Mahadi Sani Danjuma Kano Dala PhD Germany
431 POSS2022000000066687 Abdulaziz Bello Kano Bebeji PhD Malaysia
432 POSS2022000000056062 Nasiru Salihu Kano Nasarawa PhD Malaysia
433 POSS2022000000057707 SUKAIRAJ HAFIZ IMAM Kano Kano Municipal PhD Germany
434 POSS2022000000071938 HAMZA MUSTAPHA Kano Fagge PhD France
435 POSS2022000000071493 NURA IBRAHIM Kano Nasarawa PhD Germany
436 POSS2022000000073338 AMINU MUSA LIMAN Kano Nasarawa PhD Malaysia
437 POSS2022000000050699 MUHAMMAD ADAMU Kano Gaya PhD Malaysia
438 POSS2022000000065097 Abubakar Isah Kano Doguwa PhD Malaysia
439 POSS2022000000051595 Muhammad Muhammad Suleiman Kano Dawakin Kudu PhD Germany
440 POSS2022000000065463 AUWAL Musa ALHASSAN Kano Fagge PhD Malaysia
441 POSS2022000000071125 MAHMUD ABBA IBRAHIM Kano Dawakin Tofa PhD Malaysia
442 POSS2022000000074711 Maryam Musa Idris Kano Garko PhD Germany
443 POSS2022000000055077 Abdulhameed Ado Osi Kano Wudil PhD Germany
444 POSS2022000000069011 Sulaiman Balarabe Kano Dawakin Kudu PhD Germany
445 POSS2022000000063126 Salihu Isa Muhammad Kano Nasarawa PhD Malaysia
446 POSS2022000000073781 MUSA AHMED ABUBAKAR Kano Gwale PhD Malaysia
447 POSS2022000000050785 Abdulrahman Musa Garba Kano Kano Municipal PhD Malaysia
448 POSS2022000000066804 RUFAI ZAKARI YUSUF Kano Warawa PhD Malaysia
449 POSS2022000000072184 Usman Aliyu Magaji Kano Tarauni PhD Malaysia
450 POSS2022000000070191 Salim Muhammad Alhassan Kano Tarauni PhD Malaysia
451 POSS2022000000071354 Abdulazeez Muhammad Ahmad Kano Kumbotso PhD Malaysia
452 POSS2022000000068965 Zainab Musa Magaji Kano Gwale PhD Malaysia
453 POSS2022000000060129 AMINU AMINU HUSSEIN Kano Kano Municipal PhD Malaysia
454 POSS2022000000074561 YUSUF IDRIS Kano Bichi PhD Malaysia
455 POSS2022000000059916 HAUWA SANI BELLO Kano Kano Municipal PhD Malaysia
456 POSS2022000000074079 Tahir Ahmad Abdulqadir Kano Kano Municipal PhD Malaysia
457 POSS2022000000054809 MAHMUD SULAIMAN MODIBBO Kano Gezawa PhD Germany
458 POSS2022000000071150 Mubarak Musa Salihu Kano Kunchi PhD Germany
459 POSS2022000000069726 ABBA MUSA HASSAN Kano Rano PhD Malaysia
460 POSS2022000000049385 TUKUR SANI GADANYA Kano Bagwai PhD Malaysia
461 POSS2022000000049653 MUJAHID SANI NURA Kano Rimin Gado PhD Malaysia
462 POSS2022000000071022 MUHAMMAD YUSUF ISAH Kano Nasarawa PhD France
463 POSS2022000000050281 MUHAMMAD SANI MUHAMMAD Kano Nasarawa PhD France
464 POSS2022000000066422 ZAINAB LAWAL GWADABE Kano Kano Municipal PhD Malaysia
465 POSS2022000000063520 MUDASSIR UMAR ALI Kano Tarauni PhD Malaysia
466 POSS2022000000050402 Mubarak Usman Mahmoud Kano Fagge PhD Malaysia
467 POSS2022000000056366 Usman Hassan Muhammad Kano Kano Municipal PhD Germany
468 POSS2022000000062553 BELLO SULEIMAN MUHAMMAD Kano Gwale PhD Germany
469 POSS2022000000067470 SHUAIBU MUSA ADAM Kano Wudil PhD Germany
470 POSS2022000000073403 Saifullahi Dankaka Mustapha Kano Gwale PhD France
471 POSS2022000000052742 Faisal Balarabe Kano Wudil PhD France
472 POSS2022000000066376 Muhammad Rabiu Yusuf Kano Gwale PhD Germany
473 POSS2022000000067626 NASIR SADI SIRAJO Kano Gwale PhD Malaysia
474 POSS2022000000072409 Musbahu Aminu Abdullahi Kano Kano Municipal PhD France
475 POSS2022000000071460 Musa Ibrahim Bello Kano Dambatta PhD France
476 POSS2022000000051900 IBRAHEEM Muazzam AHMAD Kano Kibiya PhD Malaysia
477 POSS2022000000059257 Abdurrazak Muhammad Kano Kumbotso PhD Malaysia
478 POSS2022000000073887 Muhammad Dahir Ahmad Kano Nasarawa PhD France
479 POSS2022000000073022 KABIRU ABDULLAHI FAROUK Kano Nasarawa PhD Malaysia
480 POSS2022000000073203 Murtala Mohammed Kano Fagge PhD Malaysia
481 POSS2022000000054205 Nuraddeen Mohd Suleiman Kano Fagge PhD Germany
482 POSS2022000000052227 Suleiman Bala Sani Kano Gwale PhD Malaysia
483 POSS2022000000074122 YAU SHEHU USMAN Kano Sumaila PhD Malaysia
484 POSS2022000000053042 TURADO ABUBAKAR SURAJO Kano Nasarawa PhD France
485 POSS2022000000072572 Aminu Kankia Bashir Katsina Kankia PhD Germany
486 POSS2022000000056316 Muhammad Abubakar Katsina Mai’Adua PhD Malaysia
487 POSS2022000000057656 ZAHARADDEEN SANI Katsina Daura PhD Germany
488 POSS2022000000066309 Hamza Yusuf Katsina Bindawa PhD Germany
489 POSS2022000000055133 Sani Kado Katsina Batagarawa PhD Malaysia
490 POSS2022000000071929 Rabiu Aminu Katsina Malumfashi PhD Malaysia
491 POSS2022000000060809 Jamilu Suleiman Katsina Katsina PhD Malaysia
492 POSS2022000000064692 LADIFA BARAU MUHAMMAD Katsina Katsina PhD Malaysia
493 POSS2022000000075493 YUSUF RABE Katsina Zango PhD Malaysia
494 POSS2022000000070959 Mustapha Sani Katsina Kaita PhD Malaysia
495 POSS2022000000062459 SHITU ABUBAKAR Katsina Bindawa PhD Malaysia
496 POSS2022000000051747 Shamsu Abdullahi Katsina Dutsin Ma PhD Malaysia
497 POSS2022000000051532 ABUBAKAR SADIQ TANKO Katsina Mai’Adua PhD Germany
498 POSS2022000000062510 Aliyu Mani Umar Katsina Mani PhD Germany
499 POSS2022000000050405 UMAR ABDULLAHI SABIU Katsina Mani PhD Germany
500 POSS2022000000075318 ABDULSALAM MUHAMMAD Katsina Daura PhD Malaysia
501 POSS2022000000054169 Ishaq Ibrahim Katsina Kankara PhD Malaysia
502 POSS2022000000057749 Shamsuddeen Yahaya Katsina Ingawa PhD France
503 POSS2022000000065673 Muhammad Kabir Katsina Katsina PhD Germany
504 POSS2022000000070604 KABIR ALIYU ABUBAKAR Katsina Mashi PhD Malaysia
505 POSS2022000000058146 IBRAHIM MUHAMMED Katsina Charanchi PhD Malaysia
506 POSS2022000000063745 Mannir Dahiru Usman Katsina Malumfashi PhD Malaysia
507 POSS2022000000053525 AMINU ABDULLAHI Katsina Kankia PhD Malaysia
508 POSS2022000000060806 ABUBAKAR MANSIR Katsina Katsina PhD Malaysia
509 POSS2022000000070619 Fatima Abdurrahman Galadanchi Katsina Katsina PhD Malaysia
510 POSS2022000000063498 Aminu Aliyu Katsina Dutsin Ma PhD Malaysia
511 POSS2022000000053212 HAMISU NASIRU Katsina Malumfashi PhD Germany
512 POSS2022000000065091 Mujahid Yusuf Katsina Funtua PhD Malaysia
513 POSS2022000000067919 Mansur Dabai Salisu Katsina Danja PhD Germany
514 POSS2022000000054514 MANNIR BELLO Katsina Kurfi PhD Malaysia
515 POSS2022000000074888 Suleiman Kabir Katsina Katsina PhD Germany
516 POSS2022000000049549 Nasir Kabir Katsina Malumfashi PhD Germany
517 POSS2022000000056484 Abdullahi Aliyu Katsina Mai’Adua PhD Malaysia
518 POSS2022000000073913 MUJITTABA BATURE Katsina Katsina PhD Malaysia
519 POSS2022000000066961 MOHAMMED HASSAN MANSUR Katsina Katsina PhD Germany
520 POSS2022000000060741 Hadiza Yusuf Katsina Katsina PhD Malaysia
521 POSS2022000000074209 Salim Charanchi Abubakar Katsina Charanchi PhD Germany
522 POSS2022000000065068 Muhammad Kabir Abdullahi Katsina Charanchi PhD Malaysia
523 POSS2022000000070489 Muhammad Muntasir Yakubu Katsina Daura PhD Malaysia
524 POSS2022000000051724 ABUBAKAR DALHAT Katsina Kurfi PhD France
525 POSS2022000000067158 ABDULLAHI ABUKUR ABBA Katsina Rimi PhD Germany
526 POSS2022000000054042 Hassan Musa Katsina Faskari PhD Germany
527 POSS2022000000055264 Mannir Salisu Katsina Malumfashi PhD Malaysia
528 POSS2022000000052938 ALIYU SURAJO Katsina Kankia PhD Malaysia
529 POSS2022000000060837 Suleiman Abdullahi Katsina Jibia PhD Malaysia
530 POSS2022000000068505 Abidina Bello Katsina Katsina PhD Malaysia
531 POSS2022000000049064 Abubakar Sadiq Abdullahi Katsina Funtua PhD Malaysia
532 POSS2022000000064957 MUSA KATSAYAL BAKO Katsina Sandamu PhD Malaysia
533 POSS2022000000049395 ABDULHAKEEM NURUDEEN Katsina Jibia PhD Malaysia
534 POSS2022000000056753 Abubakar Muhammad Katsina Zango PhD Malaysia
535 POSS2022000000057054 BELLO AYUBA Katsina Katsina PhD Germany
536 POSS2022000000074183 MANNIR IBRAHIM Katsina Daura PhD Malaysia
537 POSS2022000000070915 Abdulrahman Sani Kalgo Kebbi Kalgo PhD Malaysia
538 POSS2022000000056099 Abdulqadir Usman Abubakar Kebbi Koko/Besse PhD Malaysia
539 POSS2022000000052239 Shamsu Aliero Arzika Kebbi Aleiro PhD Malaysia
540 POSS2022000000050205 Adamu Bala Isah Kebbi Maiyama PhD Malaysia
541 POSS2022000000063760 ALIYU MAIKANO SULE Kebbi Zuru PhD France
542 POSS2022000000050101 ABBAS BALARABE YUSUF Kebbi Argungu PhD Malaysia
543 POSS2022000000050976 Abubakar Hashim Muhammad Kebbi Birnin Kebbi PhD France
544 POSS2022000000049679 Mansur Masama Aliyu Kebbi Gwandu PhD Germany
545 POSS2022000000065498 Alyasau Abubakar Atiku Kebbi Birnin Kebbi PhD Germany
546 POSS2022000000072486 Basiru Kalgo Malami Kebbi Kalgo PhD France
547 POSS2022000000048915 BILYAMIN ABDULMUMIN Kebbi Jega PhD Malaysia
548 POSS2022000000051940 Aliyu Kamba Hassan Kebbi Dandi PhD Germany
549 POSS2022000000049589 Musa Alkali- Tanko Abubakar Kebbi Birnin Kebbi PhD Malaysia
550 POSS2022000000051567 AMINU JAFAR Kebbi Jega PhD Malaysia
551 POSS2022000000072885 ZAYYANU GWANDU UMAR Kebbi Gwandu PhD Germany
552 POSS2022000000060883 Anas Gulumbe Muhammad Kebbi Birnin Kebbi PhD Malaysia
553 POSS2022000000072501 Yusuf Bawa Ibrahim Kebbi Birnin Kebbi PhD Malaysia
554 POSS2022000000053218 Ahmed Umar Kebbi Yauri PhD Germany
555 POSS2022000000069535 Ridwan Mahmood MUHAMMAD Kebbi Zuru PhD France
556 POSS2022000000072629 Jonathan Lawi Adamu Kebbi Zuru PhD France
557 POSS2022000000048961 AbdulAzeez Omeiza Salawu Kogi Adavi PhD Germany
558 POSS2022000000058022 Olamide Temitope Otitolaiye Kogi Yagba East PhD Malaysia
559 POSS2022000000049062 Johnson Adeiza Obari Kogi Okene PhD France
560 POSS2022000000063720 Kawu Musa Idris-idah Kogi Idah PhD France
561 POSS2022000000049550 Abdulmalik Audu Kogi Lokoja PhD Germany
562 POSS2022000000067938 Oluwatobi Olufemi Akin Kogi Yagba West PhD Germany
563 POSS2022000000052311 Kabiru Amodu Kogi Omala PhD Malaysia
564 POSS2022000000054300 Hafiz Inda Okino Kogi Adavi PhD Germany
565 POSS2022000000058663 Abdulkadir Abdullahi Kogi Adavi PhD Germany
566 POSS2022000000048850 Kabir Abogunde Abdulyekeen Kogi Okene PhD Malaysia
567 POSS2022000000073063 Muyideen Omuya Momoh Kogi Adavi PhD France
568 POSS2022000000048844 Abdulmutalib Adavuruku Salihu Kogi Ajaokuta PhD Malaysia
569 POSS2022000000057348 David Adeyemi Oluyori Kogi Kabba/Bunu PhD Germany
570 POSS2022000000058113 Dorcas Oyiza Ovurevu Kogi Okehi PhD France
571 POSS2022000000075554 OLUWATIMILEHIN GABRIEL AREMU Kogi Yagba West PhD France
572 POSS2022000000073003 JOSHUA MAJIYEBO BENU Kogi Lokoja PhD Germany
573 POSS2022000000058071 BABATUNDE AJAYI Kogi Ijumu PhD Germany
574 POSS2022000000074979 Onoja David Oguche Kogi Olamaboro PhD Germany
575 POSS2022000000071096 Aminu Ohueyi Ahmed Kogi Okehi PhD Malaysia
576 POSS2022000000054467 Adamu Shaibu Onakpa Kogi Ofu PhD France
577 POSS2022000000048964 Attah Abraham Ejimah Kogi Idah PhD Germany
578 POSS2022000000075042 Isiaka Suleiman Kogi Olamaboro PhD Malaysia
579 POSS2022000000052256 Nana Hauwa Moru Kogi Adavi PhD Germany
580 POSS2022000000055066 HADI YUSUF Kogi Okene PhD Malaysia
581 POSS2022000000065163 NATHANIEL OJI Kogi Olamaboro PhD Malaysia
582 POSS2022000000068595 Jonahs Adejoh IDOKO Kogi Olamaboro PhD Germany
583 POSS2022000000052428 Emmanuel Ejiga Samson Kogi Dekina PhD Malaysia
584 POSS2022000000070597 Muhammed Omeiza Abdulmalik Kogi Okehi PhD France
585 POSS2022000000073433 JIBRIN BESIRU MUHAMMED Kogi Ankpa PhD Malaysia
586 POSS2022000000074805 kehinde shola obayomi Kogi Ijumu PhD Malaysia
587 POSS2022000000072136 Muaz ohi obadaki Kogi Okene PhD Germany
588 POSS2022000000049122 OCHU ABDULMAJEED Kogi Okene PhD Germany
589 POSS2022000000067037 Olufemi Adesola Adedayo Kogi Yagba West PhD France
590 POSS2022000000072658 ABDULLAHI MIKAIL Kogi Dekina PhD Germany
591 POSS2022000000065716 OLUWASAYO GEORGE ABIODUN Kogi Yagba West PhD France
592 POSS2022000000064103 Sani Nakakana Kogi Okene PhD Malaysia
593 POSS2022000000051886 ALIYU OGUEYI ABDULSALAM Kogi Okene PhD Malaysia
594 POSS2022000000062037 DAMIAN MONDAY OMEBO Kogi Ofu PhD Malaysia
595 POSS2022000000071338 Victor Ojo’dale Okpanachi Kogi Idah PhD Germany
596 POSS2022000000055375 Alexander Olatunde Akolo Kogi Yagba West PhD Germany
597 POSS2022000000070800 BELLO ABDULSALAM Kogi Ijumu PhD Germany
598 POSS2022000000061913 SUNDAY AYIGUN Kogi Ijumu PhD France
599 POSS2022000000050434 idris olalekan salau Kogi Ijumu PhD Malaysia
600 POSS2022000000063768 Muisa Qasim Kogi Dekina PhD France
601 POSS2022000000073036 Mukhtar Adeiza Suleiman Kogi Okene PhD Malaysia
602 POSS2022000000050618 NANA HAUWA ABDULSALAM Kogi Adavi PhD Germany
603 POSS2022000000070451 DANIEL SEUN IREFIN Kogi Ijumu PhD Malaysia
604 POSS2022000000075017 JACOB ENEJO ADEJO Kogi Ankpa PhD Germany
605 POSS2022000000050521 Kabiru Onotu Momoh Kogi Adavi PhD Malaysia
606 POSS2022000000049699 Yahaya Otuoze Salihu Kogi Okene PhD Malaysia
607 POSS2022000000069486 Lawal Enesi Sanni Kogi Okehi PhD Malaysia
608 POSS2022000000055647 AROME ISAAC OBAJE Kogi Ankpa PhD France
609 POSS2022000000070981 Abdulbashir Femi Salako Kwara Offa PhD Malaysia
610 POSS2022000000053306 FUNSHO HABEEB ISSA Kwara Ilorin East PhD Germany
611 POSS2022000000055453 Sunday Timothy Aboyeji Kwara Isin PhD Germany
612 POSS2022000000069580 Femi Ayo Gbadeyan Kwara Ekiti PhD Germany
613 POSS2022000000072588 JESUGBEMI AJIBOYE Kwara Oyun PhD France
614 POSS2022000000049146 Abdullahi Ayo Olohunoje Kwara Ilorin West PhD Germany
615 POSS2022000000071028 Abdulrahman Olalekan Yusuf Kwara Asa PhD Germany
616 POSS2022000000057879 Christopher Akinyemi Alabi Kwara Oyun PhD Germany
617 POSS2022000000061431 Banji Abubakar Olanipekun Kwara Offa PhD Malaysia
618 POSS2022000000048938 Ahmed Kehinde Usman Kwara Ilorin West PhD Malaysia
619 POSS2022000000072880 Jamiu Omotola Ibrahim Kwara Oyun PhD France
620 POSS2022000000049612 Abdulwasiu Muhammed Raji Kwara Ilorin East PhD France
621 POSS2022000000057873 Samuel Kolawole Bello Kwara Ekiti PhD Germany
622 POSS2022000000057420 Adedoyin Olawale George Kwara Ifelodun PhD Germany
623 POSS2022000000070697 YUSUF USMAN AJANI Kwara Oyun PhD Malaysia
624 POSS2022000000072552 ABDULKADRI TOYIN ALABI Kwara Ilorin East PhD Malaysia
625 POSS2022000000073350 Mashood Abubakar Alao Kwara Ilorin West PhD France
626 POSS2022000000052479 BLESSING AYOTOMIWA AFOLAYAN Kwara Irepodun PhD France
627 POSS2022000000058179 YUSUF BABA JIBRIL Kwara Kaiama PhD Malaysia
628 POSS2022000000073262 Nurudeen Ayodeji Usman Kwara Offa PhD Germany
629 POSS2022000000067579 Afeez Oke Kwara Offa PhD Malaysia
630 POSS2022000000070400 Hassan Kobe Ibrahim Kwara Ilorin West PhD Germany
631 POSS2022000000058515 Rufai Abubakar Mohammed Kwara Edu PhD France
632 POSS2022000000073451 Stephen Ndalazhi Yisa Kwara Ifelodun PhD Malaysia
633 POSS2022000000072288 Muritala Akanni Omirinde Kwara Ilorin East PhD Malaysia
634 POSS2022000000058900 Kazeem Babatunde Adewole Kwara Oyun PhD Malaysia
635 POSS2022000000060625 BABATUNDE YINUSA Kwara Offa PhD Malaysia
636 POSS2022000000074570 Abdulraheem Aderemi Abdulkareem Kwara Ilorin West PhD Germany
637 POSS2022000000052497 Jamiu Idowu YAHAYA Kwara Ilorin West PhD Malaysia
638 POSS2022000000060543 KAOSARAT OMOWUMI FASASI Kwara Ilorin West PhD Malaysia
639 POSS2022000000051624 Oluwasegun Tope Fabiyi Kwara Isin PhD Germany
640 POSS2022000000056989 Khalid Oladoyin Amao Kwara Irepodun PhD Germany
641 POSS2022000000051476 Aisha Mohammed Aliyu Kwara Pategi PhD France
642 POSS2022000000062397 Morenikeji Feyisayo Aina Lagos Badagry PhD France
643 POSS2022000000060189 MAUTON MIRACLE AVOSE Lagos Badagry PhD France
644 POSS2022000000056191 IMISIOLUWA OLUWADEMILADE ABIOLA Lagos Lagos Island PhD France
645 POSS2022000000054340 Ridwan Lekan Raheem Lagos Badagry PhD Malaysia
646 POSS2022000000055047 PAUL OLUWASEUN IYANDA Lagos Lagos Mainland PhD France
647 POSS2022000000049687 Nkechi Grace Ezeogu Lagos Lagos Mainland PhD France
648 POSS2022000000066706 Ovye Musah Yohanna Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon PhD Malaysia
649 POSS2022000000061452 KABEER ABUBAKAR Nasarawa Keffi PhD France
650 POSS2022000000057926 Michael Alaku Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon PhD France
651 POSS2022000000063494 WILLIAMS NYIJIME YAJI Nasarawa Obi PhD France
652 POSS2022000000070660 NASIRU YAHAYA AHMED Nasarawa Toto PhD Malaysia
653 POSS2022000000057487 Yunana Anjugune Jerry Nasarawa Lafia PhD Germany
654 POSS2022000000072776 Abdulrashid Egwa Awuza Nasarawa Obi PhD Malaysia
655 POSS2022000000048863 Naja’atu Shehu Hadi Nasarawa Lafia PhD Germany
656 POSS2022000000052198 Ibrahim Musa Nasarawa Toto PhD Malaysia
657 POSS2022000000069928 Abduljabbar Sameel Nasarawa Akwanga PhD France
658 POSS2022000000051310 Abba Maisalatee Umar Nasarawa Keffi PhD Germany
659 POSS2022000000061193 Umar Musa Ibrahim Nasarawa Toto PhD Malaysia
660 POSS2022000000069514 SHUAIBU IBRAHIM GAYAM Nasarawa Awe PhD Germany
661 POSS2022000000057890 Ibrahim Yusuf Anzaku Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon PhD Malaysia
662 POSS2022000000066892 ABDULLAHI SULEIMAN Nasarawa Toto PhD Malaysia
663 POSS2022000000065514 Muhammad Badamasi Maina Nasarawa Lafia PhD Germany
664 POSS2022000000071049 Yaqub Ahmad El-Yaqub Nasarawa Akwanga PhD Germany
665 POSS2022000000072989 Fatima Yisa Niger Edati PhD France
666 POSS2022000000059486 Jimada Muhammad Jimada Niger Lapai PhD Malaysia
667 POSS2022000000067797 Umar Faruok Ibrahim Niger Lapai PhD Malaysia
668 POSS2022000000065669 Ibrahim Abubakar Niger Rijau PhD Malaysia
669 POSS2022000000060678 Aliyu Saidu Niger Bida PhD Malaysia
670 POSS2022000000066020 MORDECAI GANA Niger Edati PhD Germany
671 POSS2022000000069110 MUHAMMAD MUHAMMAD GIMBA Niger Bida PhD France
672 POSS2022000000049885 Alhassan Kinbokun Ahmed Niger Mokwa PhD Germany
673 POSS2022000000066156 IBRAHIM SANUSI Niger Magama PhD Malaysia
674 POSS2022000000050117 ABDUL IBRAHIM Niger Lapai PhD Germany
675 POSS2022000000065442 Mohammed Mahmud Sulaiman Niger Bida PhD Malaysia
676 POSS2022000000071404 Abdul-Malik Turaki Umar Niger Bida PhD Malaysia
677 POSS2022000000051215 MUHAMMAD BALA ALIYU Niger Agaie PhD Germany
678 POSS2022000000075356 MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM Niger Bida PhD Malaysia
679 POSS2022000000052412 Awwal Yusuf Niger Kontagora PhD Malaysia
680 POSS2022000000070711 MOHAMMED BABA YUSUF Niger Bida PhD Malaysia
681 POSS2022000000050842 Mohammed Salisu Niger Chanchaga PhD Malaysia
682 POSS2022000000070324 MUHAMMAD ABDULKADIR DOKOCHI Niger Bida PhD France
683 POSS2022000000068535 Amina Lami Mohammed Niger Bida PhD Malaysia
684 POSS2022000000065044 Abdurrafii Egbeyemi Ogun Abeokuta North PhD France
685 POSS2022000000068059 Yussuf Oluwatoyin Shoyoye Ogun Abeokuta South PhD Germany
686 POSS2022000000063792 Oluwasesan Adeoye Adewusi Ogun Abeokuta South PhD France
687 POSS2022000000070587 PETER ADEKOLA OKEOWO Ogun Ijebu North PhD France
688 POSS2022000000061495 Elizabeth Oyinlola Akiboye Ogun Abeokuta South PhD France
689 POSS2022000000053628 Kazeem Adeniyi Salami Ogun Ijebu Ode PhD Malaysia
690 POSS2022000000052916 Adeleye Oladiran Adeyemi Ogun Abeokuta South PhD Germany
691 POSS2022000000072580 Oluwatobi Michael Ogunsanya Ogun Odogbolu PhD France
692 POSS2022000000071925 OLUMIDE EMMANUEL FASHOLA Ogun Abeokuta North PhD France
693 POSS2022000000067246 Oreoluwa Precious Ilobolutife Ogun Egbado South PhD Germany
694 POSS2022000000075631 oladayo ayokunle omitogun Ogun Ijebu Ode PhD Malaysia
695 POSS2022000000071084 Sauban Olufemi Adeyinka Ogun Egbado South PhD Germany
696 POSS2022000000061125 Adeyemo Phillip Ogun Ogun Ijebu North East PhD France
697 POSS2022000000074274 Kehinde Rasaq Ekundayo Ogun Abeokuta South PhD Germany
698 POSS2022000000051098 OLUWAKEMI ESTHER DARE-IDOWU Ondo Akure South PhD France
699 POSS2022000000070846 Oluwatosin Islamiyat Yusuf Ondo Akoko North-East PhD Malaysia
700 POSS2022000000064198 Sunday Sefunmi ADEFUNRIN Ondo Okitipupa PhD Germany
701 POSS2022000000073447 Taiwo Adedeji Ondo Idanre PhD Malaysia
702 POSS2022000000054247 OLAYINKA OLUWASEUN DAODU Ondo Akoko South-West PhD Germany
703 POSS2022000000072706 Benson Dotun Fasanya Ondo Ondo West PhD Germany
704 POSS2022000000052526 Olanrewaju Roland Akinseye Ondo Akoko South-East PhD Germany
705 POSS2022000000061612 Adeola Samuel Adetoba Ondo Akure South PhD Germany
706 POSS2022000000065257 Isaac Ojo Ojumo Ondo Akoko North-West PhD Germany
707 POSS2022000000074905 Bamidele Samuel Oretade Ondo Akure North PhD Malaysia
708 POSS2022000000067367 Adeleke Omotehinse Ondo Ilaje PhD Germany
709 POSS2022000000072077 FEMI OLORUNSHOLA ALERU Ondo Akoko South-West PhD Malaysia
710 POSS2022000000067632 OLUMUYIWA EMMANUEL ONIFADE Ondo Akure South PhD Malaysia
711 POSS2022000000067433 Gbenga Peter Sanusi Ondo Akoko North-West PhD Germany
712 POSS2022000000049695 Sheyi Clement Adediwura Osun Ife Central PhD Germany
713 POSS2022000000051656 VICTOR DAMILARE OLA Osun Ife North PhD Malaysia
714 POSS2022000000060869 Malik Olayinka Olasinde Osun Boripe PhD Germany
715 POSS2022000000049949 OLUWASEGUN CORNELIOUS OMOBOLANLE Osun Osogbo PhD Germany
716 POSS2022000000070444 AKINROPO NASIRUDEEN ATEWOGBOYE Osun Irewole PhD Germany
717 POSS2022000000073764 AYOTUNDE OLADOJA Osun Boripe PhD France
718 POSS2022000000072835 Mujeeb Babatunde Adetayo Osun Ede North PhD Germany
719 POSS2022000000071172 Adebukola Rasheedat Adeyemo Osun Isokan PhD Malaysia
720 POSS2022000000071630 Adegoke Adesanmi Osun Ife North PhD France
721 POSS2022000000075643 Eunice Kehinde Bolaji Osun Ilesa East PhD France
722 POSS2022000000066519 Sodiq Abiodun Alimi Osun Osogbo PhD Germany
723 POSS2022000000071144 Tajudeen Adelani GBADAMOSI Osun Iwo PhD Germany
724 POSS2022000000068939 Moses Abiodun Adebayo Osun Ifelodun PhD Germany
725 POSS2022000000063952 Akinnike Felicia Akinyemi Osun Odo Otin PhD France
726 POSS2022000000061370 FALILAT ADEJOKE OYETUNJI Osun Irewole PhD Malaysia
727 POSS2022000000071708 TOHEEB ADEWALE BELLO Oyo Ibadan North-East PhD Germany
728 POSS2022000000067630 FATIMAH OMOLOLA BADMOS Oyo Saki West PhD France
729 POSS2022000000055597 TESLIM BELLO Oyo Ogbomosho South PhD Germany
730 POSS2022000000064802 ABDULMALIK IBRAHIM Oyo Ogbomosho North PhD Malaysia
731 POSS2022000000069377 Sanusi Babatunde Akintunde Oyo Ogbomosho North PhD Malaysia
732 POSS2022000000063440 Taofeeq Oladayo Bello Oyo Ibadan South-West PhD Germany
733 POSS2022000000061021 Adisa Jamiyu Ogungbenro Oyo Ibarapa North PhD France
734 POSS2022000000071345 Ibrahim Adewale Adekunle Oyo Ibadan South-West PhD Malaysia
735 POSS2022000000065183 John Odunayo Adebayo Oyo Oyo East PhD Germany
736 POSS2022000000069954 TAWAKALITU ABDULRASHEED Oyo Saki East PhD Germany
737 POSS2022000000056871 ADEKUNLE SOLOMON ADEDIRAN Oyo Ibadan South-East PhD Germany
738 POSS2022000000073228 TAOFEEK KOLAPO TAIWO Oyo Oluyole PhD Germany
739 POSS2022000000048768 JAMIU ALANI SIKIRU Oyo Orelope PhD Malaysia
740 POSS2022000000066497 VICTOR OYEWUMI Oyo Ogbomosho South PhD France
741 POSS2022000000052842 Basit Bolaji Afolabi Oyo Saki West PhD Malaysia
742 POSS2022000000069070 Abiodun Joseph Kilani Oyo Ogbomosho North PhD France
743 POSS2022000000048919 Jim Pam Wayas Plateau Barkin Ladi PhD France
744 POSS2022000000066294 NANBYEN SHINDANG Plateau Langtang North PhD Germany
745 POSS2022000000058743 ABDULALIM NUHU MUHAMMAD Plateau Kanam PhD Malaysia
746 POSS2022000000070826 IDRIS UMAR Plateau Kanam PhD Malaysia
747 POSS2022000000050674 Umar Yusuf Dayyabu Plateau Kanam PhD France
748 POSS2022000000075184 MOHAMMED AWALU SULEIMAN Plateau Jos North PhD Malaysia
749 POSS2022000000072036 Rotji Prince Emmanuel Plateau Kanke PhD France
750 POSS2022000000053848 AJALAH MUSA YAHAYA Plateau Mangu PhD France
751 POSS2022000000060696 Makwin John Mashingil Plateau Bokkos PhD Germany
752 POSS2022000000074897 Yaknan John Gambo Plateau Langtang South PhD Germany
753 POSS2022000000051518 Nengak Aho Musa Plateau Pankshin PhD France
754 POSS2022000000059323 Zakari Abdullahi Plateau Wase PhD Malaysia
755 POSS2022000000064925 Sarah Jatau Plateau Langtang North PhD Germany
756 POSS2022000000071869 Sunebari Benedict Anthony Rivers Khana PhD Malaysia
757 POSS2022000000052975 Uyodhuzhiniye Udogadi Rivers Ahoada East PhD France
758 POSS2022000000050422 Iyowuna Winston Gobo Rivers Port Harcourt PhD Malaysia
759 POSS2022000000070675 opiribo femi steven OLANIYO Rivers Asari-Toru PhD Germany
760 POSS2022000000064734 Christopher Ubaka Ebelogu Rivers Ahoada East PhD France
761 POSS2022000000052187 Ukela David Ene Rivers Ahoada East PhD France
762 POSS2022000000072254 EZE CHIGOZI IHUNDA Rivers Emuoha PhD Malaysia
763 POSS2022000000051434 BARIYAA THANKGOD WIRI Rivers Khana PhD Germany
764 POSS2022000000066611 DABOTA BELL-GAM BRIGGS Rivers Opobo/Nkoro PhD France
765 POSS2022000000051440 UGBANA OKIKERE-AWAJI ASUK Rivers Andoni PhD Germany
766 POSS2022000000073278 LEDISI SIGALO Rivers Gokana PhD France
767 POSS2022000000070779 Kurotamunoye Faango Keribo Rivers Degema PhD France
768 POSS2022000000049610 JOSEPH EMMANUEL COOKEY Rivers Opobo/Nkoro PhD Malaysia
769 POSS2022000000053235 EDWARD Tamunotonyeotonpikima DASO Rivers Ogu/Bolo PhD Germany
770 POSS2022000000049006 Sagir Tambuwal Muhammad Sokoto Tambuwal PhD Germany
771 POSS2022000000052942 BILYAMINU RAFI AHMAD Sokoto Shagari PhD France
772 POSS2022000000068272 ABDULLAHI YUSUF Sokoto Isa PhD Germany
773 POSS2022000000064366 ISLAM WALI Sokoto Tambuwal PhD Malaysia
774 POSS2022000000061288 Usman Abubakar Sokoto Sokoto North PhD Malaysia
775 POSS2022000000070929 BILYAMINU Bello NAGWARI Sokoto Sokoto North PhD Malaysia
776 POSS2022000000070644 Sanusi Abubakar Sokoto Sokoto South PhD Malaysia
777 POSS2022000000071796 Mustapha Isah Sokoto Isa PhD Malaysia
778 POSS2022000000074273 MUHAMMAD BELLO Sokoto Isa PhD Malaysia
779 POSS2022000000055976 Bashir Alhassan Sokoto Sokoto North PhD France
780 POSS2022000000065240 AUWALU BALA Sokoto Tambuwal PhD Germany
781 POSS2022000000064557 Sirajo Abubakar Sokoto Bodinga PhD Malaysia
782 POSS2022000000054958 Abdulrahman Abubakar Sokoto Tambuwal PhD Germany
783 POSS2022000000068713 Yahaya Abubakar Idris Sokoto Sokoto South PhD France
784 POSS2022000000052375 Abdulrashid Abubakar Garba Sokoto Goronyo PhD France
785 POSS2022000000073980 Ibrahim Abubakar Sokoto Sokoto South PhD Malaysia
786 POSS2022000000067397 Aliyu Abubakar Shehu Sokoto Rabah PhD France
787 POSS2022000000072351 Anas Gada Muhammad Sokoto Gada PhD Germany
788 POSS2022000000065805 ABDULMUMINU MUHAMMAD Sokoto Wamako PhD Germany
789 POSS2022000000072314 MUSTAPHA WURNO SHEHU Sokoto Wurno PhD Germany
790 POSS2022000000048951 Maniru Umar Malami Sokoto Tambuwal PhD France
791 POSS2022000000059467 MARYAM IBRAHIM Sokoto Sokoto South PhD Malaysia
792 POSS2022000000070162 IMRANA BELLO Sokoto Tambuwal PhD Malaysia
793 POSS2022000000058750 UMAR ABUBAKAR JABO Sokoto Tambuwal PhD Malaysia
794 POSS2022000000071075 Umar Sani Sokoto Illela PhD Malaysia
795 POSS2022000000066355 YAHAYA SAIDU Taraba Gashaka PhD Malaysia
796 POSS2022000000054387 Ibrahim Bako Abdulhamid Taraba Karim Lamido PhD Malaysia
797 POSS2022000000068556 SAFIYANU ABUBAKAR HASHIM Taraba Donga PhD Malaysia
798 POSS2022000000068297 ibrahim adamu Taraba Bali PhD France
799 POSS2022000000070118 UMAR FARUK MUHAMMAD Taraba Ibi PhD Malaysia
800 POSS2022000000069626 JULIUS ADO JOSEPH Taraba Donga PhD Malaysia
801 POSS2022000000061224 MBWAYI HALIRU Taraba Kumi PhD Germany
802 POSS2022000000069722 Solomon Tahiru Tonga Taraba Karim Lamido PhD Germany
803 POSS2022000000074893 Rufus P. Enenya Taraba Bali PhD France
804 POSS2022000000060994 Zando Joel Taraba Wukari PhD Malaysia
805 POSS2022000000067589 ZENOH ALI DANJUMA Taraba Kumi PhD Malaysia
806 POSS2022000000060795 Fredrick Mark Ocholi Taraba Ibi PhD Germany
807 POSS2022000000072638 Abdussalam Abba Tukur Taraba Jalingo PhD France
808 POSS2022000000066068 MOHAMMED JAJERE ADAMU Yobe Fune PhD Germany
809 POSS2022000000065053 HADIZA MELEH UMAR Yobe Gujba PhD Malaysia
810 POSS2022000000049110 Aliyu Abubakar Musa Yobe Potiskum PhD Germany
811 POSS2022000000059620 Iliyas Iliyas Ibrahim Yobe Potiskum PhD Malaysia
812 POSS2022000000059778 abubakar karabade Yobe Bade PhD Malaysia
813 POSS2022000000067057 Abubakar Fusami Ayuba Yobe Fika PhD Malaysia
814 POSS2022000000051184 MUHAMMAD YAHAYA Yobe Bade PhD Malaysia
815 POSS2022000000064371 MUHAMMAD MANSUR HARUNA Yobe Fune PhD France
816 POSS2022000000052904 Mohammed Musa Gasma Yobe Karasuwa PhD Malaysia
817 POSS2022000000052462 Ibrahim Maina Idriss Yobe Potiskum PhD Malaysia
818 POSS2022000000063444 Mustapha Umaru Yobe Damaturu PhD Malaysia
819 POSS2022000000052240 SULEIMAN MOHAMMED MAMMAN Yobe Potiskum PhD Malaysia
820 POSS2022000000073318 Muhammad Dagoli Abubakar Yobe Gulani PhD Malaysia
821 POSS2022000000069536 Umar Lawan Kolo Yobe Geidam PhD Malaysia
822 POSS2022000000064672 MOHAMMED SALEH BABI Yobe Fika PhD France
823 POSS2022000000050193 Ibrahim Tijjani Yobe Bursari PhD Malaysia
824 POSS2022000000064177 Grema Yerima Yobe Yunusari PhD Malaysia
825 POSS2022000000060443 MUHAMMAD HADI IBRAHIM Yobe Fika PhD Malaysia
826 POSS2022000000069810 MUSTAPHA YUSIF ALIYU Yobe Bade PhD France
827 POSS2022000000049462 MUHAMMAD NURUDDEEN ABDULKAREEM Yobe Fika PhD Malaysia
828 POSS2022000000069881 MOHAMMED GARGA ADAMU Yobe Potiskum PhD Malaysia
829 POSS2022000000060815 Umar Tijjani Ali Yobe Yunusari PhD Malaysia
830 POSS2022000000068067 Shuaibu Zayyanu Zamfara Gusau PhD France
831 POSS2022000000059024 AHMAD ABUBAKAR Zamfara Gusau PhD France
832 POSS2022000000073921 Shitu Zayyanu Zamfara Zurmi PhD Malaysia
833 POSS2022000000070822 ABBAS SANI Zamfara Kaura Namoda PhD Germany
834 POSS2022000000061749 JAMEEL SHEHU YALLI Zamfara Gusau PhD Malaysia
835 POSS2022000000065709 SURAJO NAMADI Zamfara Gusau PhD Malaysia
836 POSS2022000000072220 Rilwanu Muhammad Zamfara Bungudu PhD Germany
837 POSS2022000000071031 ABDULWASI BAGEGA IBRAHIM Zamfara Anka PhD Malaysia
838 POSS2022000000065667 Shamsudeen Lawal Zamfara Gusau PhD Malaysia
839 POSS2022000000067421 UMAR SHEHU Zamfara Bakura PhD Malaysia
840 POSS2022000000071751 Zalihatu Muhammad Idris Zamfara Anka PhD Malaysia
841 POSS2022000000050214 SHEHU MOHAMMED Zamfara Talata Mafara PhD Malaysia



S/No PIN Firstname Middlename Surname State LGA Country
1 MOSS2022000000071602 Emmanuella Ugochi Njoku Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
2 MOSS2022000000062152 James Chukwuemeka Ndubuisi Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
3 MOSS2022000000071489 Fortunes Egwuchi Nwasoria Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
4 MOSS2022000000048946 Chimere Oscar Nwafor Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
5 MOSS2022000000074297 IKECHUKWU GODWIN ALOZIE Abia Ugwunagbo United Kingdom
6 MOSS2022000000051632 Emmanuel Abba Chike Abia Bende United Kingdom
7 MOSS2022000000072183 Murphy Nnamdi Ochuba Abia Bende United Kingdom
8 MOSS2022000000060715 Tochi Precious Nwosu Abia Bende United Kingdom
9 MOSS2022000000060983 CHIEMELA EVANS ANUGWA Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
10 MOSS2022000000064645 Chinenye Jane Allen Abia Ukwa East United Kingdom
11 MOSS2022000000052034 OKECHUKWU EMMANUEL MADUKWE Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
12 MOSS2022000000055399 CHINEMEZU MARK UKA Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
13 MOSS2022000000055578 WISDOM OKORO IKORO Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
14 MOSS2022000000056813 prosper chidiebere kalu Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
15 MOSS2022000000075375 Chinonso Bright Onwukwe Abia Ukwa West United Kingdom
16 MOSS2022000000072193 Mercy Joy Ohamuche Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
17 MOSS2022000000053617 Elizabeth Uzoamaka Sunday Abia Bende United Kingdom
18 MOSS2022000000055199 Gideon Chinadindu Ezegbu Abia Umu Nneochi United Kingdom
19 MOSS2022000000054129 Samuel Enyeribe Oguobi Abia Isiala Ngwa North United Kingdom
20 MOSS2022000000062072 KINGSLEY UCHECHUKWU OMEOGA Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
21 MOSS2022000000058873 Iheke Agwu Omaka Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
22 MOSS2022000000056718 Eric Chigozirim Obioma Abia Umuahia North United Kingdom
23 MOSS2022000000062862 onyedikachi ogbonna Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
24 MOSS2022000000061962 Amogu Johnson Uduka Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
25 MOSS2022000000073918 MBA SUNDAY Abia Bende United Kingdom
26 MOSS2022000000070100 Patricia Igwe Nnanna Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
27 MOSS2022000000074197 RACHEAL NGOZI JAMES Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
28 MOSS2022000000050125 Destiny Josiah Amanze Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
29 MOSS2022000000049534 CHIDERA CONFIDENCE EKEMEZIE Abia Ukwa West United Kingdom
30 MOSS2022000000061560 Grace Chioma Anyim Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
31 MOSS2022000000065261 PRISCA CHINAZO KALU Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
32 MOSS2022000000056949 INNOCENT OKORO KALU Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
33 MOSS2022000000071001 Sylvia Chinyere Nwankwo Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
34 MOSS2022000000065569 Queen Akudo Akataobi Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
35 MOSS2022000000067983 Chikezie Lewechi Onwuchekwa Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
36 MOSS2022000000056102 Daniel Chukwuebuka Ofoegbu Abia Umuahia North United Kingdom
37 MOSS2022000000053117 Raphael Ikechukwu Ogwo Abia Bende United Kingdom
38 MOSS2022000000058222 CHINOMSO CHARITY ELEWEKE Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
39 MOSS2022000000069678 Chinonye Elizabeth Andrew Abia Bende United Kingdom
40 MOSS2022000000058913 IFEANYI MICHAEL ANOSIKE Abia Bende United Kingdom
41 MOSS2022000000056702 CHIOMA OGOCHUKWU IKWUEGBU Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
42 MOSS2022000000068679 CHIDIEBUBE SAMUEL OGAZI Abia Umuahia South United Kingdom
43 MOSS2022000000065028 BENAIAH UDOCHUKWU CHIBUIKE Abia Isiala Ngwa North United Kingdom
44 MOSS2022000000061042 Godwin Emele Obasi Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
45 MOSS2022000000049005 Victor Chidiebere Ajuonu Abia Isiala Ngwa North United Kingdom
46 MOSS2022000000053220 Chika Joseph Udensi Abia Bende United Kingdom
47 MOSS2022000000075456 Oluomachi Olobi Isiolu Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
48 MOSS2022000000057197 ENOCH CHIGBO SYLVANUS Abia Obi Ngwa United Kingdom
49 MOSS2022000000055699 ISRAEL UYO EZEMA Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
50 MOSS2022000000053130 Precious Chizurum Egele Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
51 MOSS2022000000061969 Onuoha Williams Ugochukwu Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
52 MOSS2022000000065619 TOCHUKWU DANIEL ENYINNAYA Abia Umuahia North United Kingdom
53 MOSS2022000000066416 JOSEPHINE EZINNE OHAERI Abia Umuahia North United Kingdom
54 MOSS2022000000060862 Chike Ikemba Ahuruonye Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
55 MOSS2022000000060089 Akachi Chikerenma Nwamaghinna Abia Obi Ngwa United Kingdom
56 MOSS2022000000055242 Amarachi Njoku Olokor Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
57 MOSS2022000000061238 Lauretta Obiageri Ohaju Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
58 MOSS2022000000068224 John Mmaduabuchi Iheke Abia Bende United Kingdom
59 MOSS2022000000066015 Daniel Nwachukwu Eluwah Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
60 MOSS2022000000054827 Kelechukwu Ananaba Abia Obi Ngwa United Kingdom
61 MOSS2022000000053915 Ukpai Onyekachi Agwu Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
62 MOSS2022000000060114 Chijioke Iheanyi Okoro Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
63 MOSS2022000000058739 Tochi Chioma Ebere Abia Obi Ngwa United Kingdom
64 MOSS2022000000061281 Emmanuel Ibe Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
65 MOSS2022000000069594 Ugochi Princess Emeka Abia Umuahia South United Kingdom
66 MOSS2022000000065042 Rosemary Chinwendu Ugwuogo Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
67 MOSS2022000000075563 Kingsley Enyinna Egesi Abia Umuahia North United Kingdom
68 MOSS2022000000056974 Nkechinyere Charity Okorie Abia Bende United Kingdom
69 MOSS2022000000058876 Mercy Uzochi Alozie (nee Nnaji) Abia Obi Ngwa United Kingdom
70 MOSS2022000000058289 Kenneth Mark Uka Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
71 MOSS2022000000067822 VICTORIA Ogechi OKPULOR Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
72 MOSS2022000000062752 Amarachi cynthia Akachukwu Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
73 MOSS2022000000056337 NDUBUISI CHIDI ENYERIBE Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
74 MOSS2022000000065278 STEPHEN EGWU Abia Bende United Kingdom
75 MOSS2022000000072336 Ijeoma Ebi Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
76 MOSS2022000000070214 FAVOUR NGOZI KANU Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
77 MOSS2022000000068882 Obumneke Sandra Chikezie Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
78 MOSS2022000000056943 UDO OTTAH KALU Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
79 MOSS2022000000056915 Chidiebere Akachi Nwosu Abia Umuahia South United Kingdom
80 MOSS2022000000070114 Uchenna Ezema Maduka Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
81 MOSS2022000000061716 Happiness Ngozi Okereke Abia Arochukwu United Kingdom
82 MOSS2022000000053610 CHRISTIAN CHUKWUMA IGWE Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
83 MOSS2022000000059469 Okechukwu Desmond Ofoegbu Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
84 MOSS2022000000051662 Everest Mike Onyekwere Abia Isiala Ngwa North United Kingdom
85 MOSS2022000000055397 Juliet Oluchi Gabriel Abia Bende United Kingdom
86 MOSS2022000000053701 Uche Philip Obasi Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
87 MOSS2022000000064878 Chinwe Mary Nwankwo Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
88 MOSS2022000000061477 ANITA AKUDO ATSOMEH Abia Isiala Ngwa North United Kingdom
89 MOSS2022000000068889 Adaugo Fiona Okezie Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
90 MOSS2022000000066371 HENRY KELECHI AMAH Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
91 MOSS2022000000064304 CHINYERE MERCY OGWO Abia Bende United Kingdom
92 MOSS2022000000064186 Christiana Chinonyerem Bernard Abia Isiala Ngwa South United Kingdom
93 MOSS2022000000075063 Margaret Marvellous Omokwe Abia Bende United Kingdom
94 MOSS2022000000074931 Ugonna Emmanuel Chiemela Abia Isiala Ngwa North United Kingdom
95 MOSS2022000000051516 Godwin Brown Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
96 MOSS2022000000070979 Powell Chukwunenye Nwokocha Abia Bende United Kingdom
97 MOSS2022000000054172 KINGSLEY OTI Abia Umuahia South United Kingdom
98 MOSS2022000000054731 Chinedu Christopher Ekeke Abia Umuahia South United Kingdom
99 MOSS2022000000052781 Chioma Queeneth Agu Abia Bende United Kingdom
100 MOSS2022000000053056 Stephnora Chidinma Ogbonnaya Abia Bende United Kingdom
101 MOSS2022000000050436 Chidinma Matilda Ezekwem Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
102 MOSS2022000000056595 Empire Ezechi Ogbueghu Abia Osisioma United Kingdom
103 MOSS2022000000064026 Jennifer Kelechi Chukwu Abia Bende United Kingdom
104 MOSS2022000000070631 BLESSING NKWACHI ELUWA Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
105 MOSS2022000000061114 KELECHI VICTORY EZEOCHA Abia Ikwuano United Kingdom
106 MOSS2022000000067290 Daniel Chiemela Ebere Abia Obi Ngwa United Kingdom
107 MOSS2022000000070154 Ugochukwu Daniel, segun Ihezukwu Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
108 MOSS2022000000072027 Ifeanyi Moses Onyeike Abia Isuikwuato United Kingdom
109 MOSS2022000000073111 Onyinyechi Chukwuagoziem Ezenwugo Abia Ukwa West United Kingdom
110 MOSS2022000000074367 Amarachi Chinedu Abia Ohafia United Kingdom
111 MOSS2022000000069737 Victoria Nkeiruka Ezekwe Abia Isiala Ngwa North United Kingdom
112 MOSS2022000000061650 Hamid Bashir Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
113 MOSS2022000000062777 HASSAN ABUBAKAR AHMED Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
114 MOSS2022000000062977 David Yattan Kalma Adamawa Mubi North United Kingdom
115 MOSS2022000000075827 MUSTAPHA ALIYU TERRY Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
116 MOSS2022000000056021 EMMANUEL VINCENT Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
117 MOSS2022000000070150 JUDE GHAJI ISAAC Adamawa Maiha United Kingdom
118 MOSS2022000000073352 Aminu Aliyu Babakano Adamawa Jada United Kingdom
119 MOSS2022000000060963 Gubihama Joel Adamawa Gayuk United Kingdom
120 MOSS2022000000073485 Khadija Hamid Bobboyi Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
121 MOSS2022000000071532 Ayuba Kalum Abaka Adamawa Jada United Kingdom
122 MOSS2022000000055635 ABEL WILLIAMS GOJI Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
123 MOSS2022000000064303 Rita Charles Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
124 MOSS2022000000058659 Magdalene Dashe-Kwaji Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
125 MOSS2022000000057147 Ijasubu Apagu Adamu Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
126 MOSS2022000000051561 UMAR JUNGUDO MUHAMMAD Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
127 MOSS2022000000058189 HAMID NJIDDA Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
128 MOSS2022000000050641 HYELDA STEPHEN Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
129 MOSS2022000000064580 Nafisah Ahmad Rufai Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
130 MOSS2022000000060076 SAMUEL YOHANNA Adamawa Fufure United Kingdom
131 MOSS2022000000069758 Abdulhamid Hammanyero Aliyu Adamawa Mayo Belwa United Kingdom
132 MOSS2022000000066755 AISHA ALIYU ABUBAKAR Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
133 MOSS2022000000069562 HOPE TUMBA ELIJAH Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
134 MOSS2022000000057182 AMAL BABANGIDA SABO Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
135 MOSS2022000000056043 Najaatu Umar Jauro Adamawa Mubi South United Kingdom
136 MOSS2022000000052278 Bwaltam Michael Musa Adamawa Demsa United Kingdom
137 MOSS2022000000059920 UMAR ALHAJI UMAR Adamawa Mayo Belwa United Kingdom
138 MOSS2022000000069519 Amir Gabdo Yusuf Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
139 MOSS2022000000075700 Salihu Bello Umar Adamawa Grie United Kingdom
140 MOSS2022000000068797 Isaiah Pwaashino Moses Adamawa Numan United Kingdom
141 MOSS2022000000051351 Nasir Musa Haruna Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
142 MOSS2022000000071215 Hauwa’u Amin Sa’ad Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
143 MOSS2022000000065699 Adam Hammawa Sani Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
144 MOSS2022000000055143 Imran Abdulhameed Adamawa Grie United Kingdom
145 MOSS2022000000051619 NITARANDA YARGAWA ALEXANDER Adamawa Gombi United Kingdom
146 MOSS2022000000067800 Terumo Dogo Nelson Adamawa Mayo Belwa United Kingdom
147 MOSS2022000000048953 Joshua Na’ati Joseph Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
148 MOSS2022000000056004 ADAMADA JOEL Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
149 MOSS2022000000065362 Isa Nasidi Abdullahi Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
150 MOSS2022000000073341 Sally Polycarp Vandu Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
151 MOSS2022000000072690 Dahiru Muhammad Dahiru Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
152 MOSS2022000000064989 Stephen Istifanus Midala Adamawa Gombi United Kingdom
153 MOSS2022000000049637 MUHAMMAD ALKALI MUAWIYA Adamawa Numan United Kingdom
154 MOSS2022000000054532 MODIBBO IBRAHIM SADIQ Adamawa Fufure United Kingdom
155 MOSS2022000000060294 Fatima Bello Abubakar Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
156 MOSS2022000000065864 Rakiya Bala Abdulsalam Adamawa Gayuk United Kingdom
157 MOSS2022000000065524 Jamil Jauro Hayatu Adamawa Mubi North United Kingdom
158 MOSS2022000000064321 ZAHRADDEN SULEIMAN Adamawa Maiha United Kingdom
159 MOSS2022000000061866 MUSTAFA ABUBAKAR ADAMU Adamawa Jada United Kingdom
160 MOSS2022000000049644 AMINA UMMI MOHAMMED Adamawa Numan United Kingdom
161 MOSS2022000000051663 MIRIAM DAVID HAMMANA Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
162 MOSS2022000000049764 FARID ABDULRAHMAN Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
163 MOSS2022000000075217 Honest Pwaledi Herbert Adamawa Demsa United Kingdom
164 MOSS2022000000061074 IJABANI EMMANUEL Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
165 MOSS2022000000068469 Melsi Alfred Kibikiwa Adamawa Gombi United Kingdom
166 MOSS2022000000070761 Abdulmalik Mustapha Aliyu Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
167 MOSS2022000000065408 USAKU JASON DUBUKUMAH Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
168 MOSS2022000000058342 Nickson Makama Ibrahim Adamawa Grie United Kingdom
169 MOSS2022000000069375 Buhari Abdullahi Abubakar Adamawa Mubi South United Kingdom
170 MOSS2022000000056820 BASHIR IBRAHIM BASHIR Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
171 MOSS2022000000063918 VALENTINE MUSA VANDI Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
172 MOSS2022000000074939 Mikailu Samuel Nadro Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
173 MOSS2022000000060945 Halima Sadiya Usman Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
174 MOSS2022000000049862 Sameeyah hussein Tahir Adamawa Gombi United Kingdom
175 MOSS2022000000059965 Jocthan Eli Gwani Adamawa Gombi United Kingdom
176 MOSS2022000000054304 Maryam jika Adamawa Mubi North United Kingdom
177 MOSS2022000000071383 NURUDEEN ABBAS Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
178 MOSS2022000000059427 Yasir Paris Suleiman Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
179 MOSS2022000000050400 Munir Muhammad Iya Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
180 MOSS2022000000053498 Hafsat Abubakar Jijiwa Adamawa Fufure United Kingdom
181 MOSS2022000000069277 ASMAU ABUBAKAR UMAR Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
182 MOSS2022000000069289 ABDULRASHEED MAHMUD Adamawa Mubi South United Kingdom
183 MOSS2022000000067507 Abdullahi Adamu Musa Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
184 MOSS2022000000068963 AISHA BAPPAH AHMAD Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
185 MOSS2022000000065708 Usman Adamu Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
186 MOSS2022000000070298 Mustapha Modibbo Abubakar Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
187 MOSS2022000000059034 Emmanuel Musa iliyasu Koweh Adamawa Demsa United Kingdom
188 MOSS2022000000060868 Mustapha Salihi Ateequ Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
189 MOSS2022000000058696 Bamenda Philip Chinda Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
190 MOSS2022000000071124 SA A JARATU MALGWI-HARUNA Adamawa Gombi United Kingdom
191 MOSS2022000000068583 SULEIMAN IBRAHEEM Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
192 MOSS2022000000063238 USMAN BALA ABDULLAHI Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
193 MOSS2022000000060758 AISHA MODIBBO BAKARI Adamawa Ganye United Kingdom
194 MOSS2022000000057159 Stephen Homowadai Kastona Adamawa Grie United Kingdom
195 MOSS2022000000073785 IJASINI BARNYA IJAHU Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
196 MOSS2022000000067836 Muhammad Alkaleel Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
197 MOSS2022000000057141 Sandra Bawuro Ibrahim Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
198 MOSS2022000000048875 Nafisa Damare Hammawa Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
199 MOSS2022000000048922 Ahmed Salim Mustapha Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
200 MOSS2022000000065122 NANA FATIMA SAAD Adamawa Maiha United Kingdom
201 MOSS2022000000060068 MANSUR MUSA YAKUBU Adamawa Mubi South United Kingdom
202 MOSS2022000000068184 Ann-marie May Philip Adamawa Demsa United Kingdom
203 MOSS2022000000062291 ABIJAH WADINGA BAKARI Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
204 MOSS2022000000065321 Nasiru Adamu Sani Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
205 MOSS2022000000068629 Andrew Muntoneu Lewinan Adamawa Shelleng United Kingdom
206 MOSS2022000000052207 Bello Lawan Mustafa Adamawa Grie United Kingdom
207 MOSS2022000000052871 Bilkisu Abubakar Adamawa Song United Kingdom
208 MOSS2022000000054534 Ismail Mustapha Babajika Adamawa Grie United Kingdom
209 MOSS2022000000069105 Yusuf Hamma Abubakar Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
210 MOSS2022000000060453 Salihu Shuaibu Umar Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
211 MOSS2022000000052613 Ibrahim Abubakar Adamawa Fufure United Kingdom
212 MOSS2022000000062711 LUWOPWA BENJAMIN Adamawa Fufure United Kingdom
213 MOSS2022000000057883 Thomas Bulus Adamawa Michika United Kingdom
214 MOSS2022000000052366 Aminu Mohammed Chubado Dahiru Adamawa Yola South United Kingdom
215 MOSS2022000000053283 Mustapha Aliyu Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
216 MOSS2022000000056776 Bamaiyi Yautama Adamawa Gombi United Kingdom
217 MOSS2022000000057288 Abdulrauf Inusa isa Adamawa Shelleng United Kingdom
218 MOSS2022000000061208 Idris Ali Shuwa Adamawa Madagali United Kingdom
219 MOSS2022000000070086 Mohammed Nazir Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
220 MOSS2022000000069854 Buhari Abdulrahman Adamawa Yola North United Kingdom
221 MOSS2022000000072713 Hadassah Bala Dauda Adamawa Hong United Kingdom
222 MOSS2022000000068530 FATIMA GIDADO BAKARI Adamawa Grie United Kingdom
223 MOSS2022000000055843 Daniel Anietie Eneh Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
224 MOSS2022000000074503 ENOBONG EKWERE BASSEY Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
225 MOSS2022000000062799 Eti-ini Aniefiok Peters Akwa Ibom Eket United Kingdom
226 MOSS2022000000051062 Ifiok Sunday Inuk Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
227 MOSS2022000000068074 Unwana Cletus Usen Akwa Ibom Ikot Abasi United Kingdom
228 MOSS2022000000050303 Marvellous Christopher Etuk Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
229 MOSS2022000000056441 ANIEKPONG DONATUS EFFIONG Akwa Ibom Ibiono-Ibom United Kingdom
230 MOSS2022000000063735 Michael Benedict Edem Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
231 MOSS2022000000074370 Abasi-ama Friday Idim Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium United Kingdom
232 MOSS2022000000063783 ETOROABASI UDOSEN AKPAN Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium United Kingdom
233 MOSS2022000000063018 Sedy Usen Isaac Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium United Kingdom
234 MOSS2022000000050401 Ima-Abasi Eteakamba Itama Akwa Ibom Esit Eket United Kingdom
235 MOSS2022000000073372 Inyene Akan Akang Akwa Ibom Ini United Kingdom
236 MOSS2022000000054044 Antigha Effiong Eyo Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
237 MOSS2022000000052499 NdianaAbasi Akpan Stephen Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium United Kingdom
238 MOSS2022000000057385 HUMPHREY AKPAN OKON Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
239 MOSS2022000000069020 Comfort Williams Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
240 MOSS2022000000073416 Happiness Isaiah Edeke Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
241 MOSS2022000000051125 Kenneth Anietimfon William Akwa Ibom Okobo United Kingdom
242 MOSS2022000000074000 Enwonoabasi Edem Esara Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
243 MOSS2022000000059432 Biosio Biekpe Oboho Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
244 MOSS2022000000051020 MKPANG EMENYI Akwa Ibom Udung-Uko United Kingdom
245 MOSS2022000000058745 Sonia Utibe Inim Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
246 MOSS2022000000050595 Covenant Favour Idongesit Akwa Ibom Esit Eket United Kingdom
247 MOSS2022000000074247 Iberedem Emmanuel Akpan Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene United Kingdom
248 MOSS2022000000060697 Ekwere Ekwere Ekpo Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
249 MOSS2022000000059303 Esther Etims Abraham Akwa Ibom Etim Ekpo United Kingdom
250 MOSS2022000000058484 Ekom Emmanuel Etuk Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
251 MOSS2022000000055588 EMMANUEL NATHANIEL JAMES Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium United Kingdom
252 MOSS2022000000062855 MONDAY KENNETH Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
253 MOSS2022000000052296 Jeanne Bright Asuquo Akwa Ibom Uruan United Kingdom
254 MOSS2022000000066258 Clement clement Ndiok Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene United Kingdom
255 MOSS2022000000051177 Inyene Emmanuel Ekong Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
256 MOSS2022000000067302 EKPENYONG IDONGESIT IKPANG Akwa Ibom Eket United Kingdom
257 MOSS2022000000056482 ANIETIE EDET ETIM Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
258 MOSS2022000000068096 Utibe Effiong Essien Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
259 MOSS2022000000071982 Emmanuel Patrick Pius Akwa Ibom Eket United Kingdom
260 MOSS2022000000069036 ANDREW JOSEPH INYANGETOH Akwa Ibom Essien Udim United Kingdom
261 MOSS2022000000051038 Ekemini Sunday Williamson Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin United Kingdom
262 MOSS2022000000068788 Enobong Monday Nyahette Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene United Kingdom
263 MOSS2022000000060958 Emmanuel Itohowo Imeh Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ibom United Kingdom
264 MOSS2022000000057591 Queensly Cosmas Udoette Akwa Ibom Obot Akara United Kingdom
265 MOSS2022000000063620 EDET OKON INIEKUNG Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
266 MOSS2022000000052280 RACHAEL EKAMMA ATEWOGBADE Akwa Ibom Udung-Uko United Kingdom
267 MOSS2022000000052299 SAMUEL EKPE UMOH Akwa Ibom Abak United Kingdom
268 MOSS2022000000060825 Blessing Ochelle Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
269 MOSS2022000000068937 Confidence Morrison Akwa Ibom Ikot Abasi United Kingdom
270 MOSS2022000000069393 Victor Monday Peter Akwa Ibom Etim Ekpo United Kingdom
271 MOSS2022000000066911 Ofonime Edet Abraham Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
272 MOSS2022000000069470 Richard Asuquo Okon Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
273 MOSS2022000000061522 Anna Idongesit Ozor Akwa Ibom Abak United Kingdom
274 MOSS2022000000068374 Ima-Abasi Xavier Etuk Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
275 MOSS2022000000071436 Ubongabasi Godfrey Akpabio Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
276 MOSS2022000000073259 Ini Camillus Umoh Akwa Ibom Essien Udim United Kingdom
277 MOSS2022000000074567 Mfon-Abasi Effiong Essien Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
278 MOSS2022000000048760 Godwin Godstime Timothy Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
279 MOSS2022000000070750 Ema-Eno Simon Ukpong Akwa Ibom Ukanafun United Kingdom
280 MOSS2022000000072967 Itoro-obong Marcel Udo Akwa Ibom Essien Udim United Kingdom
281 MOSS2022000000070832 Solomon Etukakpan Akwa Ibom Mkpat-Enin United Kingdom
282 MOSS2022000000053634 Affiong Asuquo Udokisai Akwa Ibom Okobo United Kingdom
283 MOSS2022000000065112 MFONOBONG JOSEPH URUA Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
284 MOSS2022000000055619 LOVE IME AKPANINYANG Akwa Ibom Ibiono-Ibom United Kingdom
285 MOSS2022000000058792 INIMFON BASSEY BASSEY Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ibom United Kingdom
286 MOSS2022000000064197 EMMANUEL UFOT NSEK Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
287 MOSS2022000000060816 JOHN SUNDAY EDET Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
288 MOSS2022000000066641 Nse-obot Peter Afaha Akwa Ibom Ini United Kingdom
289 MOSS2022000000065915 EDIKAN NSE GIDEON Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
290 MOSS2022000000070709 VICTOR NSIKAN NELSON Akwa Ibom Ikot Abasi United Kingdom
291 MOSS2022000000064678 Rebecca Nse Udom Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium United Kingdom
292 MOSS2022000000075181 Enobong Itohoimo James Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
293 MOSS2022000000055656 Emmanuel Ime Etim Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
294 MOSS2022000000048956 Akaninyene Sunday Etim Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
295 MOSS2022000000059639 UDUAK AKPABOT Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
296 MOSS2022000000075087 Gideon Emmanuel Akpan Akwa Ibom Ikono United Kingdom
297 MOSS2022000000052194 David Patrick Pius Akwa Ibom Eket United Kingdom
298 MOSS2022000000069057 HANNAH Edet ENENYI Akwa Ibom Okobo United Kingdom
299 MOSS2022000000071099 UTIBE ANIETIE AKPAN Akwa Ibom Ukanafun United Kingdom
300 MOSS2022000000054477 Ediongsenyene Biatus UdofIa Akwa Ibom Ika United Kingdom
301 MOSS2022000000058410 Edwin Umo Effiong Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
302 MOSS2022000000063084 Ime Okoko Isip Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
303 MOSS2022000000070131 Victoria Ezekiel Okon Akwa Ibom Ikot Abasi United Kingdom
304 MOSS2022000000069503 Ndukeabasi Kevin Etim Akwa Ibom Essien Udim United Kingdom
305 MOSS2022000000064443 UTIBEIMA UDO ESSIET Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene United Kingdom
306 MOSS2022000000074720 Samuel Nathaniel Bassey Akwa Ibom Eket United Kingdom
307 MOSS2022000000056497 Emem Paul Essien Akwa Ibom Essien Udim United Kingdom
308 MOSS2022000000055723 Enobong Ini Essien Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
309 MOSS2022000000058447 Ezekiel Sunday Okon Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
310 MOSS2022000000055212 Precious Nya Umo Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
311 MOSS2022000000051579 EDU-UWEM ITA UDOFIA Akwa Ibom Ini United Kingdom
312 MOSS2022000000060549 ANIEKAN-ABASI EKPE JAMES Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
313 MOSS2022000000056057 ELIJAH UDO AFANGIDEH Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene United Kingdom
314 MOSS2022000000055373 MFON DESMOND IWOK Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
315 MOSS2022000000054669 David Effiong Mboko Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
316 MOSS2022000000053157 JUDE EFFIONG AKPAN Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
317 MOSS2022000000071198 Mary George Eminue Akwa Ibom Mbo United Kingdom
318 MOSS2022000000060272 Emmanuel Udoudo Bassey Akwa Ibom Ikono United Kingdom
319 MOSS2022000000067594 Utibe John Iniobong Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
320 MOSS2022000000068087 UDEME OKON UTUK Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene United Kingdom
321 MOSS2022000000074073 WISDOM HAROLD BENSON Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
322 MOSS2022000000074728 Victoria Michael John Akwa Ibom Ika United Kingdom
323 MOSS2022000000071478 Mary Akpan Abraham Akwa Ibom Nsit-Ubium United Kingdom
324 MOSS2022000000053279 Victor Godwin Harrison Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
325 MOSS2022000000072149 Ekemini Joseph Udounwa Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
326 MOSS2022000000066342 Lois Effiong David Akwa Ibom Okobo United Kingdom
327 MOSS2022000000050927 Kennedy Kennedy Ekong Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
328 MOSS2022000000063776 Christine Iniobong Ufot Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
329 MOSS2022000000064999 Joseph Etim Bassey Akwa Ibom Okobo United Kingdom
330 MOSS2022000000049875 Daniel Enang Victor Akwa Ibom Ikot Ekpene United Kingdom
331 MOSS2022000000052540 STERLING FLYNN GORDIAN Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
332 MOSS2022000000063867 Raphael Victor Ansa Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
333 MOSS2022000000061460 Idongesit Aloysius Thomas Akwa Ibom Itu United Kingdom
334 MOSS2022000000068436 Edidiong Abraham Sampson Akwa Ibom Obot Akara United Kingdom
335 MOSS2022000000072499 Helen Stephen Ogomekit Akwa Ibom Eastern Obolo United Kingdom
336 MOSS2022000000070163 PATIENCE JAMES AKPAN Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
337 MOSS2022000000052764 Walter Bassey Archibong Akwa Ibom Ini United Kingdom
338 MOSS2022000000073796 Grace Collins Awak Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
339 MOSS2022000000051847 Special Sunday Akwa Ibom Etim Ekpo United Kingdom
340 MOSS2022000000062240 BLESSING MICHAEL IKPONG Akwa Ibom Ibiono-Ibom United Kingdom
341 MOSS2022000000055769 Antai Victor Okon-Otoyo Akwa Ibom Oron United Kingdom
342 MOSS2022000000057648 SUTOIDEM PETER THEOPHILUS Akwa Ibom Ikono United Kingdom
343 MOSS2022000000055528 NELSON JAMES NKPUMA Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
344 MOSS2022000000057535 Udeme Nkereuwem Etuk Akwa Ibom Etinan United Kingdom
345 MOSS2022000000066410 Akanubong Ededet Inyang Akwa Ibom Uyo United Kingdom
346 MOSS2022000000056845 Favour Anthony Udom Akwa Ibom Oruk Anam United Kingdom
347 MOSS2022000000059193 Atansanga Bassey Akpan Akwa Ibom Uruan United Kingdom
348 MOSS2022000000066454 THYWILL OFONIME OTUO Akwa Ibom Ukanafun United Kingdom
349 MOSS2022000000061775 Ubongabasi Emmanuel Emediong Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
350 MOSS2022000000069324 Anthony Patrick Ibanga Akwa Ibom Ibiono-Ibom United Kingdom
351 MOSS2022000000068141 John Asuquo Ekwere Akwa Ibom Ibiono-Ibom United Kingdom
352 MOSS2022000000067861 Anwangabasi Etim Akpan Akwa Ibom Ikono United Kingdom
353 MOSS2022000000067481 UNYIME UDOETTE SATURDAY Akwa Ibom Essien Udim United Kingdom
354 MOSS2022000000065486 Isaac Elijah Nya Akwa Ibom Ini United Kingdom
355 MOSS2022000000051361 CHAMBERLAIN SOLOMON BASSEY Akwa Ibom Onna United Kingdom
356 MOSS2022000000071352 CECILIA KEVIN BASSEY Akwa Ibom Ibiono-Ibom United Kingdom
357 MOSS2022000000073729 VICTOR OKPON THOMAS Akwa Ibom Ibesikpo Asutan United Kingdom
358 MOSS2022000000065041 DEBORAH FRI-DAN AFIAKURUE Akwa Ibom Urue-Offong/Oruko United Kingdom
359 MOSS2022000000073082 TOBECHUKWU OKAFOR Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
360 MOSS2022000000075148 Ebuka Afoama Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
361 MOSS2022000000071139 Kingsley Obinna Uwakwe Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
362 MOSS2022000000063785 Onyinyechukwu Kenneth Nebe Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
363 MOSS2022000000063931 Ethelbert Onyekachi Mezie Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
364 MOSS2022000000065830 Ifeoma Vivian Udoye Anambra Anaocha United Kingdom
365 MOSS2022000000050114 GIFT OKWUCHUKWU MODEKWE Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
366 MOSS2022000000054075 Stephen Chukwuemeka Nwabugwu Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
367 MOSS2022000000052004 Kosisochukwu Imelda Okoyeugha Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
368 MOSS2022000000071430 CHINEDU GEORGE NNAJI Anambra Awka North United Kingdom
369 MOSS2022000000051962 Somtochukwu Somtochukwu Anselem Anambra Ihiala United Kingdom
370 MOSS2022000000056020 UGOCHUKWU CHIGOZIE NWANKWO Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
371 MOSS2022000000071778 Emeka Augustine Chukwudozie Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
372 MOSS2022000000061137 Chukwuemeka Elobuike Ndulue Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
373 MOSS2022000000048959 Stanley Izunna Nwanekezie Anambra Ihiala United Kingdom
374 MOSS2022000000051848 THANKGOD CHUKWUEBUKA ALEXANDER Anambra Oyi United Kingdom
375 MOSS2022000000070483 Tochukwu Emmanuel Onyebum Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
376 MOSS2022000000070528 Ebube Franklyn Emelie Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
377 MOSS2022000000067915 Mario-Francis Chukwudi Ezeobele Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
378 MOSS2022000000065252 Emmanuel Okwuchukwu Okpala Anambra Anaocha United Kingdom
379 MOSS2022000000048862 Chikaodili Emmanuel Chukwuneke Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
380 MOSS2022000000071759 Kanyifeechukwu Jane Oguine Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
381 MOSS2022000000058513 Grace Chidimma James Anambra Orumba South United Kingdom
382 MOSS2022000000050018 Chinazom Chukwudi Otubelu Anambra Dunukofia United Kingdom
383 MOSS2022000000054759 Nzube Mathilda Obidigbo Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
384 MOSS2022000000062439 Emmanuel Chidi Ebere-Eme Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
385 MOSS2022000000074877 Alex Chukwunonso Ogugua Anambra Anambra East United Kingdom
386 MOSS2022000000053775 Chibuzor Success Igweonu Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
387 MOSS2022000000050810 Chukwuebuka Stanley Okonkwo Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
388 MOSS2022000000053919 Emmanuel Sunday Nwajagu Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
389 MOSS2022000000058431 Chinenye Nworah Anambra Oyi United Kingdom
390 MOSS2022000000063134 GEORGE CHUKWUEBUKA SAMUEL Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
391 MOSS2022000000070443 CHIDIEBERE OGBUCHI Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
392 MOSS2022000000060952 Ifeanyi Amagba Anambra Anaocha United Kingdom
393 MOSS2022000000049450 KOSISOCHUKWU GODWIN ANAEDOBE Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
394 MOSS2022000000054166 NNAEMEKA MACANTHONY EZEKPO Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
395 MOSS2022000000066283 Lucy Cecilia Mmadubuobi Anambra Ihiala United Kingdom
396 MOSS2022000000068347 Chikaodili Bridget-Mary Nwosu Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
397 MOSS2022000000075366 Nnaemeka Paul Okoye Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
398 MOSS2022000000060624 Emmanuel Sunday Okeke Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
399 MOSS2022000000057335 Ogochukwu Harry Ifeacho Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
400 MOSS2022000000052460 SOMTOCHUKWU SAMUEL OKONKWO Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
401 MOSS2022000000051547 KINGSLEY CHUKA ONYEAKA Anambra Awka North United Kingdom
402 MOSS2022000000049502 CHIAMAKA COLETTE ANENE Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
403 MOSS2022000000049184 Uchechukwu Ebuka Orabueze Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
404 MOSS2022000000060801 CHIDIEBERE ESTHER OKOYE Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
405 MOSS2022000000071003 Chinyere Sylvia Anigbogu Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
406 MOSS2022000000075299 Obinna Onochie Onuora Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
407 MOSS2022000000051545 WALTER ARINZE EZEANATA Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
408 MOSS2022000000064709 Uchechukwu Cynthia Eboh Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
409 MOSS2022000000055933 Chigozie Ngoka Anambra Dunukofia United Kingdom
410 MOSS2022000000049985 Tochukwu Emmanuel Ezeaba Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
411 MOSS2022000000063474 Sandra Ifunanya Mgbii Anambra Orumba South United Kingdom
412 MOSS2022000000058343 Chinedu Yhanata Okolo Anambra Nnewi North United Kingdom
413 MOSS2022000000050339 CHINONSO GOSPEL ALAEBO Anambra Orumba South United Kingdom
414 MOSS2022000000063922 CHINAZA OFOBIKE NWAFOR Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
415 MOSS2022000000065615 Mary-Theresa Nwankwo Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
416 MOSS2022000000064675 UGONNA DIXON NWOSU Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
417 MOSS2022000000074574 Chinedu Nnamdi Onubogu Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
418 MOSS2022000000074501 Tochukwu Kenneth Eze Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
419 MOSS2022000000064613 Christopher Chibuike Egeonu Anambra Dunukofia United Kingdom
420 MOSS2022000000054056 CHIBUIKE ANTHONY OKEKE Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
421 MOSS2022000000055352 Victor Emeka Ajumobi Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
422 MOSS2022000000054430 Ujunwa oluebube Osita Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
423 MOSS2022000000068614 Chiamaka Egonu Anambra Ogbaru United Kingdom
424 MOSS2022000000067049 OGECHUKWU SYLVIA NWOLISAH Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
425 MOSS2022000000061536 Chidozie Ebube Ebenmelu Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
426 MOSS2022000000051272 ODINAKACHUKWU THEOPHINE OKAFOR-MUO Anambra Anaocha United Kingdom
427 MOSS2022000000067260 Nonso Henry Ikueze Anambra Ihiala United Kingdom
428 MOSS2022000000068370 Sandra Chinemerem Nwankwo Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
429 MOSS2022000000072908 Joshua Ozioma Ezeogu Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
430 MOSS2022000000071026 CHISOM WINIFRED OCHENI Anambra Anambra East United Kingdom
431 MOSS2022000000064568 DOMINIC CHIKA OKOYE Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
432 MOSS2022000000065518 Chigozie Chukwudumebi Obi Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
433 MOSS2022000000069513 Chukwuemeka Tabugbo Udechukwu Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
434 MOSS2022000000071729 Ifeanyi Chukwuanugo Onyejegbu Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
435 MOSS2022000000058708 Ifeyinwa Enuma Nduka Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
436 MOSS2022000000058244 Tochukwu Jude Onuorah Anambra Ayamelum United Kingdom
437 MOSS2022000000071514 Onyinye Sandra Okwundu Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
438 MOSS2022000000072443 Ebuka Peter Asie Anambra Oyi United Kingdom
439 MOSS2022000000061459 Chimagbanwe MaryBlessing Umeh Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
440 MOSS2022000000056415 Chukwuemeka Christian Okeke Anambra Oyi United Kingdom
441 MOSS2022000000069781 ONYINYE VICTORIA OKOLI Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
442 MOSS2022000000072855 Ijeoma Ngozi Udeozo Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
443 MOSS2022000000063685 JOHN CHIMEBUKA NNOLI Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
444 MOSS2022000000063024 THEOPHILUS MADUABUCHI ANADUAKA Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
445 MOSS2022000000066481 OLISAEMEKA ASHLEY AKPAMGBO Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
446 MOSS2022000000073432 Jidechukwu Joseph Ezeh Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
447 MOSS2022000000072401 Kenneth Kosisochukwu Ezeimo Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
448 MOSS2022000000072493 Chidinma Egonu Anambra Ogbaru United Kingdom
449 MOSS2022000000061398 Chukwuebuka Isidore Dunu Anambra Anaocha United Kingdom
450 MOSS2022000000053878 Ikechukwu Olisaeloka Dike Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
451 MOSS2022000000052217 Kelechukwu Kelvin Ibe Anambra Orumba South United Kingdom
452 MOSS2022000000057722 Martin Ike Abanobi Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
453 MOSS2022000000051195 CHUKWUEBUKA IKENNA IFEAGWU Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
454 MOSS2022000000055167 TOCHUKWU OBINWANNE NNAMDI-NWAEZE Anambra Anambra East United Kingdom
455 MOSS2022000000064616 IYKE MARTINS EBUZOME Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
456 MOSS2022000000052952 Chinonso Frank Muofunanya Anambra Awka North United Kingdom
457 MOSS2022000000065307 Chiamaka Francisca Moneke Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
458 MOSS2022000000063628 Binael Nchekwube Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
459 MOSS2022000000061175 Tochukwu Mmaduakonam Chigbo Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
460 MOSS2022000000068979 KINGSLEY EZEANYIKA Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
461 MOSS2022000000068303 Anthony Chidi Ofiaeli Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
462 MOSS2022000000073399 AWELLE IFEOMA OZUMBA Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
463 MOSS2022000000073969 Chinonso Henry Ohaenyosi Anambra Ihiala United Kingdom
464 MOSS2022000000070993 Virginia Chizoba Modebe-igbo Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
465 MOSS2022000000075026 Amarachukwu Gloria Okeke Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
466 MOSS2022000000052183 Nnaemeka Azubuike Dike Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
467 MOSS2022000000058361 Obioma Cynthia Okolo Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
468 MOSS2022000000050197 Olisadera Frances Maduekwe Anambra Dunukofia United Kingdom
469 MOSS2022000000057032 Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel Ezeanolue Anambra Orumba North United Kingdom
470 MOSS2022000000074196 Obiefuna Nzomiwu Anambra Ihiala United Kingdom
471 MOSS2022000000068766 OBIOMA NWANNEKA OKAFOR Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
472 MOSS2022000000051083 DAVID IKENNA EGWUATU Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
473 MOSS2022000000070379 Uchechukwu Francis Onuorah Anambra Dunukofia United Kingdom
474 MOSS2022000000049598 JOHN ONYINYECHUKWU MADUABUCHUKWU Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
475 MOSS2022000000057531 Shimonkepha Yaweanugo Onwuneme Anambra Anaocha United Kingdom
476 MOSS2022000000055251 EKENE RITA IZUKANNE Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
477 MOSS2022000000058007 Ogechukwu Maryann Amarah Anambra Orumba South United Kingdom
478 MOSS2022000000057201 Osita Raphael Nwokoye Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
479 MOSS2022000000057266 Ijeoma Chidinma Nwoye Anambra Oyi United Kingdom
480 MOSS2022000000066218 Victor Chiedozie Ezeamii Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
481 MOSS2022000000056620 Chetachi Onyeka Uzochukwu Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
482 MOSS2022000000067378 Chika Nzekwe Anambra Nnewi South United Kingdom
483 MOSS2022000000064736 CHIDERA VALENTINE ANAENYE Anambra Njikoka United Kingdom
484 MOSS2022000000054230 Wencheslaus Chukwuka Ata Anambra Awka South United Kingdom
485 MOSS2022000000068192 Ngozi Lucy Ifem Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
486 MOSS2022000000063980 Tobechukwu Oluchukwu Ude-Akpeh Anambra Anambra West United Kingdom
487 MOSS2022000000053594 CHUKWUNONSO PATRICK OGUAJU Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
488 MOSS2022000000065929 Chinazor Peace Okpala Anambra Anaocha United Kingdom
489 MOSS2022000000069602 IFUNANYACHUKWU JUDITH IGWEMADU Anambra Ekwusigo United Kingdom
490 MOSS2022000000048749 Obiageri Chinenye Ezenwamelaku Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
491 MOSS2022000000062187 MARYANN NGOZI MBAMALU Anambra Oyi United Kingdom
492 MOSS2022000000071897 Uchenna Joy Aluebhosele Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
493 MOSS2022000000070977 CHINELO DEBORAH ANYAEGBUNA Anambra Nnewi North United Kingdom
494 MOSS2022000000056599 EBELE CHIMEZIE IFEKANDU Anambra Idemili South United Kingdom
495 MOSS2022000000068012 Chinenye Esther Okafor Anambra Idemili North United Kingdom
496 MOSS2022000000052530 Chinagorom Innocent Uba Anambra Ihiala United Kingdom
497 MOSS2022000000067455 ONYEDIKACHUKWU VICTOR HYACINTH Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
498 MOSS2022000000058048 Ebubechukwu Chijioke Azozie Anambra Aguata United Kingdom
499 MOSS2022000000064707 Ifunanya Sernamarriet Okeke Anambra Dunukofia United Kingdom
500 MOSS2022000000051765 Zainab Sabiu Baba Bauchi Ganjuwa United Kingdom
501 MOSS2022000000054290 AHMAD IDRIS-AHMAD Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
502 MOSS2022000000072970 Amin Muhammed Muhammed Bauchi Damban United Kingdom
503 MOSS2022000000074048 USMAN SOJA BALA Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
504 MOSS2022000000073644 DAHIRU ABDULLAHI Bauchi Dass United Kingdom
505 MOSS2022000000049375 Muhammad Salim Zakari Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
506 MOSS2022000000051820 Naima Aminu Wanka Bauchi Kirfi United Kingdom
507 MOSS2022000000061379 Hamza Gambo Tilde Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
508 MOSS2022000000056393 MUHAMMAD AUWALU SUNUSI Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
509 MOSS2022000000061362 Fatima Kabir Muhammad Bauchi Ganjuwa United Kingdom
510 MOSS2022000000063446 Emmanuel Kubi Williams Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
511 MOSS2022000000057705 Ibrahim Ibrahim Bashir Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
512 MOSS2022000000063843 Salihu Muhammad Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
513 MOSS2022000000054249 SALEH MUHAMMAD Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
514 MOSS2022000000070553 Hosea Titus Bauchi Bogoro United Kingdom
515 MOSS2022000000059801 ABUBAKAR HUSSAIN AHMAD Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
516 MOSS2022000000049442 Ya’u Abu-safiyan Bauchi Dass United Kingdom
517 MOSS2022000000055217 ZAITUNA JUNAID Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
518 MOSS2022000000055988 SADIQ TIJANI Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
519 MOSS2022000000072999 Nazif Aminu Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
520 MOSS2022000000056656 ABDULLAHI WALID MUHAMMAD Bauchi Gamawa United Kingdom
521 MOSS2022000000049241 Abubakar sadiq Ibrahim Bauchi Alkaleri United Kingdom
522 MOSS2022000000051073 Mufassir Ibrahim Auwal Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
523 MOSS2022000000071971 Nazifi Abubakar Iliyasu Bauchi Shira United Kingdom
524 MOSS2022000000068703 Luqman Ibrahim Baru Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
525 MOSS2022000000056669 Abdulwahab Ishaq Hussain Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
526 MOSS2022000000049137 ABDULMALIK YAKUBU NASIRU Bauchi Dass United Kingdom
527 MOSS2022000000060398 Usman Musa Mainari Bauchi Giade United Kingdom
528 MOSS2022000000072587 ALIYU BADAMASI Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
529 MOSS2022000000060857 Hussaini Ibrahim Gebi Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
530 MOSS2022000000071234 Muhammad Inuwa Yusuf Bauchi Darazo United Kingdom
531 MOSS2022000000074192 Habib Jemal Mohammed Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
532 MOSS2022000000062321 Badiya Abdullahi Danasabe Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
533 MOSS2022000000067113 MBIMI MOSES MANZO Bauchi Bogoro United Kingdom
534 MOSS2022000000056681 Muhammad Salim Ahmad Bauchi Ningi United Kingdom
535 MOSS2022000000048914 Lawal Ibrahim Yarima Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
536 MOSS2022000000059684 Yusuf Muhammad Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
537 MOSS2022000000060415 AUWAL DANGOMBE RABIU Bauchi Itas/Gadau United Kingdom
538 MOSS2022000000070967 Salim Aminu Bauchi Shira United Kingdom
539 MOSS2022000000064838 AQQAD TILDE ALIYU Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
540 MOSS2022000000052571 Kelvin Keltus Bauchi Bogoro United Kingdom
541 MOSS2022000000060965 Musa Katagum Adamu Bauchi Zaki United Kingdom
542 MOSS2022000000068198 WABILI MOHAMMED DISINA Bauchi Shira United Kingdom
543 MOSS2022000000052161 Abdulkadir Muhammad Bello Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
544 MOSS2022000000070325 Umar Giade Idris Bauchi Giade United Kingdom
545 MOSS2022000000053630 YUSUF IBRAHIM MUHAMMAD Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
546 MOSS2022000000053329 Mustapha Muhammad Ibrahim Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
547 MOSS2022000000073814 Saadatu Adamu Gokaru Bauchi Alkaleri United Kingdom
548 MOSS2022000000073813 SALIM IBRAHIM Bauchi Darazo United Kingdom
549 MOSS2022000000053348 Kish Elisha Dokas Bauchi Bogoro United Kingdom
550 MOSS2022000000051110 Iliyasu Galadima Suleiman Bauchi Dass United Kingdom
551 MOSS2022000000062580 Sulaiman Adamu SHEHU Bauchi Giade United Kingdom
552 MOSS2022000000049871 Zakariyya Muhammad Adam Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
553 MOSS2022000000049570 Ismail Bala Ahmad Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
554 MOSS2022000000054088 DAVID AMEH UMAMA Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
555 MOSS2022000000056856 MUSA GUDIDI IBRAHIM Bauchi Zaki United Kingdom
556 MOSS2022000000061677 AMINU EME MUHAMMED Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
557 MOSS2022000000073743 Jalal Umar Barau Bauchi Ningi United Kingdom
558 MOSS2022000000071649 Yusuf Yakubu Yusuf Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
559 MOSS2022000000063170 Suleiman Hassan Bauchi Ningi United Kingdom
560 MOSS2022000000074234 Abdulsalam Saba Yahaya Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
561 MOSS2022000000050161 Umar Abba Mustapha Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
562 MOSS2022000000074418 Ibrahim Ahmed Bauchi Gamawa United Kingdom
563 MOSS2022000000059345 Muntaka Idris Adam Bauchi Giade United Kingdom
564 MOSS2022000000055987 MUBARAK IDRIS USMAN Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
565 MOSS2022000000054027 Mohammed Tijjani Ibrahim Bauchi Gamawa United Kingdom
566 MOSS2022000000061203 Ibrahim Sulaiman Ibrahim Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
567 MOSS2022000000050833 Muhammad Abubakar Musa Bauchi Damban United Kingdom
568 MOSS2022000000068949 usman ibrahim gamawa Bauchi Gamawa United Kingdom
569 MOSS2022000000070575 Michael Nehemiah Manzo Bauchi Bogoro United Kingdom
570 MOSS2022000000060692 MUHAMMAD ISAH MUHAMMAD Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
571 MOSS2022000000051154 HAUWA BABAYO SHEHU Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
572 MOSS2022000000050394 Mubarack Alhassan Ibrahim Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
573 MOSS2022000000054097 ABUBAKAR ALIYU MUHAMMAD Bauchi Giade United Kingdom
574 MOSS2022000000057018 Paul Pate Isaac Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
575 MOSS2022000000049261 Hanifah Umar Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
576 MOSS2022000000049297 Muhammad Mubarak Adamu Bauchi Gamawa United Kingdom
577 MOSS2022000000050447 Ibrahim Abubakar Gamawa Bauchi Gamawa United Kingdom
578 MOSS2022000000063491 MOHAMMED ZAHRADDEEN ISAH Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
579 MOSS2022000000063813 Ahmed Ibrahim Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
580 MOSS2022000000068617 FATIMA IBRAHIM GAMAWA Bauchi Gamawa United Kingdom
581 MOSS2022000000065381 Zainab Bashir Jarmajo Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
582 MOSS2022000000049317 Mustapha Muhammad Sabo Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
583 MOSS2022000000070694 Abdulbasid Suleiman Abubakar Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
584 MOSS2022000000058760 Ahmad Abubakar Ahmad Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
585 MOSS2022000000066129 Aminu Garba Ahmed Bauchi Shira United Kingdom
586 MOSS2022000000065079 YASMIN MUSA YASHI Bauchi Alkaleri United Kingdom
587 MOSS2022000000064281 SULEIMAN AUDU-KATAGUM Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
588 MOSS2022000000075203 Rukaiya Faruq Umar Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
589 MOSS2022000000069692 LUMI JOSHUA LUKA Bauchi Bogoro United Kingdom
590 MOSS2022000000048901 Ahmad Salim Zakari Bauchi Damban United Kingdom
591 MOSS2022000000065280 MUHAMMAD MUBARAK SANI Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
592 MOSS2022000000068864 Abdulkadir Abubakar Katagum Bauchi Zaki United Kingdom
593 MOSS2022000000066041 SADDAM SULAIMAN UMAR Bauchi Shira United Kingdom
594 MOSS2022000000054272 RASHEEDA MOHAMMED ABDULKADIR Bauchi Alkaleri United Kingdom
595 MOSS2022000000065351 Blessing Rahinatu Mohammed Bauchi Shira United Kingdom
596 MOSS2022000000064284 TUKON KUSHI Bauchi Bogoro United Kingdom
597 MOSS2022000000070839 Munir Usman Ibrahim Bauchi Ningi United Kingdom
598 MOSS2022000000072606 Usman Kafi Muhammad Bauchi Zaki United Kingdom
599 MOSS2022000000048830 Abbas murtala Aliyu Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
600 MOSS2022000000068366 Sa’eeda Ahmadu Mu’azu Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
601 MOSS2022000000069021 Yahaya Yakubu Adamu Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
602 MOSS2022000000064488 Hassan Abba Ahmed Bauchi Jama’are United Kingdom
603 MOSS2022000000049260 UMAR WAHU MUHAMMAD Bauchi Darazo United Kingdom
604 MOSS2022000000054030 Hadiza Danjuma Umar Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
605 MOSS2022000000060461 HALIMA UMAR Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
606 MOSS2022000000068402 Stanley Ishaku Jaryum Bauchi Tafawa Balewa United Kingdom
607 MOSS2022000000073538 Aminu Hamma Abdullahi Bauchi Misau United Kingdom
608 MOSS2022000000049359 AHMED IBRAHIM Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
609 MOSS2022000000071473 Anisa Gambo Muazu Bauchi Katagum United Kingdom
610 MOSS2022000000054846 KHALID SADISU ABDULMUMIN Bauchi Toro United Kingdom
611 MOSS2022000000052648 Salim Musa Bauchi Warji United Kingdom
612 MOSS2022000000075159 Ibrahim Ibrahim Farouq Bauchi Shira United Kingdom
613 MOSS2022000000075841 Nadiya Muhammad Babika Bauchi Bauchi United Kingdom
614 MOSS2022000000071419 Alfred Borogha Palmer Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
615 MOSS2022000000065194 Azibabhom Joseph Mark Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
616 MOSS2022000000062684 Oyinmiebi Elena Ebikefe Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
617 MOSS2022000000061590 Okubo-ere Francis Oseke Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
618 MOSS2022000000050360 Ayebakoripre Peter Churchill Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
619 MOSS2022000000066480 Ayebakuro Ebinyo Roland Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
620 MOSS2022000000063956 BOMANAZIBA PARTNER JIM-OGBOLO Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
621 MOSS2022000000065700 AKEIBOMO PENUEL Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
622 MOSS2022000000055340 Rosemary Gwegwe Temple Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
623 MOSS2022000000051260 Patson Keme-egbeyei Egberibine Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
624 MOSS2022000000064691 Tare Jeremiah Agbana Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
625 MOSS2022000000055385 Nengimote Godwin Amalagha Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
626 MOSS2022000000057029 Oyeinseimiegha Pundit Daniel Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
627 MOSS2022000000052631 FUNBEKE FRANCESS OKUBAMA Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
628 MOSS2022000000069746 SEIGHA BENWARI Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
629 MOSS2022000000073069 WOYEINKURO GODWILL SOKURAI Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
630 MOSS2022000000059604 Harrison Jacob Okpeh Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
631 MOSS2022000000052439 Samuel Ikwebe Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
632 MOSS2022000000054823 Emmanuel Olobiriowei Tuaweri Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
633 MOSS2022000000061295 Francis Olatuinji Adio Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma United Kingdom
634 MOSS2022000000073381 David Kemesedi Fioboah Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
635 MOSS2022000000066116 JOHN DOYE SOLOMON Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
636 MOSS2022000000053171 Nengi Francisca Fatoki Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
637 MOSS2022000000054413 Tonyola Mercy Eke Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma United Kingdom
638 MOSS2022000000053175 DIEPREYE ANTHONY GODWIN Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
639 MOSS2022000000056086 PEREMOBOWEI RICHARD ELAWEREMI Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
640 MOSS2022000000066022 Makera Ekpariba Apiri Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
641 MOSS2022000000058440 Ayebaene Albert Ekidinyo Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
642 MOSS2022000000059250 Paul Suobo Ikiofie Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
643 MOSS2022000000068383 KILALIBA WANAEMI TUGWELL Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
644 MOSS2022000000065601 Adaka Joseph Iguniwei Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
645 MOSS2022000000061100 JOE KUROFUO Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
646 MOSS2022000000053625 JOHN PAUL EKISEOWEI Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
647 MOSS2022000000061407 Churchill Joseph Braye Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
648 MOSS2022000000056667 Kenisuomein Bako Anthony Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
649 MOSS2022000000062458 UNDUTIMI ANTHONY CHARLES Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
650 MOSS2022000000064553 Aikien Cyril Abasi Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
651 MOSS2022000000051718 Mike Johnson Ugbogbo Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma United Kingdom
652 MOSS2022000000059069 Wisdom Ase Donald Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
653 MOSS2022000000072485 EPAMOWEI ISAAC ADO Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
654 MOSS2022000000060462 Faith Maurissa Ziworitin Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
655 MOSS2022000000059468 Atieme Ogbolosingha Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
656 MOSS2022000000066071 CLARIS NAPOLEON Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
657 MOSS2022000000073038 Otonye Joshua Iyalla Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
658 MOSS2022000000072761 INATIMI IBARAGHOEMI Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
659 MOSS2022000000070200 Tamara-kuro Simon Alale Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
660 MOSS2022000000066114 Phoebe Vieme Iluma Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
661 MOSS2022000000059996 OVIENEYI LAWRENCE EGBA Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
662 MOSS2022000000055256 Ebimobowei Benjamin Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
663 MOSS2022000000062797 TOKONI VICTORIA FRANK Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma United Kingdom
664 MOSS2022000000051511 Parabosi Ogilizibe Igbomgbo Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
665 MOSS2022000000068589 Nengimote Naomi Goodman Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
666 MOSS2022000000057396 Happiness UCHE Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
667 MOSS2022000000050740 AYIBABRA ALEXANDER BOLOUZIMOH Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
668 MOSS2022000000050943 Philip Oyinpreye Dekede Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
669 MOSS2022000000057767 Mercy Fred Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
670 MOSS2022000000064930 Tony Tunyei Miebi Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
671 MOSS2022000000062135 WORIAYIBAPIRI JOSEPHINE KEREMAH Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
672 MOSS2022000000068257 Frederick Oyinkepreye Atisai Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
673 MOSS2022000000064561 EKITE OKOLO CLEMENT Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
674 MOSS2022000000063329 INEREPAMO DESMOND EBITIMI Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma United Kingdom
675 MOSS2022000000072115 Ernest Ebi Olobio Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
676 MOSS2022000000057971 Douye Victor Zige Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
677 MOSS2022000000049387 Jonathan Oghenerukevwe Abrah Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
678 MOSS2022000000059914 Preye Inimiesi Oba Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
679 MOSS2022000000051021 fundiere kenekayoro Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
680 MOSS2022000000050616 Eluan Daniel Agbodo Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
681 MOSS2022000000058850 Nimibofa Talford Sigah Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
682 MOSS2022000000056332 Ekiotonye Ebisinor Akpolagha Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
683 MOSS2022000000065539 COLLINS TAMARAKURO GODFREY Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
684 MOSS2022000000063799 Sarah Sito Ogbe Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
685 MOSS2022000000061738 KARINA LAYOWOLO Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
686 MOSS2022000000056606 John Diete-Koki Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
687 MOSS2022000000074420 Thompson Laye Odudukurudu Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
688 MOSS2022000000070903 MERCY IHINOSEN ALEGBELEYE Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
689 MOSS2022000000052488 Faith Tubolayefa Gariga Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
690 MOSS2022000000057270 PREYE BLESSING BULAMA Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
691 MOSS2022000000069844 Oyindoubara Sarah Bayour Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
692 MOSS2022000000064761 EMMANUEL ELAYELAGHA Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
693 MOSS2022000000052646 Favour Jackson Parke Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
694 MOSS2022000000057662 Joy Einstein Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
695 MOSS2022000000053031 OLODEDIA OMINIGBO Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
696 MOSS2022000000075285 Tamunotein Birifiafe Japhet Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
697 MOSS2022000000073301 Tariere Stephanie Okokuro Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
698 MOSS2022000000071282 Faith Daniel Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
699 MOSS2022000000065649 ODOGU IMBAKA DICKSON Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
700 MOSS2022000000064552 Seiyefa Opaminola Mensah Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
701 MOSS2022000000066282 BOMANE DEBBY MUZAN Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
702 MOSS2022000000064119 Ayebaiduate David Nyingifa Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
703 MOSS2022000000073145 Tarnia Henrietta Akpoebi Fritz Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
704 MOSS2022000000072688 Oyindoubra Victor Hamza Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
705 MOSS2022000000049725 George Ayebaiduate George Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
706 MOSS2022000000052340 Iwumansi Junior Ebe Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
707 MOSS2022000000053194 Foster Iguta Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
708 MOSS2022000000054606 Priestley Ebibulouami Elamiene Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
709 MOSS2022000000053308 Ibiere Dorgu Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
710 MOSS2022000000066627 AUGUSTINE Preye Uwa Idonije Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
711 MOSS2022000000061963 Esther Dagogo Jaja Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
712 MOSS2022000000071849 Oto-obong Erigi Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
713 MOSS2022000000070516 HELEN FORTUNE NWABUEZE Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
714 MOSS2022000000053832 AYIBAEMI JAPHET BANK Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
715 MOSS2022000000074571 Kumosuonyo Enenimigha Abbott Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
716 MOSS2022000000061851 Izonebi Friday Simeon Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
717 MOSS2022000000056675 MONOVIE EGBA CLAUDIUS Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
718 MOSS2022000000049443 EMMANUEL AFAGHA Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
719 MOSS2022000000059979 Ayibakuro Ditimi Ekpete Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
720 MOSS2022000000050784 PRUDENT ATOMINI OGON Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
721 MOSS2022000000059954 Etor Raphael Obonin Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
722 MOSS2022000000063073 Ayebapreye Kari Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
723 MOSS2022000000054951 Tizibeze Tomeze Coker Bayelsa Yenagoa United Kingdom
724 MOSS2022000000055249 Roland Zuobai Bayelsa Sagbama United Kingdom
725 MOSS2022000000062274 Doubara Abel Egbe Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma United Kingdom
726 MOSS2022000000059381 Destiny Ezekiel Bayelsa Brass United Kingdom
727 MOSS2022000000073097 Ediabai Susan Daniel Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
728 MOSS2022000000070520 Nana Kwesi Omietimi Bayelsa Southern Ijaw United Kingdom
729 MOSS2022000000067141 AYEBAPREYE FRANCIS AMADANYO Bayelsa Nembe United Kingdom
730 MOSS2022000000065506 Erebi Doreen Ndoni Bayelsa Kolokuma/Opokuma United Kingdom
731 MOSS2022000000064232 GESIKEME SEIBOKURO Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
732 MOSS2022000000073590 WARATEI DICKSON OMINABO Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
733 MOSS2022000000075797 Epere Constable Bayelsa Ogbia United Kingdom
734 MOSS2022000000071506 Diseye Deborah Egberike Bayelsa Ekeremor United Kingdom
735 MOSS2022000000050527 Samson Ogwuche Onche Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
736 MOSS2022000000066704 Okwumeyi Terenom Adole Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
737 MOSS2022000000054465 Mnena Pearl Nyor-Ajiva Benue Vandeikya United Kingdom
738 MOSS2022000000056834 George Ahonye Odeh Benue Oju United Kingdom
739 MOSS2022000000053866 Godwin Ochola Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
740 MOSS2022000000065468 SAMUEL IDOKO ALOGO Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
741 MOSS2022000000059960 OBAIKE JOHN OJEKA Benue Obi United Kingdom
742 MOSS2022000000068102 Keziah Ahemen Onov Benue Ushongo United Kingdom
743 MOSS2022000000072899 Timothy Terhemba Alum Benue Gwer West United Kingdom
744 MOSS2022000000051027 Akuha Simon Iorshagher Benue Kwande United Kingdom
745 MOSS2022000000073142 Glory Enogbu Ogori Benue Ado United Kingdom
746 MOSS2022000000053815 Peter Godsgift Aidi Benue Oju United Kingdom
747 MOSS2022000000052759 EMMANUEL IGOCHE ADAH Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
748 MOSS2022000000057861 Ene Ezinne Ike Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
749 MOSS2022000000048994 Johnson Abah Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
750 MOSS2022000000064017 Henry Idoko Onoja Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
751 MOSS2022000000060503 Maria Onyejeche Isichei Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
752 MOSS2022000000069452 PATIENCE OCHANYA ODEH Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
753 MOSS2022000000067857 Queen Madonna Chenge Benue Vandeikya United Kingdom
754 MOSS2022000000052040 Francis Robertson Idoko Benue Oju United Kingdom
755 MOSS2022000000061623 SUNDAY ODUH MATTHIAS Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
756 MOSS2022000000050693 LINUS OJOBO Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
757 MOSS2022000000073076 SAMUEL SANI ADOLE Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
758 MOSS2022000000061027 Audu Louis Anebi Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
759 MOSS2022000000066760 Nuhu Caleb Amulah Benue Guma United Kingdom
760 MOSS2022000000075410 Ayegba Michael Derek Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
761 MOSS2022000000058283 OLOFU EMMANUEL OBILIKWU Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
762 MOSS2022000000075238 Adole Abraham Onum Benue Ohimini United Kingdom
763 MOSS2022000000070890 Andrew Akor Idoko Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
764 MOSS2022000000048872 Sunday Francis Ekele Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
765 MOSS2022000000053653 EMMANUEL OREGBE ERU Benue Oju United Kingdom
766 MOSS2022000000061294 Christiana Udenyi Adikwu Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
767 MOSS2022000000069780 Shiana Iorhen Benue Tarka United Kingdom
768 MOSS2022000000074993 EJEH Gabriel Ogbu Benue Oju United Kingdom
769 MOSS2022000000051778 Ezra Ochiwu Ode Benue Oju United Kingdom
770 MOSS2022000000065434 FANEN GOODNESS IBI Benue Vandeikya United Kingdom
771 MOSS2022000000070620 Emmanuel Ameh Okwori Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
772 MOSS2022000000073224 ESTHER ONYAGOCHE EIGEGE Benue Agatu United Kingdom
773 MOSS2022000000065693 Samuel Imoter Haa Benue Buruku United Kingdom
774 MOSS2022000000049991 Francis Inalegwu Assam Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
775 MOSS2022000000054492 EMMANUEL SUNDAY IDOKO Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
776 MOSS2022000000057568 SOLOMON KERSHIMA YATEGHTEGH Benue Ushongo United Kingdom
777 MOSS2022000000073603 EMMANUEL JAMES ONOJA Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
778 MOSS2022000000072005 Benson Ejeh Ejeh Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
779 MOSS2022000000075291 Daniel Asoo Aye Benue Katsina-Ala United Kingdom
780 MOSS2022000000074980 David Odeh John Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
781 MOSS2022000000048785 Sunday Ekere Ejembi Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
782 MOSS2022000000072337 Teryila Sesugh Tar Benue Vandeikya United Kingdom
783 MOSS2022000000055691 Garvin Ter’ese Jato Benue Vandeikya United Kingdom
784 MOSS2022000000060487 Monica Onyemowo Agbo Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
785 MOSS2022000000065143 OYIWODU ADAJI OKIBE-OGA Benue Ohimini United Kingdom
786 MOSS2022000000063398 Mark Terungwa Zever Benue Makurdi United Kingdom
787 MOSS2022000000074801 GIDEON Eche ULOKO Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
788 MOSS2022000000074739 Kuma Mede Benue Vandeikya United Kingdom
789 MOSS2022000000057095 Paula Onyemowo Ofikwu Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
790 MOSS2022000000061304 ONYECHE MERCY OWUNEBE Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
791 MOSS2022000000065241 Innocent Idoko Odeh Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
792 MOSS2022000000060375 Kingsley Ijuo Onah Benue Obi United Kingdom
793 MOSS2022000000062044 Emmanuel Okwu Ikwuba Benue Oju United Kingdom
794 MOSS2022000000058559 JOHN ICHA Benue Oju United Kingdom
795 MOSS2022000000072850 Patrick Odeh Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
796 MOSS2022000000065130 Stella Ebere Andoor Benue Ushongo United Kingdom
797 MOSS2022000000073745 Oka Theresa Obute Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
798 MOSS2022000000071671 Joseph Odoba Jonathan Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
799 MOSS2022000000055452 BONIFACE ADOYI Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
800 MOSS2022000000053913 Kator Jethro Ifyalem Benue Katsina-Ala United Kingdom
801 MOSS2022000000054163 Aondonenge Sylvester Dugguh Benue Buruku United Kingdom
802 MOSS2022000000073323 TAIYE ADEKUNLE AJIMATI Benue Obi United Kingdom
803 MOSS2022000000064841 Ruth Awawu Ogabiela Benue Agatu United Kingdom
804 MOSS2022000000075060 TERDOO ELAKHE TER-ITYODUGH AKAA Benue Gboko United Kingdom
805 MOSS2022000000059738 Ngunan Rachael Jiki Benue Gboko United Kingdom
806 MOSS2022000000056373 Pius Peter Ogolekwu Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
807 MOSS2022000000055956 ABBA ADRIAN SIMON Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
808 MOSS2022000000059773 Apake Amula Benue Guma United Kingdom
809 MOSS2022000000060976 DANIEL HARUNA Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
810 MOSS2022000000072756 OGBAJI GABRIEL AGBURU Benue Oju United Kingdom
811 MOSS2022000000060776 Torkwase Elizabeth Gbenyi Benue Konshisha United Kingdom
812 MOSS2022000000072742 David Owoichojum John Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
813 MOSS2022000000058611 Vivian Ire Oori Benue Oju United Kingdom
814 MOSS2022000000061542 James Arubi Ogbaji Benue Oju United Kingdom
815 MOSS2022000000050029 DOMINIC VALENTINE AJIGA Benue Obi United Kingdom
816 MOSS2022000000058734 Israel Ehile Ehile Benue Oju United Kingdom
817 MOSS2022000000056211 Sylvester Egwu Agada Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
818 MOSS2022000000074999 JOHN AGBO Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
819 MOSS2022000000049288 EMMANUEL JOHN Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
820 MOSS2022000000056394 TERDOO MICHAEL DUGERI Benue Gwer West United Kingdom
821 MOSS2022000000055269 Maryam Musa Yahaya Benue Agatu United Kingdom
822 MOSS2022000000062760 Joshua Onuche Enenche Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
823 MOSS2022000000062431 GABRIEL AKOR Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
824 MOSS2022000000062323 SOLOMON INALEGWU ONAH Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
825 MOSS2022000000067063 Onyimowo Mercy Abuh Benue Ohimini United Kingdom
826 MOSS2022000000073560 James Agada Itodo Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
827 MOSS2022000000071845 NYIUTYA CEPHAS INE Benue Buruku United Kingdom
828 MOSS2022000000074475 OJOBO HYACINTH AGBO EJE Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
829 MOSS2022000000052038 Samuel Okpachu Idoko Benue Ohimini United Kingdom
830 MOSS2022000000069916 Aya Samuel Benue Agatu United Kingdom
831 MOSS2022000000055544 BASIL TERHIDE ADA Benue Kwande United Kingdom
832 MOSS2022000000074170 Beatrice Ejeh Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
833 MOSS2022000000051489 Peter Ikor Enejor Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
834 MOSS2022000000056650 Peter Kpilighyol Ahemba Benue Gwer East United Kingdom
835 MOSS2022000000061875 FRANCIS ONYEJEFU ADAMA Benue Apa United Kingdom
836 MOSS2022000000065623 Grace Onyemowo Ejegwa Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
837 MOSS2022000000056531 Samson Onaji Ologba Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
838 MOSS2022000000065884 VESUGHUUN PHILIP KAAN Benue Konshisha United Kingdom
839 MOSS2022000000066723 Okopi Okwulu Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
840 MOSS2022000000062441 James Anjenu Adukwu Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
841 MOSS2022000000056798 PAUL ODOH ABAH Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
842 MOSS2022000000061792 ESTHER EHI OKOKO Benue Okpokwu United Kingdom
843 MOSS2022000000061251 MARY ANEJU Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
844 MOSS2022000000066430 Orladuwen Nelson Igbah Benue Gwer West United Kingdom
845 MOSS2022000000064240 JOHN OWOICHO ONDOMA Benue Oturkpo United Kingdom
846 MOSS2022000000070285 Sunday Anebi Onu Benue Apa United Kingdom
847 MOSS2022000000074001 Ejeh Innocent Enenche Benue Ogbadibo United Kingdom
848 MOSS2022000000050599 Muhammad Shettima Abbagana Borno Monguno United Kingdom
849 MOSS2022000000070541 Yakubu Mshelia Paul Borno Hawul United Kingdom
850 MOSS2022000000048926 Nuhu Hassan Malgwi Borno Hawul United Kingdom
851 MOSS2022000000063907 Moses Bitrus Mshelbara Borno Kwaya Kusar United Kingdom
852 MOSS2022000000064790 Musa Mshelia Huranta Borno Kwaya Kusar United Kingdom
853 MOSS2022000000057784 Michael Balami Borno Hawul United Kingdom
854 MOSS2022000000055620 Bukar Alhaji Zubairu Borno Bama United Kingdom
855 MOSS2022000000061543 Ngita Bwala Siki Borno Hawul United Kingdom
856 MOSS2022000000055826 Bintu Mohammed Mustapha Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
857 MOSS2022000000049779 Ahmed Ahmed Ismail Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
858 MOSS2022000000056474 Ahmed Tijjani Kida Borno Hawul United Kingdom
859 MOSS2022000000048933 Rhoda Danladi Mshelbwala Borno Hawul United Kingdom
860 MOSS2022000000073996 AISHA BULAMA HUSSAINI Borno Damboa United Kingdom
861 MOSS2022000000048838 Malut Kolo Abba Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
862 MOSS2022000000056605 Umar Gambo Adam Borno Gwoza United Kingdom
863 MOSS2022000000068244 YUSUF BOLE MODU Borno Dikwa United Kingdom
864 MOSS2022000000063292 WAPAHYAL BALLA MUSA Borno Chibok United Kingdom
865 MOSS2022000000065290 USIJU NDAI Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
866 MOSS2022000000049761 Usman Audu Tomsu Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
867 MOSS2022000000049746 Ibrahim Mustapha Musa Borno Jere United Kingdom
868 MOSS2022000000054383 ALIYU ABBA ALIBE Borno Bama United Kingdom
869 MOSS2022000000064325 MUSA MEDUGU AHANDA Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
870 MOSS2022000000059923 Ibrahim Umar Abatcha Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
871 MOSS2022000000052906 Sarah Sambo Borno Hawul United Kingdom
872 MOSS2022000000060618 Idris Umar Haruna Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
873 MOSS2022000000068585 Umar Farouk Idris Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
874 MOSS2022000000071484 YAHAYA MOHAMMED NGUBDO Borno Damboa United Kingdom
875 MOSS2022000000056460 Muhammad Muhammad Hamidu Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
876 MOSS2022000000070877 Raihanat Mohammed Monguno Borno Monguno United Kingdom
877 MOSS2022000000055436 Hassan Ibrahim Alfaki Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
878 MOSS2022000000063055 Shettima Bako Mohammed Borno Konduga United Kingdom
879 MOSS2022000000051206 TIJJANI IDRIS Borno Hawul United Kingdom
880 MOSS2022000000072416 Emmanuel Hassan Iliya Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
881 MOSS2022000000048988 Andra Umoru Borno Gwoza United Kingdom
882 MOSS2022000000055602 Satumari Robert Waba Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
883 MOSS2022000000053922 Ibrahim Shuaibu Borno Biu United Kingdom
884 MOSS2022000000067134 Ibrahim Adlurawa Borno Shani United Kingdom
885 MOSS2022000000071138 AMSA MOHAMMED MALUT Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
886 MOSS2022000000050410 Umar El-Belel Bashir Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
887 MOSS2022000000062908 Muhammad Suleiman Borno Biu United Kingdom
888 MOSS2022000000048821 David Amos Borno Hawul United Kingdom
889 MOSS2022000000056359 Tahir Ahmad Garba Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
890 MOSS2022000000056582 Iya Ali Shettima Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
891 MOSS2022000000071628 FATIMA MAAJI SHETTIMA Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
892 MOSS2022000000049094 Maryam Saidu Mohammed Borno Biu United Kingdom
893 MOSS2022000000067409 MARYAM ALKALI GONI Borno Mafa United Kingdom
894 MOSS2022000000069788 Baba Bukar Mshelia Borno Hawul United Kingdom
895 MOSS2022000000052586 ALIYU MUSA Borno Biu United Kingdom
896 MOSS2022000000050459 ABBA Alhaji AJI Borno Magumeri United Kingdom
897 MOSS2022000000054447 BILKISU ALIYU ABULFATHI Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
898 MOSS2022000000058875 Usman Biu Ahmed Borno Biu United Kingdom
899 MOSS2022000000063744 Idrisa Adamu Chulla Borno Gwoza United Kingdom
900 MOSS2022000000065328 Samira Bulama Ibrahim Borno Marte United Kingdom
901 MOSS2022000000048840 Modu Bukar Borno Monguno United Kingdom
902 MOSS2022000000075764 Mohammed Jamiu Sule Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
903 MOSS2022000000051600 Mama Nadia Sherif Borno Bama United Kingdom
904 MOSS2022000000059159 Jabani Mainta Samuel Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
905 MOSS2022000000049071 Fatima Babashehu Borno Dikwa United Kingdom
906 MOSS2022000000051786 David Mhya Stephen Borno Hawul United Kingdom
907 MOSS2022000000052849 NDIHYELYA AUDU JAMES Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
908 MOSS2022000000052668 Ahmed Abba Sheik Borno Bama United Kingdom
909 MOSS2022000000051431 HAJARA ABUBAKAR JIMETA Borno Dikwa United Kingdom
910 MOSS2022000000053968 Kefas Putaya Iliya Borno Gwoza United Kingdom
911 MOSS2022000000071895 MUHAMMAD LAWAN Borno Chibok United Kingdom
912 MOSS2022000000048761 Sadiq Abdullahi Abubakar Borno Biu United Kingdom
913 MOSS2022000000048927 MOHAMMED BUNU Borno Kukawa United Kingdom
914 MOSS2022000000054949 Muhammad Mala Borno Magumeri United Kingdom
915 MOSS2022000000066141 Ali Dimari Mohammed Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
916 MOSS2022000000053584 Musa Mustapha Muhammad Borno Dikwa United Kingdom
917 MOSS2022000000048795 Habib Sugun Maimeleh Borno Guzamala United Kingdom
918 MOSS2022000000049070 Adum Hasballa Alhaji Lawan Borno Ngala United Kingdom
919 MOSS2022000000049898 SOLOMON BULUM MAIVA Borno Chibok United Kingdom
920 MOSS2022000000071692 Abdulrahman Ahmadu Borno Dikwa United Kingdom
921 MOSS2022000000070358 Yakubu Bwala Umar Borno Hawul United Kingdom
922 MOSS2022000000071309 MUHAMMAD MUSTAPHA ABATCHA Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
923 MOSS2022000000050620 Umar Bashir Umar Borno Marte United Kingdom
924 MOSS2022000000067108 MUHAMMAD ELZUBAIRU IBRAHIM Borno Guzamala United Kingdom
925 MOSS2022000000052947 Azzaki Hashim Saleh Borno Nganzai United Kingdom
926 MOSS2022000000054487 Jerry Joel Madu Borno Chibok United Kingdom
927 MOSS2022000000071228 Sihiyona-Kurhan Yudaunda Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
928 MOSS2022000000065291 Joseph John Audu Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
929 MOSS2022000000055428 BUKAR CHIBOK MAINA Borno Chibok United Kingdom
930 MOSS2022000000052326 Abubakar Mohammed Tahir Borno Biu United Kingdom
931 MOSS2022000000063290 ibrahim salmamza mshelia Borno Hawul United Kingdom
932 MOSS2022000000071787 Abdulrahman Usman Bukar Borno Chibok United Kingdom
933 MOSS2022000000051459 Mustapha Umar Bong Borno Abadam United Kingdom
934 MOSS2022000000074837 Abubakar Malgwi Haruna Borno Hawul United Kingdom
935 MOSS2022000000061547 Ali Mohammed Kyari Borno Jere United Kingdom
936 MOSS2022000000074992 Salisu Audu Inuwa Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
937 MOSS2022000000074731 Mohammed Baba Sanda Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
938 MOSS2022000000055995 Abubakar Alhaji Mohammed Borno Kukawa United Kingdom
939 MOSS2022000000061818 Abubakar Sadiq Muhammad Borno Bama United Kingdom
940 MOSS2022000000061723 MUSA BUKAR Borno Jere United Kingdom
941 MOSS2022000000057048 Mohammed Agafi Borno Damboa United Kingdom
942 MOSS2022000000061558 Mohammed Altom RAMAT Borno Jere United Kingdom
943 MOSS2022000000065732 David Emmanuel Borno Hawul United Kingdom
944 MOSS2022000000065962 YUSUF WAKAWA Borno Hawul United Kingdom
945 MOSS2022000000068588 ali babagana Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
946 MOSS2022000000072339 Bintu Babagana Ajari Borno Bama United Kingdom
947 MOSS2022000000074010 Samuel Mshelia Jesse Borno Hawul United Kingdom
948 MOSS2022000000073774 Haruna Dauda Borno Hawul United Kingdom
949 MOSS2022000000072698 CHRISTABEL NAYAGAWA JOHN Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
950 MOSS2022000000075934 Aisha Shehu Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
951 MOSS2022000000064019 Mustapha Baba Abba Borno Bama United Kingdom
952 MOSS2022000000069698 Fati Usman Bukar Borno Chibok United Kingdom
953 MOSS2022000000057551 Diyanuwa Buduwara Abdullahi Borno Gwoza United Kingdom
954 MOSS2022000000049304 Zuwaira Ishaku Bello Borno Biu United Kingdom
955 MOSS2022000000061388 Falmata Digmari Umar Borno Kaga United Kingdom
956 MOSS2022000000055765 Abba Goni Muhammad Borno Jere United Kingdom
957 MOSS2022000000067015 FAROUQ ABBA ALI Borno Monguno United Kingdom
958 MOSS2022000000067979 Philip Musa Butu Borno Chibok United Kingdom
959 MOSS2022000000066634 Abdullahi Modu Lamba Borno Ngala United Kingdom
960 MOSS2022000000049302 Muhammad Lawan Kurna Borno Jere United Kingdom
961 MOSS2022000000049718 Adam Abubakar Ngileruma Borno Maiduguri United Kingdom
962 MOSS2022000000050238 SHAMSUDDEEN ADAMU Borno Biu United Kingdom
963 MOSS2022000000055920 BATA MSHELIA SAMUEL Borno Hawul United Kingdom
964 MOSS2022000000059897 ZANNA IBRAHIM KAUMI Borno Bama United Kingdom
965 MOSS2022000000059424 Ali Bugali Musa Borno Bama United Kingdom
966 MOSS2022000000055640 ABDULLAHI IDI GARBA Borno Biu United Kingdom
967 MOSS2022000000054285 Mohammed Yusuf Mahmood Borno Hawul United Kingdom
968 MOSS2022000000074301 GLORY DUNAMARJU JILAM Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
969 MOSS2022000000070574 ABDULLAH BUKAR THAFFA Borno Askira/Uba United Kingdom
970 MOSS2022000000073897 ETHEL BASSEY MBA Cross River Biase United Kingdom
971 MOSS2022000000050965 ROBERT URIMFUKE BASAKE Cross River Obanliku United Kingdom
972 MOSS2022000000072224 OBAK LOUIS OBAK Cross River Yala United Kingdom
973 MOSS2022000000067178 EMMANUEL ESHIDENANG ODEY Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
974 MOSS2022000000066591 Nhoyidi Njar Nsan Cross River Ikom United Kingdom
975 MOSS2022000000071648 Ukoma Johnson Ogwa Cross River Obubra United Kingdom
976 MOSS2022000000075379 Godwin Ushie Adinya Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
977 MOSS2022000000061005 IKPABI ASIBONG EGBE Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
978 MOSS2022000000070538 Osuwake Omini Ubanga Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
979 MOSS2022000000070841 Onone-Obasi Owai Ibe Cross River Biase United Kingdom
980 MOSS2022000000066581 Peter Wonah Odey Cross River Yala United Kingdom
981 MOSS2022000000062060 Daniel Edet Eyo Cross River Bakassi United Kingdom
982 MOSS2022000000052873 MARGARET VIVIENNE EKPO Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
983 MOSS2022000000051664 JEREMIAH USANG BASSEY Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
984 MOSS2022000000051274 Winnie Ngaji Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
985 MOSS2022000000058020 Enare Manyo Erim Cross River Etung United Kingdom
986 MOSS2022000000066368 Offiong Ansa Henshaw Cross River Calabar South United Kingdom
987 MOSS2022000000074431 Edidiong Uko Archibong-Eso Cross River Calabar Municipal United Kingdom
988 MOSS2022000000062915 Clement Ngban Mose Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
989 MOSS2022000000074761 Denis Ewhenikang Inakefe Cross River Obanliku United Kingdom
990 MOSS2022000000062259 Bassey Bassey Asuquo Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
991 MOSS2022000000057334 Matthew Agandim Kekong Cross River Boki United Kingdom
992 MOSS2022000000068744 ROSE ILLA ULLAH Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
993 MOSS2022000000065017 Mkpe Ojong Kekung Cross River Etung United Kingdom
994 MOSS2022000000060118 HOPE JAMES EKPA Cross River Abi United Kingdom
995 MOSS2022000000057409 Hope Ugbene Nkom Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
996 MOSS2022000000072816 Mildred Andokie Anashie Cross River Obudu United Kingdom
997 MOSS2022000000060032 Effiom Nyeh Cross River Calabar Municipal United Kingdom
998 MOSS2022000000069888 Odey Adie Isaac Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
999 MOSS2022000000058294 Essien Bassey Edim Cross River Calabar Municipal United Kingdom
1000 MOSS2022000000066589 Rebecca Eka Orok-Oji Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1001 MOSS2022000000054367 Peter Achine Ogar Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
1002 MOSS2022000000069005 Enare Asu Aniche Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1003 MOSS2022000000053071 Raphael Ogar Agi Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1004 MOSS2022000000075650 MARTINS USANI OKOI Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1005 MOSS2022000000048784 Edward Raphael Ereh Cross River Obudu United Kingdom
1006 MOSS2022000000050426 Emmanuel Ude Bassey Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1007 MOSS2022000000050233 Paul Ochui Ochui Cross River Obudu United Kingdom
1008 MOSS2022000000057712 Michael Mayehm Mbom Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
1009 MOSS2022000000057669 GIFT KOKOI USANI Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1010 MOSS2022000000055074 EFFIONG ITA HENSHAW Cross River Calabar Municipal United Kingdom
1011 MOSS2022000000066287 Mary Francisca Effiong Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
1012 MOSS2022000000068353 Faith Agama Enenche Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1013 MOSS2022000000069570 David Sam Ubi Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1014 MOSS2022000000065118 Princess Runyi Bassey Cross River Abi United Kingdom
1015 MOSS2022000000057299 MARY DUCKHAM AMAH Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
1016 MOSS2022000000053894 STEPHEN NKEBEM TOM Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
1017 MOSS2022000000057417 Tony Atabuchiaka Ogar Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
1018 MOSS2022000000068389 Gift Mbua Enyia Cross River Boki United Kingdom
1019 MOSS2022000000062210 KEVIN OKOI OMINI Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1020 MOSS2022000000070923 OLOM OGAR AUSTIN Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
1021 MOSS2022000000058155 Peter Odey Atam Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
1022 MOSS2022000000070254 David Onun Eteng Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1023 MOSS2022000000067285 Ushie Agiapule Akpanke Cross River Obanliku United Kingdom
1024 MOSS2022000000051800 MANGA AZAH Cross River Obanliku United Kingdom
1025 MOSS2022000000064044 Enah Asinya Asinya Cross River Ikom United Kingdom
1026 MOSS2022000000060522 Juliet Iyaji Ulofu Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
1027 MOSS2022000000057901 NNYEN ENAGU OKORN Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1028 MOSS2022000000075490 Bassey Okon Cross River Akpabuyo United Kingdom
1029 MOSS2022000000072787 STEPHEN WILLIAMS USANG Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1030 MOSS2022000000048992 Precious Esu Ayara Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
1031 MOSS2022000000064569 Godfrey Emori Lebo Cross River Abi United Kingdom
1032 MOSS2022000000061874 Anani Okoi Ikoi Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1033 MOSS2022000000061807 EMMANUEL TIMOTHY NTAMU Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
1034 MOSS2022000000050280 PRECIOUS AYITA OVAT Cross River Obubra United Kingdom
1035 MOSS2022000000058315 Felicia Esame Owor-Agbor Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1036 MOSS2022000000063181 LYDIA OKACHE Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1037 MOSS2022000000061938 Franka Anyama Undie Cross River Obudu United Kingdom
1038 MOSS2022000000060991 Kingsley Samuel Osumuo Cross River Calabar South United Kingdom
1039 MOSS2022000000061030 Johnson Joseph Agama Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1040 MOSS2022000000073869 Monday Etan Ofem Cross River Biase United Kingdom
1041 MOSS2022000000068343 Sunday Iyaji Ogbaji Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1042 MOSS2022000000062244 Steven Oko Ogbaji Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1043 MOSS2022000000060057 Ofere Jonathan Njang Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
1044 MOSS2022000000066464 MBAMA OBU USOH Cross River Biase United Kingdom
1045 MOSS2022000000063415 Francisca Ekeng Effiom Cross River Calabar South United Kingdom
1046 MOSS2022000000051005 Confidence Mbang Oju Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1047 MOSS2022000000059968 Ita Edem Odo Cross River Calabar South United Kingdom
1048 MOSS2022000000063034 ADIA ERASMUS IKPI Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1049 MOSS2022000000067327 Eyoanwan Eyo Esua Cross River Calabar Municipal United Kingdom
1050 MOSS2022000000070140 THOMAS ALAMA ETALONG Cross River Bekwarra United Kingdom
1051 MOSS2022000000051486 Efiom Eyo Offiong Cross River Calabar South United Kingdom
1052 MOSS2022000000054221 Pius Ike Obasi Cross River Akamkpa United Kingdom
1053 MOSS2022000000069111 Effiong Bassey Ekpe Cross River Calabar Municipal United Kingdom
1054 MOSS2022000000049397 Benjamin Okache Offiono Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1055 MOSS2022000000052901 Joana Okon Edem Cross River Calabar South United Kingdom
1056 MOSS2022000000061950 NDUM ROBERT NDUM Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1057 MOSS2022000000060918 MARTINA RICHARD OTOI Cross River Biase United Kingdom
1058 MOSS2022000000059339 Okon Ekpenyong Ekpenyong Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
1059 MOSS2022000000065550 EMMANUEL OGAR EBIALE Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1060 MOSS2022000000057642 Bassey Edem Cross River Akpabuyo United Kingdom
1061 MOSS2022000000060615 Edet Etim Edem Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1062 MOSS2022000000065849 Martina Ologbo Odey Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1063 MOSS2022000000071975 Mary Banku Obun Cross River Boki United Kingdom
1064 MOSS2022000000063880 IGUBE CYPRIAN IGUBE Cross River Abi United Kingdom
1065 MOSS2022000000065109 Nwoyi Okri Nelson Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1066 MOSS2022000000060925 Praise Dominic Araga Cross River Ogoja United Kingdom
1067 MOSS2022000000074021 Endung Bisong Tawo Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1068 MOSS2022000000071994 Josephine Ohiama Solomon Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1069 MOSS2022000000061980 JAMES SUNDAY Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1070 MOSS2022000000058746 Rawlings Ntui Erim Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1071 MOSS2022000000060996 Blessyn John Ogar Cross River Ikom United Kingdom
1072 MOSS2022000000056982 Andem Kehinde Duke Cross River Akpabuyo United Kingdom
1073 MOSS2022000000063271 Regina John Odok Cross River Boki United Kingdom
1074 MOSS2022000000075361 Comfort Joseph Okoi Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1075 MOSS2022000000067461 Glory Robin Asi Cross River Calabar South United Kingdom
1076 MOSS2022000000050177 EMEM KOKOETTE OKON Cross River Odukpani United Kingdom
1077 MOSS2022000000051384 Godwin Ngwa Wayih Cross River Calabar Municipal United Kingdom
1078 MOSS2022000000051611 EBI LAFFIN EBI Cross River Yala United Kingdom
1079 MOSS2022000000071647 Peter Bissong Okongor Cross River Etung United Kingdom
1080 MOSS2022000000071946 GLORY EBRI UBANGHA Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1081 MOSS2022000000062486 Esther Anyinme Etta Cross River Boki United Kingdom
1082 MOSS2022000000068650 Vincent Ibiang Ikpi Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1083 MOSS2022000000074834 OBASESAM EMMANUEL USANI Cross River Yakuur United Kingdom
1084 MOSS2022000000066577 Eguono Vanessa Omo-Aghoja Delta Okpe United Kingdom
1085 MOSS2022000000071090 Efeoghene Ori-Jesu Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1086 MOSS2022000000049663 BENJAMIN TOBECHUKWU OKOLIE Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1087 MOSS2022000000058620 EVIOGHENE PRINCESS OMUABOR Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1088 MOSS2022000000059504 CHRISTIAN CHUKWUDI OBU Delta Ukwuani United Kingdom
1089 MOSS2022000000072152 Oghenerume Efeduma Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1090 MOSS2022000000070754 Esiri Blessing Oghenekaro Delta Udu United Kingdom
1091 MOSS2022000000069837 Oge Ogo-Ozegbe Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1092 MOSS2022000000052790 Chukwuyem Jeff Ugbekile Delta Ika South United Kingdom
1093 MOSS2022000000054795 CAPTAIN OGHALEOGHENE EHODA Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1094 MOSS2022000000062505 JESSE EDWIN OGELENYA Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1095 MOSS2022000000058980 Toghanranrose Favour Mabiaku Delta Warri South United Kingdom
1096 MOSS2022000000061703 IGBOKA AMAZING-GRACE UWAJEH Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1097 MOSS2022000000062859 OBATARHIE AUGUSTINE OSHOGBUNU Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1098 MOSS2022000000066738 Onyemaechi Hillary Adibeli Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1099 MOSS2022000000051198 Obakore Jude Oloya Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1100 MOSS2022000000065825 Oborakpororo Ofuya Delta Udu United Kingdom
1101 MOSS2022000000061954 LEWIS EBINUM Delta Ukwuani United Kingdom
1102 MOSS2022000000067225 FORGIVE OMAMIE URIAMALA Delta Okpe United Kingdom
1103 MOSS2022000000069623 QUEEN OMOGHENE MOSES Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1104 MOSS2022000000074450 JOSHUA MOYO AGBAMU Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1105 MOSS2022000000065319 Onome Oghenefegor Useh Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1106 MOSS2022000000063823 IREKEFE AUGUSTINE MOSES Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1107 MOSS2022000000068500 OREVAOGHENE UWELIOGBA Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1108 MOSS2022000000067868 PRECIOUS UKPEDOR Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1109 MOSS2022000000067273 Gabriel Osele Ebinum Delta Ukwuani United Kingdom
1110 MOSS2022000000067312 Kate Ufeoma Oriogbe Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1111 MOSS2022000000064062 IKECHUKWU AUGUSTINE ONWOCHEI Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1112 MOSS2022000000072741 Felix Kenebra Boye Delta Burutu United Kingdom
1113 MOSS2022000000067087 Onome Tracy Akpome Delta Okpe United Kingdom
1114 MOSS2022000000062127 Emmanuel Tega Agbragu Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1115 MOSS2022000000065787 OJIYOVWI LEO UNUKEVWERE Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1116 MOSS2022000000064063 Sochima Barbara Abudei Delta Oshimili South United Kingdom
1117 MOSS2022000000068487 Paul Eduvie Evwodere Delta Okpe United Kingdom
1118 MOSS2022000000053505 Osedumbi Uduh Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1119 MOSS2022000000070771 SHEDRACH ELURIHU EZENWALI Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1120 MOSS2022000000052615 ONOME John MONIORO Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1121 MOSS2022000000074839 Blessing Ephraim Delta Warri South United Kingdom
1122 MOSS2022000000055555 Sandra Nndudi Azubuzor Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1123 MOSS2022000000068517 Uzochikwai Alexandra Nwaduba Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1124 MOSS2022000000052001 Benedicta Ovakporhiye Jitokun Delta Udu United Kingdom
1125 MOSS2022000000052112 Jemima Okiemute Atenaga Delta Ethiope West United Kingdom
1126 MOSS2022000000056372 ANTHONIA EBELE OHWOFOSIRAI Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1127 MOSS2022000000055260 ELOHOR PRUDENCE OROGUN Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1128 MOSS2022000000059185 Onyinye Roselyn Ashibuogwu Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1129 MOSS2022000000066593 Ekene Mary-Gloria Mekwunye Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1130 MOSS2022000000064563 Juliet Odeh Aaron Delta Ethiope West United Kingdom
1131 MOSS2022000000060526 JEFFREY AJIRIOGHENE UTOMUDO Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1132 MOSS2022000000067716 Oghenetega Marieca Uche Ofogba Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1133 MOSS2022000000072839 OGHENEFEJIRO ASAGBA Delta Sapele United Kingdom
1134 MOSS2022000000065478 Ehis Ndudi Mokwenye Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1135 MOSS2022000000074906 Ewere Mercy Okwuzili Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1136 MOSS2022000000069409 Clive Ebomagune Asuai Delta Ukwuani United Kingdom
1137 MOSS2022000000059136 Ikechukwu Emmanuel Obi Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1138 MOSS2022000000074264 Peter Ovire Ikupa Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1139 MOSS2022000000073600 ESEOGHENE AGBADUDU Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1140 MOSS2022000000048786 PROSPER ONOCHIE Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1141 MOSS2022000000055859 Onome Helen Irorakpor Delta Sapele United Kingdom
1142 MOSS2022000000074071 RUKEVWE FAVOUR OMOFURIETA Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1143 MOSS2022000000057248 OKIRORO MITCHELL AYOVUATA Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1144 MOSS2022000000062697 Frederick Akpomie Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1145 MOSS2022000000065725 EKIEYERIN WEBSTER FUFEYIN Delta Burutu United Kingdom
1146 MOSS2022000000049101 Mercy Ijeoma George Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1147 MOSS2022000000073202 AYANA CHIDI NWABUEZE Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1148 MOSS2022000000066424 Jennifer Uchenna Okocha Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1149 MOSS2022000000066698 Oritsetimeyin Steven Dadson Delta Warri South West United Kingdom
1150 MOSS2022000000060115 Ifeoma Mokwenye Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1151 MOSS2022000000066884 ODAFE FRED ARUGBA Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1152 MOSS2022000000066728 Erovre Marvelous Oju Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1153 MOSS2022000000064866 Christopher Akpobome Emoghene Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1154 MOSS2022000000065916 EJIROGHENE ANDREW ORUARUME Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1155 MOSS2022000000061315 Oghenero Gift Omonedo Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1156 MOSS2022000000056787 Penrose Peter Uba Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1157 MOSS2022000000049393 Sunday Boyewa Edema Delta Warri North United Kingdom
1158 MOSS2022000000070601 OGHENETANO KILTER ERERUGHURIE Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1159 MOSS2022000000055286 OMENUM OPUTAOLISA Delta Ndokwa East United Kingdom
1160 MOSS2022000000068613 JERRY-JOE TOBECHUKWU MONYE Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1161 MOSS2022000000064166 FAMOUS JACOB AJOBORU Delta Okpe United Kingdom
1162 MOSS2022000000070353 Sunday Ogheneruemu Samson Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1163 MOSS2022000000061705 Godspower Emizibo Fezy Delta Burutu United Kingdom
1164 MOSS2022000000057993 Fejiro Saviour Ogunje Delta Ethiope West United Kingdom
1165 MOSS2022000000062262 Chuks Moxie Nmakwe Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1166 MOSS2022000000051753 MARK ANTHONY AJUWA Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1167 MOSS2022000000054124 Adaeze Elizabeth Egenti Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1168 MOSS2022000000054343 Joy Favour Ben-Okoh Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1169 MOSS2022000000064696 OLUCHUKWU RICHMOND OLISEDEME Delta Ukwuani United Kingdom
1170 MOSS2022000000056205 AVWEROSUOGHENE OGHENEBRORIE MONEY Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1171 MOSS2022000000050104 MICHAEL NNAMDI AGBAMUCHE Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1172 MOSS2022000000061678 Darlington Junior Nnabodo Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1173 MOSS2022000000067441 KINGSLEY OSIFO Delta Warri North United Kingdom
1174 MOSS2022000000059383 Emmanuel Onoriode Erutaye Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1175 MOSS2022000000060765 James Kubiri Kubiri Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1176 MOSS2022000000060111 ESTHER ONOJAIFE-RAPHAEL Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1177 MOSS2022000000067655 Ebele Ubaka Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1178 MOSS2022000000071553 OGHENENYOREME SHARON FANAMA Delta Uvwie United Kingdom
1179 MOSS2022000000071201 Gloria Okpara Odigwe Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1180 MOSS2022000000074713 Demien Omamuyovwi Onoberhie Delta Okpe United Kingdom
1181 MOSS2022000000066689 OGHENETEGA OKUBIO Delta Udu United Kingdom
1182 MOSS2022000000072074 Ogheneyoma Maxwell Aghoghovbia Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1183 MOSS2022000000052170 Matilda Chioma Obuh Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1184 MOSS2022000000065417 Miracle Yovwino Ayiwe Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1185 MOSS2022000000063509 Ogheneruno Ogefere Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1186 MOSS2022000000059357 Nkechi Stella Orji Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1187 MOSS2022000000050903 Stephen Iruoghene Okpeka Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1188 MOSS2022000000074022 Ejiro racheal ighodaye Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1189 MOSS2022000000050236 EMEKA AGBONMWENRE EDEH Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1190 MOSS2022000000053377 JUDITH IFEYINWA MONYE Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1191 MOSS2022000000069023 Lovelyn Mmaamaka Nwulu Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1192 MOSS2022000000068907 OGHENERUKEVWE GLORY BELLO Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1193 MOSS2022000000070934 MELODY ABADE Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1194 MOSS2022000000061627 JOHN NWAKAEGO JEMADE Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1195 MOSS2022000000066988 KELVIN IDOGUN Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1196 MOSS2022000000060823 Emmanuel Esegbuyota Ogirigbo Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1197 MOSS2022000000067776 Oghenero Uweliogba Delta Isoko North United Kingdom
1198 MOSS2022000000064748 Uchechukwu Richard Olisedeme Delta Ukwuani United Kingdom
1199 MOSS2022000000071531 Elohor Bridget Ekpuyama Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1200 MOSS2022000000075106 ELOHO ESTHER ABIRI Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1201 MOSS2022000000052778 Akpodenden Misan Godfrey Yegbeburu Delta Okpe United Kingdom
1202 MOSS2022000000067182 Azubuike Odigwe Nwabueze Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1203 MOSS2022000000055929 Destiny Rehoboth Salami Delta Ika South United Kingdom
1204 MOSS2022000000074099 Emmanuel Erhijivwo Ajari Delta Ethiope West United Kingdom
1205 MOSS2022000000067546 LILIAN NKECHI OBI Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1206 MOSS2022000000070557 Enameguono Oghenenyore Aghwadoma Delta Ethiope East United Kingdom
1207 MOSS2022000000061133 Oghenekevwe Tracy Akporodeh Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1208 MOSS2022000000058437 Favour Tamaradouere Okorodas Delta Burutu United Kingdom
1209 MOSS2022000000054453 Obokparo Lewis Iduh Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1210 MOSS2022000000052325 MARK CHUKWUDI UTI Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1211 MOSS2022000000057804 JOY AKPEVWEOGHENE APETE Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1212 MOSS2022000000057534 Larry Chukwukadibia Odita Delta Oshimili South United Kingdom
1213 MOSS2022000000061995 Irere Omoefe Olomu Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1214 MOSS2022000000075128 Nneka Cynthia Onochie Delta Aniocha South United Kingdom
1215 MOSS2022000000066994 OGHENEROBOR ALLWELL IGELIGE Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1216 MOSS2022000000067372 Fumnanya cordelia Uche Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1217 MOSS2022000000071857 Chukwujindu Peter Nwani Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1218 MOSS2022000000056651 ANTHONY UKEKO Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1219 MOSS2022000000075070 Nwakaego Elizabeth Maduemezia Delta Oshimili South United Kingdom
1220 MOSS2022000000064814 JOSHUA OKEOGHENE ASHAIRE Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1221 MOSS2022000000069662 Gift Ochuko Abiakolom Delta Ughelli North United Kingdom
1222 MOSS2022000000062557 ELVIS Blaise ENEBELI Delta Ndokwa East United Kingdom
1223 MOSS2022000000069081 Victor Oboko Delta Warri South West United Kingdom
1224 MOSS2022000000066216 AZUBUIKE PROGRESS OJINIKA Delta Ndokwa West United Kingdom
1225 MOSS2022000000068910 Oghenekobiruo Emmanuel Izala Delta Ughelli South United Kingdom
1226 MOSS2022000000074639 Afamefuna Daniel Oseloka Delta Aniocha North United Kingdom
1227 MOSS2022000000056724 Cyril Eghomie Delta Ika South United Kingdom
1228 MOSS2022000000056487 VICTOR OREVAOGHENE OSIAWA Delta Isoko South United Kingdom
1229 MOSS2022000000065181 Loveth Nkem Delta Ika North East United Kingdom
1230 MOSS2022000000051406 Esther Ifeanyi Obiora Delta Oshimili North United Kingdom
1231 MOSS2022000000061576 MARY NNEKA NWANI Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1232 MOSS2022000000056643 Chinenye Angela Ogbu Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1233 MOSS2022000000055393 Chukwuebuka Timothy Nwali Ebonyi Ezza North United Kingdom
1234 MOSS2022000000055681 ISAIAH IFEANYI NWEZE Ebonyi Abakaliki United Kingdom
1235 MOSS2022000000070245 Prophe Ikechukwu Ezeali Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1236 MOSS2022000000071689 CHINYERE HARRY OKORO Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1237 MOSS2022000000062700 Abel Nwogboji Nwankwo Ebonyi Ezza South United Kingdom
1238 MOSS2022000000064780 Chisom Cyprian Obasi Ebonyi Ezza North United Kingdom
1239 MOSS2022000000073658 Esther Nnenna Nwankwo Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1240 MOSS2022000000072162 Obinna Johnbosco Awoke Ebonyi Ezza South United Kingdom
1241 MOSS2022000000061253 Chinyere Monique Nwachukwu Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1242 MOSS2022000000054754 Henry Uzoechina Udeogu-Osita Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1243 MOSS2022000000049134 Chukwuemeka Daniel Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1244 MOSS2022000000068776 Solomon Chukwunonso Olu Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1245 MOSS2022000000069614 Chinenye Fortune Obasi Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1246 MOSS2022000000048816 Ernest Okwudiri Isaiah Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1247 MOSS2022000000050391 CHIWOTAOKE DAVID ONYEKWERE Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1248 MOSS2022000000069932 Nweji Michael OKEREKE Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1249 MOSS2022000000064996 MATTHEW PAUL EZEH Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1250 MOSS2022000000072955 Okechukwu Francis Okoronkwo Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1251 MOSS2022000000051371 ELIEZER UGAH EZEUGAH Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1252 MOSS2022000000049111 CHUKWUMA JOHN UROM Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1253 MOSS2022000000048987 Sylvester Ogbonnaya Chukwu Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1254 MOSS2022000000056711 Kelechi Uzu Ebonyi Ishielu United Kingdom
1255 MOSS2022000000056477 Alexander Timothy Chukwu Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1256 MOSS2022000000065938 Monday Ezike Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1257 MOSS2022000000051702 Chinonso Job Okorie Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1258 MOSS2022000000067029 Brown Chisom Ejike Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1259 MOSS2022000000054256 Chukwuemeka Nnanna Oti Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1260 MOSS2022000000060783 Ugochukwu Ezeh Ebonyi Ezza North United Kingdom
1261 MOSS2022000000063633 Sunday Celestine Ogbuu Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1262 MOSS2022000000061441 Blessing Ogechi Nwojiji Ebonyi Abakaliki United Kingdom
1263 MOSS2022000000068311 richard amobi ugah Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1264 MOSS2022000000054223 Uchechukwu Emmanuel Ogechukwu Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1265 MOSS2022000000072436 CALEB AMARACHUKWU NWOBASI Ebonyi Ishielu United Kingdom
1266 MOSS2022000000067901 Nnamdi Tamuno Orji Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1267 MOSS2022000000049915 Theophilus Maduabuchi Emem Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1268 MOSS2022000000066196 Michael Ugochukwu Uche Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1269 MOSS2022000000059187 JAMES NNAEMEKA UBURU Ebonyi Ebonyi United Kingdom
1270 MOSS2022000000071985 `UCHECHUKWU Mary OSI Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1271 MOSS2022000000063479 BRIDGET NNENNA CHUKWU Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1272 MOSS2022000000065210 Amaechi Eze Odono Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1273 MOSS2022000000062196 MATHEW Ogbonnia OTU Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1274 MOSS2022000000075245 Ogbonna Clement Aluu Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1275 MOSS2022000000051985 Kelvin Uchechi Aloh Ebonyi Ezza South United Kingdom
1276 MOSS2022000000072286 JONATHAN OTU OYIM Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1277 MOSS2022000000062300 ENYI MOSES OJUKWU Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1278 MOSS2022000000056016 CHINAZA OROKE Ebonyi Ishielu United Kingdom
1279 MOSS2022000000054048 Ephraim Ibeabuchi Ezaka Ebonyi Ezza North United Kingdom
1280 MOSS2022000000051179 RHODA ONYEBUCHI NNACHI Ebonyi Afikpo South United Kingdom
1281 MOSS2022000000055448 IFEANYI MICHAEL OGBA Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1282 MOSS2022000000059944 Kennedy Onuoha Isujah Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1283 MOSS2022000000073446 MARY OKWUKWE OKOROAFOR Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1284 MOSS2022000000075056 Success Ogochukwu Chukwu Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1285 MOSS2022000000063083 Kenneth Eluu Uche Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1286 MOSS2022000000074432 Nneamaka Augustina Ogbu Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1287 MOSS2022000000074260 Kingsley Osinachi Nnanna ONU Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1288 MOSS2022000000067525 Chinecherem favour Ajah Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1289 MOSS2022000000050941 Chibuike Omofia Alu Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1290 MOSS2022000000060096 Jane Chioma Nwekoyo Ebonyi Ikwo United Kingdom
1291 MOSS2022000000058351 FRIDAY OGBONNA EKPE Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1292 MOSS2022000000056874 GEORGE OGEKA BOYI Ebonyi Izzi United Kingdom
1293 MOSS2022000000055275 FESTUS CHINEDU ANAGA Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1294 MOSS2022000000056754 Innocent Nnachi Anuma Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1295 MOSS2022000000061848 Isu Chikelue Michael Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1296 MOSS2022000000069152 John Chigozie Ogbonnaya Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1297 MOSS2022000000072648 Raphael Ibeabuchi Eze Ebonyi Ishielu United Kingdom
1298 MOSS2022000000051665 Nnaemeka Eze Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1299 MOSS2022000000056387 Henry Ukachi Okorie Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1300 MOSS2022000000054438 Emmanuel Ogbonnia Isu Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1301 MOSS2022000000053473 ESTHER OWORA ADEKEYE Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1302 MOSS2022000000060162 Uche Victor Okorie Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1303 MOSS2022000000057859 Orji Rex Ogbonnaya Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1304 MOSS2022000000070924 Chikere Ogbonnaya Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1305 MOSS2022000000066251 KINGSLEY OKA FABULOUS OKOCHE Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1306 MOSS2022000000068930 CHINEDU Elom OKETA Ebonyi Abakaliki United Kingdom
1307 MOSS2022000000058256 Boniface Anthony Ale Ebonyi Ezza North United Kingdom
1308 MOSS2022000000069542 Ogonna Jane Okpara Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1309 MOSS2022000000072067 Ginikachi Flora Egwu Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1310 MOSS2022000000057721 Kingsley Nnamdi Nnaji Ebonyi Ishielu United Kingdom
1311 MOSS2022000000072092 Chukudi Edechuku Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1312 MOSS2022000000049463 Ezinne Chinonso Orji Ebonyi Afikpo South United Kingdom
1313 MOSS2022000000051190 Nkaa Amaechi Isu Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1314 MOSS2022000000056314 DANIEL AJAH OKORO Ebonyi Afikpo South United Kingdom
1315 MOSS2022000000058703 ONYEBUCHI ISAAC OGBONNAYA Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1316 MOSS2022000000072122 Nnaemeka Shadrack Ani Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1317 MOSS2022000000058987 Moses Obi John Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1318 MOSS2022000000052775 ANAYO STANLEY ANIGO Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1319 MOSS2022000000052868 AUGUSTINE STEPHEN EGBE Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1320 MOSS2022000000057831 Michael Elem Igbo Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1321 MOSS2022000000058712 ANDREW NWANKWO NWANKWO Ebonyi Ikwo United Kingdom
1322 MOSS2022000000058311 Anthony Nnabuike Ovuoba Ebonyi Izzi United Kingdom
1323 MOSS2022000000063534 KINGSLEY OKO OLUGHU Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1324 MOSS2022000000065749 Uchechigeme Uro-nnachi Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1325 MOSS2022000000064621 SAM AMAUCHE CHUKWU Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1326 MOSS2022000000065092 THERESA OGBONNE UDO Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1327 MOSS2022000000049938 Jonathan Chigozie Ezeugah Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1328 MOSS2022000000051735 Sunday Chiadikobi Okimo Ebonyi Ezza South United Kingdom
1329 MOSS2022000000054767 Christian Chukwudi Nwonu Ebonyi Ishielu United Kingdom
1330 MOSS2022000000061893 Chidinma Precious Nwali Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1331 MOSS2022000000069832 Chibuzor Obinna Chukwu Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1332 MOSS2022000000069893 Okechukwu Solomon Elebe Ebonyi Onicha United Kingdom
1333 MOSS2022000000055368 Ogechi Mary Ajah Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1334 MOSS2022000000051968 Kingsley Kama Anya Ebonyi Afikpo South United Kingdom
1335 MOSS2022000000057188 John Ajali Obasi Ebonyi Ivo United Kingdom
1336 MOSS2022000000070312 IFEANYICHUKWU NKAMA EZE Ebonyi Afikpo South United Kingdom
1337 MOSS2022000000056226 NANCY OGOCHUKWU ANENE Ebonyi Ezza South United Kingdom
1338 MOSS2022000000053394 Henry Oko Eluu Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1339 MOSS2022000000058973 TIMOTHY OBINNA NWEKE Ebonyi Ezza South United Kingdom
1340 MOSS2022000000062089 Rebecca Uzondu Ndubuisi Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1341 MOSS2022000000071444 Christiana Odinma Atuejide Ebonyi Afikpo North United Kingdom
1342 MOSS2022000000075682 EMMANUEL CHINONSO EZE Ebonyi Ohaukwu United Kingdom
1343 MOSS2022000000064964 Sunday Godwin James Ebonyi Ezza North United Kingdom
1344 MOSS2022000000063133 Chikaodili Okorie Ajah Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1345 MOSS2022000000073639 Victoria Nkechi Okorafor Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1346 MOSS2022000000058917 Johnson Ikechukwu Iganga Ebonyi Ikwo United Kingdom
1347 MOSS2022000000067657 PETER AGBOM ALI Ebonyi Ishielu United Kingdom
1348 MOSS2022000000065276 Janet Chukwu Gabriel Ebonyi Ohaozara United Kingdom
1349 MOSS2022000000051421 Dennis Obinna Okoro Ebonyi Afikpo South United Kingdom
1350 MOSS2022000000071357 DANIEL EROMOSELE ETIOBHIO Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1351 MOSS2022000000068743 Osarumwense Bateson Omorogiuwa Edo Ikpoba Okha United Kingdom
1352 MOSS2022000000072576 Ehizogie Kelvin Abure Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1353 MOSS2022000000067283 Imuetiyan Elizabeth Omo-Irabor Edo Egor United Kingdom
1354 MOSS2022000000069919 ADESUWA CONSTANCE ABRAHAM-UDEH Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1355 MOSS2022000000060139 James Eromosele Agbonhese Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1356 MOSS2022000000056232 PAUL OSEMUDIAME OAMEN Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1357 MOSS2022000000071818 Mishael Efe Williams Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1358 MOSS2022000000075498 AMENZE AIZENOSA OSAZE-JESUOROBO Edo Uhunmwonde United Kingdom
1359 MOSS2022000000055955 JULIAN OSHIOREAMHE IGEMOKHAI Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1360 MOSS2022000000053800 ZAINAB UMORU YUSUF Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1361 MOSS2022000000049377 Hadiza Umar Yusuf Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1362 MOSS2022000000070348 Abdulmalik Ibrahim Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1363 MOSS2022000000052713 LAWRENCE ISIMEMEN Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1364 MOSS2022000000064492 OSASUMWEN JACOB IKPONMWOSA Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1365 MOSS2022000000065886 ANTHONY ONOSE DIRISU Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1366 MOSS2022000000070181 OSEREMEN JOY IDIALU Edo Esan West United Kingdom
1367 MOSS2022000000048971 Emmanuel Oshioriameh Sule Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1368 MOSS2022000000054121 Samuel Lawal Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1369 MOSS2022000000052552 BLESSING ILOBEKEMEN OTOBHIALE Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1370 MOSS2022000000064215 Jefferson Amhandin Ederhion Edo Esan South-East United Kingdom
1371 MOSS2022000000073194 NOSAKHARE JOSEPH EBOMWONYI Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1372 MOSS2022000000065826 Success Oveze Onini Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1373 MOSS2022000000067424 Jacqueline Nneka Martin-Ikpehai Edo Orhionmwon United Kingdom
1374 MOSS2022000000072098 Virtue Oniso Okhemukhokho Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1375 MOSS2022000000056018 OSAYIMWENSE GODSENT IZINYON Edo Igueben United Kingdom
1376 MOSS2022000000074281 Jefferson Osakponmwen Eguagie Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1377 MOSS2022000000049673 Zinatu Afegbai Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1378 MOSS2022000000072983 Courage Osarumen Ehigiator Edo Ovia North-East United Kingdom
1379 MOSS2022000000061686 Abdulrasheed Momodu Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1380 MOSS2022000000066302 Sabiu Momoh Zekeri Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1381 MOSS2022000000073240 Adesuwa Annabelle Ebuehi Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1382 MOSS2022000000065011 Aizenosa Paul Osaze-Okunbor Edo Ikpoba Okha United Kingdom
1383 MOSS2022000000056789 GODSTIME IJESUOBO OMOREGIE Edo Ikpoba Okha United Kingdom
1384 MOSS2022000000056570 JAMES OPANI OBIDI Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1385 MOSS2022000000071957 Solomon Osilumese Edoh Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1386 MOSS2022000000064668 PIUS ALHASSAN Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1387 MOSS2022000000072335 OSAYOMWANBOR OMOREGIE Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1388 MOSS2022000000066443 EDOSA OMORUYI AIGBE Edo Igueben United Kingdom
1389 MOSS2022000000063881 AKHERE PATRICIA AKHIMIEN Edo Esan West United Kingdom
1390 MOSS2022000000067100 REBECCA ONOSHIOKE ATSABOGHENA Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1391 MOSS2022000000063180 Emmanuel Eshionumela Yerumoh Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1392 MOSS2022000000063129 INNOCENT OJEKHATA ODION Edo Owan West United Kingdom
1393 MOSS2022000000060600 Vincent Imaledo Omoba Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1394 MOSS2022000000072519 Odianosen Precious Ebhoeruan Edo Esan West United Kingdom
1395 MOSS2022000000053417 Kaseem Abidemi Obakhume Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1396 MOSS2022000000074101 Success Omokehimi ORILADE Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1397 MOSS2022000000072331 Aloysius Oseghale Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1398 MOSS2022000000053344 Famous Efuwa Ekhator Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1399 MOSS2022000000062498 Rapheal Baja Alemoh Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1400 MOSS2022000000059569 GRACE IKPANMWOSA IJITADE Edo Orhionmwon United Kingdom
1401 MOSS2022000000063611 AUGUSTINA ADUGBE Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1402 MOSS2022000000063518 OHIOMA EMMANUEL EVBOGAME Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1403 MOSS2022000000060448 Kenneth Itoya Akharia Edo Esan South-East United Kingdom
1404 MOSS2022000000067026 Esther Oseremeghejeme Erommonsele Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1405 MOSS2022000000073597 Endurance Nosakhare Ikhuenbor Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1406 MOSS2022000000051152 Odianosen Imobhio Ewah Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1407 MOSS2022000000071351 Comfort Alapini Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1408 MOSS2022000000050034 Isibhakhomen Marsellina Iwelomen Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1409 MOSS2022000000052234 Emmanuel Christopher Ogberefor Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1410 MOSS2022000000055395 HARRIET ESTHER IMAFIDON Edo Orhionmwon United Kingdom
1411 MOSS2022000000054435 MOSES IGBINOSA OTAKPONMWENHI Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1412 MOSS2022000000055757 EHIGIE MOMODU Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1413 MOSS2022000000053294 OHIOCHIOYA ADEBO Edo Owan West United Kingdom
1414 MOSS2022000000056527 Jennifer Emoshioluamhe Anamome Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1415 MOSS2022000000053035 David Okhumeode Alabi Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1416 MOSS2022000000063449 Precious Joshua Bello Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1417 MOSS2022000000068069 Farida Francisca Abdul Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1418 MOSS2022000000072186 Patience Oziofu Ayeni Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1419 MOSS2022000000066775 PRINCE MUSA AMINU Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1420 MOSS2022000000066742 Hamzah Audu Bawa Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1421 MOSS2022000000072939 EBOSETALE RACHAEL OGEDEGBE Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1422 MOSS2022000000072373 Ashekono Emmanuel Akanji Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1423 MOSS2022000000073778 PEACE OFURE ITOYAH Edo Esan South-East United Kingdom
1424 MOSS2022000000054434 Oyime Jude AKPOLOGUN Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1425 MOSS2022000000057838 Michael Onyema Ogbebor Edo Orhionmwon United Kingdom
1426 MOSS2022000000052291 James Olushola Joseph Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1427 MOSS2022000000073824 Honesty Osemudiamen Ekhator Edo Esan West United Kingdom
1428 MOSS2022000000050292 Oziegbe Oise Unuigbe Edo Owan West United Kingdom
1429 MOSS2022000000061013 Christiana Ehigiator Edo Esan West United Kingdom
1430 MOSS2022000000067955 Ezra Olaoluwa Omokheni Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1431 MOSS2022000000055285 Omoniyi Jerry Ojeh Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1432 MOSS2022000000069579 OVIE SAMUEL IDIENUMAH Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1433 MOSS2022000000052294 GEORGE OSHIOGWEMOH IMONIKHE Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1434 MOSS2022000000050660 KELVIN NASAMU Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1435 MOSS2022000000068753 Happy Omokaro Edo Uhunmwonde United Kingdom
1436 MOSS2022000000053135 Oshiolemah Eregetse Braimah Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1437 MOSS2022000000056790 Itohan Vanessa Okunrobo Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1438 MOSS2022000000063041 Henry Oshaju Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1439 MOSS2022000000066135 Ofure Esther Iyohaiyoke Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1440 MOSS2022000000066329 Eseohe Gift Asuelimen Edo Esan South-East United Kingdom
1441 MOSS2022000000067120 OSAZUWA OMORUYI Edo Orhionmwon United Kingdom
1442 MOSS2022000000072745 JEFFERY NOSAKHARE OKUOIMOSE Edo Ikpoba Okha United Kingdom
1443 MOSS2022000000071336 Success Michael Ayo Ohioleoya Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1444 MOSS2022000000070369 AIFUWA PETER EDOSOMWAN Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1445 MOSS2022000000075658 KINGSLEY OSATOFO UMUENYEN Edo Esan South-East United Kingdom
1446 MOSS2022000000074827 Daniel Osayi Edo Orhionmwon United Kingdom
1447 MOSS2022000000074776 OTASOWIE JOEL OSAYANDE Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1448 MOSS2022000000054910 Amenamuon Cynthia Ihanden Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1449 MOSS2022000000052492 Osaze Andrew Aghedo Edo Ovia North-East United Kingdom
1450 MOSS2022000000061639 Christopher Amasor Adokuru Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1451 MOSS2022000000052927 Usiosefe Okunbo Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1452 MOSS2022000000062286 Onimisi Akoro Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1453 MOSS2022000000058803 EZEKIEL IDEMUDIA OMOKHENI Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1454 MOSS2022000000058111 Jane Oshokosikhome Ebanehita Edo Akoko-Edo United Kingdom
1455 MOSS2022000000069522 Zayyad Abiri Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1456 MOSS2022000000067297 OSAGIE VALENTINE IMASUEN Edo Uhunmwonde United Kingdom
1457 MOSS2022000000071027 EMMANUEL AKHIGBEMEN Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1458 MOSS2022000000069314 Martins Osayuwamen Obaseki Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1459 MOSS2022000000049331 JOHN ODION AIHIE Edo Uhunmwonde United Kingdom
1460 MOSS2022000000056048 maxwell omoruyi igbinoba Edo Orhionmwon United Kingdom
1461 MOSS2022000000075118 Omoregie Cyril Bright Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1462 MOSS2022000000055434 RASHIDA AHMED Edo Ikpoba Okha United Kingdom
1463 MOSS2022000000055239 David Obobaifo Afolabi Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1464 MOSS2022000000064441 Miracle Oshiokpamhe Adogamhe Edo Etsako West United Kingdom
1465 MOSS2022000000073263 OMONE TESSY OKOLO Edo Etsako East United Kingdom
1466 MOSS2022000000056655 PATRICK OHAIME IKHIDERO Edo Owan West United Kingdom
1467 MOSS2022000000050251 Pascal John Ibhariale Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1468 MOSS2022000000049206 Kenneth Itua Ighalo Edo Esan West United Kingdom
1469 MOSS2022000000052082 PRECIOUS OJO UAHOMO Edo Owan East United Kingdom
1470 MOSS2022000000063610 IMADIYI INNOCENT OMO-ERHABOR Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1471 MOSS2022000000057124 AMOS UWADIALE OSIME Edo Esan Central United Kingdom
1472 MOSS2022000000061464 Iselobhor Vincent Ikhine Edo Esan West United Kingdom
1473 MOSS2022000000071380 Augustine Aghama Edo Ikpoba Okha United Kingdom
1474 MOSS2022000000065763 Nosakhare Kelvin Ogbemudia Edo Ovia North-East United Kingdom
1475 MOSS2022000000065549 OSARETIN OMORODION EVBUOMWAN Edo Oredo United Kingdom
1476 MOSS2022000000072437 MICHAEL LELECY YAHAYA Edo Etsako Central United Kingdom
1477 MOSS2022000000048945 Odianosen Ogidika Masade Edo Esan North-East United Kingdom
1478 MOSS2022000000055490 Monisola Elizabeth Igbalajobi Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1479 MOSS2022000000068042 Ayomide Michael Otokiti Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1480 MOSS2022000000069956 Veronica Oluwatunmise Adeusi Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1481 MOSS2022000000061468 Towoju Emmanuel Aloba Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1482 MOSS2022000000072024 Gbotoluwa Opeyemi Atoki Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1483 MOSS2022000000069187 OLUWATOSIN ADEJOKE OMOSEBI Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1484 MOSS2022000000051580 PRISCILLA OLUWASEYI ABIMBOLA Ekiti Ado Ekiti United Kingdom
1485 MOSS2022000000052959 OLAWALE SAMSON KOLADE Ekiti Emure United Kingdom
1486 MOSS2022000000071475 ADEMOLA DAWUD OJO Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1487 MOSS2022000000067103 OLUWASEUN EMMANUEL OLANREWAJU Ekiti Ikole United Kingdom
1488 MOSS2022000000055820 VICTOR OSANYINDORO Ekiti Emure United Kingdom
1489 MOSS2022000000066469 Rafiu Olumide Olubamidele Ekiti Ilejemeje United Kingdom
1490 MOSS2022000000055824 Adedamola Davidson Ilesanmi Ekiti Gbonyin United Kingdom
1491 MOSS2022000000064967 AYOMIDE GBOLAGADE ALADETUYI Ekiti Ikole United Kingdom
1492 MOSS2022000000054549 Damilola Femi Olonisola Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1493 MOSS2022000000063830 Oluwaseyifunmi Emmanuel Adeboboye Ekiti Ekiti South-West United Kingdom
1494 MOSS2022000000070871 TEMITAYO EBE Ekiti Moba United Kingdom
1495 MOSS2022000000068496 ABAYOMI ENITAN IBITOLA Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1496 MOSS2022000000059071 Temiloluwa Oluwagbotemi Ajibade Ekiti Gbonyin United Kingdom
1497 MOSS2022000000062373 TOMILAYO DEBORAH AJEIGBE Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1498 MOSS2022000000050610 Ayodele Ebenezer Anjorin Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1499 MOSS2022000000062376 Feranmi Joshua Ajeigbe Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1500 MOSS2022000000052054 Emmanuel Oladapo Aina Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun United Kingdom
1501 MOSS2022000000062649 Babatunde Ayodeji Ogunsakin Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1502 MOSS2022000000061422 SAMUEL OLAMIDE AREGBESOLA Ekiti Ekiti South-West United Kingdom
1503 MOSS2022000000067391 Oluwatosin Bukunmi Rotimi Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun United Kingdom
1504 MOSS2022000000069031 Joshua Adeleye Fakorede Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1505 MOSS2022000000051320 muyiwa samuel ADENUSI Ekiti Ekiti East United Kingdom
1506 MOSS2022000000053771 AKINTUNDE SAMUEL OGUNSAKIN Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1507 MOSS2022000000054936 TEMILOLUWA FUNMILAYO AYO Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun United Kingdom
1508 MOSS2022000000064608 JOSEPH TEMITOPE AKINYEMI Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1509 MOSS2022000000058341 Olawale Samson Afolabi Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1510 MOSS2022000000060205 OLANREWAJU OLUWATOBILOBA ALONGE Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1511 MOSS2022000000060995 Samuel Bright Olawale Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1512 MOSS2022000000057103 Funmilola Deborah Ogunremi Ekiti Emure United Kingdom
1513 MOSS2022000000057015 Adetoun Sarah Afolabi Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1514 MOSS2022000000063806 Israel Adelegan Ogunlade Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun United Kingdom
1515 MOSS2022000000066553 joseph olalekan omotayo Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1516 MOSS2022000000057582 Eunice Oluwabukola Fatoye Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1517 MOSS2022000000072318 Olaoluwa Adedeji Osundare Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1518 MOSS2022000000054729 TEMITOPE SAMUEL OMOTUYI Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun United Kingdom
1519 MOSS2022000000064660 Foluso Grace Ajayi Ekiti Ado Ekiti United Kingdom
1520 MOSS2022000000067363 AYODEJI JOSEPH ESAN Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1521 MOSS2022000000062614 Daniel Oluwatobi Fasuba Ekiti Ado Ekiti United Kingdom
1522 MOSS2022000000069987 Ayomide Samuel Oke Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1523 MOSS2022000000065272 Oluwadamilare Femi Ojo Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1524 MOSS2022000000061104 Emmanuel Ilesanmi Aderibigbe Ekiti Ekiti West United Kingdom
1525 MOSS2022000000051849 Oluwatobi John Daramola Ekiti Moba United Kingdom
1526 MOSS2022000000056182 Stephen Ayodele Ojo Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1527 MOSS2022000000061029 Gift Omowumi Ekundayo Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1528 MOSS2022000000053872 Elizabeth Damilola Ajiboye Ekiti Emure United Kingdom
1529 MOSS2022000000072968 Ibukunoluwa Racheal Omotola Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1530 MOSS2022000000054345 Oluwaseyi Adedotun Adedotun Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun United Kingdom
1531 MOSS2022000000069045 TOSIN AKINWANDE AKINOLA Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1532 MOSS2022000000070017 Omolola Enitan Igandan Ekiti Ekiti South-West United Kingdom
1533 MOSS2022000000074836 PAUL ADENIYI Ekiti Ado Ekiti United Kingdom
1534 MOSS2022000000073373 Iyinolanla Jubilee Kesinro Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1535 MOSS2022000000071618 Sunday Iyanu Ajayi Ekiti Ekiti West United Kingdom
1536 MOSS2022000000071290 Oluwafemi Isaac Adeniyi Ekiti Gbonyin United Kingdom
1537 MOSS2022000000071804 ELIZABETH KEHINDE BANKOLE Ekiti Moba United Kingdom
1538 MOSS2022000000067125 Adedoyin Ayomide Adesanmi Ekiti Ekiti South-West United Kingdom
1539 MOSS2022000000067552 Tobi Abiola Folayan Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1540 MOSS2022000000066547 Joseph Ibukunoluwa Alebiosu Ekiti Ekiti East United Kingdom
1541 MOSS2022000000050026 Abiodun Ibraheem Ayeni Ekiti Emure United Kingdom
1542 MOSS2022000000058340 Seun Esther Ayodele Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1543 MOSS2022000000070775 Omotayo Ofere Ekiti Ise/Orun United Kingdom
1544 MOSS2022000000068816 Oluwakemi Abiola Owolabi Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun United Kingdom
1545 MOSS2022000000066642 KEHINDE OLUWATOYOSI OGUNTUASHE Ekiti Gbonyin United Kingdom
1546 MOSS2022000000065449 Joseph Olusola Ogunmilade Ekiti Ado Ekiti United Kingdom
1547 MOSS2022000000074337 Ifetayo Ayodamola Jegede Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1548 MOSS2022000000074259 Olawale Owolabi Adewunmi-Owolabi Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1549 MOSS2022000000074278 Peter Oluwaseun Oguntuase Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1550 MOSS2022000000049367 ELIZABETH OLUWASEYI OSAYOMI Ekiti Moba United Kingdom
1551 MOSS2022000000061545 TOMILOLA MERCY OKUNOLA Ekiti Ikere United Kingdom
1552 MOSS2022000000065718 Victor Timilehin Omotosho Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1553 MOSS2022000000065742 Oluseyi Abiodun Peters-Ogunyemi Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1554 MOSS2022000000070671 Paul Oluwaseun Oke Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1555 MOSS2022000000069712 ANOINTED OLUSEGUN AIYELESO Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1556 MOSS2022000000058001 Oluwabusayo Olufunke Awoyomi Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1557 MOSS2022000000061425 Victoria Olusola Ekundayo Ekiti Emure United Kingdom
1558 MOSS2022000000065892 Sunday Oluwasola Asaaju Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1559 MOSS2022000000053079 Moyosoreoluwa Elizabeth Arise Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1560 MOSS2022000000048852 Oluwasola Titus Omotoso Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1561 MOSS2022000000072353 Emmanuel Adeyinka Ekiti Ekiti West United Kingdom
1562 MOSS2022000000063355 MICHAEL OLUWATOMISIN ADENIRAN Ekiti Ekiti East United Kingdom
1563 MOSS2022000000070480 AMOS AYOTUNDE OLORUNETO Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1564 MOSS2022000000065733 Kayode Elijah Ayodele Ekiti Ise/Orun United Kingdom
1565 MOSS2022000000064655 TOLULOPE PROMISE OGUNDELE Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1566 MOSS2022000000058157 MOSES AYOTUNDE AWOSUSI Ekiti Ekiti West United Kingdom
1567 MOSS2022000000053365 Funmilayo Martina Owolabi Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1568 MOSS2022000000060344 BABATUNDE TEMITOPE OYEWUSI Ekiti Ikole United Kingdom
1569 MOSS2022000000054388 OLUWADAMILARE EZEKIEL AJAYI Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1570 MOSS2022000000074405 Olayinka Olugbenga Williams Ekiti Ido Osi United Kingdom
1571 MOSS2022000000056794 Blessing Ayomide Omotoyinbo Ekiti Gbonyin United Kingdom
1572 MOSS2022000000062007 EMMANUEL TOPE AKINYEMI Ekiti Ise/Orun United Kingdom
1573 MOSS2022000000075716 OLUTILEWA RITA OLADAPO Ekiti Ado Ekiti United Kingdom
1574 MOSS2022000000061201 Moses Damilola Julius Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1575 MOSS2022000000052473 Ademola Johnson Olamide Ekiti Efon United Kingdom
1576 MOSS2022000000050996 Oladele John Awoniyi Ekiti Ekiti East United Kingdom
1577 MOSS2022000000049197 OLUSEGUN ADEOLA IMOLE Ekiti Moba United Kingdom
1578 MOSS2022000000071695 ADENIJI ONI Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1579 MOSS2022000000059757 KEHINDE ATURUKA Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1580 MOSS2022000000074812 AANU ELIZABETH ADENIYI Ekiti Gbonyin United Kingdom
1581 MOSS2022000000068154 Kolawole Johnson Kayode Ekiti Oye United Kingdom
1582 MOSS2022000000067759 MOFIYINFOLUWA FAGBEMI Ekiti Ijero United Kingdom
1583 MOSS2022000000066100 Oluwole Owoeye Ekiti Ekiti South-West United Kingdom
1584 MOSS2022000000069715 OMOWUMI OLUWAFUNBI OLOWOOKERE Ekiti Ekiti East United Kingdom
1585 MOSS2022000000072459 Victoria Chinecherem Edeh Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1586 MOSS2022000000070004 Erica Chisom Metta Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1587 MOSS2022000000068008 Chijioke Kingsley Ibekwe Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1588 MOSS2022000000074033 Miracle Chukwubueze Mbaekwe Enugu Oji River United Kingdom
1589 MOSS2022000000064305 Chiemezie Kenneth Oloto Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1590 MOSS2022000000070795 ANGELINA OGOCHUKWU UZOR Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1591 MOSS2022000000071933 Paul Okoh Enugu Nkanu West United Kingdom
1592 MOSS2022000000066768 CHUKWUEBUKA EKENEDILI OKWOR Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1593 MOSS2022000000055541 CHIBUEZE KENDRICK CHUKWUKA Enugu Enugu South United Kingdom
1594 MOSS2022000000050724 GODWIN CHIKAMSO CHUKWU Enugu Enugu South United Kingdom
1595 MOSS2022000000062001 Jude Ndubuisi Mgbeji Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1596 MOSS2022000000056716 KENECHUKWU IGBOKWE Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1597 MOSS2022000000067359 KELECHI EMMANUEL ODO Enugu Igbo Etiti United Kingdom
1598 MOSS2022000000053887 Lawrence Izunna Chukwu Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1599 MOSS2022000000064599 Chukwuebuka Jude Obetta Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1600 MOSS2022000000067865 AUGUSTINE CHUKWUEMEKA ODEZULU Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1601 MOSS2022000000068804 Henry Uchenna Obetta Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1602 MOSS2022000000062744 Ifunanya Lydia Omeje Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1603 MOSS2022000000053528 Chinedu Princewill Agu Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1604 MOSS2022000000075169 UCHENNA SAMUEL ALIEJIM Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1605 MOSS2022000000068088 Odira Kingsley Okenwa Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1606 MOSS2022000000067601 Okwuchukwu Ogechukwu Chukwu Enugu Oji River United Kingdom
1607 MOSS2022000000052509 MARY-ROSE CHIBUNDO ENEMA Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1608 MOSS2022000000048797 Ifeanyi Samson Nwankwo Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1609 MOSS2022000000062035 FELIX UCHENNA UDEH Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1610 MOSS2022000000054238 OSCAR CHUKWUEMEKA UGWOKE Enugu Igbo Eze South United Kingdom
1611 MOSS2022000000063496 KENECHUKWU MALACHI UGWUOTA Enugu Igbo Eze South United Kingdom
1612 MOSS2022000000061726 CELINA CHINNEYE ANIH Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1613 MOSS2022000000069102 Ogbonna John Eya Enugu Igbo Eze North United Kingdom
1614 MOSS2022000000052062 Rosemary Cecilia Okwor Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1615 MOSS2022000000055309 Joy Chinelo Onah Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1616 MOSS2022000000052153 DORRIS ANULIKA ONU Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1617 MOSS2022000000071083 Edozie Victor Chukwuma Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1618 MOSS2022000000048977 Uchenna Calistus Okpe Enugu Uzo Uwani United Kingdom
1619 MOSS2022000000068270 CHINENYE JOSEPHINE ONAGA Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1620 MOSS2022000000049567 Cynthia Onyinye Eze Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1621 MOSS2022000000058907 STANLEY CHUKWUEMEKA UGWUANYI Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1622 MOSS2022000000073998 Chidubem Benjamin Chukwu Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1623 MOSS2022000000073750 Kenechukwu Nnamdi Onugu Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1624 MOSS2022000000066361 Kosisochukwu Lovette Agbo Enugu Enugu South United Kingdom
1625 MOSS2022000000065133 Chimezie Stanley Ngene Enugu Enugu South United Kingdom
1626 MOSS2022000000049583 Kasiemobi Uchenna Omeh Enugu Igbo Eze North United Kingdom
1627 MOSS2022000000069589 Chinonso Caleb Ekpete Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1628 MOSS2022000000051928 Anthony Ndubuisi Onovo Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1629 MOSS2022000000049700 Kenneth Chukwuemeka Asanya Enugu Igbo Eze South United Kingdom
1630 MOSS2022000000059131 Nwuko Arinze Anthony Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1631 MOSS2022000000058246 ERNEST NNAMDI OBETTA Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1632 MOSS2022000000062288 PAMELA CHEKWUBE OKOYE Enugu Uzo Uwani United Kingdom
1633 MOSS2022000000065554 LILIAN CHIEMERIE ODUGU Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1634 MOSS2022000000074913 CHIDI MARTIN ONAH Enugu Igbo Eze South United Kingdom
1635 MOSS2022000000072422 Chisom Franklin Amadi Enugu Igbo Etiti United Kingdom
1636 MOSS2022000000068854 Zimuzor Lynda Chike-Aliozor Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1637 MOSS2022000000052377 SANDRA CHIKAODINAKA OGBUOKIRI Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1638 MOSS2022000000065074 Emmanuel Ogochukwu Ozioko Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1639 MOSS2022000000072909 ANTHONY CHUKWUEMEKA NWEKE Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1640 MOSS2022000000052367 Emmmanuel Onyemaechi EZE Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1641 MOSS2022000000064601 ONYEKACHI OBINNA OGBONNA Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1642 MOSS2022000000074708 Jennifer Chidera Njoku Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1643 MOSS2022000000072147 Tochi Evelyn Chukwudike Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1644 MOSS2022000000069022 Obumneme Francis Nebo Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1645 MOSS2022000000052579 Emmanuel Onyekachukwu Onwu Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1646 MOSS2022000000074789 CHUKWUMA CHRISTOPHER ATTAH Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1647 MOSS2022000000064544 Favour Chukwumerije Eboh Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1648 MOSS2022000000065955 Innocent Onyenezi Ezeme Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1649 MOSS2022000000061083 Promise Onyekachukwu Edeh Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1650 MOSS2022000000072692 Theodore Junior Ozoani Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1651 MOSS2022000000067911 Tobenna Ikemdinachukwu Umeadi Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1652 MOSS2022000000063948 ONYEKACHI AUSTINE OCHEOHA Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1653 MOSS2022000000071713 Nnenna Julian Okafor Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1654 MOSS2022000000059343 KENNETH FABIAN Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1655 MOSS2022000000065018 OGONNA FRANCIS OKOYE Enugu Oji River United Kingdom
1656 MOSS2022000000064474 Ngozika Agatha Chukwuagu Enugu Oji River United Kingdom
1657 MOSS2022000000074818 Emeka Fortunatius Obasi Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1658 MOSS2022000000070476 KANAYO LOURDES ANIDI Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1659 MOSS2022000000055335 Ifediora Gerald Chukwu Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1660 MOSS2022000000058700 Marvellous Chigozirim Ezeorba Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1661 MOSS2022000000069874 Obinna Godwin Oliver Enugu Udenu United Kingdom
1662 MOSS2022000000072759 Oluchi Rita Ezeugwu Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1663 MOSS2022000000062492 Emmanuel Eneh Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1664 MOSS2022000000075451 Emmanuel Patrick Moses Enugu Enugu South United Kingdom
1665 MOSS2022000000063869 Chiamaka Venantus Egwuonwu Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1666 MOSS2022000000055304 ANTHONY NKEMAKONAM IBEKAKU Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1667 MOSS2022000000065912 ONUABUCHI CHARLES UWAKWE Enugu Aninri United Kingdom
1668 MOSS2022000000052417 Collins Somtochukwu Ikwueze Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1669 MOSS2022000000055671 kenechukwu victor Aniugwu Enugu Nkanu West United Kingdom
1670 MOSS2022000000073721 Sunday Sopuru Chukwuka Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1671 MOSS2022000000070873 Nneamaka Amanda Alex-Okenwa Enugu Enugu South United Kingdom
1672 MOSS2022000000048980 Daniel Chidiebere Edeh Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1673 MOSS2022000000058367 Godwin Onyema Nnadi Enugu Isi Uzo United Kingdom
1674 MOSS2022000000051601 Ruth Chidinma Aniugwu Enugu Nkanu West United Kingdom
1675 MOSS2022000000051365 IFEANYI KEVIN UZOIGWE Enugu Oji River United Kingdom
1676 MOSS2022000000057313 Ugochukwu Vincent Udeh Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1677 MOSS2022000000061669 HYPOLITE OBINNA ITODO Enugu Igbo Eze North United Kingdom
1678 MOSS2022000000064928 CHINEMEREM THANKGOD UGWUADA Enugu Igbo Etiti United Kingdom
1679 MOSS2022000000071633 CHUKWUEBUKA MBAH Enugu Enugu East United Kingdom
1680 MOSS2022000000071632 Ebere Loveth Ogbodo Enugu Nkanu West United Kingdom
1681 MOSS2022000000069451 DORIS KOSY EZE Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1682 MOSS2022000000059366 Kenneth Chinonso Offiaukwu Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1683 MOSS2022000000061850 JOHN CHIDIEBERE ABONYI Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1684 MOSS2022000000063973 Eberechukwu Maryann Agu Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1685 MOSS2022000000061531 Pascal Chukwuebuka Onyiaosuofia Enugu Enugu North United Kingdom
1686 MOSS2022000000065984 Johnson Ikechukwu Obasikene Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1687 MOSS2022000000065578 FRANKLIN EBUKA ONYIA Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1688 MOSS2022000000059700 EJIKE EGWU Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1689 MOSS2022000000061144 Chiagozie Edwin Onoh Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1690 MOSS2022000000054521 Christian Chineme Nweze Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1691 MOSS2022000000068900 Emmanuel Chinwike Emefu Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1692 MOSS2022000000065773 OSITA KENECHI Eze Enugu Igbo Eze South United Kingdom
1693 MOSS2022000000053020 EMMANUEL CHIJIOKE IKPE Enugu Nsukka United Kingdom
1694 MOSS2022000000062642 Shedrack Chukwuebuka Eze Enugu Nkanu East United Kingdom
1695 MOSS2022000000056888 Pascal Ugochukwu Ononugbo Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1696 MOSS2022000000069702 Jude Chukwuemeka Agbedo Enugu Igbo Eze North United Kingdom
1697 MOSS2022000000073976 Oluebube Chisom Onyia Enugu Udi United Kingdom
1698 MOSS2022000000062160 JULIET EBERE EWUZIE Enugu Oji River United Kingdom
1699 MOSS2022000000052159 CHINAZAEKPERE MARYANN OKEKE Enugu Awgu United Kingdom
1700 MOSS2022000000065618 Amara Grace Udebunu Enugu Ezeagu United Kingdom
1701 MOSS2022000000070922 NNABUIKE HILLARY NWANI Enugu Nkanu West United Kingdom
1702 MOSS2022000000065305 Richard EMMANUEL Nwatu Enugu Nkanu West United Kingdom
1703 MOSS2022000000070166 Franklin chukwudi Odoemena FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1704 MOSS2022000000074082 INUWA BABANGIDA INUWA FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1705 MOSS2022000000052072 Ozioma Collins Oguine FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1706 MOSS2022000000068481 ABDULMAJID ABDULLAHI FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1707 MOSS2022000000068120 Albert Eneojo Achor FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1708 MOSS2022000000051050 Hassan Kehinde Abdullahi FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1709 MOSS2022000000057140 Muhammad Shamsudeen Mijinyawa FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1710 MOSS2022000000073801 Isioma Krystal Chigboh FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1711 MOSS2022000000060037 Ellen Ene Ogah FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1712 MOSS2022000000073452 ABUBAKAR ISAH OGIRIMA FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1713 MOSS2022000000072861 John Oluwaseyi Osho FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1714 MOSS2022000000075007 Kashim Adangara Abdul FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1715 MOSS2022000000057731 Dorcas Zoaka Hyeladi FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1716 MOSS2022000000066531 Tomi Mmabong Etta FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1717 MOSS2022000000052235 Blossom Chinenyenwa Ndu FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1718 MOSS2022000000064721 Farida Ajanah Nuhu FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1719 MOSS2022000000061266 Yusuf Aliyu FCT Abuja Kwali United Kingdom
1720 MOSS2022000000065695 JOSHUA MAKINDE OLUMOYEGUN FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1721 MOSS2022000000071902 samuel oluwatoba amoo FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1722 MOSS2022000000072370 Enoch Clement Achem FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1723 MOSS2022000000049045 Bilal Duhu Ibrahim FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1724 MOSS2022000000073894 Augustine Osagie FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1725 MOSS2022000000052983 Abdulqudus Onimisi Mohammed FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1726 MOSS2022000000054002 Joy Inyang Ukot FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1727 MOSS2022000000058978 Daniel Sheshibwa Yakubu FCT Abuja Kwali United Kingdom
1728 MOSS2022000000068005 OLUMIDE FAKUNLE FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1729 MOSS2022000000060899 Samuel Effiom Archibong FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1730 MOSS2022000000055238 Johnson Nwabueze Nwazuruahu FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1731 MOSS2022000000052000 Khalid Abubakar Sodangi FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1732 MOSS2022000000055881 Darlington Emeka Ifenkwe FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1733 MOSS2022000000068149 Bela Emmanuel Ayuba FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1734 MOSS2022000000070328 UmmulKulthum Haruna FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1735 MOSS2022000000074898 Idowu Eniola Akinseli FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1736 MOSS2022000000052372 Ibidapo Mayowa Adeolu FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1737 MOSS2022000000074661 Ayodele Steven Pedro FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1738 MOSS2022000000056247 Yakubu Aliu Musa FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1739 MOSS2022000000052115 Jemila Dotto Ibrahim FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1740 MOSS2022000000053838 Olusegun Amos Olowu FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1741 MOSS2022000000053145 Yakub Luqman Muhammad FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1742 MOSS2022000000064765 Aminu Kabir Dauda FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1743 MOSS2022000000067177 Shamsudeen Hussaini FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1744 MOSS2022000000052144 Hezekiah Abiyah Agbai FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1745 MOSS2022000000059158 Elisha Bulus Bakano FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1746 MOSS2022000000057846 SYLVANUS ISTIFANUS FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1747 MOSS2022000000065481 umar abba titiwu FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1748 MOSS2022000000072602 KELVIN USHAHEMBA KELUUN FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1749 MOSS2022000000073518 Safiya Haruna Tijjani FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1750 MOSS2022000000069587 SULE BAJEH IDRIS FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1751 MOSS2022000000059940 OBADIAH KAURA JOSEPH FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1752 MOSS2022000000066650 Murtala Muhammed Muhammed FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1753 MOSS2022000000052967 GABRIEL OTENE SULE FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1754 MOSS2022000000053910 Musa Alkali Goni FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1755 MOSS2022000000051227 TITUS JOSEPH FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1756 MOSS2022000000066026 Ahmed Jibrin FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1757 MOSS2022000000064236 DEOLYN FAVOUR AKPU-SIMON FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1758 MOSS2022000000057825 JOY BACHASHE SAMUEL FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1759 MOSS2022000000052602 Oluwatosin John Odedele FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1760 MOSS2022000000054028 ASUNMARI LUKA FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1761 MOSS2022000000061845 Godiya Gwoni-Woji FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1762 MOSS2022000000052330 INYILA UDAGA FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1763 MOSS2022000000050191 Lawal Abubakar FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1764 MOSS2022000000050098 Hashimu Adamu FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1765 MOSS2022000000060670 Farida Umar Muhammad FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1766 MOSS2022000000074725 ABIODUN BAYO AGBOMOAGAN FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1767 MOSS2022000000052151 Suleiman Jibrin Abdullahi FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1768 MOSS2022000000056107 Muhammed Onimisi Bello FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1769 MOSS2022000000049234 RABIAT NENE ABDULMALIK FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1770 MOSS2022000000074509 Titilope Omowumi Olusanya FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1771 MOSS2022000000056109 MURTALA MUHAMMAD ALI FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1772 MOSS2022000000053089 ABDULAZEEZ ADAMU FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1773 MOSS2022000000066595 OLASUNKANMI IBRAHIM IBRAHIM FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1774 MOSS2022000000058207 Oyinlola Ayodele Akinboade FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1775 MOSS2022000000065180 JOY ISAH DARA FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1776 MOSS2022000000054558 Emmanuel Daniel Dako FCT Abuja Kwali United Kingdom
1777 MOSS2022000000064493 Halilu Pai Haruna FCT Abuja Kwali United Kingdom
1778 MOSS2022000000067117 Johnpaul Itopa Audu FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1779 MOSS2022000000074096 Adekanmi Mojeed Adeyanju FCT Abuja Gwagwalada United Kingdom
1780 MOSS2022000000050827 Muhammad Dalhatu Ayuba FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1781 MOSS2022000000050868 Airrykah Ehi Ehebhamhen FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1782 MOSS2022000000067736 AHMED MODIBBO MAI-BORNU FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1783 MOSS2022000000057192 Abdullahi Bello FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1784 MOSS2022000000073642 Esimaje Michael Onoseme FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1785 MOSS2022000000068717 BANKE BUFUNMI OLUWAGBEMI FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1786 MOSS2022000000074876 KASIMU ISMAILA FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1787 MOSS2022000000066832 Khadijat Kuburat Muhammed FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1788 MOSS2022000000051997 Zainab Adamu Sidi Ali FCT Abuja Abaji United Kingdom
1789 MOSS2022000000067592 Oluwatosin Mary Ogunlana FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1790 MOSS2022000000050427 Jude Nehemiah Bitrus FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1791 MOSS2022000000052971 MARIAM ANAWUNREI ISAH FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1792 MOSS2022000000054181 SOLOMON BABATUNDE LALEYE FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1793 MOSS2022000000055794 Isaiah Ogba Onyeije FCT Abuja Municipal Area Council United Kingdom
1794 MOSS2022000000059175 Samuel Janda FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1795 MOSS2022000000062673 SADIQ TIJANI FCT Abuja Bwari United Kingdom
1796 MOSS2022000000060014 ALKALI HABILA SABANALO FCT Abuja Kuje United Kingdom
1797 MOSS2022000000072075 SALMA SULEIMAN Gombe Funakaye United Kingdom
1798 MOSS2022000000050840 Kamaluddeen Babayo Ahmad Gombe Nafada United Kingdom
1799 MOSS2022000000050496 FADIL ADAMU ABUBAKAR Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1800 MOSS2022000000059608 Muhammad Muazu Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1801 MOSS2022000000063515 MASOYI GARBA SANDA Gombe Balanga United Kingdom
1802 MOSS2022000000072477 Christy Babayo Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1803 MOSS2022000000055127 UMARU GARBA Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1804 MOSS2022000000058175 YAKONG BITRUS THABA Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1805 MOSS2022000000054366 AHMAD MUJAHEED ABDULLAHI Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1806 MOSS2022000000058190 ILIYA FADA JONATHAN Gombe Kaltungo United Kingdom
1807 MOSS2022000000049497 Isaac Adamu Godwin Gombe Balanga United Kingdom
1808 MOSS2022000000049444 Mustapha Hassan Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1809 MOSS2022000000069564 USMAN ALHAJI UMAR Gombe Kwami United Kingdom
1810 MOSS2022000000056034 ABDULAZEEZ SALEH Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1811 MOSS2022000000062756 ADNAN AHMAD Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1812 MOSS2022000000058829 RILWAN IBRAHIM Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1813 MOSS2022000000065503 SYLVANUS PHILIBUS NAMASKA Gombe Shongom United Kingdom
1814 MOSS2022000000059711 Ruqayyah Hassan Abubakar Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1815 MOSS2022000000052783 MUSTAPHA DANTSOHO BALARABE Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1816 MOSS2022000000062181 Martin Ngwaldi Dillum Gombe Kaltungo United Kingdom
1817 MOSS2022000000059375 Abdussalam Muazu Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1818 MOSS2022000000048954 Jahleel Alhamdu Durami Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1819 MOSS2022000000065991 STANLEY ALEX Gombe Balanga United Kingdom
1820 MOSS2022000000056544 Ibrahim Adamu Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1821 MOSS2022000000056250 ZAKARIYA UMAR MUAZU Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1822 MOSS2022000000057168 Happy Yangaka Amos Gombe Shongom United Kingdom
1823 MOSS2022000000058976 Khalid Buba Dahiru Gombe Nafada United Kingdom
1824 MOSS2022000000055463 Usman Ibrahim Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1825 MOSS2022000000071041 hussaina umar barambu Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1826 MOSS2022000000052351 Imran Ahmed Gombe Funakaye United Kingdom
1827 MOSS2022000000062712 Victoria Amos Nehemiah Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1828 MOSS2022000000057206 Jerry Joel Gombe Shongom United Kingdom
1829 MOSS2022000000068418 Ahmad Ali Garba Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1830 MOSS2022000000065739 YAHAYA GIDADO MUHAMMAD Gombe Kwami United Kingdom
1831 MOSS2022000000073029 Abida Ibrahim Umar Gombe Kwami United Kingdom
1832 MOSS2022000000075485 ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI BABAYO Gombe Nafada United Kingdom
1833 MOSS2022000000069343 Manasseh Sallau Gombe Kaltungo United Kingdom
1834 MOSS2022000000052471 MUNIRA AMINU BELLO Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1835 MOSS2022000000062773 Anas Tijjani Ahmad Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1836 MOSS2022000000057390 AHMAD UMAR MUHAMMAD Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1837 MOSS2022000000064297 FATIMA IBRAHIM UMAR Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1838 MOSS2022000000075062 Abdulrahman Ibrahim Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1839 MOSS2022000000051112 Ishaq Ishaq Gwamna Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1840 MOSS2022000000049011 John Lakama Yusuf Gombe Balanga United Kingdom
1841 MOSS2022000000058799 Haruna Adamu Gombe Kaltungo United Kingdom
1842 MOSS2022000000065059 Monjimon Reuben Isuwa Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1843 MOSS2022000000066201 Khadija Farouk Gombe Nafada United Kingdom
1844 MOSS2022000000051451 Imrana Bojude Alhassan Gombe Kwami United Kingdom
1845 MOSS2022000000055407 MUHAMMAD BELLO BALA Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1846 MOSS2022000000071137 Abel Nabake Ardo Gombe Shongom United Kingdom
1847 MOSS2022000000065625 Micah Munang Godwin Gombe Shongom United Kingdom
1848 MOSS2022000000072557 UMAR YAHAYA SANI Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1849 MOSS2022000000066762 SADIQ ALKALI ABUBAKAR Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1850 MOSS2022000000057668 Murtala Shehu Shuaibu Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1851 MOSS2022000000053776 Abdullahi Yahaya Mohammed Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1852 MOSS2022000000049191 MUHAMMAD RUFAI Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1853 MOSS2022000000062122 Mordecai Musa Jarida Gombe Shongom United Kingdom
1854 MOSS2022000000070786 Muhammad Kabir Muhammad Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1855 MOSS2022000000074781 John Ahmadu Kaisar Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1856 MOSS2022000000065418 AYUBA MUSA ZEPHANIAH Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1857 MOSS2022000000071519 Ismail Musa Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1858 MOSS2022000000068820 ISAH MAIGARI AHMAD Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1859 MOSS2022000000055972 Abubakar Abubakar Muhammad Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1860 MOSS2022000000053073 IDRIS OMAR Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1861 MOSS2022000000062183 Naja’atu Nazeer Bello Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1862 MOSS2022000000067534 Joel Haruna Gombe Kaltungo United Kingdom
1863 MOSS2022000000067105 Maryam Umar Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1864 MOSS2022000000075321 Ahmad Adamu Tabacco Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1865 MOSS2022000000052710 Muhammad Sabo Yahaya Gombe Funakaye United Kingdom
1866 MOSS2022000000052433 Fatima Adamu Alkali Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1867 MOSS2022000000051807 Nasiru Hussaini Ahmad Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1868 MOSS2022000000063233 Ayuba Dauda Adamu Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1869 MOSS2022000000061684 AHMED USMAN AHMED Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1870 MOSS2022000000052880 MUSA JULDE JAURO Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1871 MOSS2022000000058592 ADAMU ALIYU IDRIS Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1872 MOSS2022000000067322 MUBARAK IBRAHIM MOHAMMAD Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1873 MOSS2022000000061020 Aminu Musa Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1874 MOSS2022000000050659 YAKONG HARUNA Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1875 MOSS2022000000050361 Usman Muhammad Nasir Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1876 MOSS2022000000069694 Hassan Uba Abdulazeez Gombe Nafada United Kingdom
1877 MOSS2022000000071033 MOHAMMED KABIR YAHYA Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1878 MOSS2022000000072858 fonon ismaila malum Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1879 MOSS2022000000066974 Wanma Mary Yaro Gombe Balanga United Kingdom
1880 MOSS2022000000054959 KHONA KHONA BELLO Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1881 MOSS2022000000065086 HAUWA ADAMU AJIME Gombe Balanga United Kingdom
1882 MOSS2022000000073997 BASHIR Dukku AHMED Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1883 MOSS2022000000073874 usman nasiru Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1884 MOSS2022000000054482 Jalo Bajoga Zaidu Gombe Funakaye United Kingdom
1885 MOSS2022000000048930 Shafiu Kaltungo Yunusa Gombe Kaltungo United Kingdom
1886 MOSS2022000000054847 Mubarak Umar Sani Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1887 MOSS2022000000050194 BASHAR IBRAHIM ABDULLAHI Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1888 MOSS2022000000073310 Shafiq Mohammed Seyoji Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1889 MOSS2022000000049449 Ralph Kusuma Yila Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1890 MOSS2022000000061680 Ayuba Alhassan Gombe Billiri United Kingdom
1891 MOSS2022000000055736 Sadiq Mohammed Ali Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1892 MOSS2022000000067921 Rapture Kudi Obed Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1893 MOSS2022000000068917 ABDULLAHI USMAN Gombe Yamaltu/Deba United Kingdom
1894 MOSS2022000000071865 Shehu Abubakar Umar Gombe Nafada United Kingdom
1895 MOSS2022000000061031 Jamilu Abdulganiyu Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1896 MOSS2022000000051408 Mahfuza Abubakar Adamu Gombe Dukku United Kingdom
1897 MOSS2022000000052735 Ibrahim Abubakar Lamido Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1898 MOSS2022000000050086 Jibrin Ibrahim Gombe Funakaye United Kingdom
1899 MOSS2022000000065095 Aminu Gambo Felix Gombe Shongom United Kingdom
1900 MOSS2022000000059473 Mohammed Kawu Gorofi Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1901 MOSS2022000000049822 Abubakar Yaya Sambo Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1902 MOSS2022000000068843 Muhammad Al-amin Shuaibu Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1903 MOSS2022000000060181 ADUN BIRSAN Gombe Balanga United Kingdom
1904 MOSS2022000000064364 ABUBAKAR ABDULKADIR ABDULKADIR Gombe Akko United Kingdom
1905 MOSS2022000000065879 MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Gombe Gombe United Kingdom
1906 MOSS2022000000056360 Uzochukwu Alozie Ononuju Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
1907 MOSS2022000000068708 GIFT CYRIL Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
1908 MOSS2022000000061328 Tochukwu Kingsley Okoro Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1909 MOSS2022000000055787 Patrick Chibuikem Udochukwu Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
1910 MOSS2022000000072104 PRECIOUS CHIDIEBUBE EBENEZER Imo Orlu United Kingdom
1911 MOSS2022000000058997 Somtochukwu Marcellinus Oguchienti Imo Oru West United Kingdom
1912 MOSS2022000000063694 PEACE CHINWE OBINNAYA Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
1913 MOSS2022000000066922 UKADIKE PATRICK KELECHI Imo Nwangele United Kingdom
1914 MOSS2022000000072315 SOROMTOCHUKWU GERALD IHEDILIONYE Imo Orlu United Kingdom
1915 MOSS2022000000073885 Victor Uche Ikeokoro Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1916 MOSS2022000000074997 BENEDICT UGOCHUKWU NWAGBA Imo Ngor Okpala United Kingdom
1917 MOSS2022000000070486 Ucheoma Innocence Ezirim Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1918 MOSS2022000000066188 Nneamaka Hope Anih Imo Okigwe United Kingdom
1919 MOSS2022000000071805 AUGUSTINE OFOEGBU Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
1920 MOSS2022000000062555 PRECIOUS CHIAMAKA EKE (Nee Amadike) Imo Ngor Okpala United Kingdom
1921 MOSS2022000000059347 Daniel Chidozie Ibeh Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1922 MOSS2022000000064005 Stephanie Onyedikachi Ukwuoma Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
1923 MOSS2022000000072733 Okechukwu Chinedu Ohanaka Imo Aboh Mbaise United Kingdom
1924 MOSS2022000000061764 CHIDI EMMANUEL JUDE Imo Nwangele United Kingdom
1925 MOSS2022000000072111 Auslar Chimuanya Chukwuka Imo Njaba United Kingdom
1926 MOSS2022000000068461 Uchenna Vivian Chinaegbomkpa Imo Aboh Mbaise United Kingdom
1927 MOSS2022000000072014 CHIBUIKE MARTINS ONUOHA Imo Nwangele United Kingdom
1928 MOSS2022000000050014 Wisdom Hyginus Imo Ohaji/Egbema United Kingdom
1929 MOSS2022000000062232 CHIZARAM OPARA Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
1930 MOSS2022000000073631 CHIALUKA CHIDUBEM AKUTA Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
1931 MOSS2022000000050244 Victor Feechi Ononogbo Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
1932 MOSS2022000000065815 Tochukwu Justus Ibechem Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
1933 MOSS2022000000053739 Uchenna Isidore Nwaiwu Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1934 MOSS2022000000075030 JOHNBOSCO IKECHUKWU UMEGBORO Imo Oru West United Kingdom
1935 MOSS2022000000068473 VIVIAN ANURIKA AJAERO Imo Ikeduru United Kingdom
1936 MOSS2022000000063478 Philemon Kelechi Akubueze Imo Oru East United Kingdom
1937 MOSS2022000000070898 Moses Ikenna Amaechi Imo Okigwe United Kingdom
1938 MOSS2022000000070223 EMMANUEL SUNNY UZOMA Imo Oguta United Kingdom
1939 MOSS2022000000057614 Ifeanyi Shadrach Odom Imo Ahiazu Mbaise United Kingdom
1940 MOSS2022000000068239 CONSTANCE ONYINYECHI EZIHE Imo Isu United Kingdom
1941 MOSS2022000000059780 Chukwuebuka Canice Akwiwu-Uzoma Imo Isu United Kingdom
1942 MOSS2022000000068428 Chinwe Princess Ike Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1943 MOSS2022000000054301 Chidera Franklin Achonye Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1944 MOSS2022000000056676 Anita Adaku Ofoegbu Imo Ehime Mbano United Kingdom
1945 MOSS2022000000070137 Ugonna Anthony Kalu Imo Nwangele United Kingdom
1946 MOSS2022000000067188 Rosemary Oluchukwu Ogbumba Imo Orsu United Kingdom
1947 MOSS2022000000061648 Chuka Philip Ezedike Imo Oru West United Kingdom
1948 MOSS2022000000064679 Chisom Ihuaku Akakuru Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
1949 MOSS2022000000071851 GENESIS VICTOR NJOKU Imo Ehime Mbano United Kingdom
1950 MOSS2022000000070146 Obinna Benjamin Chukwukere Imo Ikeduru United Kingdom
1951 MOSS2022000000056587 Sylvia Chiamaka Ukaegbu Imo Ngor Okpala United Kingdom
1952 MOSS2022000000074419 Sandra Chiaka Opara Imo Aboh Mbaise United Kingdom
1953 MOSS2022000000074926 PEACE CHIZOBA ONYEDEKE Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1954 MOSS2022000000068043 PATRICK CHIBUZOR OKEKE Imo Orlu United Kingdom
1955 MOSS2022000000069741 Izuchukwu Kingsley Nwizu Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1956 MOSS2022000000049390 Delight Uchechukwu Ezeh Imo Ikeduru United Kingdom
1957 MOSS2022000000057301 Chukwuchetam Anyaehechukwu Akakuru Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
1958 MOSS2022000000050467 RAPHEAL CHIBUIKE NWOBI Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1959 MOSS2022000000055558 Collins Onyekachi Njoku Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1960 MOSS2022000000058834 NNEOMA FRANCES NWACHUKWU Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
1961 MOSS2022000000074473 Chima Joshua Onyema Imo Nwangele United Kingdom
1962 MOSS2022000000053721 ERNEST UGWUNNA OSUAGWU Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
1963 MOSS2022000000073005 Tobechi Francis Ejieji Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1964 MOSS2022000000054135 Benjamin Ikechukwu Nnamdi Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
1965 MOSS2022000000069533 CHIGOZIRIM NWASINACHI OGUEDOIHU Imo Ikeduru United Kingdom
1966 MOSS2022000000054302 UGOCHUKWU CHIMDINDU UCHENDU Imo Ahiazu Mbaise United Kingdom
1967 MOSS2022000000056738 CHIEDOZIE ANTHONY CHIKERE Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
1968 MOSS2022000000057510 samuel kelechi richard Imo Ngor Okpala United Kingdom
1969 MOSS2022000000067133 Emmanuel Opeyemi Onyeachor Imo Ikeduru United Kingdom
1970 MOSS2022000000067374 Nnamdi Nzoputachukwu Nwajiuba Imo Ehime Mbano United Kingdom
1971 MOSS2022000000064263 OGBONNAYA EMMANUEL OBILOR Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1972 MOSS2022000000068709 UZOMA PATRICK IKPE Imo Owerri West United Kingdom
1973 MOSS2022000000048867 Tochukwu Emmanuel Abadi Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1974 MOSS2022000000049076 Favour Mmesoma Gilbert Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
1975 MOSS2022000000070460 FRANKLIN OGECHUKWU OKPARA Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1976 MOSS2022000000066444 Chinedu Emmanuel Adiegwu Imo Oru East United Kingdom
1977 MOSS2022000000060716 Chidimma Sophia Adimonyemma Imo Orsu United Kingdom
1978 MOSS2022000000053427 Ikenna Christian Okorowu Imo Oguta United Kingdom
1979 MOSS2022000000073326 Mercy Chigozie Nkwopara Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
1980 MOSS2022000000068612 Chisom Judith Utoh Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1981 MOSS2022000000066565 MICHAEL UCHECHI CHIWUEZE Imo Ikeduru United Kingdom
1982 MOSS2022000000073176 Onyinyechi Precious Nkwopara Imo Owerri Municipal United Kingdom
1983 MOSS2022000000069438 Blessing Nkeiruka Ngwalaka Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
1984 MOSS2022000000055365 Stephanie Adanna Anyanwu Imo Ahiazu Mbaise United Kingdom
1985 MOSS2022000000063796 EMMANUEL CHIGOZIRIM ONYIA Imo Ohaji/Egbema United Kingdom
1986 MOSS2022000000061043 Michael Chimaeze Uzor Imo Ahiazu Mbaise United Kingdom
1987 MOSS2022000000072363 Godspower Chuks Odoemenem Imo Isu United Kingdom
1988 MOSS2022000000058083 CHUKWUEBUKA IWUAGWU Imo Ehime Mbano United Kingdom
1989 MOSS2022000000063688 EMMANUEL KELECHI AMANZE Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
1990 MOSS2022000000062750 Johnpaul Uchenna Igiriogu Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
1991 MOSS2022000000073348 Oluebube Precious Obichere Imo Ngor Okpala United Kingdom
1992 MOSS2022000000069388 Amarachi Lauren Obioha Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
1993 MOSS2022000000056860 Chisom Victory Onyenagubo Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
1994 MOSS2022000000058818 Martins Chinaza Osuji Imo Ehime Mbano United Kingdom
1995 MOSS2022000000068276 Chidinma Christy-anne Onyeiwu Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
1996 MOSS2022000000055669 Bright Akaolisa Igwe Imo Oru East United Kingdom
1997 MOSS2022000000055522 CHIMAOBI ONYEDIKACHI NWAGWU Imo Ngor Okpala United Kingdom
1998 MOSS2022000000066761 Obinna Anthony Onyekwere Imo Aboh Mbaise United Kingdom
1999 MOSS2022000000053552 Chiamaka Stephanie Umeh Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
2000 MOSS2022000000072869 Johnpaul Nnamdi Ezennia Imo Orsu United Kingdom
2001 MOSS2022000000073504 Vera Amarachi Okoro Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
2002 MOSS2022000000057904 Chinanu Doris Ebomuche Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
2003 MOSS2022000000062895 Bernard Chijioke Nwadike Imo Owerri Municipal United Kingdom
2004 MOSS2022000000050539 Victor Okey Peters Imo Okigwe United Kingdom
2005 MOSS2022000000057285 EBERE JENNIFER AGBARAKWE Imo Orlu United Kingdom
2006 MOSS2022000000060742 Bright Emeka Nwekete Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
2007 MOSS2022000000049475 Chikezie Thaddeus Nwariwe Imo Njaba United Kingdom
2008 MOSS2022000000061629 Chioma Udeagbara Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
2009 MOSS2022000000049186 Sharon Akunna Ozurumba Imo Owerri West United Kingdom
2010 MOSS2022000000056575 CYNTHIA CHINONYEREM ASIEGBU Imo Ahiazu Mbaise United Kingdom
2011 MOSS2022000000058423 CHRISTIANA CHIDINMA NJOKU Imo Aboh Mbaise United Kingdom
2012 MOSS2022000000053103 Paul Ndubuisi Anyiam Imo Nwangele United Kingdom
2013 MOSS2022000000050820 PRECIOUS ODINAKACHUKWU IWUANYANWU Imo Ehime Mbano United Kingdom
2014 MOSS2022000000061791 Miriam Eberechi Onyewuenyi Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
2015 MOSS2022000000055398 EZINWANNE VITALIS OGBONNA Imo Ohaji/Egbema United Kingdom
2016 MOSS2022000000058998 Adaobi Fidelia Onwuachu Imo Nkwerre United Kingdom
2017 MOSS2022000000056530 Christiana Chinenye Alamezie Imo Oguta United Kingdom
2018 MOSS2022000000064490 CHIAMAKA NNENNA CHIKWENDU Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
2019 MOSS2022000000060470 CHINEDU MICHAEL UKEACHU Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
2020 MOSS2022000000064746 Samuel Ogochukwu Njoku Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
2021 MOSS2022000000074532 Ogemdi Stanley Odurukwe Imo Nkwerre United Kingdom
2022 MOSS2022000000065048 Chinedu George Nwaozuzu Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
2023 MOSS2022000000053549 Daniel Onyekachi Duru Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
2024 MOSS2022000000069913 Chukwuka Kennedy Uche Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
2025 MOSS2022000000057948 ugochukwu hector ekwugha Imo Ngor Okpala United Kingdom
2026 MOSS2022000000058003 Pleasure Amarachi Ononiwu Imo Owerri Municipal United Kingdom
2027 MOSS2022000000051942 Felicity Uzoamaka Anyanwu Imo Ahiazu Mbaise United Kingdom
2028 MOSS2022000000051803 Emmanuel Chukwuka Ahamefula Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
2029 MOSS2022000000050494 Maria Ihuoma Anuforo Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
2030 MOSS2022000000067291 Boniface Chukwuka Ukanwa Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
2031 MOSS2022000000053240 KARYNE ONYEDIKACHI ONYEMA Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
2032 MOSS2022000000060358 ONYEKACHI ELVIS NNAJI Imo Isu United Kingdom
2033 MOSS2022000000067825 Chukwuebuka Godswill Iheuko Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
2034 MOSS2022000000073806 tochi osinachi mgbemena Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
2035 MOSS2022000000073154 CHRISTOPHER CHUKWUEBUKA OCHIJE Imo Oguta United Kingdom
2036 MOSS2022000000070912 Chisom Nnaemeka Emenyonu Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
2037 MOSS2022000000052379 Timothy Onyekachi Orisakwe Imo Ideato South United Kingdom
2038 MOSS2022000000054405 David Uzordimma Owuamanam Imo Mbaitoli United Kingdom
2039 MOSS2022000000072310 PRISCA TOOCHI OHAKA Imo Oguta United Kingdom
2040 MOSS2022000000062067 Victor Chimdindu Ejiogu Imo Owerri North United Kingdom
2041 MOSS2022000000067939 Augustine Chukwukadibia Ibechem Imo Isiala Mbano United Kingdom
2042 MOSS2022000000073916 Daniel Chisom Azumara Imo Ezinihitte United Kingdom
2043 MOSS2022000000070292 BLESSING ONYINYECHI OKWARA Imo Orlu United Kingdom
2044 MOSS2022000000066379 RITA IFEYINWA HANSON-AKPAN Imo Orlu United Kingdom
2045 MOSS2022000000073664 Ezekiel Nnamdi Ogbu Imo Ideato North United Kingdom
2046 MOSS2022000000071346 Stella Nneka Anukam Imo Owerri West United Kingdom
2047 MOSS2022000000051467 madonna chioma opara Imo Ahiazu Mbaise United Kingdom
2048 MOSS2022000000066674 Musa Sani Jigawa Ringim United Kingdom
2049 MOSS2022000000058562 Aliyu Muhammad Aliyu Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2050 MOSS2022000000074497 Ahmad Jazuli Jigawa Ringim United Kingdom
2051 MOSS2022000000051546 ASMAU MAITAMA BELLO Jigawa Gwaram United Kingdom
2052 MOSS2022000000058355 Umar Faruk Abdullahi Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2053 MOSS2022000000054722 DAHIRA SANI YAU Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2054 MOSS2022000000062720 Al ma’amun Suleiman Abdullahi Jigawa Biriniwa United Kingdom
2055 MOSS2022000000054041 Abubakar Baffa Muhammad Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2056 MOSS2022000000069816 Nafiu Ahmed Jigawa Gwaram United Kingdom
2057 MOSS2022000000066819 Sani Abdullahi Jigawa Kiyawa United Kingdom
2058 MOSS2022000000053433 Aminu Musa Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2059 MOSS2022000000068806 MUSA AHMAD AMINU Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2060 MOSS2022000000074883 MUHAMMAD BASHIR SANI Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2061 MOSS2022000000052288 Hassan Muhammad Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2062 MOSS2022000000055622 Shamsuddeen Abdullahi Jigawa Roni United Kingdom
2063 MOSS2022000000048834 Abdulrahman Tijjani Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2064 MOSS2022000000059094 musa kabiru Jigawa Taura United Kingdom
2065 MOSS2022000000070289 Abubakar Umar Hamza Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2066 MOSS2022000000068179 ALIYU BASHARI Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2067 MOSS2022000000061849 Sunusi Aliyu Jigawa Dutse United Kingdom
2068 MOSS2022000000069404 ISMAIL ALHASSAN Jigawa Malam Madori United Kingdom
2069 MOSS2022000000061134 Abubakar Muhammad Abbas Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2070 MOSS2022000000049825 LAWAN RABIU Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2071 MOSS2022000000056151 Haruna Sabo Muhammad Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2072 MOSS2022000000070416 Najeeb Ismail Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2073 MOSS2022000000048881 Aminu Shehu Jigawa Dutse United Kingdom
2074 MOSS2022000000066484 USMAN SHITU ADAM Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2075 MOSS2022000000065515 umar sunusi Jigawa Jahun United Kingdom
2076 MOSS2022000000075273 ABDULRAHMAN ISAH ABUBAKAR Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2077 MOSS2022000000052453 BASHIR SAAD Jigawa Birnin Kudu United Kingdom
2078 MOSS2022000000055530 ISMAIL ASHIRU AUTA Jigawa Biriniwa United Kingdom
2079 MOSS2022000000055997 ALKASIM DANJUMA Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2080 MOSS2022000000068579 Musa Sulaiman Abdullahi Jigawa Kafin Hausa United Kingdom
2081 MOSS2022000000048931 Musa Umar Bayi Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2082 MOSS2022000000050153 Kabiru Saadu Jigawa Birnin Kudu United Kingdom
2083 MOSS2022000000049259 Samir Ibrahim Kazaure Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2084 MOSS2022000000073575 Abdullahi Auyo Musa Jigawa Auyo United Kingdom
2085 MOSS2022000000060967 FAROUK MUSTAPHA KAUGAMA Jigawa Kaugama United Kingdom
2086 MOSS2022000000059426 Arab Bello Mahmoud Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2087 MOSS2022000000055729 ZAKARI MATO IDRIS Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2088 MOSS2022000000056288 Basiru Jaafar Jigawa Ringim United Kingdom
2089 MOSS2022000000069883 Ridwan Muheeb Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2090 MOSS2022000000063564 aminu bashir idris Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2091 MOSS2022000000062430 Fatima Turaki Ibrahim Jigawa Kafin Hausa United Kingdom
2092 MOSS2022000000049100 Tanimu Muhammad Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2093 MOSS2022000000065914 AHMAD AHMAD Jigawa Kaugama United Kingdom
2094 MOSS2022000000051963 IBRAHIM MUAZZAM AYUBA Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2095 MOSS2022000000064150 ABUBAKAR MOHAMMED ISAH Jigawa Kiri Kasama United Kingdom
2096 MOSS2022000000063502 Suraja Ibrahim Jigawa Kiyawa United Kingdom
2097 MOSS2022000000062608 Firdausi Idris Safiyo Jigawa Maigatari United Kingdom
2098 MOSS2022000000050132 UMAR BELLO NUHU Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2099 MOSS2022000000056467 MOHAMMED ABDULSALAM Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2100 MOSS2022000000049988 Idris Ibrahim Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2101 MOSS2022000000051679 Muhammad Umar Diginsa Jigawa Biriniwa United Kingdom
2102 MOSS2022000000056849 Garba Aliyu Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2103 MOSS2022000000061099 muhammad suleiman Jigawa Auyo United Kingdom
2104 MOSS2022000000065905 Abdurrahman Said Ibrahim Jigawa Kafin Hausa United Kingdom
2105 MOSS2022000000052150 Umar Idris Miga Jigawa Miga United Kingdom
2106 MOSS2022000000056953 Ahmed Muhammad Babandi Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2107 MOSS2022000000070366 Al-Amin Bala Usman Jigawa Birnin Kudu United Kingdom
2108 MOSS2022000000062818 Usman Musa Ibrahim Jigawa Jahun United Kingdom
2109 MOSS2022000000059361 Muhammad Sani Aminu Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2110 MOSS2022000000049697 Mansur Khamisu Sani Jigawa Ringim United Kingdom
2111 MOSS2022000000049925 AYUBA MUSTAPHA Jigawa Dutse United Kingdom
2112 MOSS2022000000049177 ISAH UMAR Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2113 MOSS2022000000049222 Mahi Umar Bello Jigawa Dutse United Kingdom
2114 MOSS2022000000061762 Asiya Nuhu Musa Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2115 MOSS2022000000074833 AMINA ISMAIL Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2116 MOSS2022000000048832 Sani Abubakar Mansur Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2117 MOSS2022000000054254 JAMILU MUSA ADAMU Jigawa Taura United Kingdom
2118 MOSS2022000000048936 ABBA A ADAMU Jigawa Guri United Kingdom
2119 MOSS2022000000050638 IDRIS SUNUSI Jigawa Gwaram United Kingdom
2120 MOSS2022000000055542 Saifullahi Mahmud Ali Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2121 MOSS2022000000056194 NASIR AYUBA Jigawa Auyo United Kingdom
2122 MOSS2022000000056159 Yusuf Ismail Jigawa Malam Madori United Kingdom
2123 MOSS2022000000059101 RABIU ABDULLAHI Jigawa Gwaram United Kingdom
2124 MOSS2022000000058505 Ibrahim Ahmad Jigawa Gwaram United Kingdom
2125 MOSS2022000000072931 Khadijah Abubakar Jigawa Miga United Kingdom
2126 MOSS2022000000071256 Hafiz Abdu Isa Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2127 MOSS2022000000049786 Aliyu Yaro Abdullahi Jigawa Gwaram United Kingdom
2128 MOSS2022000000049290 ISAH ABUBAKAR Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2129 MOSS2022000000071809 ADAMU HARUNA Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2130 MOSS2022000000069444 ABDULSAMAD HUSSAINI ALIYU Jigawa Dutse United Kingdom
2131 MOSS2022000000057072 Mustapha Lawan Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2132 MOSS2022000000073871 MUHAMMAD HUSSAINI Jigawa Malam Madori United Kingdom
2133 MOSS2022000000056478 Hauwa Yusuf Zubair Kazaure Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2134 MOSS2022000000056665 Abbas Rabiu Abdulkadir Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2135 MOSS2022000000057261 suleman sani Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2136 MOSS2022000000049466 AHMAD ABBA MAAJI Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2137 MOSS2022000000075564 Usman Sani Aliyu Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2138 MOSS2022000000055855 Kabiru Isa Abdulhamid Jigawa Jahun United Kingdom
2139 MOSS2022000000065662 Hassan Abubakar Ismaila Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2140 MOSS2022000000060591 AUWAL SANI KABIR Jigawa Birnin Kudu United Kingdom
2141 MOSS2022000000071401 Muhammad Ibrahim Nashabaru Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2142 MOSS2022000000061444 NURA HABIBU Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2143 MOSS2022000000052998 UMMASALMA UMAR AMINU Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2144 MOSS2022000000049736 ABUBAKAR ADAMU Jigawa Yankwashi United Kingdom
2145 MOSS2022000000059097 IBRAHIM MUSA Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2146 MOSS2022000000052878 BASHIR ALIYU ABDULKARIM Jigawa Taura United Kingdom
2147 MOSS2022000000069301 DAHIRU ANNUR BELLO Jigawa Biriniwa United Kingdom
2148 MOSS2022000000053067 Usman Rabiu Jigawa Babura United Kingdom
2149 MOSS2022000000051057 Musa Tijjani Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2150 MOSS2022000000062367 Nuraddeen Aliyu Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2151 MOSS2022000000072699 Abubakar Habib Jigawa Gumel United Kingdom
2152 MOSS2022000000072223 Farouq Muhammad Gana Jigawa Kafin Hausa United Kingdom
2153 MOSS2022000000073486 ZAINAB HABU SULE Jigawa Sule Tankarkar United Kingdom
2154 MOSS2022000000070801 Shamsudeen Haladu Jigawa Sule Tankarkar United Kingdom
2155 MOSS2022000000057778 Abubakar Faisal Abdulrahman Jigawa Roni United Kingdom
2156 MOSS2022000000055593 Faruk Muhammad Musa Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2157 MOSS2022000000056554 Maria Adamu Muhammad Jigawa Hadejia United Kingdom
2158 MOSS2022000000050888 ABDULLAHI RINGIM BUBA Jigawa Ringim United Kingdom
2159 MOSS2022000000055491 Ahmad Tijjani Abubakar Jigawa Gwaram United Kingdom
2160 MOSS2022000000053292 ASMA’U NANA ADIYU Jigawa Gagarawa United Kingdom
2161 MOSS2022000000058234 BARRISTER MUKHTAR YUNUSA Jigawa Kazaure United Kingdom
2162 MOSS2022000000070698 Usman Abubakar Jigawa Malam Madori United Kingdom
2163 MOSS2022000000073059 Henry Kop Bako Kaduna Jaba United Kingdom
2164 MOSS2022000000065869 Ibrahim Baba-Ahmad Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2165 MOSS2022000000070716 Rahila Jamma Yusufu Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2166 MOSS2022000000066463 MALLIYA BELLO MUSA Kaduna Igabi United Kingdom
2167 MOSS2022000000072517 Hauwa Ibrahim Othman Kaduna Makarfi United Kingdom
2168 MOSS2022000000049572 Hope Ado Mande Kaduna Sanga United Kingdom
2169 MOSS2022000000050384 SALEEM IBRAHIM OTHMAN Kaduna Makarfi United Kingdom
2170 MOSS2022000000055506 NASIRU IBRAHIM SAMBO Kaduna Ikara United Kingdom
2171 MOSS2022000000049627 Maryam Usman Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2172 MOSS2022000000049500 Abdulhafeez Abdulazeez Kaduna Sabon Gari United Kingdom
2173 MOSS2022000000049153 MUAZZAM IBRAHIM MUNIR Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2174 MOSS2022000000055659 FADILAH LUKMAN UMAR Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2175 MOSS2022000000048947 Muhammad Aminu Usman Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2176 MOSS2022000000072018 TUMAN ALHERI KANWAI Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2177 MOSS2022000000072050 JESSE NYAMSON EMMANUEL Kaduna Chikun United Kingdom
2178 MOSS2022000000062733 Ezekiel Nyan Stephen Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2179 MOSS2022000000061597 Benjamin Marcus Kogi Kaduna Jaba United Kingdom
2180 MOSS2022000000051625 Sylvester Thompson Kaduna Lere United Kingdom
2181 MOSS2022000000056784 TIJJANI MUHAMMAD Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2182 MOSS2022000000073554 Raymond Kelvin Amang Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2183 MOSS2022000000055005 Sanusi Muhammad Adam Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2184 MOSS2022000000072514 YAHAYA MUHAMMAD GOGA Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2185 MOSS2022000000070996 AMINA MOHAMMED Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2186 MOSS2022000000059574 Amira Salaudeen Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2187 MOSS2022000000056041 Abdullateef Dauda Kaduna Sabon Gari United Kingdom
2188 MOSS2022000000054111 MANSURAH BABA-AHMED Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2189 MOSS2022000000057427 GABRIEL BODAM EMMANUEL Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2190 MOSS2022000000067522 Mariam Ali Bello Kaduna Chikun United Kingdom
2191 MOSS2022000000058629 ADAM HUSSAINI ISA Kaduna Kubau United Kingdom
2192 MOSS2022000000072582 Kyiangwai Augustine Yusuf Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2193 MOSS2022000000074804 Salimah Mohammed Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2194 MOSS2022000000049470 Auwal Balarabe Muhammad Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2195 MOSS2022000000066027 Faith Beyaan Auta Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2196 MOSS2022000000060518 Firdaws Bello-Tukur Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2197 MOSS2022000000064537 ABDULAZEEZ MUHAMMAD Kaduna Kagarko United Kingdom
2198 MOSS2022000000072849 Peter Henry Zuwahu Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2199 MOSS2022000000050997 Zubeidat Precious Ahmed Kaduna Igabi United Kingdom
2200 MOSS2022000000069530 Theophilus Maigizo Rakun Kaduna Kauru United Kingdom
2201 MOSS2022000000068340 Abdulhamid Umar Abubakar Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2202 MOSS2022000000048864 Kamaludeen Yusuf Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2203 MOSS2022000000059056 Anas Usman Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2204 MOSS2022000000071622 Simon Sati Atuji Kaduna Jaba United Kingdom
2205 MOSS2022000000049295 Aysha Ilyas-Sambo Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2206 MOSS2022000000057071 CHARLES TORO NDONAH Kaduna Jaba United Kingdom
2207 MOSS2022000000057034 Shefiullahi Garba Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2208 MOSS2022000000052357 Mandela Jeremiah Hassan Kaduna Kachia United Kingdom
2209 MOSS2022000000052025 Auwal Muhammad Ibrahim Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2210 MOSS2022000000051991 Buhari Lawal Kaduna Sabon Gari United Kingdom
2211 MOSS2022000000075209 Adam Ahmed Chanchangi Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2212 MOSS2022000000049750 BAREH Galadima YOHANNA Kaduna Jema’a United Kingdom
2213 MOSS2022000000049901 Hamza Suleiman Kaduna Makarfi United Kingdom
2214 MOSS2022000000058199 Benjamin Gwabin Joseph Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2215 MOSS2022000000067071 Gladys Fariku Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2216 MOSS2022000000059151 Ibrahim Sani Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2217 MOSS2022000000056614 Ibrahim Shaibu Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2218 MOSS2022000000065855 MARYAM SANI Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2219 MOSS2022000000070640 FATIMAH MAKARFI MOHAMMED Kaduna Makarfi United Kingdom
2220 MOSS2022000000051405 Abdulrahman Baba-Ahmed Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2221 MOSS2022000000053397 Muneer Mansur Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2222 MOSS2022000000059776 Grace Maida Samuel Kaduna Kachia United Kingdom
2223 MOSS2022000000070545 Jerry Chechet Kahu Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2224 MOSS2022000000052572 Ibrahim Muhammad Rabilu Kaduna Birnin Gwari United Kingdom
2225 MOSS2022000000052048 Joshua Peter Kaduna Jaba United Kingdom
2226 MOSS2022000000052680 Isaac Joshua Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2227 MOSS2022000000050513 NASIR SULEIMAN Kaduna Igabi United Kingdom
2228 MOSS2022000000061510 Fatimah Ibrahim Idris Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2229 MOSS2022000000074584 Ahmad Muhammad Nura Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2230 MOSS2022000000061055 Jesse Tanko Zarmai Kaduna Chikun United Kingdom
2231 MOSS2022000000056023 Hussaini Idris Abdulkadir Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2232 MOSS2022000000058740 AISHA ABUBAKAR SANI Kaduna Makarfi United Kingdom
2233 MOSS2022000000069151 SOLOMON APANYE JEREMIAH Kaduna Sanga United Kingdom
2234 MOSS2022000000049048 Nurudeen Ahmed Tijani Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2235 MOSS2022000000073232 Mariseh Yohanna Kaduna Kauru United Kingdom
2236 MOSS2022000000061823 Samuel Balat Akut Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2237 MOSS2022000000069038 JOSEPH ISA MOSES Kaduna Sanga United Kingdom
2238 MOSS2022000000072369 Ashia Waziri Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2239 MOSS2022000000071175 Rebecca Jummai Bagaiya Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2240 MOSS2022000000075479 Yahaya Aliyu Kaduna Makarfi United Kingdom
2241 MOSS2022000000061110 ibrahim usman Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2242 MOSS2022000000061530 Hope Gregory Yusuf Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2243 MOSS2022000000075381 Buhari Zangina Usman Kaduna Sabon Gari United Kingdom
2244 MOSS2022000000064418 Jacob Joshua Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2245 MOSS2022000000067132 Halima Umar Lukman Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2246 MOSS2022000000074626 ESTHER Zankyang KWASAU Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2247 MOSS2022000000049265 Shamaki Isa Zakariya Kaduna Kauru United Kingdom
2248 MOSS2022000000071686 Daniel Auta Kaduna Chikun United Kingdom
2249 MOSS2022000000059756 Matthew John Kaduna Lere United Kingdom
2250 MOSS2022000000066940 HUSSAINI MOHAMMED SHIKA Kaduna Giwa United Kingdom
2251 MOSS2022000000059696 Muhammad Sani Umar Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2252 MOSS2022000000064687 Anas Mika’ilu Kaduna Giwa United Kingdom
2253 MOSS2022000000057073 AUWAL SALISU DABO Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2254 MOSS2022000000071551 FATIMA AMINU SHAMSUDDIN Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2255 MOSS2022000000048940 Abduljalal Nadabo Yusuf Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2256 MOSS2022000000058306 AUTA JAPHETH ISHAYA Kaduna Jema’a United Kingdom
2257 MOSS2022000000072262 Aliyu Buba Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2258 MOSS2022000000055677 Usman Lawal Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2259 MOSS2022000000064770 Joy Nna Christopher Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2260 MOSS2022000000057069 FAROUK SALISU GARBA Kaduna Kubau United Kingdom
2261 MOSS2022000000050735 NASIRU ILIYA Kaduna Igabi United Kingdom
2262 MOSS2022000000052518 Shamsudeen Bello Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2263 MOSS2022000000052843 SETH ANOHWONOM THOMAS Kaduna Kajuru United Kingdom
2264 MOSS2022000000058785 Cornelius Hassan Kaduna Kachia United Kingdom
2265 MOSS2022000000058123 Tonny Silas Dauda Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2266 MOSS2022000000069209 ABDULAFEEZ ABDULKAREEM Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2267 MOSS2022000000066476 Aisha Sani Saidu Aliyu Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2268 MOSS2022000000066733 STELLA KUYET UDU Kaduna Zangon Kataf United Kingdom
2269 MOSS2022000000065766 Micah Sunom Daniel Kaduna Kachia United Kingdom
2270 MOSS2022000000071696 Abubakar Suleiman Kaduna Kaduna North United Kingdom
2271 MOSS2022000000074120 ANZABUR AUWALU Kaduna Lere United Kingdom
2272 MOSS2022000000074928 AWAJI-IMA DOUGLAS AUDU Kaduna Kachia United Kingdom
2273 MOSS2022000000049078 Habib Mohammad Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2274 MOSS2022000000049557 Isah Labaran Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2275 MOSS2022000000057246 Salisu Bashir Gatari Kaduna Lere United Kingdom
2276 MOSS2022000000053962 JA’AFAR ISHAQ JUMARE Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2277 MOSS2022000000061320 YAKUBU SAMUEL DANJUMA Kaduna Sanga United Kingdom
2278 MOSS2022000000059414 Jamila Abdullahi Abubakar Kaduna Kagarko United Kingdom
2279 MOSS2022000000048879 Nafiu Shuaibu Abdullahi Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2280 MOSS2022000000061706 Umar Faruk Haruna Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2281 MOSS2022000000061070 AUWAL IMRANA Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2282 MOSS2022000000053127 Habib Yusuf Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2283 MOSS2022000000056105 Shamsudeen Usman Tanimu Kaduna Giwa United Kingdom
2284 MOSS2022000000062771 Abdulmalik Aliyu Kaduna Makarfi United Kingdom
2285 MOSS2022000000061832 Abdulhafiz Jumare Yusuf Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2286 MOSS2022000000066590 Sunday Halilu Rocas Kaduna Jema’a United Kingdom
2287 MOSS2022000000066319 Shukriyya Ismail Dikko Kaduna Zaria United Kingdom
2288 MOSS2022000000073448 Amos Emmanuel Kaduna Kauru United Kingdom
2289 MOSS2022000000052334 FAIZAH OZOHU ABU-AHMED Kaduna Kaduna South United Kingdom
2290 MOSS2022000000065123 Zegwai Gloria Truman Kaduna Kaura United Kingdom
2291 MOSS2022000000052628 Fatima Suleiman Halilu Kano Kumbotso United Kingdom
2292 MOSS2022000000058966 Fauziya Ibrahim Ata Kano Dala United Kingdom
2293 MOSS2022000000065814 Nadia Hannatu Hassan Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2294 MOSS2022000000072770 Jamilu Garba Ibrahim Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2295 MOSS2022000000067563 MUKHTAR TAJUDDEEN AMINU Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2296 MOSS2022000000054382 Munira Abubakar Matawalle Kano Dala United Kingdom
2297 MOSS2022000000051591 NASIR MOHAMMED TAHIR Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2298 MOSS2022000000051030 Zahraddin Ali Jogana Kano Gezawa United Kingdom
2299 MOSS2022000000058271 ISMAIL ISMAIL AMINU Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2300 MOSS2022000000058947 FAIZU ISMAIL SANI Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2301 MOSS2022000000050446 Salisu Ahmad Kano Kumbotso United Kingdom
2302 MOSS2022000000052596 ABUBAKAR HUSSAINI NUHU Kano Kumbotso United Kingdom
2303 MOSS2022000000059232 JAMILA YAHAYA ISA Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2304 MOSS2022000000061023 Safeeyah Mohammed Sani Sorondinki Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2305 MOSS2022000000059118 JAMILU SADISU BUHARI Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2306 MOSS2022000000070594 HABIBU TIJJANI ABDULLAHI Kano Gwarzo United Kingdom
2307 MOSS2022000000072672 ABUBAKAR SADIQ YAKUBU Kano Garko United Kingdom
2308 MOSS2022000000052193 AHMAD RUFAI USMAN Kano Gabasawa United Kingdom
2309 MOSS2022000000061577 ABBA BASHIR Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2310 MOSS2022000000061933 Sulaiman Rajab Shehu Kano Garun Mallam United Kingdom
2311 MOSS2022000000068435 Muhammad Aminu Auwalu Kano Dala United Kingdom
2312 MOSS2022000000051871 Abubakar Sadiq Iliyasu Kano Gaya United Kingdom
2313 MOSS2022000000070420 Buhari Hafizu Auwalu Kano Rano United Kingdom
2314 MOSS2022000000051250 Usman Aliyu Usman Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2315 MOSS2022000000051462 Abubakar Suleiman Yusuf Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2316 MOSS2022000000052691 ADAMU MUBARAK MUKHTAR Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2317 MOSS2022000000052140 Firdausy Bashir Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2318 MOSS2022000000056812 Sarah Yusra Kamal Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2319 MOSS2022000000056230 ABDULKADIR BUHARI MUSA Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2320 MOSS2022000000059699 UMAR SALIHU YUSUF Kano Wudil United Kingdom
2321 MOSS2022000000052042 Abdulganiyu Abubakar Kano Kura United Kingdom
2322 MOSS2022000000055301 Halima Salisu Yakubu Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2323 MOSS2022000000049759 Sidi Muhammad Isah Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2324 MOSS2022000000057186 ABDURRAZZAQ BINYAMIN YAHYA Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2325 MOSS2022000000060852 MUHAMMAD KHATIM YUSUF Kano Bichi United Kingdom
2326 MOSS2022000000072072 HAFSAT Nura DANKADAI Kano Tudun Wada United Kingdom
2327 MOSS2022000000066405 AMINU ADAM LAWAL Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2328 MOSS2022000000072225 Khalil Ibrahim Hassan Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2329 MOSS2022000000049303 Hafsat Nabahani Imam Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2330 MOSS2022000000051522 Abubakar Aliyu Badawi Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2331 MOSS2022000000071921 Hauwa Umar Karaye Kano Karaye United Kingdom
2332 MOSS2022000000061084 Usman Murtala Abdullahi Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2333 MOSS2022000000050472 SALIM ABUBAKAR MATAWALLE Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2334 MOSS2022000000068355 Ibrahim Daibatu Garba Kano Kunchi United Kingdom
2335 MOSS2022000000068742 SANI ABDULLAHI SANI Kano Rano United Kingdom
2336 MOSS2022000000051210 AHMAD TIJJANI GARBA Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2337 MOSS2022000000075078 ABDULMAJID BABA ISYAKU Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2338 MOSS2022000000075586 MAHMUD KAWU ISA Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2339 MOSS2022000000054283 Mahe Jamilu Alkali Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2340 MOSS2022000000072168 USMAN GOGORI Kano Bagwai United Kingdom
2341 MOSS2022000000049650 ABDULAZIZ KHALIL Kano Sumaila United Kingdom
2342 MOSS2022000000053599 Umar Farouk Ahmad Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2343 MOSS2022000000064848 Sumayya Kabir Dandago Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2344 MOSS2022000000057514 MUHAMMAD SAFIYANU Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2345 MOSS2022000000073061 Salisu Muhammad Bello Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2346 MOSS2022000000062565 Mahmud Said Sani Kano Dala United Kingdom
2347 MOSS2022000000048807 Dahiru Abdurrahman Kano Rogo United Kingdom
2348 MOSS2022000000057131 Muhammad Abdullahi Kano Tofa United Kingdom
2349 MOSS2022000000051131 Ammar Bashir Chigari Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2350 MOSS2022000000053131 Umar Aminu Yargaya Kano Dawakin Kudu United Kingdom
2351 MOSS2022000000057431 Ismail Safianu Rabiu Kano Ungogo United Kingdom
2352 MOSS2022000000063984 BABANGIDA SAFIYANU DANLADI Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2353 MOSS2022000000066694 ABDULHAKEEM LAWAL Kano Dambatta United Kingdom
2354 MOSS2022000000075123 Ja’afar Ishaq Jibril Kano Bagwai United Kingdom
2355 MOSS2022000000067024 ABDULWAHAB NAFIU MUHD Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2356 MOSS2022000000054448 BILKISU ABDULSALAM Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2357 MOSS2022000000055052 Muhammad Aminu Kabara Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2358 MOSS2022000000067051 BUHARI NASIR AHMAD Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2359 MOSS2022000000048910 Badaru Muhammad Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2360 MOSS2022000000070599 Aminu Mustapha Dahiru Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2361 MOSS2022000000058924 Abdulaziz Aminu Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2362 MOSS2022000000049926 Yusuf Sani Turaki Kano Ungogo United Kingdom
2363 MOSS2022000000049318 Umar Ukasha Kano Dawakin Tofa United Kingdom
2364 MOSS2022000000067422 Suleiman Dauda Sharif Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2365 MOSS2022000000050566 ANAS IBRAHIM Kano Minjibir United Kingdom
2366 MOSS2022000000072769 Nurudeen Atanda Yusuf Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2367 MOSS2022000000055056 Khalifa Muhammad Ya’u Kano Dala United Kingdom
2368 MOSS2022000000075097 Ameenu Abdulhameed Rabiu Kano Dambatta United Kingdom
2369 MOSS2022000000064415 NAZIRU DAYASO ABDULKADIR Kano Rogo United Kingdom
2370 MOSS2022000000066525 Saddika Ahmad Hujja Kano Dala United Kingdom
2371 MOSS2022000000048739 ADNAN LAWAN BUHARI Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2372 MOSS2022000000054351 Abdurrahman Yahya Salisu Kano Kumbotso United Kingdom
2373 MOSS2022000000064456 Hauwa Abdu Garba Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2374 MOSS2022000000073487 Abubakar Aliyu Saleh Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2375 MOSS2022000000053057 Ahmad Aminu Ibrahim Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2376 MOSS2022000000055426 MUHAMMAD MUBARAK BALARABE Kano Dambatta United Kingdom
2377 MOSS2022000000060157 UMAR JIBRIN MUHAMMAD Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2378 MOSS2022000000052418 Muhammad Ali Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2379 MOSS2022000000057083 Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Kano Minjibir United Kingdom
2380 MOSS2022000000055532 Ahmad Abdu Ahmad Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2381 MOSS2022000000050377 Abba Ado Ahmad Kano Doguwa United Kingdom
2382 MOSS2022000000057506 MUSTAPHA MUHAMMAD DANAZUMI Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2383 MOSS2022000000068570 MARYAM NABEELAH BASHIR Kano Gwarzo United Kingdom
2384 MOSS2022000000065254 NAFIU MUSA MUHAMMAD Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2385 MOSS2022000000049043 Sani Sani Ismail Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2386 MOSS2022000000059184 Umar Muhammad Kano Fagge United Kingdom
2387 MOSS2022000000049554 Aminullahi Balarabe Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2388 MOSS2022000000049634 USMAN MUHAMMAD SHEHU Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2389 MOSS2022000000059928 Zainab Aminu Maitama Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2390 MOSS2022000000049142 AMINU MAISARKI ABDULLAHI Kano Sumaila United Kingdom
2391 MOSS2022000000052306 Ibrahim Abdullahi Ibrahim Kano Kumbotso United Kingdom
2392 MOSS2022000000048966 Amina Idris Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2393 MOSS2022000000049568 Abdulaziz Hamza Abdulrahim Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2394 MOSS2022000000054266 Auwal Adamu Ibrahim Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2395 MOSS2022000000065714 amar umar shaaibu Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2396 MOSS2022000000071790 Ruqayya Sani Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2397 MOSS2022000000068282 Muneerah Abdulhafeez Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2398 MOSS2022000000049808 Abdulhakim Muhammad Daiyab Kano Tsanyawa United Kingdom
2399 MOSS2022000000057579 ABDULRAUF YUSUF MUHAMMAD Kano Dala United Kingdom
2400 MOSS2022000000051924 Kausar Ibrahim Rabiu Kano Fagge United Kingdom
2401 MOSS2022000000054102 KHALIFA TIJJANI AIKAWA Kano Dala United Kingdom
2402 MOSS2022000000051686 malik suleiman Adamu Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2403 MOSS2022000000050861 Abdulkarim Aliyu Ahmad Kano Kibiya United Kingdom
2404 MOSS2022000000050359 AISHA DALHATU YUSUF Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2405 MOSS2022000000057816 Hafsah Dasuki Imam Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2406 MOSS2022000000063926 Hafeez Lawal Abdulrahman Kano Dawakin Tofa United Kingdom
2407 MOSS2022000000067413 ANAS YUSHAU YUSUF Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2408 MOSS2022000000069166 Ahmad Othman Muhammad Kano Garko United Kingdom
2409 MOSS2022000000059932 Abubakar Yakubu Gagare Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2410 MOSS2022000000056577 AL-AMIN ABUBAKAR SAAD Kano Dala United Kingdom
2411 MOSS2022000000050892 Hannifah Ibrahim Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2412 MOSS2022000000048811 Ahmad Khalifa Badamasi Kano Kura United Kingdom
2413 MOSS2022000000049446 ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD SUNUSI Kano Gwarzo United Kingdom
2414 MOSS2022000000062366 Ilyasu Umar Kano Gaya United Kingdom
2415 MOSS2022000000056400 HABEEB RUFAI OMAR Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2416 MOSS2022000000054629 IBRAHIM MUHTARI ZIMIT Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2417 MOSS2022000000053404 Muhammad Inuwa Yusuf Kano Takai United Kingdom
2418 MOSS2022000000072243 Lukman Nasarawa Kabir Kano Tsanyawa United Kingdom
2419 MOSS2022000000070465 Ashir Ashir Ado Kano Bichi United Kingdom
2420 MOSS2022000000073046 ANAS ALI TAMASI Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2421 MOSS2022000000067576 AL-AMIN MUHAMMAD BELLO Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2422 MOSS2022000000066056 AHMAD SANI Kano Karaye United Kingdom
2423 MOSS2022000000073963 HIDAYA MAHMOUD GALADANCHI Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2424 MOSS2022000000071624 ABBA SANI SULAIMAN Kano Ungogo United Kingdom
2425 MOSS2022000000050137 Abdulkarim Muhammad Baba Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2426 MOSS2022000000049574 ABDALLAH AHMAD ILU Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2427 MOSS2022000000051296 Rabiu Abubakar Abubakar Kano Rogo United Kingdom
2428 MOSS2022000000050514 Nafisa Isa Muhammad Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2429 MOSS2022000000072887 Gali Mohammed Kano Takai United Kingdom
2430 MOSS2022000000070736 RABIU WADA ALIYU Kano Tarauni United Kingdom
2431 MOSS2022000000063079 Naima Ibrahim Mohammed Kano Dala United Kingdom
2432 MOSS2022000000059417 MUKHTAR MUKHTAR ALIYU Kano Kano Municipal United Kingdom
2433 MOSS2022000000052248 Hassan Ado Sabari Kano Gwale United Kingdom
2434 MOSS2022000000060245 Aisha Abdulazeez-Ibrahim Kano Kumbotso United Kingdom
2435 MOSS2022000000066942 AISHA MUHAMMAD DAWUD Kano Nasarawa United Kingdom
2436 MOSS2022000000050651 Mansur Abba Katsina Dutsin Ma United Kingdom
2437 MOSS2022000000052658 ALIYU ABBA Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2438 MOSS2022000000064409 Ibrahim Abukur Nasiru Katsina Rimi United Kingdom
2439 MOSS2022000000055758 ABUBAKAR SHEHU BASHIR Katsina Batagarawa United Kingdom
2440 MOSS2022000000069264 Fatima Tukur Jikamshi Katsina Musawa United Kingdom
2441 MOSS2022000000059536 DALHAT SANI Katsina Danja United Kingdom
2442 MOSS2022000000051072 Abdulkarim Umar Isa Katsina Jibia United Kingdom
2443 MOSS2022000000049211 Abubakar Sadiq Lawal Katsina Kurfi United Kingdom
2444 MOSS2022000000052703 Idris Abdulhakeem Abdulhakeem Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2445 MOSS2022000000052095 Abubakar Sadiq Saleh Katsina Kaita United Kingdom
2446 MOSS2022000000053082 NAIM SHEHU Katsina Faskari United Kingdom
2447 MOSS2022000000059612 Muslim Salisu Sulaiman Katsina Jibia United Kingdom
2448 MOSS2022000000059155 Abdullahi Dalhatu Ibrahim Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2449 MOSS2022000000074166 Abubakar Ibrahim Surajo Katsina Danja United Kingdom
2450 MOSS2022000000049348 Bello Safana Hamisu Katsina Safana United Kingdom
2451 MOSS2022000000070038 YUSUF AHMED Katsina Kankara United Kingdom
2452 MOSS2022000000050993 Saifullahi Ingawa Ashiru Katsina Ingawa United Kingdom
2453 MOSS2022000000061451 Idris Gambo Dan-Musa Katsina Dan Musa United Kingdom
2454 MOSS2022000000058668 Hamza Sani Aliyu Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2455 MOSS2022000000060525 USMAN AMINU ALIYU Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2456 MOSS2022000000071641 HAUWA GARBA USMAN Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2457 MOSS2022000000052078 Thani Adamu Sani Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2458 MOSS2022000000073686 Halima Muhammad Umar Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2459 MOSS2022000000058170 Mohammed Abdu Darma Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2460 MOSS2022000000073109 RUQAIYA MUSTAPHA BUKAR Katsina Daura United Kingdom
2461 MOSS2022000000056137 Usman Badamasi Katsina Dan Musa United Kingdom
2462 MOSS2022000000070605 Faruk Umar Katsina Kaita United Kingdom
2463 MOSS2022000000052114 Maryam Dodo Bashir Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2464 MOSS2022000000051988 Jamilu Dahiru Katsina Safana United Kingdom
2465 MOSS2022000000063641 IBRAHIM GAMBO DAN-MUSA Katsina Dan Musa United Kingdom
2466 MOSS2022000000064850 MANSIR IBRAHIM Katsina Rimi United Kingdom
2467 MOSS2022000000070739 Shuaibu Muhammad Ibrahim Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2468 MOSS2022000000063468 Muhammad Muazu Abdurrahman Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2469 MOSS2022000000065965 AISHA INUSA ALKASIM Katsina Malumfashi United Kingdom
2470 MOSS2022000000070421 Maryam Mustapha Katsina Dan Musa United Kingdom
2471 MOSS2022000000056239 Abdurrahman Abubakar Katsina Charanchi United Kingdom
2472 MOSS2022000000059019 Mubarak Muhammad Galadima Katsina Kankia United Kingdom
2473 MOSS2022000000050795 Mustapha Aliyu Maiwada Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2474 MOSS2022000000061340 Fadila Mohammed Kabir Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2475 MOSS2022000000072591 Abdullahi Mohammed Umar Katsina Malumfashi United Kingdom
2476 MOSS2022000000061907 Muhammadu Abdulsalam Katsina Kankia United Kingdom
2477 MOSS2022000000073264 Bilkisu Bugaje Ibrahim Katsina Jibia United Kingdom
2478 MOSS2022000000072131 Ibrahim Abubakar Dodo Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2479 MOSS2022000000067316 AMINA JALLI ABUBAKAR Katsina Dutsin Ma United Kingdom
2480 MOSS2022000000060916 Suleiman Aminu Tukur Katsina Bakori United Kingdom
2481 MOSS2022000000051696 YUSUF YUNUSA Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2482 MOSS2022000000068217 Lawal Kabir Rafindadi Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2483 MOSS2022000000050262 Habibu Adamu Katsina Kankia United Kingdom
2484 MOSS2022000000056185 ABUBAKAR UMAR ALIYU Katsina Danja United Kingdom
2485 MOSS2022000000059678 Abubakar Umar Aminu Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2486 MOSS2022000000057256 Abubakar Lawal Musa Katsina Zango United Kingdom
2487 MOSS2022000000062477 Maryam Isa Fago Katsina Sandamu United Kingdom
2488 MOSS2022000000071567 AISHA MUHAMMAD DIKKO Katsina Kankia United Kingdom
2489 MOSS2022000000050507 IBRAHIM MUSA HARUNA Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2490 MOSS2022000000056209 Ahmad ISYAKA Bukar Katsina Daura United Kingdom
2491 MOSS2022000000051411 Alamin Lado Garba Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2492 MOSS2022000000051388 ABDULMALIK UMAR Katsina Daura United Kingdom
2493 MOSS2022000000055767 ibrahim bello ahmad Katsina Matazu United Kingdom
2494 MOSS2022000000053842 Auwal Sani Mu’azu Katsina Malumfashi United Kingdom
2495 MOSS2022000000055629 Muhammad Bugaje Bello Katsina Jibia United Kingdom
2496 MOSS2022000000052083 Muazu Garba Lawal Katsina Danja United Kingdom
2497 MOSS2022000000049107 Maryam Modibbo Nasir Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2498 MOSS2022000000068318 Yasmin Shehu Kaikai Katsina Kusada United Kingdom
2499 MOSS2022000000049102 Ahmed Rufai Mustapha Katsina Kankara United Kingdom
2500 MOSS2022000000049587 MUHAMMAD RUFAI GARBA Katsina Kafur United Kingdom
2501 MOSS2022000000060040 Bashir Nasir Sani Katsina Malumfashi United Kingdom
2502 MOSS2022000000056446 NASIRU LADAN Katsina Kaita United Kingdom
2503 MOSS2022000000058150 Muhammad Abdulrazak Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2504 MOSS2022000000067615 Hafsah Ahmed Mohammed Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2505 MOSS2022000000051978 Musa Isa Katsina Sandamu United Kingdom
2506 MOSS2022000000056918 Muhammed Sani Bashir Katsina Malumfashi United Kingdom
2507 MOSS2022000000053862 Haruna Fago Isa Katsina Sandamu United Kingdom
2508 MOSS2022000000067531 Mukhtar Kankia Nuhu Katsina Kankia United Kingdom
2509 MOSS2022000000051314 Rabilu Mamman Dankoli Katsina Faskari United Kingdom
2510 MOSS2022000000070569 Abubakar Muhammad Ahmad Katsina Daura United Kingdom
2511 MOSS2022000000049841 Abdullahi Ibrahim Mudi Katsina Kurfi United Kingdom
2512 MOSS2022000000050551 Nafisat Adam Katsina Bindawa United Kingdom
2513 MOSS2022000000052606 Salamatu Yusuf Katsina Jibia United Kingdom
2514 MOSS2022000000051918 Ahmed Masari Sani Katsina Kafur United Kingdom
2515 MOSS2022000000054857 MUHAMMAD MUNIR DIKKO Katsina Mashi United Kingdom
2516 MOSS2022000000054046 Umar Tukur Ibrahim Katsina Kankara United Kingdom
2517 MOSS2022000000066962 Abubakar Rumah Muhammad Katsina Batsari United Kingdom
2518 MOSS2022000000067309 AISHA RUMAH YAKUBU Katsina Batsari United Kingdom
2519 MOSS2022000000071949 Mustapha Kabir Katsina Dutsin Ma United Kingdom
2520 MOSS2022000000055136 Abdullahi Adamu Katsina Safana United Kingdom
2521 MOSS2022000000049767 Gali Mansir Katsina Charanchi United Kingdom
2522 MOSS2022000000050033 ABDULLAHI RIMI IBRAHIM Katsina Rimi United Kingdom
2523 MOSS2022000000062719 LAWAL AHMAD Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2524 MOSS2022000000054654 Ismail Halliru Katsina Batagarawa United Kingdom
2525 MOSS2022000000062544 DAYYABAH WALI ILYASU Katsina Kusada United Kingdom
2526 MOSS2022000000060727 Umar Ahmad Sani Katsina Daura United Kingdom
2527 MOSS2022000000059982 Abubakar Dauda Katsina Faskari United Kingdom
2528 MOSS2022000000072626 Abdurrauf Jari Aliyu Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2529 MOSS2022000000060988 IMRAN SANI ANANI Katsina Malumfashi United Kingdom
2530 MOSS2022000000057830 ABDULLAHI SALMAN IBRAHIM Katsina Matazu United Kingdom
2531 MOSS2022000000073556 Abdurrahman Suleiman Katsina Mashi United Kingdom
2532 MOSS2022000000071453 RABE ABBA Katsina Daura United Kingdom
2533 MOSS2022000000071955 Ibrahim Abubakar Katsina Daura United Kingdom
2534 MOSS2022000000059891 KAMALUDEEN MAHARAZ TSIGA Katsina Bakori United Kingdom
2535 MOSS2022000000049909 ABDULBARI DANDASHIRE SALEH Katsina Kankara United Kingdom
2536 MOSS2022000000050099 Abdulhafiz Dabo Umar Katsina Funtua United Kingdom
2537 MOSS2022000000052005 Ahmad Buhari Shehu Katsina Danja United Kingdom
2538 MOSS2022000000054417 FAHAD ZAIYAN Katsina Kankia United Kingdom
2539 MOSS2022000000058984 AISHA WAZIRI DAHIRU Katsina Kankara United Kingdom
2540 MOSS2022000000057254 MUSTAPHA MURNAI KABIR Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2541 MOSS2022000000070355 Suleiman Kurfi Dayyabu Katsina Kurfi United Kingdom
2542 MOSS2022000000067330 ZAINAB USMAN GADDAFI Katsina Musawa United Kingdom
2543 MOSS2022000000060450 Nazifi Shehu Katsina Malumfashi United Kingdom
2544 MOSS2022000000067449 Nafisah Ibrahim Katsina Katsina Katsina United Kingdom
2545 MOSS2022000000054574 Ilyasu Tsiga Ismail Katsina Bakori United Kingdom
2546 MOSS2022000000060357 ASMAU TSIGA RILWAN Katsina Bakori United Kingdom
2547 MOSS2022000000061997 ABDULLAHI USMAN Katsina Zango United Kingdom
2548 MOSS2022000000062407 HANNATU AHMADU MANU Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2549 MOSS2022000000061537 Ibrahim Bunza Muhammad Kebbi Bunza United Kingdom
2550 MOSS2022000000054513 Babangida Shehu Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2551 MOSS2022000000058263 UMAR KAMBA SANI Kebbi Dandi United Kingdom
2552 MOSS2022000000067324 IBRAHIM BELLO ARDO Kebbi Kalgo United Kingdom
2553 MOSS2022000000068407 Hauwau Bello Abubakar Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2554 MOSS2022000000054709 Dr. MUHAMMAD SANI MUSA Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2555 MOSS2022000000072365 Ahmad Salim Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2556 MOSS2022000000074608 DANJUMA CHAMBA Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2557 MOSS2022000000055024 Usman Liman Umar Kebbi Gwandu United Kingdom
2558 MOSS2022000000049521 Hussaina Sani Ibrahim Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2559 MOSS2022000000068901 MANSUR ABUBAKAR Kebbi Bagudo United Kingdom
2560 MOSS2022000000058697 Emmanuel John Kebbi Wasagu/Danko United Kingdom
2561 MOSS2022000000059533 Fahad Saidu Muhammad Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2562 MOSS2022000000051777 MUBARAK SODANGI ABUBAKAR Kebbi Suru United Kingdom
2563 MOSS2022000000063717 Maryam Kaoje Muhammed Kebbi Bagudo United Kingdom
2564 MOSS2022000000059969 Nasiru Mohammed Lawal Kebbi Arewa Dandi United Kingdom
2565 MOSS2022000000059964 Ibrahim Farouk Liman Kebbi Suru United Kingdom
2566 MOSS2022000000051391 NAJIBU AUWALU NAMADINA Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2567 MOSS2022000000061493 Abubakar Muhammed Bako Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2568 MOSS2022000000071859 Haris Saidu Muhammad Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2569 MOSS2022000000065684 Farid Ahmad Bawa Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2570 MOSS2022000000073857 Bashar Ladan Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2571 MOSS2022000000059009 ABDULLAHI HAMISU Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2572 MOSS2022000000067888 Safiya Hussain Kebbi Wasagu/Danko United Kingdom
2573 MOSS2022000000050012 ABDULKADIR YELWA SADIQ Kebbi Yauri United Kingdom
2574 MOSS2022000000066924 Zainab Kangiwa Garba Kebbi Arewa Dandi United Kingdom
2575 MOSS2022000000059048 Hafsat Ibrahim Bashir Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2576 MOSS2022000000068368 Aliyu Gwandu Adamu Kebbi Gwandu United Kingdom
2577 MOSS2022000000059166 UMAR SARKA IDRIS Kebbi Arewa Dandi United Kingdom
2578 MOSS2022000000066234 Bashar Layya Muhammad Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2579 MOSS2022000000054546 MAHADI MANSUR Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2580 MOSS2022000000052052 Uzairu Aminu Kebbi Dandi United Kingdom
2581 MOSS2022000000052050 Mohammed Sani Kebbi Yauri United Kingdom
2582 MOSS2022000000055780 Umar Dobi Lawal Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2583 MOSS2022000000055762 Safina Hussain Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2584 MOSS2022000000050162 AISHA BABA WAZIRI Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2585 MOSS2022000000068670 ZAINAB MOHAMMED Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2586 MOSS2022000000054246 Aisha Salihu Abdullahi Kebbi Bagudo United Kingdom
2587 MOSS2022000000061484 Haruna Akawu Ahmad Kebbi Bunza United Kingdom
2588 MOSS2022000000049481 BILYAMINU Mairiga RADES Kebbi Wasagu/Danko United Kingdom
2589 MOSS2022000000056358 HAMZA YARO UMAR Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2590 MOSS2022000000061317 Abubakar Dobi Lawal Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2591 MOSS2022000000054724 Aliyu Koko Muhammad Kebbi Koko/Besse United Kingdom
2592 MOSS2022000000059444 Mukhtar Kabir Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2593 MOSS2022000000064977 zaleeha sami usman Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2594 MOSS2022000000057773 Jamilu Argungu Ibrahim Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2595 MOSS2022000000060887 Abdullahi Sani Abubakar Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2596 MOSS2022000000059446 Timothy Matthew Dasa Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2597 MOSS2022000000052030 Usman Nasir Kebbi Gwandu United Kingdom
2598 MOSS2022000000054241 ATTAHIR BELLO Kebbi Suru United Kingdom
2599 MOSS2022000000053090 Muhammad Attahiru Jega Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2600 MOSS2022000000056885 Jamilu Yusuf Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2601 MOSS2022000000074104 ABDULRAHMAN MUHAMMAD NASIR Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2602 MOSS2022000000061661 DANIEL BAUTA MUSA Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2603 MOSS2022000000067986 Nusaiba Mukhtar Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2604 MOSS2022000000051551 Lawal Mustapha Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2605 MOSS2022000000059005 Aminu Sulaiman Adamu Kebbi Bagudo United Kingdom
2606 MOSS2022000000051091 ISAH MATAWALLE AMINU Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2607 MOSS2022000000061250 Ahmad Gulumbe Muhammad Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2608 MOSS2022000000070648 JAMIL BELLO Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2609 MOSS2022000000068285 Murjanatu Gulmah Salihu Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2610 MOSS2022000000057100 Ubaida Yelwa Aliyu Kebbi Yauri United Kingdom
2611 MOSS2022000000054119 Faruku MUHAMMAD Aliyu Kebbi Bunza United Kingdom
2612 MOSS2022000000054946 Ishaq Abbati Adamu Kebbi Kalgo United Kingdom
2613 MOSS2022000000058292 Shamsudeen Sani Koko Kebbi Koko/Besse United Kingdom
2614 MOSS2022000000056564 EMMANUEL HASSAN Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2615 MOSS2022000000049769 SULEIMAN KOKO SALIHU Kebbi Koko/Besse United Kingdom
2616 MOSS2022000000066541 HAFIZ ABDULMALIK Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2617 MOSS2022000000050386 Sani Labbo Haliru Kebbi Maiyama United Kingdom
2618 MOSS2022000000056343 Maryam Al-Mustapha Jokolo Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2619 MOSS2022000000059873 IBRAHIM LADAN ABDULLAHI Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2620 MOSS2022000000063337 Muktar Bello Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2621 MOSS2022000000067242 BASHIR MUHAMMAD SANI Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2622 MOSS2022000000072679 Abdulsalam Umar Kebbi Suru United Kingdom
2623 MOSS2022000000049092 Ibrahim Yari Mustapha Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2624 MOSS2022000000063177 JABIR BANDE Kebbi Bunza United Kingdom
2625 MOSS2022000000060568 Hafiz Augie Umar Kebbi Augie United Kingdom
2626 MOSS2022000000067678 Aisha Nurudeen Musa Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2627 MOSS2022000000061164 Abdulmalik Tsamiya Isah Kebbi Arewa Dandi United Kingdom
2628 MOSS2022000000059595 Idris Idina Malami Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2629 MOSS2022000000066931 UKASHATU ABUBAKAR Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2630 MOSS2022000000073165 Samira Dan-Asabe Abdullahi Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2631 MOSS2022000000070728 Abdullahi Muhammad Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2632 MOSS2022000000071332 Ibrahim Salisu Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2633 MOSS2022000000058951 SAMINU MAIYAMA UMAR Kebbi Maiyama United Kingdom
2634 MOSS2022000000049471 Amina Sulaiman Khalid Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2635 MOSS2022000000051577 Aminu Marafa Bello Kebbi Maiyama United Kingdom
2636 MOSS2022000000055021 MUHAMMAD MUNGADI ISMAILA Kebbi Maiyama United Kingdom
2637 MOSS2022000000061718 Bello Ibrahim Bala Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2638 MOSS2022000000066378 Abdul azeez Bello Muhammad Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2639 MOSS2022000000068750 AHMAD USMAN ABDULLAHI Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2640 MOSS2022000000058469 Zayyan Usman Gwandu Kebbi Gwandu United Kingdom
2641 MOSS2022000000066866 Muslim Atiku Kebbi Maiyama United Kingdom
2642 MOSS2022000000072322 AHMAD LAWAL Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2643 MOSS2022000000057672 Mansur Mohammed Bandiya Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2644 MOSS2022000000054148 Kabiru Damina Hamza Kebbi Wasagu/Danko United Kingdom
2645 MOSS2022000000054103 NABILU LAWAL Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2646 MOSS2022000000066190 Mansur Muhammad Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2647 MOSS2022000000052960 Mukhtar Mailato Muhammed Kebbi Argungu United Kingdom
2648 MOSS2022000000066016 ZAINAB GELE USMAN Kebbi Fakai United Kingdom
2649 MOSS2022000000050604 Abubakar Yeldu Rilwanu Kebbi Arewa Dandi United Kingdom
2650 MOSS2022000000052995 Muhammad Muhammad Lawal Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2651 MOSS2022000000050166 Nuhu Ibrahim Tukur Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2652 MOSS2022000000056436 ABBAS ZUBAIRU Kebbi Bagudo United Kingdom
2653 MOSS2022000000070721 Ummulkulsum Attahiru Kebbi Gwandu United Kingdom
2654 MOSS2022000000056377 Mudassir Atiku Kebbi Gwandu United Kingdom
2655 MOSS2022000000066542 Yahaya Waziri Kebbi Yauri United Kingdom
2656 MOSS2022000000063085 SURAJUDEEN SULEIMAN Kebbi Yauri United Kingdom
2657 MOSS2022000000065380 Dorcas Jada Kebbi Dandi United Kingdom
2658 MOSS2022000000057898 Mustapha Hassan Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2659 MOSS2022000000075458 Usman Faruk Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2660 MOSS2022000000075589 Masud Musa Kebbi Koko/Besse United Kingdom
2661 MOSS2022000000053471 BIREMA BABANGIDA IBRAHIM Kebbi Birnin Kebbi United Kingdom
2662 MOSS2022000000063897 abdulrahman tuga bello Kebbi Bagudo United Kingdom
2663 MOSS2022000000060171 Hamza Aliyu Kebbi Jega United Kingdom
2664 MOSS2022000000056612 JEMILAT YUSUF Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2665 MOSS2022000000069050 UKASHATU TASIU IBRAHIM Kebbi Yauri United Kingdom
2666 MOSS2022000000067373 FUAD ABDULHAMID ABDULLAHI Kebbi Yauri United Kingdom
2667 MOSS2022000000068503 Samuel Dogonyaro Jibo Kebbi Zuru United Kingdom
2668 MOSS2022000000048967 Sadiq Musa Kebbi Kalgo United Kingdom
2669 MOSS2022000000064825 Isa James Kogi Bassa United Kingdom
2670 MOSS2022000000057298 Ekundayo Michael Olorunshe Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2671 MOSS2022000000073962 Abdulhakeem Onimisi Momoh Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2672 MOSS2022000000051166 Kiyesola Rantioluwa Kolawole Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2673 MOSS2022000000049152 Titilayo Deborah Oluwole Kogi Yagba East United Kingdom
2674 MOSS2022000000074129 Stephanie Zainab Suleiman Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2675 MOSS2022000000060822 RAPHAEL TUNDE IBITEYE Kogi Ijumu United Kingdom
2676 MOSS2022000000060406 Joel Sokoyebom Anyam Kogi Bassa United Kingdom
2677 MOSS2022000000073108 Aloy Idoko Kogi Kogi United Kingdom
2678 MOSS2022000000055806 David Ojomakpene Moses Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2679 MOSS2022000000068603 FAIZA JIBRIL Kogi Ofu United Kingdom
2680 MOSS2022000000062653 Muhammed Nazir Haruna Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2681 MOSS2022000000068118 Rabbilfattah Ozovehe Yusuf Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2682 MOSS2022000000074361 Abdulrazaq Yusuf Muhammed Kogi Ajaokuta United Kingdom
2683 MOSS2022000000051245 MUSADIQ Oladimeji USMAN Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2684 MOSS2022000000064390 Taiye Martin Megbolugbe Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2685 MOSS2022000000069606 Opeyemi Samuel Ayodele Kogi Yagba West United Kingdom
2686 MOSS2022000000052556 RASAQ OLUWASEGUN DAMISA Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2687 MOSS2022000000058502 Abdulmumin Saad Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2688 MOSS2022000000067278 Ogwu Jude Ogwu Kogi Idah United Kingdom
2689 MOSS2022000000065227 Fatima Labaran Kogi Ankpa United Kingdom
2690 MOSS2022000000053229 Muniratu Onehdefojo Abubakar Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2691 MOSS2022000000050924 Olorunshola Raphael Ajayi Kogi Yagba West United Kingdom
2692 MOSS2022000000072466 Titus Otamayomi Moses Kogi Mopa Muro United Kingdom
2693 MOSS2022000000049523 STEPHEN OJONUGWA AGADA Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2694 MOSS2022000000064651 GABRIEL OTARU EZEKIEL Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2695 MOSS2022000000050461 Yusuf Alhassan Kogi Ankpa United Kingdom
2696 MOSS2022000000051270 MUHAMMAD ABDULMALIK Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2697 MOSS2022000000064873 Emmanuel Jegede Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2698 MOSS2022000000048779 Charles Ojodale Igomu Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2699 MOSS2022000000065958 Temitope Kolade Oloruntoba Kogi Ijumu United Kingdom
2700 MOSS2022000000056998 Paul Ayooluwa Onimisi Kogi Okehi United Kingdom
2701 MOSS2022000000063080 Oseni Adamu Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2702 MOSS2022000000049527 Israel Alewo Apeh Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2703 MOSS2022000000054033 Kabiru Otaru Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2704 MOSS2022000000055627 HASSAN YUSUF YUSUF Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2705 MOSS2022000000053149 ABDULAZEEZ OLANIYI ABDULKAREEM Kogi Yagba East United Kingdom
2706 MOSS2022000000070422 Abdulwahab Omeiza Anakobe Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2707 MOSS2022000000050396 Anthony Ugbede Faruna Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2708 MOSS2022000000052877 Victor Ojonugwa Solomon Kogi Ankpa United Kingdom
2709 MOSS2022000000069796 Hamza Adeiza Sule Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2710 MOSS2022000000057947 Monday Sumaila Usman Kogi Igalamela Odolu United Kingdom
2711 MOSS2022000000052419 DANIEL YOMI ONEMAYIN Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2712 MOSS2022000000051797 IBRAHIM EGIGONYO SHABA Kogi Bassa United Kingdom
2713 MOSS2022000000051548 JAPHET ALIU Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2714 MOSS2022000000059088 Kennedy Amadosibina Alabi Kogi Ogori/Magongo United Kingdom
2715 MOSS2022000000062814 Muhammad Haadir Zubair Kogi Okehi United Kingdom
2716 MOSS2022000000073351 ARIF MUHAMMED Kogi Omala United Kingdom
2717 MOSS2022000000062636 BARNABAS IBRAHIM ABAKPA Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2718 MOSS2022000000060607 ALEX Oloruntoba IREEBANIJE Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2719 MOSS2022000000069970 Unekwu-ojo Josephine Tokula Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2720 MOSS2022000000069663 Daniel Idowu Ifeoluwa Kogi Mopa Muro United Kingdom
2721 MOSS2022000000071538 Mary Mimololuwa Obaniwa Kogi Ijumu United Kingdom
2722 MOSS2022000000056904 Simeon Akoh Osayi Kogi Igalamela Odolu United Kingdom
2723 MOSS2022000000068237 BARAKAT OVAIOZA OCHU Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2724 MOSS2022000000050240 Temitope Michael Elisha Kogi Yagba West United Kingdom
2725 MOSS2022000000061636 WILSON ENEMONA ILEH Kogi Ofu United Kingdom
2726 MOSS2022000000054684 Abdulrahaman Sadiq Kogi Ajaokuta United Kingdom
2727 MOSS2022000000048871 Emmanuel Adeiza Balogun Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2728 MOSS2022000000055941 Siaka Adavize Salami Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2729 MOSS2022000000067360 Oluwatomiwa Christian Sanni Kogi Yagba East United Kingdom
2730 MOSS2022000000067118 IYANUOLUWA AYOMIKUN AJILEYE Kogi Ijumu United Kingdom
2731 MOSS2022000000072773 Gideon Godfrey Ameh Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2732 MOSS2022000000065517 Zubair Yusuf Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2733 MOSS2022000000067604 Dare Abiodun Kogi Yagba West United Kingdom
2734 MOSS2022000000067477 ABDULQUDDUS AMINU ABUBAKAR Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2735 MOSS2022000000066905 Prince Cephas Abbah Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2736 MOSS2022000000072978 Haruna Isah Obaka Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2737 MOSS2022000000070337 TOLUWALEKE IBUKUNOLUWA ARIYO Kogi Mopa Muro United Kingdom
2738 MOSS2022000000070034 Tosin Mary Afolabi Kogi Yagba West United Kingdom
2739 MOSS2022000000072172 Opeyemi Idowu Olowu Kogi Yagba East United Kingdom
2740 MOSS2022000000057437 Latifat Abdulsalam Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2741 MOSS2022000000048877 Ibrahim Onotu Aminu Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2742 MOSS2022000000049323 MATTHEW OLUWASEYI SOLOMON Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2743 MOSS2022000000057191 Ismail Mohammed Salihu Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2744 MOSS2022000000068681 Farida Audu Audu Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2745 MOSS2022000000056851 Hafsat Onozare Malik Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2746 MOSS2022000000051880 IGATA UFEDO FRANCIS Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2747 MOSS2022000000053895 OJONUGWA OLUWAFEMI EJIGA Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2748 MOSS2022000000054200 JEROME OLUWADAMILOLA BAIYEGUNHI Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2749 MOSS2022000000064291 Miracle Joshua David Kogi Ogori/Magongo United Kingdom
2750 MOSS2022000000068155 LUQMAN MUHAMMAD OMENESA Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2751 MOSS2022000000052109 Samuel Eneojo Emmanuel Kogi Omala United Kingdom
2752 MOSS2022000000052787 Christopher Omatule Achor Kogi Ibaji United Kingdom
2753 MOSS2022000000067070 RUTH ANUMONE OMACHONA Kogi Ibaji United Kingdom
2754 MOSS2022000000062601 Isiaka Nasir Saliu Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2755 MOSS2022000000058219 Ayuba Musa Kogi Okehi United Kingdom
2756 MOSS2022000000063718 Tirmizhi Abdulganiy Kogi Yagba East United Kingdom
2757 MOSS2022000000066140 Fadilat Omoolowo Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2758 MOSS2022000000068131 Abbas Ahovi Abdul Kogi Ajaokuta United Kingdom
2759 MOSS2022000000064136 Ozovehe Otohinoyi Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2760 MOSS2022000000074194 Philip Omede Alexander Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2761 MOSS2022000000072667 Jeremiah Ilebaye Egwuche Kogi Ibaji United Kingdom
2762 MOSS2022000000071145 SHOLA SOLOMON Kogi Ijumu United Kingdom
2763 MOSS2022000000073832 JENNIFER OLUCHI FRANCIS Kogi Igalamela Odolu United Kingdom
2764 MOSS2022000000074604 AYODEJI IDRIS Kogi Yagba East United Kingdom
2765 MOSS2022000000052243 Baba Yakubu Alhassan Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2766 MOSS2022000000063314 Isaac Ojonogecha Adama Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2767 MOSS2022000000064574 Habib Adayi Sadiku Kogi Okehi United Kingdom
2768 MOSS2022000000060041 BASHIRU ABDULMALIK Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2769 MOSS2022000000058198 BOLAJOKO ABIDEMI ADAH Kogi Ankpa United Kingdom
2770 MOSS2022000000059278 IBRAHIM ADEIZA ODINGBORO Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2771 MOSS2022000000057278 Daniel Alabuja Kogi Kabba/Bunu United Kingdom
2772 MOSS2022000000075249 MUKTAR BABA MOHAMMED Kogi Ankpa United Kingdom
2773 MOSS2022000000073681 FRANCIS OJIMA ALIKALI Kogi Ofu United Kingdom
2774 MOSS2022000000069784 Ann Ojone Ainoko Kogi Idah United Kingdom
2775 MOSS2022000000075111 Victoria Onyinohinoyi Bello Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2776 MOSS2022000000062561 LAWAL ALIDU Kogi Ofu United Kingdom
2777 MOSS2022000000070760 Ismaila Adinoyi Sheidu Kogi Okehi United Kingdom
2778 MOSS2022000000060950 Samuel Eneojo Ohiemi Kogi Olamaboro United Kingdom
2779 MOSS2022000000073689 Goodness Enyo-ojo Abraham Kogi Ibaji United Kingdom
2780 MOSS2022000000057368 Oluwaseun Elizabeth Balogun Kogi Yagba West United Kingdom
2781 MOSS2022000000049360 RAHIMAT SANNI Kogi Okehi United Kingdom
2782 MOSS2022000000060158 Musa Yunusa Abdullahi Kogi Ankpa United Kingdom
2783 MOSS2022000000055078 PEACE EKUNDAYO BAKARE Kogi Okehi United Kingdom
2784 MOSS2022000000054553 Olushola Damilola Kayode-Afolayan Kogi Mopa Muro United Kingdom
2785 MOSS2022000000059580 OJOCHIDE ELLA ADAMA Kogi Igalamela Odolu United Kingdom
2786 MOSS2022000000070056 ABDULRAUF ONIMISI YUSUF Kogi Adavi United Kingdom
2787 MOSS2022000000057260 Joshua Ojonugwa Ojochegbe Kogi Ibaji United Kingdom
2788 MOSS2022000000064711 DAVID UNEKU ADAMA Kogi Omala United Kingdom
2789 MOSS2022000000063615 Elizabeth Joel Kogi Dekina United Kingdom
2790 MOSS2022000000074279 Ayodele Pea Victor Kogi Mopa Muro United Kingdom
2791 MOSS2022000000074756 Halimat Suleiman Umar Kogi Ajaokuta United Kingdom
2792 MOSS2022000000074693 Abdulkadri Idris Kogi Ijumu United Kingdom
2793 MOSS2022000000057616 ARAMIDE JEAN RICHSON-ENIWAIYE Kogi Ijumu United Kingdom
2794 MOSS2022000000048968 Kabir Ahmed Yahaya Kogi Okene United Kingdom
2795 MOSS2022000000065178 MUIDEEN OLADAYO AJIBOYE Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2796 MOSS2022000000055816 KAFAYAT BISOLA BALOGUN Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2797 MOSS2022000000067210 Fatimah Aiyelabegan Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2798 MOSS2022000000057063 Ayokunle Samuel Adeniyi Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2799 MOSS2022000000075491 SUNDAY EZEKIEL AJIBOLA Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2800 MOSS2022000000065370 Joshua Olorunjuwonlo Abifarin Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2801 MOSS2022000000070142 AYOMIDE PETER POPOOLA Kwara Oyun United Kingdom
2802 MOSS2022000000068755 Murtala Alir Alade Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2803 MOSS2022000000071503 Saad Babatunde Soliu Kwara Ilorin South United Kingdom
2804 MOSS2022000000067415 Deborah Ayodele Babatunde Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2805 MOSS2022000000063959 Tawakalit Damilola Abdulyekeen Kwara Oyun United Kingdom
2806 MOSS2022000000049029 Abdulazeez Tobi Bolarinwa Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2807 MOSS2022000000049596 Victor Adeola Rufai Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2808 MOSS2022000000053931 Lateef Abimbola Hamzat Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2809 MOSS2022000000059632 MARYAM OLANIKE SALLAUDEEN Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2810 MOSS2022000000051327 Luqman Olaitan Sulaiman Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2811 MOSS2022000000059508 Helen Iyanuoluwa Ajiboye Kwara Oke Ero United Kingdom
2812 MOSS2022000000063490 OLAYEMI PETER ADEBOYE Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2813 MOSS2022000000052862 ISMAIL ADEDAPO ABDULRAHEEM Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2814 MOSS2022000000070054 Oluwadamilola Bello Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2815 MOSS2022000000074871 David Adedoyin Oni Kwara Ekiti United Kingdom
2816 MOSS2022000000053418 Ridwan Waheed Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2817 MOSS2022000000074320 Taofiq Olatunji Saka Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2818 MOSS2022000000059935 Kazeem Olusola Yusuf Kwara Oyun United Kingdom
2819 MOSS2022000000061410 SODIQ OLAMILEKAN ABDULAZEEZ Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2820 MOSS2022000000059831 FEMI TIMOTHY ADEOTI Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2821 MOSS2022000000053743 SAMUEL BABATUNDE OLUSHOLA Kwara Oke Ero United Kingdom
2822 MOSS2022000000056542 OLUWAJUWON IFALADE Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2823 MOSS2022000000072743 Sodiq Yinusa Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2824 MOSS2022000000075382 Hussaina Kehinde Adio Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2825 MOSS2022000000060619 Jubril Temitope Edun Kwara Ilorin South United Kingdom
2826 MOSS2022000000061869 LUKMAN KAYODE HAMEED Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2827 MOSS2022000000067394 Gbemisola Raheemat Olona Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2828 MOSS2022000000059894 MARYAM KAKA MOHAMMED Kwara Pategi United Kingdom
2829 MOSS2022000000075915 Boboye Boladale Ogunbayo Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2830 MOSS2022000000053069 Sulaiman Lawal Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2831 MOSS2022000000065113 Adedoyin Christiana Akande Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2832 MOSS2022000000068219 Zulukarnain Saka Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2833 MOSS2022000000059624 Joshua Ayodele Ayeni Kwara Ekiti United Kingdom
2834 MOSS2022000000073841 Tolulope Roseline Abolarinwa Kwara Oke Ero United Kingdom
2835 MOSS2022000000068073 SALIMAT OLUWATENIOLA BAKARE Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2836 MOSS2022000000072360 Ahmad Jamiu Ahmad Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2837 MOSS2022000000069201 OLUWATOFIYAN ROTIMI Kwara Ekiti United Kingdom
2838 MOSS2022000000051836 Ridwan Bolaji Ayinla Kwara Ilorin East United Kingdom
2839 MOSS2022000000063712 ABDULAKEEM ABIODUN SOLIHU Kwara Ilorin South United Kingdom
2840 MOSS2022000000059117 WAHEED OLANREWAJU SULYMON Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2841 MOSS2022000000049821 OLADELE OLUWAFEMI ADEBARA Kwara Moro United Kingdom
2842 MOSS2022000000066450 Nasiru Ademola Adeyemi Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2843 MOSS2022000000064720 ABDULLAH ADEYEMI Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2844 MOSS2022000000063236 OMOTAYO OMOLARA OGUNBIYI Kwara Isin United Kingdom
2845 MOSS2022000000063186 Oladeji Charles Adebayo Kwara Oke Ero United Kingdom
2846 MOSS2022000000069963 RUKAYAT ARAMIDE IBRAHIM Kwara Asa United Kingdom
2847 MOSS2022000000056334 Olaoluwa Abimbola Opadiran Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2848 MOSS2022000000048796 Saheed Toyin MUFTAUDEEN Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2849 MOSS2022000000060884 Blessing Toluwase Yeye Kwara Ekiti United Kingdom
2850 MOSS2022000000052401 Sofiat Omowumi Ajide Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2851 MOSS2022000000073991 Binta Fatimat Badmus Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2852 MOSS2022000000074675 Sodiq Toyin Oyewo Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2853 MOSS2022000000058357 Faruq Temitayo Abdulsalam Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2854 MOSS2022000000049777 NASIRU ABDULRAHMAN ADEYI Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2855 MOSS2022000000058609 Ghaniyat Opeyemi Olufemi Adebayo Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2856 MOSS2022000000062566 Mustapha Husseini Jiya Kwara Edu United Kingdom
2857 MOSS2022000000060220 LAWAL BABALOLA IJAODOLA Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2858 MOSS2022000000065507 OPEYEMI MICHEAL AFOLABI Kwara Isin United Kingdom
2859 MOSS2022000000064278 OLALEKAN DAVID POPOOLA Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2860 MOSS2022000000072877 Abdullahi Olawale Issa Kwara Ilorin East United Kingdom
2861 MOSS2022000000073758 John Kolawole Eniola Kwara Oyun United Kingdom
2862 MOSS2022000000072169 Moses Eyitayo Obasola Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2863 MOSS2022000000061106 Ayobami Oluwadunsin Oladapo Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2864 MOSS2022000000067148 Suraj Olatunji Obidola Kwara Isin United Kingdom
2865 MOSS2022000000048974 Ismail Olanrewaju Salaudeen Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2866 MOSS2022000000053738 Ismail Garba Abdulraheem Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2867 MOSS2022000000059201 HANIF ODUNAYO ALABI Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2868 MOSS2022000000050617 AHMED ADEGOKE ABDULSALAM Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2869 MOSS2022000000061336 Olasunkanmi Emmanuel Oluwabiyi Kwara Ekiti United Kingdom
2870 MOSS2022000000053309 Abdulhakeem Ibraheem Abdulkareem Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2871 MOSS2022000000071670 TAOFIQ DAMILOLA YUSUF Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2872 MOSS2022000000057450 LAWAL MOHAMMED ABDULRASAQ Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2873 MOSS2022000000061741 Ridwan Adebisi Jimoh Kwara Oyun United Kingdom
2874 MOSS2022000000071954 VICTOR BAMIDELE AWOTUNDE Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2875 MOSS2022000000066850 ABDULLAHI TSWAKO MUHAMMED Kwara Pategi United Kingdom
2876 MOSS2022000000064538 Mubarak Oluwatoyin Lawal Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2877 MOSS2022000000073965 Habeeb Abdulrazaq Ajetunmobi Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2878 MOSS2022000000072810 Joy Bodunde Kwara Ekiti United Kingdom
2879 MOSS2022000000067313 Taofeeq Ajibola Isiaq Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2880 MOSS2022000000053281 ABUBAKAR SANUSI Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2881 MOSS2022000000061285 BALIQUES AYOMIDE MOSHOOD Kwara Oyun United Kingdom
2882 MOSS2022000000055187 Naheemat Ayodeji Saleeman Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2883 MOSS2022000000054832 Nasir Adeyemi Abdulraheem Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2884 MOSS2022000000061505 Farouq Adeola Busari Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2885 MOSS2022000000059890 FUHAD OLAMILEKAN BABATUNDE Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2886 MOSS2022000000062364 Abdulrasaq Ishaq Kwara Asa United Kingdom
2887 MOSS2022000000056745 SADIYAT TAIYE AYODEJI Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2888 MOSS2022000000051929 Gbenga Ezekiel Ajiboye Kwara Isin United Kingdom
2889 MOSS2022000000051275 Muhammad Moyosore Oladapo Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2890 MOSS2022000000054386 Jamiu Dare Muhamud Kwara Ilorin East United Kingdom
2891 MOSS2022000000062947 FARUK MURITALA Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2892 MOSS2022000000072432 MUBARAK ABDULLATEEF Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2893 MOSS2022000000064009 Ibrahim Abioye Olaleye Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2894 MOSS2022000000074938 Deborah Olumuyiwa Olayioye Kwara Ifelodun United Kingdom
2895 MOSS2022000000072389 Muhibat Bolanle Komolafe Kwara Oyun United Kingdom
2896 MOSS2022000000066664 MUHAMMED Firdaus AFOLAYAN Kwara Irepodun United Kingdom
2897 MOSS2022000000073384 Isa Ibrahim Kwara Baruten United Kingdom
2898 MOSS2022000000073905 GBENGA SAMUEL AFOLAYAN Kwara Ekiti United Kingdom
2899 MOSS2022000000071882 Fatima Ajia Mohammed Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2900 MOSS2022000000063563 ABDULQUADIR OLAMIDE HASSAN Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2901 MOSS2022000000067569 Abubakar Amasa Kwara Ilorin West United Kingdom
2902 MOSS2022000000060122 Ifedapo Seyi Fashanu Kwara Offa United Kingdom
2903 MOSS2022000000070494 OLUWASEUN PETER OLUGBODI Lagos Lagos Mainland United Kingdom
2904 MOSS2022000000064793 TOLUWANIMI AYODEJI MAKINWA Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
2905 MOSS2022000000063561 Joy Ayo-Oluwa James Lagos Ikeja United Kingdom
2906 MOSS2022000000062801 Camilla Titilayo Junaid Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2907 MOSS2022000000072808 Oluwagbemibori Olasubomi Olaoye Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2908 MOSS2022000000057416 Haleem Ayodeji Hameed Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
2909 MOSS2022000000074233 Yunus Abidemi Ibrahim Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2910 MOSS2022000000070703 Titobiloluwa Boluwatife Moses Lagos Lagos Mainland United Kingdom
2911 MOSS2022000000050822 Samuel Olusegun Adebayo Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2912 MOSS2022000000056419 Nzubechukwu Jude Onyekaba Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2913 MOSS2022000000059572 Opeyemi dorcas Kolawole Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2914 MOSS2022000000049247 Fadeshola Aderibigbe Shodipe-Dosunmu Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2915 MOSS2022000000066956 VICTOR OYINDAMOLA JULIUS Lagos Mushin United Kingdom
2916 MOSS2022000000071688 OLAIDE ABIDEMI ODEYEMI Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2917 MOSS2022000000072886 CHIAZOKAM VINCENT OKEKE Lagos Amuwo-Odofin United Kingdom
2918 MOSS2022000000065704 Joseph Ifesinachi Emmanuel Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2919 MOSS2022000000055535 Aderoju Sulaiman Kosoko Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2920 MOSS2022000000073889 Oluwaseyi Abidemi Olajolo Lagos Mushin United Kingdom
2921 MOSS2022000000054726 Taiwo Samuel Onanubi Lagos Epe United Kingdom
2922 MOSS2022000000053998 Ayodeji Oluwagbenga Oki Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2923 MOSS2022000000062637 Oluwaseun Olushola Togun Lagos Agege United Kingdom
2924 MOSS2022000000052980 ADEKUNLE OLUSEGUN ANJORIN Lagos Eti Osa United Kingdom
2925 MOSS2022000000066120 Quadri Abolaji Salami Lagos Shomolu United Kingdom
2926 MOSS2022000000073645 Oluwaseun Richard Ogundipe Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2927 MOSS2022000000053592 ADEBOWALE ELIJAH ADEDOYIN Lagos Ibeju-Lekki United Kingdom
2928 MOSS2022000000049135 PEACE OMOTAYO ADELEYE Lagos Ojo United Kingdom
2929 MOSS2022000000060517 Abiola Adeoluwa Adeleke Lagos Ifako-Ijaiye United Kingdom
2930 MOSS2022000000071526 Nofisat Kofoworola Abdulsalam Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2931 MOSS2022000000075478 TOLANI JULIET ONIJIGIN-OLAOYE Lagos Shomolu United Kingdom
2932 MOSS2022000000056486 Chinazam Benson Ikeije Lagos Ikeja United Kingdom
2933 MOSS2022000000061066 Oyindamola Victoria Olarinoye Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2934 MOSS2022000000049856 Abubakre Oladimeji Alli-Balogun Lagos Oshodi-Isolo United Kingdom
2935 MOSS2022000000057522 Olanrewaju Joshua Shittu Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2936 MOSS2022000000073369 Tayo Kemi Olufon Lagos Shomolu United Kingdom
2937 MOSS2022000000059333 Yomi Davidson Olorunmaiye Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2938 MOSS2022000000053339 Samuel Egbevurie Lagos Amuwo-Odofin United Kingdom
2939 MOSS2022000000066867 Kehinde Oluwatobi Oloyede Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2940 MOSS2022000000048929 Lateef Kayode Momoh Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2941 MOSS2022000000072627 Ebube Peace Nwadiokwu Lagos Ibeju-Lekki United Kingdom
2942 MOSS2022000000054096 Tiwaloluwa Olukeye Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2943 MOSS2022000000057587 LATEEF OLATUNBOSUN AFOLABI Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2944 MOSS2022000000057281 Bolaji Precious Muili Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2945 MOSS2022000000068127 Ololade Adetifa Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2946 MOSS2022000000067514 RUKAYAT OPEOLUWA SULAIMON Lagos Shomolu United Kingdom
2947 MOSS2022000000065582 Abdul-Azeez Adeola Bello Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2948 MOSS2022000000072803 Oluwatosin Oluwaseye Shoderu Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2949 MOSS2022000000055233 SOLOMON ADENIYI LAWAL Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2950 MOSS2022000000069413 Folashade Sadiat Adunni Egberongbe Lagos Mushin United Kingdom
2951 MOSS2022000000050697 Diana Oluwafemi Amusat Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2952 MOSS2022000000055035 Ibrahim Segun Aina Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2953 MOSS2022000000054670 EZINNE ROSEMARY OKORO Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2954 MOSS2022000000063287 Yusuf Temitope Abdulkareem Lagos Badagry United Kingdom
2955 MOSS2022000000074167 Oluwadamilare Olujimi Lawale Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
2956 MOSS2022000000073999 Caleb Opeyemi Ajayi Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2957 MOSS2022000000061406 OSAZEE ODIGIE Lagos Eti Osa United Kingdom
2958 MOSS2022000000060053 Obianuju Chinelo Okoli Lagos Oshodi-Isolo United Kingdom
2959 MOSS2022000000050754 Boma Victoria Braide Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2960 MOSS2022000000074187 Solomon Oluwadamilare Ayansola Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2961 MOSS2022000000068632 Osuvwe Prisca Eduvie Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2962 MOSS2022000000059398 Oluwadamilola Bamidele Abodunde Lagos Eti Osa United Kingdom
2963 MOSS2022000000050210 Edward Aderinsola Tella Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2964 MOSS2022000000054907 ROTIMI PHILIP ADEBAYO Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2965 MOSS2022000000060592 Adekunle Akeem Azeez Lagos Oshodi-Isolo United Kingdom
2966 MOSS2022000000073712 HAKEEM OLANREWAJU OLOKUNOLA Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2967 MOSS2022000000068025 Oludolapo Ibrahim Olanrewaju Lagos Ikeja United Kingdom
2968 MOSS2022000000071222 Mustapha Olamilekan Wahab Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2969 MOSS2022000000058034 Oluwatosin Modupeola Adekoya Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2970 MOSS2022000000071074 Samson Ayomide Ojoare Lagos Ojo United Kingdom
2971 MOSS2022000000073392 Adeoluwa Joseph Gbaja Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2972 MOSS2022000000051829 OLADAYO ADURAGBEMI DA-SILVA Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2973 MOSS2022000000051229 TEMILOLUWA EMMANUEL MAKINDE Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2974 MOSS2022000000049477 SULAIMON AKANDE ANDOYIN Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2975 MOSS2022000000062863 TEMILOLUWA SOLOMON MAKINWA Lagos Agege United Kingdom
2976 MOSS2022000000059734 OLUWATOBILOBA VICTOR ADEYEMI Lagos Epe United Kingdom
2977 MOSS2022000000065627 IYANUOLUWA AYODAMOLA IGE Lagos Agege United Kingdom
2978 MOSS2022000000073981 Oluwayemisi Anuoluwapo Ogunse Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2979 MOSS2022000000072527 Oluwafunbi Emmanuel Akpata Lagos Amuwo-Odofin United Kingdom
2980 MOSS2022000000069544 Mayowa Fakolade Fakolujo Lagos Lagos Mainland United Kingdom
2981 MOSS2022000000075355 Ayoola Louis Mudasiru Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2982 MOSS2022000000050589 Olaniyi Ezekiel Shokunbi Lagos Shomolu United Kingdom
2983 MOSS2022000000050095 David Ifeoluwa Agbemuko Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2984 MOSS2022000000062034 Mariam Olasunkanmi Akinade Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2985 MOSS2022000000061412 Ebunoluwa Amen Akinniranye Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2986 MOSS2022000000067908 Oluwabukunmi Comfort Abimbola Lagos Eti Osa United Kingdom
2987 MOSS2022000000071770 Dokpe Omo Onero-Obaro Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
2988 MOSS2022000000072454 Oluwaseyi Anuoluwa Balogun Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2989 MOSS2022000000071570 RAUF ADENIRAN THOMPSON Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
2990 MOSS2022000000050283 OLOLADE DANIEL ASHADE Lagos Agege United Kingdom
2991 MOSS2022000000058370 Kehinde Adedeji Abayomi Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
2992 MOSS2022000000064729 Hafusat Temidayo Adaranijo Lagos Alimosho United Kingdom
2993 MOSS2022000000064433 IBRAHIM ADEWALE ADEPEJU Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
2994 MOSS2022000000063942 Idris Atanda Monsuru Lagos Ifako-Ijaiye United Kingdom
2995 MOSS2022000000061437 Osayuwamen Oghosa Omo-Okhuasuyi Lagos Eti Osa United Kingdom
2996 MOSS2022000000060059 FOLASHADE ABEKE BRAIMOH Lagos Epe United Kingdom
2997 MOSS2022000000066228 FAGBA AHMED FOLORUNSHO Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
2998 MOSS2022000000072498 Abiodun Damilola Babayemi Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
2999 MOSS2022000000074095 Anjolaoluwa Toluwalase Oyedeji Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
3000 MOSS2022000000060690 Quadri Adekunle Awelenje Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
3001 MOSS2022000000050688 Adedeji Oluwafemi Allen Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
3002 MOSS2022000000063166 Elizabeth Mausi Hunvio Lagos Badagry United Kingdom
3003 MOSS2022000000054871 Abiola Sherif Ajibowu Lagos Eti Osa United Kingdom
3004 MOSS2022000000065002 Ibidapo Akinpelu Jebutu Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
3005 MOSS2022000000072096 JOSHUA LASISI OLUKAYODE Lagos Ajeromi-Ifelodun United Kingdom
3006 MOSS2022000000058793 HASSAN Kolawole OGUNGBO Lagos Ibeju-Lekki United Kingdom
3007 MOSS2022000000063951 Chinedu Ifesinachi Animalu Lagos Amuwo-Odofin United Kingdom
3008 MOSS2022000000068026 FUNSHO EMMANUEL OKOOSI Lagos Lagos Island United Kingdom
3009 MOSS2022000000075594 ITUNU BUKOLA SALAMI Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
3010 MOSS2022000000053044 HABEEB DAMILARE JOKOMBA Lagos Ikorodu United Kingdom
3011 MOSS2022000000074089 Busola Moyosoreoluwa Salami Lagos Surulere United Kingdom
3012 MOSS2022000000074929 OLUWATOBILOBA BABATUNDE BOTU Lagos Kosofe United Kingdom
3013 MOSS2022000000050974 Stanley Ojochegbe Oche Lagos Eti Osa United Kingdom
3014 MOSS2022000000073847 DAVID Okwolo PEARCE Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3015 MOSS2022000000054370 Amir-Salihu Hussein Nasarawa Obi United Kingdom
3016 MOSS2022000000057315 Nicholas Suleiman Tanko Nasarawa Akwanga United Kingdom
3017 MOSS2022000000063032 DEBORAH ENWAYI MUSA Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3018 MOSS2022000000069403 Isaac Esla Iliya Nasarawa Kokona United Kingdom
3019 MOSS2022000000053861 Nuhu James Akwe Nasarawa Keana United Kingdom
3020 MOSS2022000000050959 Yusuf Ibrahim Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3021 MOSS2022000000056170 MUSLIHU-DEEN SULEIMAN Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3022 MOSS2022000000056884 Bashir Eya Sani Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3023 MOSS2022000000048799 Ibrahim Nayaya Bashir Nasarawa Akwanga United Kingdom
3024 MOSS2022000000061535 AMINU MUHAMMAD ALIYU Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3025 MOSS2022000000069029 Sirajo Muhammad Dalhatu Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3026 MOSS2022000000062190 Shadrach Kuje Solomon Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3027 MOSS2022000000061614 FATIMA GIFT SULE Nasarawa Kokona United Kingdom
3028 MOSS2022000000063347 Ovey Godwin Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3029 MOSS2022000000067127 Lawal Ibrahim Umar Nasarawa Awe United Kingdom
3030 MOSS2022000000065394 HAUWA IBRAHIM Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3031 MOSS2022000000063185 Khalifa Yahaya Muhammad Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3032 MOSS2022000000074745 JEREMIAH MAMMAN MOU Nasarawa Akwanga United Kingdom
3033 MOSS2022000000060029 Nana-Hauwa Isa Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3034 MOSS2022000000049870 Iman Mohammed Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3035 MOSS2022000000050656 HAMZA ABDULWAHAB SULAIMAN Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3036 MOSS2022000000060106 Aminu Ibrahim Aliyu Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3037 MOSS2022000000066411 RASHIDA KANA AHMAD Nasarawa Kokona United Kingdom
3038 MOSS2022000000074242 Ibrahim Ari Labaran Nasarawa Keana United Kingdom
3039 MOSS2022000000071901 JOEL OVYE ALAKU Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3040 MOSS2022000000052455 Usman Suleiman Ubam Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3041 MOSS2022000000048829 Jibrin Muhammad Guruza Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3042 MOSS2022000000054848 Abbas Muhammad Yakubu Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3043 MOSS2022000000049357 MUHAMMAD SAGIR RAMALAN Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3044 MOSS2022000000063621 Rachael Akpavan Yohanna Nasarawa Karu United Kingdom
3045 MOSS2022000000072392 OGYE MATTHEW JOHN Nasarawa Kokona United Kingdom
3046 MOSS2022000000061377 ZAHARADEEN SAFIYANU DANYAWO Nasarawa Keana United Kingdom
3047 MOSS2022000000060760 Chekuzo Mark Zhisalo Nasarawa Karu United Kingdom
3048 MOSS2022000000054020 Abdulhakim Safiyanu Ibrahim Nasarawa Keana United Kingdom
3049 MOSS2022000000052192 Aaron Iliya Dikko Nasarawa Karu United Kingdom
3050 MOSS2022000000064572 Yusuf Akpulah Sani Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3051 MOSS2022000000057145 HOSEA TADIDO Nasarawa Kokona United Kingdom
3052 MOSS2022000000062969 JIBRIL ABDULLAHI UMAR Nasarawa Keana United Kingdom
3053 MOSS2022000000074272 Adigizi Daniel Emmanuel Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3054 MOSS2022000000056101 Solomon Daku Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3055 MOSS2022000000048878 Stephen Olem Yahaya Nasarawa Karu United Kingdom
3056 MOSS2022000000050064 David Alu Namo Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3057 MOSS2022000000063402 Ismaila Dangana Aminu Nasarawa Doma United Kingdom
3058 MOSS2022000000054647 SADIYA IBRAHIM Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3059 MOSS2022000000057340 PAUL SULEIMAN Nasarawa Wamba United Kingdom
3060 MOSS2022000000070068 ALIYU Umar SADIQ Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3061 MOSS2022000000060036 Yusuf Adamu Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3062 MOSS2022000000066939 ABUBAKAR DAN-IYA MUSA Nasarawa Obi United Kingdom
3063 MOSS2022000000068341 Josiah Arhagba Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3064 MOSS2022000000054139 UMAR ABDULLAHI MUHAMMAD Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3065 MOSS2022000000058279 DAUDA IBRAHIM Nasarawa Kokona United Kingdom
3066 MOSS2022000000071667 MOHAMMED ABDULLAHI Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3067 MOSS2022000000069149 MARY EDE YAKUBU Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3068 MOSS2022000000068523 MUHAMMAD SIRAJO Nasarawa Doma United Kingdom
3069 MOSS2022000000049440 Fauziya Muhammad Ibrahim Nasarawa Akwanga United Kingdom
3070 MOSS2022000000052362 MUSA IBRAHIM HALIRU Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3071 MOSS2022000000057790 Isaac Ovye Kuje Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3072 MOSS2022000000062125 HABILA DANLAMI Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3073 MOSS2022000000066491 Abdulkarim Musa Ahmed Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3074 MOSS2022000000074172 Bashir Arikya Adam Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3075 MOSS2022000000072601 Jamilu Ari Labaran Nasarawa Keana United Kingdom
3076 MOSS2022000000050055 Marliyya Ubam Nasarawa Karu United Kingdom
3077 MOSS2022000000063992 JOSEPH ELEOJO PETER Nasarawa Doma United Kingdom
3078 MOSS2022000000059338 Ibrahim Adamu Yunusa Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3079 MOSS2022000000051443 SHAMSUDEEN ABUBAKAR Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3080 MOSS2022000000054787 NUHU NUHU ABUBAKAR Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3081 MOSS2022000000058919 abdulmudallib dansabo danbawa Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3082 MOSS2022000000062385 Gloria Moses Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3083 MOSS2022000000075641 Victor Ovye Ekom Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3084 MOSS2022000000059229 BELLO SULEIMAN ADAMU Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3085 MOSS2022000000050591 UMAR FAROUK AHMAD Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3086 MOSS2022000000058525 Abdulrasheed Rano Ibrahim Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3087 MOSS2022000000055653 Kefas Osabo Omadefu Nasarawa Doma United Kingdom
3088 MOSS2022000000069581 SUNDAY GYAR SILAS Nasarawa Kokona United Kingdom
3089 MOSS2022000000069732 YUSUF Abdullahi AYIMA Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3090 MOSS2022000000074306 ESHI BABA INARIGU Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3091 MOSS2022000000054005 BENJAMIN MARI AYA Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3092 MOSS2022000000059449 Happiness EGYA PAUL Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3093 MOSS2022000000066995 AHMAD DOMA BALA Nasarawa Doma United Kingdom
3094 MOSS2022000000072852 Nuhu Okonu Abubakar Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3095 MOSS2022000000073020 Habiba Umar Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3096 MOSS2022000000052861 Ibrahim Hassan Nasarawa Obi United Kingdom
3097 MOSS2022000000053274 Muhammad Idris Abdullahi Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3098 MOSS2022000000069793 Livinus Loko Iwa Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3099 MOSS2022000000049097 Trust-Paul Bakyu Nasarawa Akwanga United Kingdom
3100 MOSS2022000000058831 JOY TUKURA MANASSEH Nasarawa Karu United Kingdom
3101 MOSS2022000000072997 Sulaiman Abdullahi Barau Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3102 MOSS2022000000057847 Aliyu Bori Idris Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3103 MOSS2022000000051212 USMAN BELLO MUHAMMED Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3104 MOSS2022000000051850 Jimmy Okala Jojo Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3105 MOSS2022000000053070 Jamilu Adamu Salisu Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3106 MOSS2022000000065579 Nasiru Aliyu Abubakar Nasarawa Wamba United Kingdom
3107 MOSS2022000000066407 Abubakar Abdullahi Yakubu Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3108 MOSS2022000000066415 Emmanuel Oyanki Agbadu Nasarawa Doma United Kingdom
3109 MOSS2022000000051642 Ayuba Kogo Okah Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3110 MOSS2022000000050164 Faisal Yahaya Ahmed Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3111 MOSS2022000000071111 SUNDAY OSAYI SAMUEL Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3112 MOSS2022000000073265 FADALLAH MOHAMMED SULEIMAN Nasarawa Awe United Kingdom
3113 MOSS2022000000058800 KAKA KURIYAT ISAH Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3114 MOSS2022000000064036 AISHATU ABUBAKAR ALIYU Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3115 MOSS2022000000073768 Jennifer J Philip Nasarawa Wamba United Kingdom
3116 MOSS2022000000053013 Ovye Stephen Mari Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3117 MOSS2022000000070522 Hauwa Shuaib Dalhat Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3118 MOSS2022000000066603 HELEN OBOSHISHEN PETER Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3119 MOSS2022000000064662 ADIGIDZI JUDITH Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon United Kingdom
3120 MOSS2022000000060711 Aisha Zaidu Musa Nasarawa Lafia United Kingdom
3121 MOSS2022000000055274 RAHMAT OSEZE SANI Nasarawa Toto United Kingdom
3122 MOSS2022000000065583 Joyce Elagboji Ogbole Nasarawa Keana United Kingdom
3123 MOSS2022000000070102 ABRAHAM HASHEM ABUBAKAR Nasarawa Keffi United Kingdom
3124 MOSS2022000000073798 Jamila Abubakar Ramalan Nasarawa Nasarawa United Kingdom
3125 MOSS2022000000063572 Farouk Madaki Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3126 MOSS2022000000071711 Kabir Edota Niger Bida United Kingdom
3127 MOSS2022000000054461 USMAN BARO ABDULLAHI Niger Agaie United Kingdom
3128 MOSS2022000000055549 ABDULLAHI KUSOGI ABDULLAHI Niger Mokwa United Kingdom
3129 MOSS2022000000049238 ABDULBASIT USMAN ISAH Niger Mokwa United Kingdom
3130 MOSS2022000000057364 Halima Bala Adamu Niger Kontagora United Kingdom
3131 MOSS2022000000072349 MEMUNAT OMAR Niger Bida United Kingdom
3132 MOSS2022000000051937 Nasir JIBRIL Niger Kontagora United Kingdom
3133 MOSS2022000000059346 Sarki Bazakore Niger Shiroro United Kingdom
3134 MOSS2022000000063307 RUKAYYA ABDULSALAM Niger Kontagora United Kingdom
3135 MOSS2022000000052283 Farouq Ibrahim Goni Niger Borgu United Kingdom
3136 MOSS2022000000052009 SANUSI ASKI AHMAD Niger Kontagora United Kingdom
3137 MOSS2022000000062884 Maryam Adamu Bala Niger Kontagora United Kingdom
3138 MOSS2022000000050406 Zahradeen Aliyu Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3139 MOSS2022000000049524 Adamu Tako Musa Niger Katcha United Kingdom
3140 MOSS2022000000050249 Hussaini Muhammad DANGANA Niger Bida United Kingdom
3141 MOSS2022000000058647 Hauwa Limanko Ibrahim Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3142 MOSS2022000000048943 Shadrach Shaba Gana Niger Gbako United Kingdom
3143 MOSS2022000000053659 Hussaini Danjuma Usman Niger Lapai United Kingdom
3144 MOSS2022000000070858 SADIQ GARBA JIBRIN Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3145 MOSS2022000000072603 ABUBAKAR DANASABE Niger Moya United Kingdom
3146 MOSS2022000000068251 Fatimah Babako Muhammad Niger Bida United Kingdom
3147 MOSS2022000000061226 Nafisa Ibrahim Hassan Niger Suleja United Kingdom
3148 MOSS2022000000056780 Salim Sahabi Sale Niger Rijau United Kingdom
3149 MOSS2022000000064997 YAKUBU YABAGI Niger Bida United Kingdom
3150 MOSS2022000000070824 AHMAD KANDI MUHAMMAD Niger Lapai United Kingdom
3151 MOSS2022000000055258 Yahaya Lokoja Tanko Niger Suleja United Kingdom
3152 MOSS2022000000054107 AUWAL MOHAMMED USMAN Niger Gbako United Kingdom
3153 MOSS2022000000056919 HASSANA HARUNA Niger Bida United Kingdom
3154 MOSS2022000000055600 Abubakar Mohammed Abdullahi Niger Katcha United Kingdom
3155 MOSS2022000000071546 JOSEPH MAMMAN ANDREW Niger Tafa United Kingdom
3156 MOSS2022000000052361 AMINA SHUAIBU Niger Agaie United Kingdom
3157 MOSS2022000000053973 UMAR YA’ABA ZUBAIRU Niger Lapai United Kingdom
3158 MOSS2022000000053566 Safina Abdulwahab Niger Suleja United Kingdom
3159 MOSS2022000000050791 Mustapha Muhammad Shehu Niger Bida United Kingdom
3160 MOSS2022000000049798 UMAR MUSA NDAYAKO Niger Bida United Kingdom
3161 MOSS2022000000052149 Musa Kalim Kasim Niger Bida United Kingdom
3162 MOSS2022000000067293 Gladys Yemi Zamani Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3163 MOSS2022000000060676 Abubakar Danjuma Umar Niger Bida United Kingdom
3164 MOSS2022000000064465 Yusuf Mohammed Santuraki Niger Bida United Kingdom
3165 MOSS2022000000071958 JAMALALDEEN ABDULMALIK Niger Katcha United Kingdom
3166 MOSS2022000000049827 Abdulwahab Suleiman Isah Niger Mokwa United Kingdom
3167 MOSS2022000000068896 Umar Muhammad Abubakar Niger Mokwa United Kingdom
3168 MOSS2022000000058339 Ibrahim Alhaji Abbas Niger Mariga United Kingdom
3169 MOSS2022000000062192 MUHAMMAD TAUHEED ABDULLAHI Niger Lapai United Kingdom
3170 MOSS2022000000070853 FAHD BABA ISA Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3171 MOSS2022000000050370 Muhammad Nasir Shuaibu Niger Agaie United Kingdom
3172 MOSS2022000000068053 ISAH JIBRIN Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3173 MOSS2022000000074309 MARYAM TALIAT ABUBAKAR Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3174 MOSS2022000000049703 HARUNA NMA MOHAMMED Niger Bida United Kingdom
3175 MOSS2022000000051185 Mohammed Musa Ojih Niger Bida United Kingdom
3176 MOSS2022000000064274 Abubakar Mohammed Sode Niger Katcha United Kingdom
3177 MOSS2022000000073901 Abdulmajid Baba Isah Niger Gurara United Kingdom
3178 MOSS2022000000068119 Muhammad Auna Umar Niger Magama United Kingdom
3179 MOSS2022000000074478 Abdullahi Mustapha Niger Bida United Kingdom
3180 MOSS2022000000052012 ALI ALI ISAH Niger Bida United Kingdom
3181 MOSS2022000000066927 Abdullahi Baba Yahaya Niger Lapai United Kingdom
3182 MOSS2022000000054567 Isah Mohammed Alkali Niger Bida United Kingdom
3183 MOSS2022000000057783 Muhammad Awwal Abdullahi Niger Bida United Kingdom
3184 MOSS2022000000061056 Maryam Abdulkarim Niger Mokwa United Kingdom
3185 MOSS2022000000069068 FARIDA IBRAHIM Niger Paikoro United Kingdom
3186 MOSS2022000000061750 Tabitha Dorcas Sanda Niger Paikoro United Kingdom
3187 MOSS2022000000065403 REUBEN ABEL Niger Tafa United Kingdom
3188 MOSS2022000000054186 Ahmad Shehu Mahmud Niger Bida United Kingdom
3189 MOSS2022000000063161 MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM Niger Paikoro United Kingdom
3190 MOSS2022000000061142 Hauwa Abdulrahman Niger Bida United Kingdom
3191 MOSS2022000000048783 Yusha’u Ibrahim Niger Rafi United Kingdom
3192 MOSS2022000000050715 AISHA EFUMAN AHMAD Niger Bida United Kingdom
3193 MOSS2022000000061801 SADIQ BALA Niger Suleja United Kingdom
3194 MOSS2022000000068031 Sadiq Zubairu Niger Bida United Kingdom
3195 MOSS2022000000056310 ISAH Ali AISHA Niger Bida United Kingdom
3196 MOSS2022000000065266 DAVID GODWIN BAKO Niger Tafa United Kingdom
3197 MOSS2022000000068596 Victor Ojore Dennis Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3198 MOSS2022000000066699 ALIYU ABDUL-KADIR Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3199 MOSS2022000000051528 AQIBA ABDULLAHI SANI Niger Kontagora United Kingdom
3200 MOSS2022000000050189 NURUDEEN KUTA YUNUSA Niger Shiroro United Kingdom
3201 MOSS2022000000052158 RASHIDAT Alhassan YUSUF Niger Tafa United Kingdom
3202 MOSS2022000000060026 Muhammad Bagudu Abdullahi Niger Bida United Kingdom
3203 MOSS2022000000057887 Frank Tijani Momoh Niger Bida United Kingdom
3204 MOSS2022000000063645 SHAMSUDEEN BALA ADAMU Niger Kontagora United Kingdom
3205 MOSS2022000000070966 NABIL LABBO ABUBAKAR Niger Rijau United Kingdom
3206 MOSS2022000000069427 Adamu Shehu Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3207 MOSS2022000000056500 Helen Wusa Landu Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3208 MOSS2022000000063658 lawal ibrahim Niger Suleja United Kingdom
3209 MOSS2022000000060173 Musa Edota Niger Bida United Kingdom
3210 MOSS2022000000063376 Ummuqulthum Ndatsu Usman Niger Lapai United Kingdom
3211 MOSS2022000000054061 AISHA SABO ADAMU Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3212 MOSS2022000000062091 MUJAHEED MUSA Niger Borgu United Kingdom
3213 MOSS2022000000066049 Kudu Ibn Mohammad Niger Mokwa United Kingdom
3214 MOSS2022000000074083 Fauziya Mohammed Muazu Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3215 MOSS2022000000075142 Mohammed Awwal Ndayako Niger Bida United Kingdom
3216 MOSS2022000000052803 Abdulmalik Yarima Masud Niger Bida United Kingdom
3217 MOSS2022000000055178 Musa Nuhu Aliyu Niger Bida United Kingdom
3218 MOSS2022000000049765 MOHAMMED NMAKATU UMAR Niger Bida United Kingdom
3219 MOSS2022000000050481 AHMAD ALIYU Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3220 MOSS2022000000051764 SANUSI KHALIFA FARUK Niger Bida United Kingdom
3221 MOSS2022000000072481 Uwais Mohammed Abdulrahman Niger Bida United Kingdom
3222 MOSS2022000000062153 AHMED ALHAJI LIMAN Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3223 MOSS2022000000054507 HASSAN BADEGGI MUHAMMAD Niger Katcha United Kingdom
3224 MOSS2022000000062509 Ibrahim Ahmed Niger Bida United Kingdom
3225 MOSS2022000000059447 Muhammad Saba Alhassan Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3226 MOSS2022000000070024 Mohammed Umar Tyabo Niger Mokwa United Kingdom
3227 MOSS2022000000065177 SIMI GODWIN Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3228 MOSS2022000000054499 Ezzaldeen Mohammed Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3229 MOSS2022000000048944 Abdulrahman Koloche Umar Niger Bida United Kingdom
3230 MOSS2022000000072680 Hajara Suleiman Niger Bida United Kingdom
3231 MOSS2022000000074820 Abubakar Baba Ladan Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3232 MOSS2022000000053649 SANI MOHAMMED Niger Bida United Kingdom
3233 MOSS2022000000062267 Abubakar Abdullahi Niger Agaie United Kingdom
3234 MOSS2022000000072506 Godspower Isaac Niger Agwara United Kingdom
3235 MOSS2022000000053731 Solomon Abu Mama Niger Katcha United Kingdom
3236 MOSS2022000000059029 Amina Yasmeen Usman Niger Chanchaga United Kingdom
3237 MOSS2022000000064980 Daniel Danlami Kolo Niger Lavun United Kingdom
3238 MOSS2022000000069238 UMAR SULEIMAN Niger Bida United Kingdom
3239 MOSS2022000000056693 Habiba Yusuf Mundi Niger Bida United Kingdom
3240 MOSS2022000000067197 Fatima Bint Suleiman Niger Agaie United Kingdom
3241 MOSS2022000000049698 ZAINAB OYINDAMOLA ADEBOLA ODUFUYE-SAKA Ogun Odogbolu United Kingdom
3242 MOSS2022000000061946 Oladimeji John Fatona Ogun Egbado North United Kingdom
3243 MOSS2022000000068471 Opemipo Samuel Kolawole Ogun Ijebu North United Kingdom
3244 MOSS2022000000059126 Idowu Ibukunoluwa Sekoni Ogun Abeokuta North United Kingdom
3245 MOSS2022000000068597 Taiwo Ekundayo Soewu Ogun Ijebu North United Kingdom
3246 MOSS2022000000053868 OLUWAFEMI EMMANUEL DADAH Ogun Egbado South United Kingdom
3247 MOSS2022000000065634 samuel damilare oyetunde Ogun Ifo United Kingdom
3248 MOSS2022000000057321 Oluwatobi Seun Osilaja Ogun Ijebu Ode United Kingdom
3249 MOSS2022000000071322 Ayodele Olanipekun Ogun Abeokuta North United Kingdom
3250 MOSS2022000000073070 Abubakar Abayomi Adepitan Ogun Odogbolu United Kingdom
3251 MOSS2022000000062503 Ololade Bolatito Osifala Ogun Ikenne United Kingdom
3252 MOSS2022000000063613 Lateefat Adetutu Kalejaye Ogun Shagamu United Kingdom
3253 MOSS2022000000058736 ANUOLA AYODEJI OSINAIKE Ogun Odogbolu United Kingdom
3254 MOSS2022000000075125 OLAWUNMI OMOYOSOLA ODUNIYI Ogun Ijebu North United Kingdom
3255 MOSS2022000000055185 ADESHINA OLUWATOROTI BADEJO Ogun Odogbolu United Kingdom
3256 MOSS2022000000059006 OLUWADAMILOLA TEMILOLUWA SOTOMI Ogun Obafemi Owode United Kingdom
3257 MOSS2022000000074577 Adenike Nimotallahi Adelaja Ogun Ijebu Ode United Kingdom
3258 MOSS2022000000052189 Amos Dimeji Keshinro Ogun Ado-Odo/Ota United Kingdom
3259 MOSS2022000000073737 Afolabi Olumide Oriyomi Ogun Odogbolu United Kingdom
3260 MOSS2022000000072167 Ayodeji Oladipupo Odufowokan Ogun Ijebu North East United Kingdom
3261 MOSS2022000000074642 Racheal Abiola Majekodunmi Ogun Abeokuta North United Kingdom
3262 MOSS2022000000075310 Sinmisola Ololade Oderinde Ogun Ifo United Kingdom
3263 MOSS2022000000051877 Gbenga Seveho Zangonde Ogun Ipokia United Kingdom
3264 MOSS2022000000061345 Olatunji Talabi Ogun Ijebu North United Kingdom
3265 MOSS2022000000067053 David Omotola Obe Ogun Abeokuta North United Kingdom
3266 MOSS2022000000054920 Olumide Ridwan Odusote Ogun Ijebu North United Kingdom
3267 MOSS2022000000056572 YUSUF OLUWASEGUN OGUNFOLAJI Ogun Abeokuta South United Kingdom
3268 MOSS2022000000073565 Morenikeji Grace Ayodele Ogun Ijebu North United Kingdom
3269 MOSS2022000000069370 Ruqayah Oyinlola Sansa Ogun Ijebu North United Kingdom
3270 MOSS2022000000055224 Shakiru Sunkanmi Awoniyi Ogun Abeokuta South United Kingdom
3271 MOSS2022000000057488 Ahmed Abiola Adebanjo Ogun Odogbolu United Kingdom
3272 MOSS2022000000055719 TOLULOPE WALIU OKUSELU Ogun Shagamu United Kingdom
3273 MOSS2022000000059077 Olusegun Babatunji Obadina Ogun Ijebu North East United Kingdom
3274 MOSS2022000000060984 Idris Olasupo Osunkoya Ogun Ijebu Ode United Kingdom
3275 MOSS2022000000048787 Alabi Waheed BANJOKO Ogun Ifo United Kingdom
3276 MOSS2022000000069557 Kayode Ebenezer Awonugba Ogun Ijebu North East United Kingdom
3277 MOSS2022000000065878 Jeremiah Oluwagbemiga Onabajo Ogun Shagamu United Kingdom
3278 MOSS2022000000065750 Ayodele Austin Ogunyemi Ogun Abeokuta South United Kingdom
3279 MOSS2022000000073087 Oluwadamilare Oladapo Ariyo Ogun Ijebu Ode United Kingdom
3280 MOSS2022000000054976 Tolulope Emmanuel Adeliyi Ogun Abeokuta South United Kingdom
3281 MOSS2022000000068739 Adesola Adetutu Baruwa Ogun Ijebu Ode United Kingdom
3282 MOSS2022000000061670 Sodiq Omobolaji Fakorede Ogun Egbado North United Kingdom
3283 MOSS2022000000072846 Oluwaseun Gbenga Ogunjobi Ogun Ijebu North<