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Nigerian Content Department

The Nigerian Content Department is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that Government meets its Nigerian Content Policy objectives within defined timelines, through the implementation of short-term interventions as necessitated by the Skills Gap Audit conducted in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. The department is involved in intervention programmes aimed at building human and institutional capacities in areas such as welding, fabrication, oil drilling, exploration, refining and distribution.

Finance and Accounts Department

The Finance and Accounts Department is responsible for receiving all monies due to the Fund, making authorized payments of expenditures and managing its resources. The department also assists the Fund’s management in formulating financial policies by means of management information system.

Education and Training Department

The Education and Training Department is responsible for the implementation of the Fund’s Human Capacity Development Programmes through the award of scholarships to qualified Nigerians and organizing trainings for the Nation’s Oil and Gas industry personnel. The department is also involved in organizing training and field trips for members of the academia in oil and gas related disciplines.

Admin and Human Resources Department

The Admin and Human Resources Department is responsible for all staff matters, security and management of the Fund’s physical assets. In that regard, the department is responsible for the health, safety, welfare and professional development of all members of staff.

Legal and Secretariat Services Department

The Legal and Secretariat Services Department is responsible for the provision of all legal services and preparation of policy documents for the Fund. The department is also responsible for organizing and providing all necessary services for the Fund’s Management meetings.

Projects Management Department

The Projects Management Department is responsible for the implementation and supervision of the Fund’s infrastructural development projects. The Department achieves that by liaising with the Fund’s project consultants and relevant government agencies.

Strategic Planning and Documentation Department

The Strategic Planning and Documentation Department is responsible for the comprehensive planning of all activities and programmes of the Fund across the various departments and units. The Department also ensures effective management of various PTDF funded researches.


In addition to the above-mentioned departments, there are support units within the Fund that report to the Executive Secretary. These include:

IT Unit

The IT Unit is charged with responsibility of deploying IT Infrastructure and Services, desktop support and other related activities in the Fund.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for the provision of adequate system of internal control and a continuous audit of the accounts and records of revenue and expenditure for the Fund.

Press and Public Relations

The Press and Public Relations Unit is responsible for the formulation of a dynamic strategy for achieving effective media and public relations for the Fund. The Unit is responsible for projecting the programmes, policies, plans and activities of the Fund through press releases/statements, press conferences, feature articles, pamphlets, brochures, posters, films, photos, journals and public lectures.

Industry Collaboration Unit

The Industry Collaboration Unit is responsible for ensuring a cordial working relationship between the Fund, oil industry and relevant government agencies and also special Government interventionist programmes.

Protocol Unit

The Protocol units is responsible for arranging all official activities of the Executive Secretary, process visa application for students, as well as liaise with various airlines and embassies.

Reform Units

  • SERVICOM Unit: The Servicom Unit spearheads the Fund’s service delivery initiative through compliance with the Federal Government’s Servicom Charter.
  • Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit: The Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit is responsible for promoting probity and accountability in the Fund. The Unit achieves this through collaboration with relevant anti-corruption agencies of Government (ICPC, EFCC).