Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development Programmes

PTDF Scholarship Scheme

The PTDF scholarship scheme is the fund’s flagship programme designed to meet the long term capacity building requirements of the Oil and Gas industry through research and training of Nigerians in relevant fields such as:

  • Engineering
  • Geological Sciences
  • Environmental Studies
  • Energy Studies

The Overseas Scholarship Scheme (OSS)

The OSS which is the Fund’s flagship programme, is designed to meet the long-term capacity requirements of the Oil and Gas Industry through training of young Nigerians in related fields of Engineering, Geological Sciences, Environmental and Energy Studies both at the Masters and Doctorate levels.

The expectation is that beneficiaries will fit in directly to the Petroleum Industry and/or the academia and hence contribute positively to nation building.

In the long term, this will help to meet the set targets in attainment of the Nigerian Content and also, make Nigeria the hub of Oil and Gas personnel development for the West African sub-region and the Gulf of Guinea.

The PTDF Overseas Scholarship Scheme covers payment for tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses to successful scholars who are trained at both the Masters and Doctorate levels mainly in the best ten acclaimed Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and a few Universities in North America and some other parts of Europe.

Local Scholarship Scheme (LSS)

Under the LSS, Scholarships are granted for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD studies in relevant fields in PTDF upgraded universities in Nigeria.

For the LSS, undergraduate students in PTDF upgraded Universities; Masters and PhD students seeking to study at these university.


University Lecturers Skills Enhancement Training Programme (ULSETP)

  • The ULSETP is a continuing academic Train-The-Trainer programme designed by PTDF in conjunction with Newcastle University United Kingdom, Grenoble Ecole De Management and Grenoble INP, France.
  • The primary aim of the programme is to enrich and improve the practice of teaching and research activities in core Oil and Gas and related disciplines among University lecturers.

Who qualifies to apply? Lecturers from PTDF upgraded departments in various institutions in Nigeria.

How to participate: PTDF request nomination from Universities that benefitted from PTDF upgrade project.

Industry Based Training

  • It is targeted at industry personnel in the Oil & Gas industry including staff of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources (MPR), Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Petroleum Equalization Fund (PEF), National Assembly (NASS), PENGASSAN, NUPENG and other stakeholders in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • The Training is designed to assist participants to acquire new skills and techniques to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of their jobs.

Who qualify? Senior officers and directorate cadre working in the above organizations.

Security Training in Oil & Gas

  • In order to address insecurity challenges, a special training was designed for security personnel involved in security and safety in oil and gas industry.
  • For whom? Senior officers from the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air force, Nigerian Navy, State Security Services, Nigerian Police Force, and Members of the National Assembly and other senior security personnel in Nigeria’s security community.


This is a training programme designed to address deficiency in teaching and learning sciences, technical and ICT related courses, in secondary schools and higher institutions in Nigeria. The training is designed to expose teachers/Lecturers to new techniques of teaching, learning and acquisition of ICT skills. Participants are drawn from the beneficiaries of PTDF ICT projects.


  • Welders Training and Certification Programme
  • Engineering Design Training Programme (Post-Training Attachment)
  • Software Training for Universities Lecturers
  • Underwater Welding Training (UWT) Programme
  • Drilling Engineers’ Training Programme (DETP)
  • Post-Amnesty Capacity Building Programme
  • The PTDF “Emerging Talent Science Competition”
  • Provision of Technical Books and Professional Journals for PTDF Upgraded Universities
  • Capacity building for stakeholders