The new Commandant of the Airforce Institute of Technology, AFIT, Kaduna, Air Vice Marshal Olabisi Olayinka has commended the management of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) for its efforts at promoting technology through its capacity building programmes.

Air vice Marshal Olayinka who assumed duty as the 9th commandant of the Institute on the 1st of January, 2020 said inadequate capacity amongst Nigerians has resulted in gross inefficiencies in power generation, aerospace maintenance and other technological advancements.

“I want to commend the efforts of the PTDF in capacity building and promoting technological advancement in Nigeria. Even before coming here a number of our officers I know have benefited from sponsorship granted by PTDF. If we look at it today capacity building is a major project that has to be tackled frontally because lack of technological advancement remains the bane of our development in this country. Why our refineries are not working, why is there no stable power supply in the country, why our airplanes are grossly underutilized, it is because of lack of capacity. So, I want to commend the effort of this organization, you are doing a lot to promote technological advancement in Nigeria”.

He said with the upgrade of the AFIT to a degree awarding institute, it will require the relevant manpower and faculty to deliver training in its area of specialization which is aerospace and aeronological engineering. He therefore wants PTDF to extend its training programmes to providing the relevant manpower required by the institute.

Congratulating Air Vice Marshall Olayinka Olabisi on his new appointment, Executive Secretary, PTDF, Dr Bello Aliyu Gusau, said the Fund has a subsisting relationship with Airforce Institute of Technology in the area of manpower development which has been formulated into a Memorandum of Understanding.

He promised that with the implementation of the terms of the MoU, PTDF’ s contributions to the Institute will began to manifest especially in ensuring that AFIT meets up with the National University Commission’s requirement for full accreditation of its degree programmes. “we understands the important national responsibility that has been assigned to you and we will take that into consideration in everything we do, having said that I can give you this undertaking that we are going to ensure that our relationship is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding and we will do our possible best to push this process forward