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Research and Development Programmes


  • PTDF endowment was instituted in 1997 as a step-up on infrastructural upgrade projects in eight departments in eight Federal Universities Nationwide.
  • Operational guidelines include the functional supervision of two organs: National Board of Trustees (NBT) and Endowment Management Committee (EMC).
  • Upon appointment, a Chair Occupant has a tenure of three years in the first instance and another two years extension based on performance.
  • Eight Chairs were instituted under the programme


  • The first phase of the competition started in 2008 and five industry based research topics were recommended for Management approval. However, one of the topics was stepped down because of the huge financial involvement.
  • The second phase of the Annual Oil and Gas Research Grant Competition programme started in 2010 and was fully commenced through a formal award ceremony in 2011. The Research cycle had five topics approved by Management to address the needs of the industry.
  • The third phase of the programme started in 2012 and was awarded in 2013. Six research topics were recommended to Management for approval.


Technology Knowledge Sharing Programme (TKSP) was designed to generate, share, disseminate, utilize and incubate knowledge of senior and retired industry practitioners and experts with outstanding practical contributions to the energy sector in-country. It also provides a platform for the industry experts to evaluate the technical relevance of University research, the Researchers and their Research items were subjected to broad based discussion during some of the TKSP session.


  • These are publications on compendium, peer review research reports, technology knowledge sharing programme and the journal.
  • There is need to develop the platform for e-book production, management and commercialization to derive maximum benefits
  • The research results from ABU had been filed for intellectual property rights which could be commercialized for industry benefits.
  • The funds derived from research commercialization could be utilized as a revolving fund for the actual reinvestment and funding of PTDF activities on long term basis.