The Chairman Ministerial Committee of the Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Programme (NGFCP), Mr Gbite E. Adeniji and other members of the committee paid a courtesy call to the Petroleum Technology Development Fund(PTDF) to present the framework of the Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Programme and also find common areas for possible collaboration on the project.

The Executive Secretary PTDF, Dr Bello Aliyu Gusau while receiving the team explained that the programme is an enormously important initiative not just for the improvement of the Gas Flare but also for the Nation’s economy especially in the hydrocarbon exploration value chain.

He expressed the Fund’s readiness to partner with the NGFCP especially in the areas of capacity development in ensuring that the Federal Government’s effort to reduce gas flaring by harnessing flare gas to stimulate economic growth, drive investment and provide jobs through innovative technologies is achieved.

I am one of those people who do believe that the future of the Nigerian economy lies on gas mainly due to the fact that, the more activities that is generated in the mid and the downstream, the more value that will be created. not just for gas flare out or the environment but for the future of Nigeria economy. The fact of the matter is that some level of complexity is inevitable in a programme of this nature which means you have to create the kind of competences that will be required first to manage this programme over the short term and the mid-term but more importantly to create the competences and the skills that are required to sustain this programme over a period of time”.

He further emphasized the PTDF’s commitment towards developing Technology in the gas which led to the establishment of the Gas Technology Development division under the Nigerian Content and Industry Collaboration Department of the Fund and so far, they have been having consultative forums and collaborations with stakeholders in the sector.

The Chairman of the committee, Mr Gbite E. Adeniji said the NGFCP has set a national flare out target which is to eliminate gas flaring by year 2020 through the engagement of a technically and commercially sustainable gas utilization projects developed by third party investors.

Describing Nigeria as one of the largest gas flaring country in the world, Mr Gbite explained that, the committee has identified 179 flare points, flaring 1.01b cubic of gas per day which if so harnessed, could provide 450,000 MT of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for over 4 million Nigerian household. He further pointed out that of these flare sites, 65% of the flare points are onshore whilst 20 of the 89 onshore sites are large enough to independently sustain a M50MW gas turbine.

Soliciting the collaboration of PTDF, Mr Gbite asked the Fund to among others, support in training matters connected with gas value chain, facilitate research towards development of home grown gas value chain technology and assist in developing indigenous manpower and technology acquisition on gas flare reduction projects.

He also thanked the Executive Secretary, PTDF for making available its meeting rooms and halls for the trainings that have been conducted in the premises.