The PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT FUND is pleased to announce the release of the list of successful awardees for the 2020/2021 United Kingdom and Germany, France, China and Malaysia (GFCM) Strategic Partnership Scholarships (MSc/PhD).

The recipients of the award are those candidates who have presented the Fund with the highest academic qualifications, displayed exceptional potential and aptitude, and have been able to present the most convincing case for the relevance and application of their proposed study to the Nigerian Oil and gas industry.

The Induction programme will hold on Monday, August 23, 2021 at 9am virtually on Microsoft Teams. Awardees are required to register for the event using the link sent with the notification email.


S/No PIN Fullname Gender State University
1 MOSS2020000000034747 udo  kalu Male Abia Kings College London
2 MOSS2020000000017882 Ikechukwu Obiuto Ibeneme Male Abia University College London
3 MOSS2020000000039076 Ekeledirichukwu Benjamin Opoko Male Abia Cranfield University
4 MOSS2020000000009897 Godfrey Ijeomah Inyama Male Abia Heriot Watt University
5 MOSS2020000000022465 Bernard  Wilson Male Adamawa Dundee University
6 MOSS2020000000031044 Sadiq  Aliyu Male Adamawa University of Birmingham
7 MOSS2020000000030623 Sakinat Damare Abubakar Female Adamawa Imperial College London
8 MOSS2020000000038636 Itoro-Obong Eteakamba Itama Male Akwa Ibom University of Aberdeen
9 MOSS2020000000017862 Cynthia Iniobong Bassey Female Akwa Ibom University of Salford
10 MOSS2020000000037196 Deborah David Daniel Female Akwa Ibom Heriot Watt University
11 MOSS2020000000037471 Kingsley Etekamba Dan-Essien Male Akwa Ibom University of Manchester
12 MOSS2020000000022370 Karen Ifeoma Ochie Female Anambra University of Aberdeen
13 MOSS2020000000030196 Chiamaka Henrietta Jibuaku Female Anambra University of Manchester
14 MOSS2020000000033741 SOMTO EUGENE ALAKWEOJIMBA Male Anambra Robert Gordon University


15 MOSS2020000000010368 Yvonne Chioma Melifonwu Female Anambra University of Aberdeen
16 MOSS2020000000017017 AMINU BELLO LIMAN Male Bauchi University of Salford
17 MOSS2020000000033613 Ukkasha  Umar Male Bauchi Robert Gordon University
18 MOSS2020000000031656 Usman Hassan Ahmed Male Bauchi Dundee University
19 MOSS2020000000023958 Richard Imorobebh Igbiriki Male Bayelsa University of Glasgow
20 MOSS2020000000015823 Diepreye Ongokuromo Yabrifa Male Bayelsa University of Aberdeen
21 MOSS2020000000031798 Isabella Ebiye Ingibina Female Bayelsa University of Aberdeen
22 MOSS2020000000020382 INIYEMI EDMUND YIBO Male Bayelsa Imperial College London
23 MOSS2020000000015051 Tertese Samuel Moses Male Benue University of Glasgow
24 MOSS2020000000013672 Aondona Isaac Terwase Male Benue University of Manchester
25 MOSS2020000000023572 JOYCE MWUESE WADAWASINA Female Benue Dundee University
26 MOSS2020000000025191 Mohammed Bulama Korode Male Borno Imperial College London
27 MOSS2020000000008709 AL-AMIN  HABIB-ABBA-JATO Male Borno Heriot Watt University
28 MOSS2020000000031547 Usman Abubakar Adamu Male Borno University of Birmingham
29 MOSS2020000000013395 Charles Effiom Etim Male Cross River University of Manchester
30 MOSS2020000000025123 Matthew Abutunghe Abutunghe Male Cross River University of Southampton
31 MOSS2020000000032294 Usha-Osowo Aria Olo Male Cross River University of Aberdeen
32 MOSS2020000000034531 Oqua Ika Oqua Male Cross River University of Southampton
33 MOSS2020000000035741 IKEM ABDULGANIU ELUMELU Male Delta University of Manchester
34 MOSS2020000000039647 Kevin Akporode Ahwin Male Delta Kings College London


35 MOSS2020000000029217 Omogho  Jefia Female Delta Kings College London
36 MOSS2020000000018528 Paul  Akpejeluh Male Delta University of Aberdeen
37 MOSS2020000000034173 Faith Christopher Nwachi Female Ebonyi Cranfield University
38 MOSS2020000000036379 Okechukwu Elom Ajah Male Ebonyi University of Nottingham
39 MOSS2020000000009406 John Nwankwo Chijioke Male Ebonyi University of Glasgow
40 MOSS2020000000019358 Victor Osaze Francis Male Edo University of Portsmouth
41 MOSS2020000000030557 Ehikioya Monday Edokpayi Male Edo University of Salford
42 MOSS2020000000009592 Evangeline Aizenoise Diagi Female Edo Cranfield University
43 MOSS2020000000016677 Itua Blessed Iyayi Male Edo University of Portsmouth
44 MOSS2020000000014336 MOSES ADEMOLA OSHO Male Ekiti University of Nottingham
45 MOSS2020000000032205 AYOOLUWA JOSHUA FOLAYAN Male Ekiti University of Aberdeen
46 MOSS2020000000039192 Oluwaseun  Alonge Female Ekiti Heriot Watt University
47 MOSS2020000000026776 Reuben Chukwuemeka Njoku Male Enugu University of Glasgow
48 MOSS2020000000030175 Oyife Josephine Ochai Female Enugu Robert Gordon University
49 MOSS2020000000018018 Vincent Uchenna Ugwueze Male Enugu Imperial College London
50 MOSS2020000000030266 Zafirah Oyiza Sulaiman Female FCT Abuja University of Liverpool
51 MOSS2020000000009352 Ezekiel Shilatu Gwatana Male FCT Abuja University College London
52 MOSS2020000000039823 Muhammed Kabir  Bello Male FCT Abuja Robert Gordon University
53 MOSS2020000000023408 Sadiq Muhammad Safiyanu Male Gombe University of Aberdeen
54 MOSS2020000000017596 Job Sule Moses Male Gombe University of Aberdeen


55 MOSS2020000000012786 Abdullahi Jalo Muhammad Male Gombe University of Aberdeen
56 MOSS2020000000034290 Rejoice  Philip Female Imo University of Southampton
57 MOSS2020000000014369 Rhema Arinze Oputa Male Imo University of Glasgow
58 MOSS2020000000019608 Rachael Chidinma Okekwe Female Imo Dundee University
59 MOSS2020000000010846 Chiagoro Chinonyerem Ahaotu Male Imo University of Manchester
60 MOSS2020000000029415 Ahmad Bashir Ahmad Male Jigawa University of Glasgow
61 MOSS2020000000018254 Lawan Rabiu Idris Male Jigawa University of Manchester
62 MOSS2020000000026431 abdurrashid  ibrahim Male Jigawa University of Portsmouth
63 MOSS2020000000022091 Khalifa Aliyu Ibrahim Male Kaduna Cranfield University
64 MOSS2020000000011561 Ubaidullahi Munkaila Abdullahi Male Kaduna University of Liverpool
65 MOSS2020000000037270 Zainab Imam Attahiru Female Kaduna University of Birmingham
66 MOSS2020000000024482 Abubakar Shehu Gezawa Male Kano University of Salford
67 MOSS2020000000020478 Halima Abubakar Turajo Female Kano University of Manchester
68 MOSS2020000000011106 SADIQ SANI ABDULLAHI Male Kano Cranfield University
69 MOSS2020000000034057 Suleiman  Abba Male Katsina Newcastle University
70 MOSS2020000000010120 Muhammad  Usman Male Katsina Robert Gordon University
71 MOSS2020000000009023 Mohammed Babangida Ibrahim Male Katsina University of Liverpool
72 MOSS2020000000011306 Asma’u  Usman Female Katsina University of Manchester
73 MOSS2020000000012119 ahmed muhammad samir Male Kebbi Heriot Watt University
74 MOSS2020000000029999 Hauwa’u Waziri Ahmad Female Kebbi Kings College London


75 MOSS2020000000031257 AMINU  LAWAL Male Kebbi University of Liverpool
76 MOSS2020000000017497 Comfort  Salihu Female Kogi Robert Gordon University
77 MOSS2020000000014220 Ismaila  Shaibu Male Kogi University of Aberdeen
78 MOSS2020000000036368 Samuel Oluwadare Folorunsho Male Kogi University College London
79 MOSS2020000000012174 HASSAN KEHINDE TAJUDEEN Male Kwara Heriot Watt University
80 MOSS2020000000016623 Kehinde Abdulsalam Elelu Male Kwara Imperial College London
81 MOSS2020000000039022 Habeebah T. Bakare Female Kwara University of Birmingham
82 MOSS2020000000036805 Olayinka  Onaolapo Female Kwara University of Liverpool
83 MOSS2020000000023295 Mary Oluwatosin Kaka Female Lagos University of Manchester
84 MOSS2020000000024748 Tekena Emmanuel Jim-George Male Lagos University of Aberdeen
85 MOSS2020000000021818 Oluwafemi Akintunde Tytler Male Lagos University of Aberdeen
86 MOSS2020000000017708 Saratu Muhammed Wada Female Nasarawa University of Manchester
87 MOSS2020000000026887 Ernest Paul Oganji Male Nasarawa University of Manchester
88 MOSS2020000000027163 Raphael Audi Amwe Male Nasarawa University of Aberdeen
89 MOSS2020000000033635 Idris  Jibrin Male Niger University of Manchester
90 MOSS2020000000018641 Rabiu  Shehu Male Niger University of Liverpool
91 MOSS2020000000016009 Muhammad Bashir Abdullahi Male Niger Robert Gordon University
92 MOSS2020000000026714 Temitope Mariam Aareola Female Ogun Cranfield University
93 MOSS2020000000037318 Aminat Adeshola Adeyemi Female Ogun University of Glasgow
94 MOSS2020000000014078 TAOFEEK OLAJUWON TEJUOSHO Male Ogun University of Manchester


95 MOSS2020000000037125 Ayodele Adeokiji Adewale Male Ondo University of Birmingham
96 MOSS2020000000025147 Olawale Emmanuel Ojo Male Ondo University of Glasgow
97 MOSS2020000000031266 Joseph Damilola Asanbe Male Ondo Imperial College London
98 MOSS2020000000031613 Akindele Babatunde Omotesho Male Ondo Robert Gordon University
99 MOSS2020000000013109 Adetomiwa Adesiyan Aderemi Male Osun Heriot Watt University
100 MOSS2020000000033337 OLUWASEGUN ABIOYE AJAGBE Male Osun Cranfield University
101 MOSS2020000000025738 Titus Oluwaferanmi Olowu Male Osun University of Birmingham
102 MOSS2020000000034313 Daniel Dolapo Olugbemi Male Oyo University of Southampton
103 MOSS2020000000031762 Daniel Adeshina Gbadebo Male Oyo Imperial College London
104 MOSS2020000000021563 Harry Olalekan Thomas Male Oyo University of Glasgow
105 MOSS2020000000036716 Olaoluwakitan Oluwaseun Egbon Female Oyo University of Southampton
106 MOSS2020000000017824 Regina Ayitat Amapwan Female Plateau Kings College London
107 MOSS2020000000032065 Mariam Kaka Nuhu Female Plateau University of Glasgow
108 MOSS2020000000018609 Sunday Izang Luka Male Plateau University of Glasgow
109 MOSS2020000000016239 Roselyn Adakwu Edema Female Rivers University of Liverpool
110 MOSS2020000000033666 Cynthia Umaniniye Amakiri Female Rivers University of Birmingham
111 MOSS2020000000031785 Miebaka Glory Worika Male Rivers Imperial College London
112 MOSS2020000000016655 Ibinabo Tonte Bille Male Rivers University of Manchester
113 MOSS2020000000032630 Abdulrahman Muhammad Hussaini Male Sokoto Imperial College London
114 MOSS2020000000033846 Safiyya Liman Bello Female Sokoto University of Birmingham


115 MOSS2020000000021819 Ahmad Oroji Muhammad Female Sokoto Kings College London
116 MOSS2020000000009523 Mohammed Kudu Omar Male Taraba University of Manchester
117 MOSS2020000000030976 Sadiq Alhassan Zaku Male Taraba University of Glasgow
118 MOSS2020000000013862 umar Abubakar Ibrahim Male Taraba Imperial College London
119 MOSS2020000000032419 zaid  muhammad Male Yobe University of Salford
120 MOSS2020000000008734 Fatsuma  Yusuf Mamman Female Yobe University of Glasgow
121 MOSS2020000000009504 Alfaki Abubakar Lamba Male Yobe University of Aberdeen
122 MOSS2020000000028341 Abdulrahman Gwaggo Ibrahim Male Zamfara University of Manchester
123 MOSS2020000000013151 Salim  Mudi Male Zamfara Kings College London
124 MOSS2020000000021173 Zainab  Danbuba Female Zamfara University of Birmingham
S/No PIN Fullname Gender State Partnership
1 MOSS2020000000038221 Chukwuma Franklin OFOEGBU Male Abia GFCM
2 MOSS2020000000011827 Kingsley Onuigbo Stephen Male Abia GFCM
3 MOSS2020000000037743 Samuel Chimnomso Ndukwe Male Abia GFCM
4 MOSS2020000000009247 Hanifa Yusuf Aliyu Male Adamawa GFCM
5 MOSS2020000000025362 Pwafureino Reuel Moses Female Adamawa GFCM
6 MOSS2020000000018510 Jesse  Yusufu Male Adamawa GFCM
7 MOSS2020000000014978 Ndienye Joe Ekaette Male Akwa Ibom GFCM


8 MOSS2020000000015885 Nsikak Ime Akpan Male Akwa Ibom GFCM
9 MOSS2020000000035272 Marylyn Okon Essang Female Akwa Ibom GFCM
10 MOSS2020000000009047 Ikenna Cornelius Okeke Male Anambra GFCM
11 MOSS2020000000018073 Obianuju Justina Udeze Female Anambra GFCM
12 MOSS2020000000015218 Vivian Chiamaka Iloka Female Anambra GFCM
14 MOSS2020000000038200 Fatima Ardo Musa Female Bauchi GFCM
15 MOSS2020000000029307 Yusuf  Aliyu Male Bauchi GFCM
16 MOSS2020000000037398 Tamaratombra  Aremieye Male Bayelsa GFCM
17 MOSS2020000000009792 NYALUAZIBA JOSHUA ETASI Male Bayelsa GFCM
18 MOSS2020000000014591 Wodidei  Ogbise Male Bayelsa GFCM
19 MOSS2020000000025480 Martina Omada Onuche Female Benue GFCM
20 MOSS2020000000017675 Raphael Abba Ekwo Male Benue GFCM
21 MOSS2020000000016716 Genesis Abah Agbo Male Benue GFCM
22 MOSS2020000000021283 Mohammed Bashir Shettima Male Borno GFCM
23 MOSS2020000000037116 Mustapha Modu Bulama Male Borno GFCM
24 MOSS2020000000018781 NUHU  BELLO Male Borno GFCM
25 MOSS2020000000024317 PATIENCE HILLARY OGBU Female Cross River GFCM
26 MOSS2020000000027146 VICTORIA ABEYI ODEY Female Cross River GFCM
27 MOSS2020000000025569 Wilson Lawrence Ezama Male Cross River GFCM


28 MOSS2020000000020505 Akpesiri Enoch Eghwubare Male Delta GFCM
29 MOSS2020000000008356 Emuobosa Patience Ojoboh Female Delta GFCM
30 MOSS2020000000019917 Onajite Reuben Otokpen Male Delta GFCM
31 MOSS2020000000029774 Odiobimma Happiness Iloba Female Delta GFCM
32 MOSS2020000000017840 Chukwuka Humphery Onuh Male Ebonyi GFCM
33 MOSS2020000000022401 Kelechi Andrew Agwu Male Ebonyi GFCM
34 MOSS2020000000012250 NNAMDI OGBONNAYA ODII Male Ebonyi GFCM
35 MOSS2020000000019063 JOHN  DAMISA Male Edo GFCM
36 MOSS2020000000021715 Nosawema Nelson Osagiede Male Edo GFCM
37 MOSS2020000000018713 Tobias Osemegbe Odion Male Edo GFCM
38 MOSS2020000000024970 Iyanuoluwa Olasunkanmi Filani Male Ekiti GFCM
39 MOSS2020000000013139 Oluseyi Stephen Adedara Male Ekiti GFCM
40 MOSS2020000000010584 Oluwatosin Ibukunoluwa Fasanmi Male Ekiti GFCM
41 MOSS2020000000022479 Donald Chimobi Nwonu Male Enugu GFCM
42 MOSS2020000000022935 Arinze Franklin Ekwueme Male Enugu GFCM
43 MOSS2020000000013319 Chijioke Raphael Alimba Male Enugu GFCM
44 MOSS2020000000018324 Bashir Irimiya Umar Male FCT Abuja GFCM
45 MOSS2020000000025979 AISHA ONYINOYI ABBAS Female FCT Abuja GFCM
46 MOSS2020000000011538 Blessing Yechenu Tukura Female FCT Abuja GFCM
47 MOSS2020000000027052 Muhammad Bello Umar Male Gombe GFCM


48 MOSS2020000000017377 Abubakar Gombe Adamu Male Gombe GFCM
49 MOSS2020000000023645 Abubakar Elnafaty Umar Male Gombe GFCM
50 MOSS2020000000037829 Ikenna Emmanuel Abara Male Imo GFCM
51 MOSS2020000000013212 CYNTHIA CHIAMAKA EZEH Female Imo GFCM
52 MOSS2020000000015553 Akachukwu Benjamin Ajulibe Male Imo GFCM
53 MOSS2020000000017827 Abubakar Haruna Muhammad Male Jigawa GFCM
54 MOSS2020000000012292 Usman Musa Nuhu Male Jigawa GFCM
55 MOSS2020000000030144 AMINU  UBA Male Jigawa GFCM
56 MOSS2020000000013864 Bodam Nibang Jerry Male Kaduna GFCM
57 MOSS2020000000011993 Victor Viayilo Habila Male Kaduna GFCM
58 MOSS2020000000008501 Amina Chat Sambo Female Kaduna GFCM
59 MOSS2020000000028033 Hassan Salisu Mohammed Male Kano GFCM
60 MOSS2020000000021670 Hashim Muhammad Ismail Male Kano GFCM
61 MOSS2020000000013594 Yunusa Hamdanu Sani Male Kano GFCM
62 MOSS2020000000013863 Usman Kankara Musa Male Katsina GFCM
63 MOSS2020000000025909 Anas Abubakar Ibrahim Male Katsina GFCM
64 MOSS2020000000011119 Aliyu Garba Muhammad Male Katsina GFCM
65 MOSS2020000000017884 ABUBAKAR MUHAMMED MUKTAR Male Kebbi GFCM
66 MOSS2020000000023494 Lukman  Abubakar Male Kebbi GFCM
67 MOSS2020000000014307 Mansur  Ahmed Male Kebbi GFCM


68 MOSS2020000000008313 Mohammed-Kabiru Atodo Adamu Male Kogi GFCM
69 MOSS2020000000017351 Abdulnafiu Ozovehe Usman Male Kogi GFCM
70 MOSS2020000000028502 Peace Ojochenemi Ayegba Female Kogi GFCM
71 MOSS2020000000030064 Mustafa Ayobami Raji Male Kwara GFCM
72 MOSS2020000000035810 Shola Alabi Olayemi Male Kwara GFCM
73 MOSS2020000000011331 Monsurat Abike Adetoro Female Kwara GFCM
74 MOSS2020000000016587 Opeyemi Praise Sunmola Male Lagos GFCM
75 MOSS2020000000021303 Edward Adeoti Williams Male Lagos GFCM
76 MOSS2020000000018795 Mayowa Olubukola Kolawole Female Lagos GFCM
77 MOSS2020000000018983 Evangel  Solomon Male Nasarawa GFCM
78 MOSS2020000000015468 Yusuf Eshimutu Abu Male Nasarawa GFCM
79 MOSS2020000000008769 SALVATION MOSES OMALIGBA Male Nasarawa GFCM
80 MOSS2020000000029923 Joy Agyuanom Waziri Female Niger GFCM
81 MOSS2020000000023123 Rajab Mohammed Imam Male Niger GFCM
82 MOSS2020000000016634 Umar  Alfa Male Niger GFCM
83 MOSS2020000000016063 Kehinde Samson Tozunku Male Ogun GFCM
84 MOSS2020000000017156 Oluwatimilehin Mary Akindele Female Ogun GFCM
85 MOSS2020000000011951 Abdulkazeem Omotuyole Awomosu Male Ogun GFCM
86 MOSS2020000000025157 Adebola Cynthia Owolabi Female Ondo GFCM
87 MOSS2020000000011352 Temisan Olufemi Dipo-Salami Female Ondo GFCM


88 MOSS2020000000024852 Olukunle Rich Stevens Male Ondo GFCM
89 MOSS2020000000014323 Ridwan Ayodeji Busari Male Osun GFCM
90 MOSS2020000000039083 Israel Babakunle Babakunle Babalola Male Osun GFCM
91 MOSS2020000000019003 Fisayo Gabriel Agboola Male Osun GFCM
92 MOSS2020000000015986 IFE OLALEKAN EBO Male Oyo GFCM
93 MOSS2020000000024785 Adetoye Henry Adekoya Male Oyo GFCM
94 MOSS2020000000020501 Timileyin Mujib Oyinkanola Male Oyo GFCM
95 MOSS2020000000009777 Benjamin  Danladi Male Plateau GFCM
96 MOSS2020000000016553 Amalai Rham Machunga Male Plateau GFCM
97 MOSS2020000000020629 YILSHANG YAKUBU DIMKA Male Plateau GFCM
98 MOSS2020000000013231 Tamunodiyepiriye Moses Bestman Male Rivers GFCM
99 MOSS2020000000015829 Marvelous Danagogo Bestmann Male Rivers GFCM
100 MOSS2020000000031813 Amy Tamunoibinyemiem Banigo Female Rivers GFCM
101 MOSS2020000000036489 IBRAHIM  DAHIRU Male Sokoto GFCM
102 MOSS2020000000028686 Asmau  Aminu Female Sokoto GFCM
103 MOSS2020000000009115 Abdulrahman Sidi Haliru Male Sokoto GFCM
104 MOSS2020000000026985 MAS’UDU  BAKARI Male Taraba GFCM
105 MOSS2020000000030693 Emono Dankano Nehemiah Male Taraba GFCM
106 MOSS2020000000015752 Omega Enoch Hikon Male Taraba GFCM
107 MOSS2020000000031777 Maryam Suleiman Abdullahi Female Taraba GFCM


108 MOSS2020000000014554 Abdullahi Isa  Ahmed Male Yobe GFCM
109 MOSS2020000000018665 SALEH UMAR JAWA Male Yobe GFCM
110 MOSS2020000000015627 Zanna  Ali Male Yobe GFCM
111 MOSS2020000000008854 Usman Lawal Lala Male Zamfara GFCM
112 MOSS2020000000013205 Najib Abdullahi Yusuf Male Zamfara GFCM
113 MOSS2020000000009961 rashida bello anka Female Zamfara GFCM
S/No PIN Fullname Gender State University
1 POSS2020000000037505 Franklin Obioha Okoro Male Abia University of Aberdeen
2 POSS2020000000025841 Ezinne Callista Chukwu Female Abia University of Manchester
3 POSS2020000000024031 Precious Onyinyechi Odika Female Abia University of Portsmouth
4 POSS2020000000029361 Amina  Aminu Female Adamawa Kings College London
5 POSS2020000000038627 Deborah  Mathias Female Adamawa Newcastle University
6 POSS2020000000037392 Miriam  Watafua Female Adamawa University of Glasgow
7 POSS2020000000036623 Anietie James Itoro Male Akwa Ibom University of Manchester
8 POSS2020000000021998 UBONG AKPAN ESSIEN Male Akwa Ibom Newcastle University
9 POSS2020000000033653 OKECHUKWU EMMANUEL ACHUKWU Male Anambra Newcastle University
10 POSS2020000000009851 Onyeka Stanislaus Okwundu Male Anambra University College London
11 POSS2020000000014483 IBRAHIM  MOHAMMED Male Bauchi Kings College London
12 POSS2020000000018505 Muhammad Tukur  Hamisu Male Bauchi University of Manchester


13 POSS2020000000016344 AKPOEBI DAVID AKPULUMA Male Bayelsa University of Manchester
14 POSS2020000000020063 Okelani  Aworabhi Female Bayelsa Cranfield University
15 POSS2020000000031808 Esther AMANOSI NYEBE Female Benue Dundee University
16 POSS2020000000018568 Friday Junior Owuna Male Benue University of Manchester
17 POSS2020000000013027 Paul Inuwa Adamu Male Borno Dundee University
18 POSS2020000000032311 Idris Dala Bukar Male Borno Imperial College London
19 POSS2020000000021414 GRACE ESU-EJEMOT AQUAH Female Cross River University of Strathclyde
20 POSS2020000000035872 AGNES AKPOJO ANUKA Female Cross River University of Manchester
21 POSS2020000000015107 Henry Ebele Obanya Male Delta Kings College London
22 POSS2020000000032984 Florence Dennis Uzuh Female Delta University of Glasgow
23 POSS2020000000029743 STEPHEN AROH AJAH Male Ebonyi University of Aberdeen
24 POSS2020000000037732 Jude Uchenna Igweajah Male Ebonyi University of Manchester
25 POSS2020000000017506 Isah Abdulrasheed Jimoh Male Edo University of Strathclyde
26 POSS2020000000023118 Iribhogbe Silas Aire Male Edo Heriot Watt University
27 POSS2020000000039599 IWINOSA OSARUGUE AGHEDO Female Edo Newcastle University
28 POSS2020000000036739 Ademola Emmanuel Anigilaje Male Ekiti University of Salford
29 POSS2020000000031702 Olubunmi Evelyn Ajayi Female Ekiti Kings College London
30 POSS2020000000016924 Augustine Okechukwu Chukwuemeka Male Enugu University of Aberdeen
31 POSS2020000000022684 Nnamdi Christian Okey Male Enugu University of Glasgow
32 POSS2020000000029914 Amina Umar Shehu Female FCT Abuja University of Nottingham


33 POSS2020000000034420 Mahmud  Sulugambari Male FCT Abuja Dundee University
34 POSS2020000000018032 Muhammad Muhammad Tukur Male Gombe Robert Gordon University
35 POSS2020000000016636 Usman  Abdulkadir Male Gombe University of Aberdeen
36 POSS2020000000025929 GERALD KELECHI EKECHUKWU Male Imo Imperial College London
37 POSS2020000000012180 Briggs Martins Onyinyechukwu Ogunedo Male Imo Cranfield University
38 POSS2020000000024824 Zahraddeen  Musa Male Jigawa University of Aberdeen
39 POSS2020000000028090 ADAMU ADAMU HABU Male Jigawa University of Glasgow
40 POSS2020000000025195 Abraham  Barde Male Kaduna Cranfield University
41 POSS2020000000013515 Umar Sanusi Umar Male Kaduna Cranfield University
42 POSS2020000000013375 Salim Idris Malami Male Kano Heriot Watt University
43 POSS2020000000034687 Faisal Bala Sani Male Kano University of Manchester
44 POSS2020000000030912 Suraiya Mansur Mohammed Female Kano University of Salford
45 POSS2020000000013430 Shamsuddeen Bello Umar Male Katsina Newcastle University
46 POSS2020000000031446 Sahalu  Hassan Male Katsina University of Glasgow
47 POSS2020000000033919 BABANGIDA  ABDULLAHI Male Kebbi University of Aberdeen
48 POSS2020000000038531 Abubakar Bagudo Muhammad Male Kebbi University of Aberdeen
49 POSS2020000000032551 Abdulmutalib  Yussuff Male Kogi Imperial College London
50 POSS2020000000034572 Esther Ojima Yusuf Female Kogi Robert Gordon University
51 POSS2020000000035123 Rukayat Oyiza Salawu Female Kogi University of Nottingham
52 POSS2020000000036332 Faisal Adebayo Hameed Male Kwara Imperial College London


53 POSS2020000000021356 Ahmed Danladi Abdullahi Male Kwara University of Salford
54 POSS2020000000015865 Ibrahim Tinni Tahiru Male Lagos University of Manchester
55 POSS2020000000025484 CLETUS JOHN AKISIN Male Lagos University of Nottingham
56 POSS2020000000032646 FATIMA ZAHRA HALIRU Female Nasarawa University of Aberdeen
57 POSS2020000000039419 Abdussamad Musa Abdullahi Male Nasarawa Robert Gordon University
58 POSS2020000000039254 Tanko Yahaya Mohammed Male Niger University of Birmingham
59 POSS2020000000020037 FIDELIS JONAH USMAN Male Niger Cranfield University
60 POSS2020000000009313 Anuoluwapo Samuel TAIWO Male Ogun Cranfield University
61 POSS2020000000038037 Daniel Olushola Davids Male Ogun Heriot Watt University
62 POSS2020000000039265 Abimbola Oluwatayo Orisawayi Male Ondo Cranfield University
63 POSS2020000000020436 Abisoye Olaniran Abidakun Male Ondo University of Aberdeen
64 POSS2020000000033382 Adelani Adekeye Oyeniran Male Osun Cranfield University
65 POSS2020000000035504 Adewunmi Oluwaseun Abdul Female Osun University of Aberdeen
66 POSS2020000000013327 Omololu Oluwatobiloba Fagbiele Female Osun Robert Gordon University
67 POSS2020000000015130 Oyedotun Emmanuel Oyewole Male Oyo University of Strathclyde
68 POSS2020000000027753 Ademola Isaac Adebimpe Male Oyo Imperial College London
69 POSS2020000000011240 Yakubu Salihu Yakubu Male Plateau University of Glasgow
70 POSS2020000000029510 Keziah Dachung Magit Female Plateau University of Manchester
71 POSS2020000000021493 Gospel Ezekiel Stewart Male Rivers Robert Gordon University
72 POSS2020000000033243 Ugwunna Dickson Amadi Male Rivers University of Salford


73 POSS2020000000018271 Abdullahi Muhammad Labbo Male Sokoto University of Nottingham
74 POSS2020000000011444 Nafisa  Bello Female Sokoto University of Manchester
75 POSS2020000000025555 Ibrahim  Abdullahi Male Taraba Cranfield University
76 POSS2020000000009717 Yakubu Yakmut Saleh Male Taraba University of Strathclyde
77 POSS2020000000020778 Ibrahim  Lawan Male Yobe Heriot Watt University
78 POSS2020000000028242 Dauda  Abdullahi Male Yobe Kings College London
79 POSS2020000000035987 BILKISU IBRAHIM JIBRIN Female Zamfara University College London
80 POSS2020000000030605 Faruk Tukur Faru Male Zamfara University of Nottingham
80 POSS2020000000013327 Omololu Oluwatobiloba Fagbiele Female Osun Robert Gordon University
S/No PIN Fullname Gender State Partnership
1 POSS2020000000013811 Ukachi Oluwaseun Osisiogu Male Abia GFCM
2 POSS2020000000021461 Emmanuel Uchenna Ekwueme Male Abia GFCM
3 POSS2020000000028780 Emmanuel  Bala Male Adamawa GFCM
4 POSS2020000000015040 Changlia Hassan Salihu Female Adamawa GFCM
5 POSS2020000000015663 Emmanuel Essiet Peter Male Akwa Ibom GFCM
6 POSS2020000000027044 Victor Francis Ekpo Male Akwa Ibom GFCM
7 POSS2020000000012154 ECHEZONA NNAEMEKA OBIKA Male Anambra GFCM
8 POSS2020000000027266 Anita Chidera Ezeagba Female Anambra GFCM


10 POSS2020000000013773 KHUZAIFA YAHUZA MUHAMMAD Male Bauchi GFCM
11 POSS2020000000024013 Joseph Oyinbrakemi Tate Male Bayelsa GFCM
12 POSS2020000000017153 Erepamo Job Omietimi Male Bayelsa GFCM
13 POSS2020000000018776 Hemen Emmanuel JIJINGI Male Benue GFCM
14 POSS2020000000017590 Ote  Amuta Male Benue GFCM
15 POSS2020000000016379 Ibrahim Ali Kachalla Male Borno GFCM
16 POSS2020000000011026 Musa Mohammed Gujja Male Borno GFCM
17 POSS2020000000036468 Emmanuel Asu BISONG Male Cross River GFCM
18 POSS2020000000037439 BETIANABE PETER ANYIN Male Cross River GFCM
19 POSS2020000000019677 KEVWE ANDREW Ejenakevwe Male Delta GFCM
21 POSS2020000000019245 Christian Obinna Oko Male Ebonyi GFCM
22 POSS2020000000011034 CHUKWUEMEKA DAVISON NWITE Male Ebonyi GFCM
23 POSS2020000000015243 Happiness  Imuetinyan Male Edo GFCM
24 POSS2020000000012981 Nurudeen Onomhoale Ahmed Male Edo GFCM
25 POSS2020000000030063 Temitope Emmanuel Dada Male Ekiti GFCM
26 POSS2020000000011269 Abayomi Peter Owoeye Male Ekiti GFCM
27 POSS2020000000015026 Jude Emeka Odo Male Enugu GFCM
28 POSS2020000000037017 Christopher Okechukwu Ndukwe Male Enugu GFCM
29 POSS2020000000021536 ILIYASU TENUHA Suleiman Male FCT Abuja GFCM


30 POSS2020000000026098 Zainab Ahuoyiza Shuaibu Female FCT Abuja GFCM
31 POSS2020000000011341 MUHAMMAD SANI YAHYA Male Gombe GFCM
32 POSS2020000000031543 Nuraini  Abdulganiyyi Male Gombe GFCM
33 POSS2020000000022902 HENRY CHIMA UKWUOMA Male Imo GFCM
34 POSS2020000000028108 anuforo chinemezu anuforo Male Imo GFCM
35 POSS2020000000017492 Usman Rabiu Isah Male Jigawa GFCM
36 POSS2020000000015332 Yau Alhaji Samaila Male Jigawa GFCM
37 POSS2020000000010232 Salisu Ibrahim Yusuf Male Kaduna GFCM
38 POSS2020000000014959 TUKUR MUHAMMAD BAYERO Male Kaduna GFCM
39 POSS2020000000027140 AMINU  TIJJANI Male Kano GFCM
40 POSS2020000000022715 ABBA  IBRAHIM Male Kano GFCM
41 POSS2020000000018289 USMAN ABDUL GIMBA Male Katsina GFCM
42 POSS2020000000008800 Aliyu  Salisu Male Katsina GFCM
43 POSS2020000000028999 Bashar Haruna Gulumbe Male Kebbi GFCM
44 POSS2020000000012730 Dalhatu  Muhammed Male Kebbi GFCM
45 POSS2020000000020754 Olugbenga  Ayeni Male Kogi GFCM
47 POSS2020000000014112 MUAZU DANTALA ZAKARI Male Kwara GFCM
48 POSS2020000000037601 Aminu  Muhammed Male Kwara GFCM
49 POSS2020000000035621 Opeyemi Lukuman Fadipe Male Lagos GFCM


50 POSS2020000000010617 Kazeem Olabisi Odesanya Male Lagos GFCM
51 POSS2020000000012719 Abdulkadir  Dauda Male Nasarawa GFCM
52 POSS2020000000016811 BASHIR MIKAIL USMAN Male Nasarawa GFCM
53 POSS2020000000008794 ISIAKA  SHUAIBU Male Niger GFCM
54 POSS2020000000015466 ALIYU  MUSTAPHA Male Niger GFCM
56 POSS2020000000016429 Abiola Usman Adebanjo Male Ogun GFCM
59 POSS2020000000031676 Jeleel Alao Oladapo Male Osun GFCM
60 POSS2020000000012809 Yusuf Olanrewaju Abdulsalam Male Osun GFCM
61 POSS2020000000015853 Habeeb Bolaji ADEDAYO Male Oyo GFCM
62 POSS2020000000027096 Oluwayomi Joel Oyejide Male Oyo GFCM
63 POSS2020000000023196 Song Shombot Emmanuel Male Plateau GFCM
64 POSS2020000000026521 NANBOL KEZA BONGDAP Male Plateau GFCM
65 POSS2020000000013219 Buduka  Stanley Male Rivers GFCM
66 POSS2020000000022445 AZUBUIKE HOPE AMADI Male Rivers GFCM
67 POSS2020000000038566 Abdulhakeem  Abdulazeez Male Sokoto GFCM
68 POSS2020000000013723 Mustapha  Suleiman Male Sokoto GFCM
69 POSS2020000000009144 Adamu Ibrahim Tafida Male Taraba GFCM


70 POSS2020000000013652 Abdul Alim Gambo Ibrahim Male Taraba GFCM
71 POSS2020000000016062 Kachallah Alhaji Kau Male Yobe GFCM
72 POSS2020000000013876 Adamu Aliyu Bagare Male Yobe GFCM
73 POSS2020000000018123 Rilwan  Abdullahi Male Zamfara GFCM
74 POSS2020000000017397 Yahaya  Nasiru Male Zamfara GFCM