AREA Who Benefits
1.         Integrated Reservoir Characterization  -Geology;


-Mechanical Eng. (Flow/Dynamics);



-Model Nigerian Oilfield

-Training Specialists

2.         Reservoir well Integration  -More Engineering -Higher Oil Recovery (Ex. Marginal Field)
3.         Oil and Gas Exploration  -Geophysics and Geologists -New seismic  Technologyfor new oil & Gas Discovery
4.         Chemical for Upstream Oil Industry  -Chemists


-Metallurgy Eng.

– Chemical Engineering

– Evaluation, developing and selection of chemicals solutions for oil upstream industry

– Alternative and selection of local and environmental friendly materials

5.         Numerical Methods Simulation  -More Civil and Mechanical Eng. -Stability of Platform and Cost reduction
6.         Process Automation  -Electronic/computer/mechatronics and mathematics – Automation
7.         Power system Automation  -Electronic/computer/mechatronics and mathematics -Power Integration
8.         Optimization and Logistics  -ProductionEngand Economics -Improved Productivity
9.         Reservoir Simulation  -More Reservoir Engineering / Computer – To select better recovery strategies

– better well location

10.      ROV  -More Engineering -Reliability
11.      Mineral and Petroleum Economics  -Economics / ProductionEng – Support to Public Policy

– Decision Making

12.      Renewable Energy(PTDF)  To be fulfilled by PTDF To be fulfilled by PTDF