The Acting Executive Secretary, Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Ahmed Galadima Aminu, visited the site of the on-going development of the National Institute for Petroleum Policy and Strategy, in Kaduna by the Fund to assess the progress of execution of the various components of the project. While expressing satisfaction with the quality of work done so far by the contractors, the Acting Executive affirmed that PTDF is building an oil and gas training facility that the industry will be proud of and celebrate. “It’s a great work that has been done by PTDF and it is only for us to now just complete it and make it functional for the purpose it was established in the first place. The mission of the Fund is to develop this place as a Centre of Excellence for the training of high level manpower for the oil and gas industry. I am happy to observe that the development of the facility has advanced- almost 80% completed. With adequate funding in the next two to three months, we will have something happening here for the whole oil and gas industry to celebrate”.

Although the ultimate objective is to use the facility as a platform for the domestication of some of the training programmes being conducted abroad by PTDF, the Fund intends to immediately commence short training programmes for oil and gas top managers as well as graduate training programmes. “The Centre is supposed to serve as the platform for us to domesticate some of the trainings that we do, we will also do short training programmes and graduate training programmes. We hope to start one or two of such training programmes here before we now fully commence the domestication of the trainings that we do”.

Nestled in the 95 hectares of land is a panorama of well developed structures incorporating academic buildings, ancillary support service buildings, hostels and staff buildings. The Acting Executive Secretary of PTDF was accompanied on the inspection visit by a representative of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). According to the Acting PTDF Boss, the presence of NNPC is indicative of the long standing relationship between the Fund and the National Oil Company.

“We have been in the same business together, we train, we build skills for them, so we are just here together with NNPC to collaborate and see how we can make better use of the facilities we have put in place here. Also NNPC works directly with international oil companies and we need them to absorb our skills, do trainings for them. So NNPC coming here is a step in the right direction. Its all in our effort to make this place a centre of learning for senior technical and management cadre manpower for the oil and gas industry, not only for Nigeria but for the entire gulf of Guinea” .

There are altogether 58 components of the NIPPS project. The academic structures include a Technology Development Wing, a Management Wing, Staff School, Hostel, an International Conference Centre incorporating a 200 bed hotel, an Administrative Block, Library, Auditorium, Maintenance Wing, Clinic, Shopping Arcade, Chapel and Mosque.

Kalu Otisi Esq.

Head, Press and External Relations

September 26, 2016